A Repeating Search?

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I forgot almost all of my dreams after waking up focusing on trying to solve one of the most frustrating & confusing computer problems that I have faced in a while, I have tried to figure it out for two days now, but I still have not fixed it yet.

The other day I experimented with installing an older Nvidia graphics driver for Ubuntu to see if it would fix my problem with some online videos playing choppy & embedded YouTube videos on WordPress.com playing choppy; but Ubuntu would not boot after restarting my computer, I can not use any of the terminals to try to remove the Nvidia drivers, I can not boot from any of my DVD-Rs or DVD-RWs or my memory card that I have set as a bootable Ubuntu installation device & I even tried to make new bootable devices from the Windows side & the Ubuntu side on my other computer, and so I can not re-install Ubuntu or fix it or delete it or anything.

Installing Something On Empty Hard Drives?

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I barely remember part of one dream from last night that took place in a fictional version of D during the day I think, and I remember working on computers and/or other electronic devices that belonged to several other people; and this part of the dream was very repetitive.

My memory is unclear but I think that I installed the free & open source operating system Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support Version) that gets support/updates for 5 years) on many of the computers/devices because they had empty hard drives without any operating system on them, Ubuntu Linux is free/open source/popular/I am now testing it in real life & liking it so far/et cetera, and it was a better choice for most of the people who I was helping (in real life as well) than outdated version of Microsoft Windows or Windows in general (because Windows is expensive, closed source, a huge malware target, is less functional in its default state, getting all the updates for it is usually a pain, possible back-doors, et cetera); and if they wanted Windows as well, I could install it as well, and they could have both (dual-booting, like I am doing in real life).

Besides installing operating systems on empty hard drives, I probably had to format / re-format some of the hard drives that already had data on them and then install the operating systems on them (they probably were seriously malware infected & damaged), and I probably did a few other things like getting updates for the operating systems/installing programs/adjusting settings/et cetera; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I remember finding out about a parade and/or some kind of outdoor event that was to take place in D, and so I went to see the outdoor event/parade/whatever; and this part of the dream reminded me of the dream that I had with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin (maybe he was in the dream, probably not, but something about this part of the dream reminded me of that dream):

Hanging Out With Russian President Vladimir Putin And Learning About A Prophecy About A Powerful Female Entity Who Is Predicted To Come To Earth

I remember probably going to the field next to the church across the street from the H Funeral home, like I did in that dream with President Putin, and I remember a man with light-to-medium brownish colored skin with short black colored hair wearing a long sleeve button shirt with pants who was from somewhere in the part of Asia (Asian) commonly called the Middle East (Middle Eastern); but I am not sure who this man was, if I talked with him or not, or anything else except that I remember him being in the dream somehow.

I also can not remember what the outdoor event was, my memory is too unclear, and that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr


John Jr Goes To Germany To Visit NF

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I remember part of one dream from last night, I can not remember the beginning of the dream, I just remember making a last-minute decision to drive to Germany to visit my female online contact NF.

I remember driving on a long straight road that probably went between mountains at some point, and once I was near Germany I decided to call NF; because she had no idea that I was coming to Germany, I had no idea if she was even home, and I was not sure which apartment room she was in but I somehow had an idea of where her apartment building was.

In the dream it seemed that I had been to Germany before and so I had an idea of how to get to NF’s apartment building, and I had a few memories of Germany; I have had a few dreams in the past which took place in Germany.

The road that entered Germany was on a steep hill and once I drove over it the road & the land was sunken/down lower than the hill, so I had to drive down off the steep hill/road into Germany where NF lived; and this led to the village where NF lived.

I called NF with my mobile phone as I was entering her village, it had been a long time since I had communicated with her, which was part of the reason that I decided to go visit her; and to my surprise she answered her phone.

NF was so surprised to hear from me that she started speaking in German at first, I had no idea what she was saying, so I had to wait until she switched to English before I could talk/understand her. 😀

I told NF that I was just entering her village in Germany and that I wanted to know if it was okay if I came to visit her, and she said that it was okay.

I told her the location where I remembered her apartment building being and I asked her if that was the correct location, and she said that it was the correct location; and I asked her if she would wait outside so that I could see her to make sure that I was at the correct apartment building, and so that she could led me to her apartment room since I did not remember which room was hers.

She said that she would wait outside for me and show me where her apartment room was, and so I drove to the parking lot of her apartment building.

To the left of her apartment building were two or three businesses that have been in several of my past dreams, and so this area was somewhat familiar to me; and one of the businesses was a restaurant & is usually always a restaurant in my dreams that it is in.

