Most Of The World Living In Giant Apartments?

This dream seemed to be inspired by the TV show Snowpiercer.

All that I can remember of this dream is that a lot of the world seemed to be living in one or more large (giant) apartment buildings, I could be wrong though, and most of the dream took place inside a large multi-story apartment building.


Your 2013 Year In Blogging | A Familiar Dream Where Things Are Clearly Divided By Class/Income And Intelligence Agents And Denzel Washington?

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D. Washington, Berlinale 2000
D. Washington, Berlinale 2000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I barely remember part of one dream after being awakened by noise and a bit of heat, I did not voice record the dream, and I kept going back to sleep partly and waking up several times; and so I have forgotten most of the dream now, and so it does not make much sense without the missing parts of the dream.

The dream took place during the day inside a large one-story building with a tall ceiling with various types of rooms and the entire building was like a nice middle class-to-upper class building where only middle class-to-upper class people could live and visit, this dream world was clearly divided by class/income legally by law it seemed and so everyone was labeled by class/income and everyone had to follow certain rules/laws based on/by class/income, and this building might have been used by one or more intelligence agencies.

I was in the building in an auditorium-like room with flat-style seating with dark reddish colored cinema-like seats dressed in dress pants and a nice dress sweater vest with maybe a dress shirt and several other people were with me, a man who looked like Denzel Washington was with us and he acted like a man who had some mental/emotional health problems like mad scientist-type but not the dangerous type and he was supposed to be pretty smart/creative, and it seemed that we were working with a secret intelligence agency but we did not even know it at first probably.

Most of the people and I, including Mr. Washington, were really lower-class/low-income(d) and we were pretending to be middle-to-upper class for one or more reasons that I can not remember like we were on a special mission to try to help end the class system in this dream world; but one of the women in the room was really middle-to-upper class and she wore maybe a navy blue/darkish colored dress suit top with dress skirt, she did not know about our plan or real identities, and it seemed like she worked for a secret intelligence agency.

The woman was giving us orders as we tried to do whatever it is she wanted us to do, something strange happened at some point where this dream/dream world/building/situation/et cetera was familiar to me and I remembered dreaming/experiencing it before and I knew what was going to happen or what might happen, and it felt like maybe the secret intelligence agency had possibly did something to our minds/brains and maybe I was slowly resisting whatever it is they did to us/me; and maybe this is where we realized who we were and what our plan was, and the woman seemed to sense that something was not right and she pointed a taser-like weapon at me.

Mr. Washington or I ended up attacking the woman to stop her and she ended up dying I think, we started talking about what we remembered and about the situation we got interrupted by a tall thin man with whitish colored skin with short brownish/orangish colored hair wearing dark colored plastic rim glasses who entered the room, and he asked us where the woman was; and we tried to distract him, but he found her body on the ground and then one of us had to fight him and he died as well.

We then started trying to escape the building because I think that other people heard the noise and wondered what was going on, we assumed that the entrance/exit door to the room that we were in was locked (in my memory of the past dream it was locked), and so we separated and we ran across the building to find another way out; and I remember hiding in a men’s bathroom with maybe Mr. Washington and several men were in the bathroom as well, we tried to act normal, and once they left we ran to another exit/entrance door but it was locked.

We decided to go back to the room that we were in at first and to our surprise the door was unlocked, earlier the women had used her access card/key/whatever to open it and somehow it was still unlocked, and we escaped across a field where there were many other lower-class/low-income people enjoying the outdoors in field and on sidewalks on both sides of the street but the area closer to the building was roped off to let them know that it was for middle-to-upper class only.

We had no idea where the others were, we hoped to find them later, but first we had to escape to a safe location; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Celebrating At A Restaurant


I barely remember part of one dream and one semi-dream/semi-daydream, I remember my cousin DE being in a dream and/or being mentioned at some point, but I can not remember where.

I remember being in a restaurant that was like a combination/fusion of a lower class (in food/drink portions), middle class (in price), and upper class (in style/variety/types of food/drinks) restaurant; and it was a somewhat large one story building that felt comfortable/safe like maybe the workers were my undercover dream security or something like that, and I sat at a table near the windows on the left side of the building.