A Dream Ends Lucid With Zombies? | Taylor’s Mixed-Sex UFC Fight

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I woke up from my dreams and went back to sleep several times so some of my dreams were lost, and some parts of the dreams that I do remember were lost.

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the day and maybe I rode with my former male classmate JC in his truck to maybe a college-like place, we parked in a parking lot, and he went on campus while I stayed in the automobile at first.

I got out at some point and something unclear happened were I somehow opened one or two automobiles that were parked in the parking lot, and then I locked and closed them.

After this a large black extended cab truck with two men with light-color skin drove up and parked, they went to the campus, and then I somehow opened their truck and then locked it and closed it again.

The two men returned and got in their truck and left not long after this, then I needed to urinate or something so I walked on campus, there was a sidewalk on the left side with some house-like buildings along it so I went inside one of them.

The building was like a combination of a fictional house, The E House and the yard of The E House, and maybe a small college building.

I found a bathroom and I urinated, while doing this maybe a man with light-color skin was using the bathroom, and either Gillian Anderson or Mrs. Anderson as her character Dana Scully walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

After urinating and washing my hands I left the bathroom, I briefly walked to some other rooms, and then I walked back outside maybe to the parking lot but I am not sure if I made it there before the chaos started.

I can not remember the details other than me seeing one or more zombies chasing some people on the campus, and I probably fought my way back to the house-like building.

I knew that the situation would get worse as more people got infected, which seemed to be true because slowly more zombies kept showing up, and so I made it back inside the house-like building to warn the others.

Mrs. Anderson / Scully was still taking a shower so she hurried up to finish and get dressed, if the man was still there he was mostly in the background so I can not remember him much or at all, there was an actress with light-color skin with long dark brown hair wearing a slip whose name I can not remember who was sleeping on a bed so we woke her up, and Michelle Obama was in one of the rooms so we all joined together.

The others possible did not fight much or at all but I know that me and Mrs. Anderson / Scully fought some zombies that were in the house and we closed and maybe locked the doors et cetera, after clearing the house we ran outside in the front yard or back yard that was like the yard of The E House, and I remember grabbing a wooden baseball bat.

Zombies started trying to enter the gate near the boat port so I ran over to fight them back and secure the gate, a male zombie with light-color skin was super durable and survived many hard hits to his head with the baseball bat to my surprise until he finally died, and then I asked the others to find something to barricade the gates with.

I ran to the storage building on the left that they were looking inside, I saw some tires so I asked them to hand them to me, and then I used the tires to barricade the gate on the left side.

We then went to barricade the gate by the fig tree, and then I told them that we did not have much time before they broke in and that we needed to barricade part of the inside of the house and be ready to escape the house out the back toward the parking lot or something.

I told them that the wooden baseball bat was not good enough so we needed heavier and probably metal weapons, and so I told them to find some quickly.

The zombies were trying to break into the gates so we did not have much time to find weapons and get inside to barricade the inside, and so I felt that I would need to stay behind to fight the zombies long enough for the others to get ready until it was time for me to fall back into the house and then we eventually escape the house once the zombies breach it.

After seeing how durable some of the zombies were I started trying to think of better ways to fight them, and then I thought why not use an energy blast or something and then I probably remember that I had other dream powers too and maybe I started to somewhat realize that this was a dream or I realized that it was dream or maybe I did not realize that it was dream yet but I am not sure.

I told the others about my plan and Mrs. Obama said that it was a great idea, the way that she said it made it clear that she was mostly saying it because it improved her chances of living and she would not have to fight, and so me and Mrs. Anderson / Scully pointed this out and we all started laughing.

I was not sure which dream powers I would use yet though so I had them start the plan as I stood there trying to think of my dream powers and decide which to use et cetera, I remember thinking that I could just made them disappear from the dream but that would be too easy and I could fly but the others would be at more risk (I considered telling them that they could fly, but it might not work for all of them), but as I was thinking which was hard because my mind was cloudy so it was hard to think the dream must have become unstable as I struggled to think but I did not notice so the dream collapsed before I could use my dream powers and I woke up possibly also because I really did need to urinate and maybe I partly felt that when the dream went lucid I assume.

Dream 2

The end of this dream involved a Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mixed-sex mixed martial arts (MMA) fight that was being promoted and that was going to take place soon between a small thin young man with light-color skin with long yellow hair who I thought was a woman at first from a distance and a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair named Taylor who was friends with Taylor Swift and who was taller than the young man.

In the forgotten parts of the dream I got to meet them and probably train them a bit and / or give them fighting advice (I think that I remember showing them some quick simple blocks and counter strikes, clenches, takedowns, submissions, and strategies) and I was there when the press were taking their photographs together and with Taylor Swift at their press conference event.

After this I went to work at The BP Library and I was mostly cleaning up instead of shelving oddly, I remember sweeping up some dirt and dried feces-like stuff that was on the carpet near the printer, and while doing this I remember seeing a somewhat older man with dark-color skin wearing a baseball cap / hat who was sitting down to the left of the printer and he glanced at me.

