Messiah (Season 1)

Michelle Monaghan and Mehdi Dehbi in Messiah (2020)
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What is it?

The 2020 Netflix American thriller web television show Messiah (Season 1).

Messiah | Season 1 Official Trailer | Netflix

Messiah / Al-Masih Inspired Vagueness

Mehdi Dehbi in Messiah (2020)
Source: IMDb

I did not get much sleep again last night, and I only barely remember part of one dream.

This dream was inspired by me watching the first three episodes of the TV show Messiah (Season 1) before I went to sleep.

A Dune 2020 Dream With Paul Atreides (Muad’Dib) & The Fremen

Dune (1984)
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This dream took place during the day and I think that I was traveling by automobile along a highway in maybe the state of L, and at some point I reached a point where I could go left and continue along the highway or take an exit to the right.

I took the exit to the right and to the right of it there was a strange stair/bridge-like structure that went up in the air at a high angle but probably stopped at the top like it was either not finished or it was a draw-like bridge or something else, and I went toward this strange structure.

9-6-2011 | Dream Fragment | Muad’Dib Or Mahdi Or Something/Someone Like That?

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Last night I had several clear dreams again, but I only remember part of my last dream at this time, and it took place in a fictional version of downtown D on a nice & sunny day.

I think a few of my brothers or someone and I went to a small fictional shop on top of one of the downtown buildings, that was owned by an older woman with whitish colored skin & gray/white colored hair, and she seemed to be a nice woman.

She was selling various old used items, and we looked around her shop & she told us about various items that she was selling.

The downtown area was busy with a lot of people walking around shopping and doing various other things, but the older woman’s shop on top of one of the buildings was not crowded, and her shop was literally on top of a building; and so we were actually outside on the roof of a building. 😀

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