Ponyo A Love Letter To The Environment

Ponyo A Love Letter To The Environment

What is it?

The YouTube video Ponyo A Love Letter To The Environment by the YouTube channel The Take, here is the description for this video:

Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo is a love letter to the environment and a call to action for all of us to start taking responsibility for the natural world. The film from Hayao Miyazaki involves a water-dwelling creature falling in love with a human, and the two figuring out how to maintain that relationship, either on land or in the sea.

Ponyo focuses on a more innocent and deeper love between children, and the love between them is representative of Sosuke’s respectful devotion to the environment.


She Creature (Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature)

What is it?

The 2001 horror made-for-television movie She Creature (Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature).

She Creature (2001) Trailer (VHS Capture)

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this television movie:

A couple running a rideshow discover the find of a lifetime, only to realize it could well be the death of them in this horror story.

Angus Shaw (Rufus Sewell) and his wife, Lillian (Carla Gugino), run a travelling carnival which barnstorms the countryside in the early 1900s.

The Shaws’ circus includes a sideshow which promises much in the way of monsters and human oddities, but for the most part delivers second-rate actors dressed up in costumes or using smoke-and-mirrors effects to fool the customers.

Lillian herself offers the most spectacular illusion, posing as a fake mermaid.

One night, Angus offers a helping hand to an aging sailor (Aubrey Morris), and the old salt offers to show Angus and Lillian something truly amazing — a real, honest-to-Pete mermaid (Rya Kihlstedt).

Astounded by what he’s seen, Angus decides the fortune he could make exhibiting a real mermaid is too great to resist, and he steals the creature from the sailor.

Angus and Lillian waste no time booking passage to the United States with their find, but en route to America they discover this mermaid is hardly a benign creature — she has a taste for human blood, and soon the ship’s crew is shrinking at an alarming rate.

Lillian also finds herself developing a strange psychological bond with the mermaid, a connection more powerful than her vows to her husband.

She Creature was produced for the Cinemax premium cable service as part of a series of “Creature Features” produced by special effects wizard Stan Winston and former American International Pictures head Samuel Z. Arkoff, most of which were inspired by horror films AIP made in the 1950s.


A Fictional Super Smash Bros. Game With The Little Mermaid

Source: YouTube

All that I can remember of this dream is that I think that one part of the dream involved me adjusting interests settings for Microsoft Cortana on a mobile phone during the day, maybe in my parent’s yard, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I remember being maybe where my uncle CC’s church should be, I was inside a windowless one-story house or building that reminded me of one of the rooms inside that church, and I was there with my former male classmate DH and maybe one of his female cousins and/or one of the female church members.

The room was like a living room or entertainment room and they were playing a fictional Super Smash Bros. video game on a console that was connected to a television, and this dream possibly took place in the future so maybe this was supposed to be the next Nintendo console and the next Super Smash Bros. video game; but that is just a wild guess.

I watched them play the game for a while and then I decided to play with them, the game had new characters like several different versions of The Little Mermaid, and I remember choosing Fox McCloud first and someone else picked him as well; and I remember getting beat/defeated several times because I did not know how to play, and I was not used to playing as Fox.

I tried picking several different characters and at some point I decided to pick Link because I had experience playing as him, I started to do pretty good when playing as Link, and after one of the matches we were looking through the character selection screen when I noticed a strange version of The Little Mermaid that I had never seen before; and so I asked my former classmate DH and maybe his female cousin about this character.

They told me a story that they read/heard of how the Disney company had made several different versions of The Little Mermaid character, this version of the character was based on one of their versions that most people had never heard of, and this version of The Little Mermaid was based on a fictional naked/nude version with a very dark/strange/creepy/disturbing/et cetera back-story of personal trauma/torture/et cetera (mental, physical, et cetera) and maybe dark magic/supernatural elements that was said to be based on some ideas from Walt Disney himself; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Mermaid Or Siren? Lady In A Puddle 2?

Last night I only remember the end of my last dream, which took place in an unknown rocky area near a sea or ocean.

Several unknown people and I were standing on a concrete platform that had steps that led to a coral reef-like place that appeared to possibly lead to an underwater cave or just very deep water in a sea or ocean.

I think we may have swam in the shallow part near the reefs, and there were some fish and other sea creatures.

I was a bit scared but I did not see anything real dangerous until I think I saw a small shark, so I got out of the water and I decided to just watch the others swim from the platform.

After awhile the others came up to the platform to rest and as we were talking, we noticed what appeared to be a woman under the water near the dark area that either led to an underwater cave or to the deep sea or ocean.

I think the woman had white long hair, very pale whitish colored skin, white/silver-colored silky clothes that had thin mess-like fabric connected to it for decoration like a scarf.

The lower part of the woman’s body was in the darkness, so we could not tell if she was a mermaid or human, but we did not think that she was human.

She was making hand signs at us signaling for us to come into the water and follow her, even though we felt it was dangerous, we also felt somewhat mesmerized & curious.

One of the men decided to jump into the water to follow the woman, but to be safe, he asked another guy with a knife or spear to follow him to help protect him from a distance.

The two men jumped into the water and swam into the darkness, the woman was now gone, so they had to go into the darkness.

I was curious but I was too afraid of the deep water, creatures, and was not sure if we could trust the woman.

I stood there looking at the water waiting for them to return, but minutes later, no one had returned.

I started to get worried and wondered if I should try to go get help, but I decided to wait a bit longer if the woman had taken them to an underground cave.

The two men did not have scuba gear, so I was really started to wonder what was taking them so long, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