My coworker Mr. CF probably walked by on one of his security patrols, and to my left sitting at a table near the magazines was a somewhat older woman with dark-color skin who I heard talking on her mobile phone about someone who was possibly my former male schoolmate SW.

The woman was talking about some of his problems and how her and some other people were trying to get him help, and how she was trying to get something set up to help him and other people like him with problems.

She talked a bit about his life and how he used to try to help take care of his family and how some people took advantage of the little money me made and tried to use to help them, how he developed one or more mental disorders and left or was forced out of the military, how he was jobless and maybe homeless, and how she felt that he was a good man who just needed help.

Then I saw and heard some other patrons listening to and watching the opening of the UFC mixed-sex fight between Taylor and the young man and Taylor Swift was at the fight supporting her friend Taylor, the fight started, but I only got to see bits and pieces as I walked around cleaning and glancing as people watched it.

Taylor started out winning but the young man had experience so he stayed calm and recovered and the fight became even, and maybe the young man was starting to win as I woke up but I am not sure.

The end,

-John Jr


Finding Land | Barack Obama And Michelle Obama At A Basketball Meeting?

Dream 1

This dream is very unclear but I think that it took place inside a building and maybe outside the building, and that it involved maybe me and some people who were possibly from Mexico (Mexican) including a lot of children who were at this building and outside.

I can not remember how I knew that they or most of them were possibly from Mexico, I can not remember what was happening in the dream, and I can not remember is English and Spanish was used in the dream or not; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during a nice day.

I found a nice piece of land near a pond and forest and a clearing, and it somewhat reminded me of a fictional version of the area near the Walmart in the city of D.

I remember being happy that I found such a nice little area that was quiet and there were no people around, and I took a moment to just enjoy the scenery and nature.

I am not sure if I was alone when I first found it or not, I just know that I left, and then I returned with several people to show them this nice area but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream possibly took place at a college-like place but I can not remember, I just remember going into a maybe college-like room where a meeting was taking place, and most of the people there were young men and men with medium-to-dark color skin.

This seemed to be a meeting involving a basketball group, I happened to walk in and join it not knowing what was going on at all, and so I just listened.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were there, but I am not sure if any United States Secret Service agents were with them or not.

I assumed that maybe Mr. Obama had went to this assumed college and / or was part of the basketball group, but that was just a wild guess.

I am not sure what they were talking about, I just listened and watched, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream was about a somewhat older male scientist with medium-color skin who seemed to be slightly inspired by Neil DeGrasse Tyson who use to be pretty popular and he use to play a certain character to maybe help promote science and maybe he had his own television show et cetera, but he went to prison for some unknown reason.

Years later after getting released from prison his son had gotten put in prison as well, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


First Lady Michelle Obama Leaves In A Hurry

Last night after watching television I was so tired that I accidentally went to sleep on the most uncomfortable couch in the living room, and I did not wake up until 6:something AM realizing that I had slept in the living room on the uncomfortable couch.

I voice recorded part of a dream before going back to sleep in my bed this time, my sleep and dreams got interrupted several times because someone kept waking me up each time that I stared snoring, and so I can only somewhat remember part of my second dream which I also voice recorded.


Resisting Superpowers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This dream from last night was more clear but I forgot a lot of it, the dream started normal and was easy to remember at first even though I can not remember these parts of the dream, and I seemed to be at a college area during the day.

At some point and somehow I met a somewhat older man with white skin with white and/or gray hair who reminded me of my former male coworker Mr. LS, he was working on his job (possibly a security guard at the college but I can not remember), and I possibly was working with him on my first day on the job or I was just talking with him.

After work he took me to his house where I met his wife who was a somewhat older woman with white skin with white and/or gray hair, they were both nice to me, and I visited with them for a while before thanking them and saying goodbye and leaving back to the college alone.

The college building or buildings that I returned to had hallways, dorms, houses, classrooms, bathrooms, and more but probably no windows.

My memory is unclear but on one of the hallways I remember seeing a tall strong independent somewhat seductive super model-like type woman with dark brown skin with long black hair dressed nicely using one or more special abilities (powers) on some people (probably men) but I can not remember what her powers were or what she did to them, she looked human but she possibly was not human but I never learned if she was human or not, and she realized that I saw her so she tried to use her powers on me too.

It seemed that I had one or more powers too and/or that I was resistant to her powers, her powers possibly almost worked on me but I easily resisted them, and so this caught her attention and we had a conversation once she realized that I probably had powers like her and that I was possibly not completely human either.

She was very curious and interested in me because I was possibly the first person to resist her powers, she asked me what was I and what were my powers, and I told her that I was human as far as I knew and that I did not have any powers as far as I knew.

