A School Shooting | Playing Age Of Empires III: The WarChiefs

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Dream 1

In the first dream I remember being inside a fictional school (probably junior high school or high school) in a small classroom with other students (I assume that I was a student somehow, but I am not sure), our classroom was between two different hallways, and so our classroom had one door on the left side of the room and one door on the right side of the room where you could walk through our classroom to reach either hallway.

At some point as we were having class/whatever we heard loud noises, yelling, one or two gunshots, and then we heard screams; and maybe some students ran through the hallways screaming that a student had a gun, and had tried to shoot someone and/or shot someone.

The school went into lock-down mode with maybe an emergency announcement being made over the intercom system by probably a male voice of the principal telling everyone to stay in their rooms, but the announcement did not say why or what was happening.

People in my class started to hide under their desks and on the floor, we heard police officers yelling at someone and we heard loud noises, and suddenly I noticed a male student with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair enter our classroom running trying to reach the other hallway.

I noticed that the student had a silver-colored handgun (probably a revolver), so I assumed that he was the shooter trying to run from the police, and I considered attacking him and disarming him but he was too far away for me to safely do it; and so I let him escape into the next hallway.

Several terrified police officers (male and female with whitish colored skin and brownish colored skin) entered our classroom pointing their pistols at anyone moving, we told them not to shoot because they were so afraid that they were ready to shoot anything that moved too much, and I told them which direction the shoot went.

They ran into the other hallway after the shooter and then we heard more yelling and loud noises, we decided to be ready to attack the shooter if he came into the classroom again, and then someone entered our classroom from the hallway where the shooter and the police ran; and three students jumped on this person to attack them.

The person was a police officer who was my former classmate DH, he looked annoyed by the attack, and he easily brushed off the three students who jumped on him to attack them; and he did not even lose his balance, and I told the three students that he was not the shooter and so they stopped when they realized they were attacking a police officer.

My former classmate DH told us that they caught the shooter and I started talking to him, I apologized to him about the three students attacking him by mistake, and several other police officers entered the room to try to calm down because they were still terrified; but my former classmate DH was calm and relaxed the entire time.

At some point something strange happened where I walked out of the classroom and somehow the shooter escaped from the room where they were holding him until they could decide what to do with him because he was under-aged, and he knew that I was the person who told the police that he had ran into the hallway.

I started running out of the building and he ran behind me like he was trying to escape and/or attack me, I was not sure which, and so I/we ran all the way to Eastside; and I lost him once I crossed through the yard of E Manor, and I hid so that he could not see me sneak to my parents’ house.

I did not want him to know where I lived because I was afraid that he might attack my family and I, he crossed through the yard of E Manor, and then he continued running like he was trying to escape to his house and/or somewhere familiar to him and/or he was looking for me.

I woke up before I could figure out if he really was looking for me or not.

Dream 2

In the second dream I played several games/matches in the video game Age Of Empires III: The WarChiefs, which I played before going to sleep, and in each game/match I did some fictional campaign missions involving the video game character Chayton Black.

Each mission involved having to build war huts along the trading post routes/railroads/whatever to defend them, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Walking Home From School

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I remember part of one dream from last night that took place in D, and it started at D High School; and I was a student I guess, the bell rang for school to end, and as I was walking to the bus stop I stopped at a Redbox-like machine to see if I wanted to rent something.

This machine was more of a neon green color I think and was like most of the Redbox-like machines that are sometimes in my dreams that probably have films, games, TV shows, et cetera; and I think that this machine had a lot of Japanese animated (anime) films/TV shows/ & Japanese games, after looking at the selection of things to rent I remembered that I needed to catch the bus so I hurried to the bus stop.

Once I got outside my school bus being driven by Mrs. M and several other school buses were leaving and I could not catch up to my bus, and so I was going to have to walk home or call my parent’s to pick me up; and so I decided to try walking home, and so I started walking home.

As I walked the sky and clouds looked like a storm was coming soon, and so I stopped on the field on the left side of the D Junior High School to call my mom with my mobile phone; but I heard an automobile on the other side of the field, and then I turned to see a tall truck drive over one or two objects (maybe a lawn-mower & maybe a car) causing them to breaks/smash/crack/flip/et cetera.

I was surprised wondering how did they accidentally drive over those objects, it did not seem accidental to me, but I ignored it & I continued calling my mom; and at some point my mom answered the phone and as I started to talk to her I heard a woman say something to me in the field, so I told my mom just a moment, and I turned to see who was talking to me & it was a woman who had driven the tall truck.

The woman asked me if I saw her drive over those objects and I said yes, and she started to explain to me why she drove over the objects; and so I told my mom that I would have to call her back later, and I listened to the woman’s story.

The woman had whitish colored skin with shoulder-length orangish colored hair and she spoke with a slight country accent that sounded nice compared to many country accents, and she explained that the objects belonged to her boyfriend or husband or now ex-boyfriend or ex-husband; and she said that she was angry at him for something he did (he probably cheated on her with another woman it seemed or she explained eventually) that caused her to not to be sure if she could ever trust him again/she felt betrayed/she felt hurt/she felt angry/et cetera so she decided to break some objects that he liked to get some revenge/to cause him some pain.