NF’s apartment building was one of the first places that you see when entering her village so it was easy to find, and NF was waiting outside for me.

I greeted NF and we walked into her apartment building, and she started to give me a tour of it.

The apartment building was like a hotel/apartment with several floors and rooms on each hallway, and at some point the owner/manager greeted us; the owner/manager was a tall woman with whitish colored skin who was taller than NF & I, and she could speak English.

The owner/manager gave me/us a tour of the hotel part of the building which was probably in the basement or lower area of the building, and it was for tourists & for extended stay.

It was in the lower part of the building since that area was quieter and for several other reasons probably, and the rooms were smaller than the apartment rooms; and one of the rooms was under repair or remodeling.

The owner/manager showed me/us a public computer area with about three or four computers, there was probably a public computer area on each floor, and she show me/us a computer problem that she was having.

She had three images on her desktop and every time that she clicked on them, the images would not open, and I instantly realized what the problem was when I saw her showing me/us the problem.

I saw that the icons for all three images had the icon for CCleaner, which is not an image viewer program, somehow those three images were set to open with CCleaner; but CCleaner can not open images.

So I told her that the images would need to be set to open with/by an image viewer program such as: Windows built-in image viewer/Windows/Microsoft Paint/IrfanView/XnView/et cetera.

Since Windows has its own built-in image viewer, I showed her how to set the three image files to be opened with/by the Windows image viewer, and it worked; and then I told her that I like IrfanView & XnView better, but she could use any image viewer that she wanted to.

I told her that if she had any other computer problems/questions or if she ever needed help with computer stuff, to let me know, because I would try to help; and I told her that I had some basic computer knowledge in various areas.

She thanked me and she might have said that if I ever thought about staying in Germany, that she would let me stay at her apartment/hotel building at a discounted price and/or free if I handled/maintained the computers in her building or something like that.

That gave me something to think about and NF & I said goodbye to the owner/manager, and NF started to led me to where her apartment room was.

We talked as we walked and I was a bit hungry probably, and so I asked NF if she wanted to go eat after she showed me her apartment room; and I also wondered if her boyfriend would have a problem with us going to eat and/or with me visiting NF, and I wondered if she still even had a boyfriend.

I went to ask NF about this, to make sure that I would not cause any problems by visiting her, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Fixing A Computer | The B Dorm Is Back

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Dream 1

I remember part of two dream fragments from last night with the first dream taking place in a fictional version of LC, I think, and I was staying at an unknown fictional location with my family; and a man who worked at a bank in the city brought his computer to me, so that I could fix it for him.

The computer was not booting to Windows and so I started to run a program in DOS-Mode hoping that the computer would eventually be able to boot to Windows, so that I could save his data, instead of just formatting the hard-drive.

The man then left and I told him that I would call him when/if I was able to fix his computer, and later in the dream I got distracted by indoor work that needed to be done where we were staying, and so I forgot about the computer that I was supposed to be fixing.

I remember fixing some semi-broken furniture and I found a few insects hiding in the leg of the furniture, one of which was a roach, and I killed it.

At some point I remembered the computer that I was supposed to be fixing and the program that I ran had worked, and so the computer was able to boot to Windows; but it was an older version of Windows, maybe Windows ME or Windows 98 SE.

I felt that the computer was probably infected with malware and so I wanted to run some anti-malware scans/scanners (like Malwarebytes Antimalware Free, Hitman Pro, Norton Power Eraser, Comodo Cleaning Essentials) before I did anything else, and then I wanted to upgrade the Operating System to Windows XP or higher, if the hardware met the requirements, it appeared to be an older computer & so I was guessing that Windows XP was going to be the newest Windows that the hardware could support.

I decided to call the man to ask his permission to fix the computer any further, but either I woke up or I switched to another dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place in LC at the M college parking lot by C, and I was walking with a group of college students toward the B dorm, and I was telling them about how I used to live at B until the building was closed permanently by a hurricane years ago back when I was still in college at M.

The building had been left to rot for years after the hurricane, and the students started to joke about how ugly the building was, but I told them that I enjoyed living there back when the building was still open; even though it was the oldest & cheapest dorm, but it was the most durable of the dorms.

We walked to the front of B and a group of people were gathering, it appeared that B was going to be opened again for the first time in years, and then the doors were opened & the inside looked pretty good to my surprise; and an opening ceremony began that featured some famous people outside of the entrance of B as we watched; the professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal was supposed to be there, but he cancelled his appearance, due to a busy schedule or something like that.

A fictional former athlete gave a presentation that was advertising for/promoting Christianity & a church, and his entire presentation had a Christian theme; but I woke up during his presentation.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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