I asked her about what she was and about her powers but she just smiled and avoided answering those questions, she probably told me that she would have to kill me if she were to answer those questions, and so she rather stay mysterious.

She did say that there were others like us with powers, maybe even non-human and/or only part human, and she said that she wanted to learn more about me because she was curious about what my powers were and/or how was I resistant to her powers and whether I was completely human or not.

We talked about some other things that I can not remember and she had some other business to attend to so she said that she would see and talk with me later like she knew where she could find me, and she walked away seductively and confidently with a super model walk and she looked back at me and smiled and waved as she left.

Down another hallway a group of strange dangerous-looking women (they seemed more like a gang) with dark brown skin with black hair were using powers on people (probably men), their powers seemed to be some type of mind control powers that allowed them to manipulate people into wanting to do whatever they wanted them to do, and they were planning a large conspiracy of some kind.

These women seemed even less human than the super model-like woman, they also looked human but something about them felt/seemed non-human so I wondered if they were aliens or some kind of other entities in disguise, and their conspiracy was probably focused against humans and/or humans without powers and they seemed to not like humans or humans without powers like maybe they felt that normal humans were beneath them like they were better than humans or normal humans.

The super model-like woman saw them using their powers and she confidently approached them smiling and complimenting them on the use of their powers, they used their powers on the super model-like woman and their powers worked on her to my surprise, she slightly resisted them at first confidently smiling and laughing and telling them that they were not the only ones with powers and that their powers could not effect/affect her but then her resistance failed to her and my surprise.

The women then realized that I was watching them so they tried to use their powers on me, I felt their powers trying to effect/affect me and they almost did, but I resisted them but not as easily as I did the powers of the super model-like woman.

The women realized that their powers failed on me so they surrounded me angrily like they were going to kill me, I tried to talk them down by lying and saying that I did not see much and that I did not know what was going on, but that was not working.

So I told them that I was somehow resistant to powers it seemed, that the super model-like woman had tried to use her powers on me as well but failed and that she had powers too, that maybe resistance to powers was my power or one of them, and that maybe I was not even completely human but I was not sure what I was or what my powers are.

I asked them to let the super model-like woman go and release her from the control of their powers, they stopped to try to decide what to do with us, but then people started entering the hallway to go to the bathrooms.

One of these people was the somewhat older man from the beginning of the dream, and then to my surprise I saw The President Of The United States Barack Obama and his wife First Lady Michelle Obama and some United States Secret Service agents enter the hallway as well.

There were too many people around now so the women let the supermodel-like woman and I go for now and they backed off, I briefly said a few things to the supermodel-like woman before heading toward the men’s bathroom to urinate, and President Obama entered the men’s bathroom with several Secret Service agents while First Lady Michelle Obama either waited in the hallway with the other Secret Service agents or she went to the women’s bathroom.

Many people were pouring into the hallway and my former female classmate PI was among them and she got pushed in the men’s bathroom as I was entering the bathroom because so many people were trying to get inside the bathrooms, and I remember seeing President Obama urinating while standing at an urinal and he looked back at my former female classmate PI with a negative facial expression probably wondering why she was in the men’s bathroom.

I probably said something out-loud to my former classmate PI so that the others would know that she was pushed into the men’s bathroom by accident, I said a few things to help her feel less awkward, and I helped her outside before returning to urinate as President Obama and the somewhat older man from earlier were finishing.

To make things even more strange there was a classroom connected to the men’s bathroom so you could see a class taking place as we used the bathroom, Korey Coleman from Double Toasted was teaching the class, and after urinating and washing my hands and briefly talking with the somewhat older man I walked to the classroom to join the class.

My former male classmate HT was in this class so I sat not far from him, we briefly talked, and I remember asking him if he was in any of my other classes and he said that he thought so.

We then focused on listening to Korey Coleman as he taught our class, several men were not listening and they were talking, and so Korey angrily called them out and embarrassed them in front of the class and then he started back teaching.

I remember thinking about my other classes, the dangerous women or female entities with powers and their conspiracy that seemed to involve using mind controlled humans to carry out their conspiracy, the supermodel-like woman or female entity, my resistance to powers and whether I had other powers or not and whether I was completely human or not, and more but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


George R.R. Martin? | A US Presidential Library? | A False Awakening Dream With Këloudah? | Kim Raver & First Lady Michelle Obama?

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the end of my first dream from last night which took place during the day in the city of D, and I was living in a fictional apartment house where Saint VDP should be with my brother GC and several other people including a man who looked somewhat like the actor Kristian Nairn who plays the character Hodor from the TV show Game Of Thrones.

The man who looked somewhat like Mr. Nairn told us that he was a huge fan of the author George R.R. Martin, and that if he ever sees him in real life that he would (in his words): “Loose his s###.”; and shortly after telling us this my brother GC and I were in the yard near the sidewalk by the street, and we saw a man who looked somewhat like the author George R.R. Martin walking down the sidewalk to our surprise.