I calmly tried to acknowledge the bad things that were done to her, I explained that what happened to her was bad but that what she did was wrong, I tried to comfort her the best that I could, I listened to her, I offered some advice to her to think about if she wants to either give him another chance (since she seemed to have loved him) & they both get relationship counseling or she tries to move on & get some counseling to help her do that, I offered other advice and talked about how I might have treated her/how I expect people in romantic relationships to treat each other, et cetera; and I seemed to help the woman feel better, and she was surprised by me & she commented about me probably being a better boyfriend/husband or something like that.

At some point she left to follow some of my advice, to think about how she wanted to handle the situation, et cetera; and the weather outside started to improve, and so I started back walking home but I saw my mom driving up the road looking for me & so I walked to the road where she could see me.

I got in the automobile and started explaining to my mom what had happened, but a lot of school buses & automobiles passed by us on their way to the D High School it seemed; and my mom mentioned that some sport games were about to take place, and we decided to drive over there to see what was going on briefly & I decided to stay & my mom left.

At some point the students/athletes/teachers/et cetera & I all went to the D Junior High School, and I remember going to a small hall that was more private to hangout in a small classroom; and at some point I went to the bathroom on this small hall, and the bathroom was small with a partial wall (about 5 feet 7 inches tall) that divided it from another part of the bathroom that was bigger & located on another hall.

So the bathroom was really one bathroom divided into two parts, I was actually able to urinate at a urinal without getting interrupted again (which is somewhat rare for my dreams), but some students went into the other part of the bathroom not even knowing that the part of the bathroom that I was in existed; but at some point they saw the top of my head since the wall was slightly shorter than me, and some of them climbed the wall to see what was on my side of the wall.

I think that my former classmate CW was one of the students who climbed the wall, they were surprised that another part of the bathroom existed, and then they followed me into the hall surprised to see that a separate hall existed on this side as well; and this slightly annoyed me since my private hall & bathroom was now known by other students, and so they went to tell some other students & more students came to my hall to hangout.

Some of the students who came to my hall were former classmates of mine like JP, LB, A, and several others; and we sat at desks and talked, and we found and/or some teacher brought us old yearbooks/photographs/et cetera from years ago when we graduated from school (which was odd since we seemed to be back in school again) & this brought back many memories for us.

We all started exploring the objects and talking about old memories, this part was amazing/magical watching these dream characters being so amazed & remembering so many past memories, and we had a good time; and I remember talking with JP, and A talking to me about memories that she had of me from her point-of-view.

More things happened after this part but I can not remember what happened, I might have left at some point to continue my journey home, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Teacher Situations And Johnny Depp

I remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day in a fictional school that looked somewhat like the D High School combined with a fictional school with more floors/stories, and the playground/field looked somewhat like the fictional version of the D Junior High School playground that is sometimes in my dreams.

I remember going to classes in the dream and at some point during the dream I came across my brother CC on probably the second floor who told me/explained something strange/nasty to me about how our brother KD’s dog liked to greet people by licking them on their groins, for some reason my brother CC was probably naked or almost naked while he was explaining/showing this, and my brother CC said that our brother KD’s dog would lick anyone’s groin except for our brother KD for some unknown reason(s); and my brother CC guessed that our brother KD’s groin stank/stunk and/or something like that, and maybe that is why his dog would not greet him by licking his groin.

After this strange story/presentation, which I found to be strange/nasty even in the dream, the bell rang/rung so we all started going to our last class for the day; and I walked up the stairs to the third or fourth floor, there were other students having fun in the stairway running & being loud, and so when I reached the top step I decided to jump over it to the third or fourth floor for fun.

There was a classroom near the top step so a slightly obese female teacher with whitish colored skin with short blond colored hair who looked & acted somewhat like Mrs. B who used to work at D High School heard all the noise coming from the stairway, she angrily walked over to see what was going on, and I happened to jump over the top step as she was walking over; and so she assumed that I was one of the people who had made a lot of noise & running, and so she yelled at me to get into her classroom.

She yelled at a few other students and she made them come into the classroom as well but most or all of them were students of hers who were supposed to be in her class now, I tried to explain to her that I was not one of the students making noise or running & that I had not broken any school rules, but she would not listen to me; and so I did not bother to argue, and she made me stand near her desk even when I told her that I had to get to my last class before I was late.

My former classmate, the daughter of Reverend C & Mrs. C, was also forced to stand near the teacher’s desk since she was one of the students who had made a lot of noise; but she was angry, and she argued with the teacher causing the teacher to get more angry.

The rest of the class was sitting at their desks waiting for class to start as their teacher argued with my former classmate as I stood there quietly, and eventually the teacher got so angry that she got in my former classmate’s face & put her hands on her like she wanted to fight; and so my former classmate grabbed the teacher and slammed her to the ground, and they started wrestling/fighting on the ground.

I stood there doing nothing at first since I was still annoyed, I did not want to get into more trouble, I thought that the teacher deserved it, and no one was getting hurt yet really; but eventually I broke up the fight, and my former classmate sat down in her desk & the teacher sat down at her desk.

