Christian Audio | A Portable House

Dream 1

This dream involved me hearing some Christian audio, I am not sure if it was a video and / or audiobook, and I told my mom about it.

I did not know the name, I know that it was about Christianity, and so I tried to find anything like it as I tried to find the name / where it was from; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


A College Break & Being Late For Class

I went to sleep on the living room couch waking up and going back to sleep from most of my dreams without recording them except for one dream, I then got in bed and I had more dreams, but I think that I must have had a dream where I recorded my dreams thinking that it was the real world.

I woke up with some memory of me recording some dreams several times, the fragments of the dreams kept popping up in my mind each time that I woke up and I went back to sleep before that, but later I realized that I had not recorded them; and so those dreams are lost now, but I know that I had formatted them in a certain order when recording them in those dreams.


Clean Floors | Visiting A City | Fantasy Movies | Marc Rebillet – DAY 25: BIRMINGHAM

Dream 1

This dream involved me going to maybe a linen store that was owned by a husband and wife from Mexico (Mexican), and their store’s slogan involved their pride in their clean and shiny floors that they have cleaned and maybe waxed every day.

I remember seeing and hearing one of the owners, the wife, and the floors were indeed very clean and shiny and the store was nicely organized.

I could smell in this dream, there was a smell of freshly moped floors and freshly washed linens, and as I walked through the store to leave the store became more crowded and it moved to being middle class and upper class in appearance and so did the shoppers.

There were more employees trying to sell things as well from booths et cetera, and near the exit / entrance I saw my former male classmate AM handing out fliers or something and saying something out-loud to get shoppers attention.

I said something to AM and then I left outside to go to my automobile, I remember wondering about AM’s life up until this point and I wondered how our other former classmates were doing, and I wondered how our lives compared.

I remember feeling negative during this as I walked and thought about this, AM looked older and he had went from working in the medical field to handing out fliers at this store, and I wondered what happened and if he was happy.

I did not feel that I had done much with my life and I did not think that my life would fair well in comparison to many of our former classmates, and so I did not feel good about that either.

I also knew that some of our former classmates were dead and probably dead, that some were probably in prison, and that some were living even worse lives than us.

I possibly saw several other former classmates of mine arriving in the parking lot on their way to the store, it was evening or night outside, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me thinking about and talking about and maybe seeing part of real and fictional old fantasy movies with magic, mythology, et cetera from the 1980s and older like: Clash Of The Titans (1981) and Jason And The Argonauts (1963).

I remember seeing a video clip of an old man with light-color skin wearing a brown robe walking in a dry climate holding a wooden staff, the ground was so dry that it was cracked, and the old man was with someone.

The old man could use magic and his staff was magical and he started showing the other person a magic spell, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream involved me visiting a fictional LC-like city, I went back and forth to this city, and I had false memories of visiting this city; but I can not remember if I was going to college in parts of this dream or if I would just visit the college sometimes.

My mom was with me during part of the dream, I was alone during part of the dream, and at the end my male cousin ME was with me and we were leaving the city by automobile and I was driving.

My ME wanted to stay in the city longer, he mentioned how I usually do not do much when I visit the city, and that I should start doing more around the city when I visit it.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

The end of this dream took place during the day possibly in the same fictional LC-like city from the previous dream, and I was possibly at the edge of a college campus but I am not sure.

I was in a small field and parking lot area next to a small street and maybe some small businesses and houses, and I was in the process of leaving and I wanted to leave the city.

I saw my former male classmate SM and a male friend of his in an automobile about to leave, I stopped to greet them possibly hoping for a ride, but they told me that they needed to go and they said goodbye and sorry; I did not ask for a ride but they seemed to have realized this.

I was not sure how I was going to get back home from this city now, I felt a little bad for a moment, but then I started walking.

I am not sure if I found my automobile or what happened exactly, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

This dream involved a song by Marc Rebillet that he made in a video called DAY 25: BIRMINGHAM:

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Language Learning At A Farm?

I had more dreams but now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream which took place early in the morning as the sun was probably still rising.

The dream took place outside at a farm, I probably was not in the dream, but I am not sure.


Treasure Hunting In Sewers?

Last night I woke up remembering at least one dream, I remembered it so well that I was confident enough to go back to sleep without voice recording it thinking that I would still remember it when I wake up again, and I went back to sleep and I had at least two other dreams and woke up at least two other times.

Each time that I dreamed and woke up again I lost more of that remembered dream until I can no longer remember it now, and so now I can only remember the end of my last dream. 😀