Grace Randolph And Classwork And Removing Malware From A Desktop Computer

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved my male cousin DE, it was probably a negative dream where there was an argument and/or he was angry/unstable and/or something like that, but I can not remember; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a classroom during the day where I was a student among other students, including Grace Randolph, and our teacher was a woman but I can not remember what she looked like; and class/school/college was probably about halfway done for the day.


Walking & A College & Julius Mendez & Sport And Computers

I seriously do not feel like typing the only dream that I can remember part of from last night because of various things in my life including an increase of difficulty with my problems with social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, joblessness, et cetera; and so it took me most of the day to finally force/get myself to type this.

All that I can remember of this long and detailed dream is walking during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D past W Park and going through the various shopping center parking lots, I probably talked with some people who I knew before/during/after this part of the dream, and maybe I did some shopping; but I can not remember.


Repairing Computers And Destiny PVP And Characters From Different Television Shows Like Game Of Thrones And Luther

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All that I can remember of my last dream is that it started during a nice day at an one-story apartment-like house with maybe whitish/grayish colored carpet where people had their own small apartment rooms, I had my own room there as well, and I think that I was inside the apartment room of my male cousin DE who had three old computers that he wanted me to check/repair/et cetera.

Some of the operating systems on the computers possibly included Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Window Millennium, and Windows XP; and the computers were older computers with slower processors and smaller amounts of memory, and so it was a slow process working on the computers.

My cousin DE was in the/his apartment room as I worked on his computers updating software/drivers/et cetera, removed programs, installed programs, ran anti-malware scans, et cetera; and at some point I finished this I think, and I started walking back to my apartment room.

Somehow the next part of the dream was like the video game Destiny in PVP (player versus player) mode where people fight each other with their characters, so people were jumping  around the building and outside the building with their jet packs shooting at each other with their characters, and I joined the game/match with my character.

Some people fought together on the same team while others fought alone, a man with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair and I decided to join teams, and we hid in my apartment room letting the others fight among themselves; but I can not remember what the rest of our strategy was, and at some point we left my apartment room when there was an opening.

We escaped to an area outside away from the fighting and now this part of the dream was like a film where different characters from different television shows were joining together in the same film, the leader seemed to be a character from the television show Game Of Thrones (maybe Ned Stark (Eddard Stark)), and we were at a fictional dock near water on the right side of what looked like the Walmart building in the city of D.

The leader/Ned Stark was talking to one of his sons and giving everyone a speech about how they were going on a journey by boat(s) to get help and to face one or more major threats against the world/wherever, and they wanted us to join them; and so several characters from different television shows, the man with me from the Destiny match/game, and I joined them.

There were not many of us and people were slowly starting to load tall wooden ships/boats with a flat uncover top areas where people were putting bed pads with pillows and bed sheets that they would use as beds, I assume that there were entrances somewhere that went inside the boats/ships but I am not sure, and we briefly talked to the leader/Ned Stark and probably his son.

The various characters were a mix of people from various time periods with old weapons/technology, modern weapons/technology, and future weapons/technology; and I saw the character John Luther from the television show Luther setting up two bed pads, I told the man with me who Luther was and I told him information about him, and Luther walked away to get some more stuff.

We walked over to the two bed pads and I noticed that one of the bed pads had the letter L carved into it and the other bed pad had the letter A carved into it, I assumed that L represent Luther (John Luther) and A represented Alice Morgan, and so I guessed that Alice Morgan would arrived soon, and that her and Luther were a couple or team or friends.

Luther returned and we talked with him, I told him that I watched and liked his television show Luther, and I asked him if the other bed pad was for Alice and he said yes; and I told him that Alice was probably my favorite character from the show or one of them and that I wished that they would have shown her more often in the show, and that I hoped that they would make more seasons of Luther or at least one or more movies or mini-series of Luther where Alice would have a more important part and be shown more often.

Luther agreed with me and then we were greeted from behind by the voice of a woman who sounded like Alice, it was Alice walking on the ship/boat, and we started talking to Alice; but I can not remember what we talked about, I just know that it was nice getting to talk with Alice and Luther and knowing that we all would be working together on our journey by boat/ship to save the world/whatever.

There we were on one of the ships/boats (there were at least five boats/ships) at the dock talking with the water on the right side of us and the buildings/parking lot/et cetera on the left side and front of us as people continued loading their stuff, we probably were helping as well as we had a good time talking, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Almost Getting In Trouble At A Movie Cinema | The Sookie Stackhouse Curse And A Fake Devil-Like Humanoid Creature?

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I had several detailed dreams last night but I woke up at least three times during the night to use the bathroom and I did not voice record my dreams or think about them, and so I forgot most of my dreams except for barely part of several dreams.

Dream 1

This dream was the longest dream but now it is the most unclear dream, I think that it took place during the day in a fictional area that possibly was a college campus or school or military academy or somewhere like that, and there were other people there as well.


Dreaming & Semi-Daydreaming & Thinking About My Hard Drive Situation & DiskFresh Successfully Repaired My Hard Drive

Last night I left my computer on trying to fix my hard drive with a program called DiskFresh after I got tired of how slow HDD Regenerator was going (over three days and it still was not close to finishing and it seemed to be stuck on one area of the hard drive), DiskFresh allowed me to have it scanning and repairing my hard drive while still being logged into Windows 7, and it was going very fast; and so it seemed that the repair process would finish before the next morning.

So I reminded myself to wake up later during the night to check on the repair process to see if it was finished or not so that I could turn off my computer, disconnect the broken fans from my hard drive, dust off the hard drive, and then use the Seagate SeaTools For Windows to do a Long Generic Test to see if the hard drive was repaired successfully or not; but this reminder caused my brain/mind to keep waking me up during the night, and preventing me from sleeping deeply.