Eventually the teacher started her class with me still standing near her desk, and eventually she finally let me go so that I could get to my last class; but the school day was almost over now.

I went to the top floor and I think that the classroom for my last class was empty, and so I went to the first floor & I went outside to the playground/field; and I saw a man leaning against something alone near the fence at the edge of the playground/field that no one uses, and I went to greet him.

I guess the man was the teacher of my last class and oddly the man/my teacher was the actor Johnny Depp, he was just out there leaning against something daydreaming/relaxing/thinking/enjoying the outdoors/enjoying being alone, and so he did not even notice me at first since he was deep in thought.

I told him that his classroom was empty when I got there and I told him about my situation/why I was late, he said that he did not feel like teaching his last class today and so he had told the rest of my class that they could go home for the day, and then he made a comment about my situation with the other teacher; and we briefly talked, and then he gave me a punishment/class assignment before I could leave for the day.

He told me to run 11 laps back and forth from the fence to near where he was, then I could leave (he believed my story about the other teacher, but he felt that he had to give me a punishment to prevent the other teacher from thinking that he did not care), and so I started running my laps as Mr. Depp went back to his deep thinking/daydreaming/whatever not even paying attention to see if I was running my laps or not.

I ran more than 11 laps easily, I took my time and enjoyed the outdoors without annoying people around, and then I told Mr. Depp that I was done; but he did not hear me at first again since he was once again deep in thought.

I once again told him that I was done and that I had run over 11 laps, he was surprised and it was clear that he had not been paying attention the entire time, and then he congratulated me & said that I could go; and then we briefly talked, and then I said goodbye but I woke up as I walked away to leave school for the day.

When I woke up I turned in bed to change sleeping positions to go back to sleep since I had slept pretty good, but I got cut near my elbow by a zipper on my cheap memory foam pillow; and it started to bleed a bit but not much, I did not feel like getting out of bed, and so I went back to sleep.

Later I woke up and some of the blood from my cut got on my latex pillow and on my bed sheet, but stupidly I did not clean it until tonight; and so note(s) to self: beware of sharp zippers, deal with your cuts immediately to avoid getting blood on stuff & to avoid infection even if you do not feel like it, clean blood stains immediately, consider getting another pillow or switching it with one you already have, and work harder on finding a job or create a job because you are almost out of money or *Classified | Level: Top Secret*.

The end,

-John Jr


A Creature In A Swimming Pool

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I had several dreams last night but I slept good again, and I forgot all of my dreams except for the end of one dream.

The dream took place in a fictional unknown location that probably looked like a school in some areas, it probably was a school, and my dad & an unknown woman & an unknown man & I were in the dream during a few parts.

There was a gym area, there was an indoor swimming pool area, there was a playground area outside, and there were catwalks like at the D Junior High School that connected the various school buildings.

The dream took place during the day and probably during school, because I remember seeing some coaches, teachers, other workers, and some students in various areas during the dream; but I/we mostly avoided areas with students.

I do not know why we were there but I remember talking with several coaches, workers, et cetera during a few parts; and during one part an unknown man, an unknown woman, my dad, and I were talking near the indoor swimming pool when something in the water attacked us or something.

I remember that one or more of us got grabbed and pulled into the water by some unknown creäture that we could not see, but we managed to help each other out of the pool; and we tried to capture the unknown creäture but it either escaped or someone stole it.

We reported it but almost no one believed us, but maybe someone with the government believed us & stole the creäture to cover-up that it existed and/or to experiment on it.

We did not see the entire creäture and so I do not remember what it looked like, but we went back to the indoor pool, and we tried to see if another creäture or the same creäture was in the pool; and we managed to capture another creäture or the same one, and we got a slightly better look at it.

We also showed it to one of the coaches who did not believe us until he saw it, it was still alive and we had it slightly hanging above the water alive stuck/tangled in a trap we made, but I think that it escaped or disappeared or was stolen again at some point; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Driving Around Looking At The Decline

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I only remember part of the end of one dream from last night.

The dream took place in a fictional version of D as I drove around in my automobile during the day, exploring common slightly fictional versions of certain areas in D, like the neighborhoods where my aunt GC used to live & near the Junior High School.

I remember driving around those nicer areas at first and then I drove near a fictional version of the gas station near the BB store, and I drove around looking at the decline of D & of the nation/culture/world/my life/et cetera in general.

Seeing empty and missing businesses that have closed down, empty & abandoned & worn homes, jobless people like myself, people with low-paying/low or no benefit/overall bad jobs that they do not like, and many other signs/forms of decline.

I compared what I saw from my memories of the past, some real & some memories of past dreams of this place, with the reality that I was seeing before my eyes; and the decline was obvious, and the decline has gone on for a long time & it seems that it will continue.

Sad and pretty hopeless I thought/felt, though there is hope and options to change/stop the decline, but it is not likely to happen due to majority of people who make up/control our society/culture/nation/world/et cetera; and so it will probably continue until it completely collapses, hopefully sooner than later.

It was just another normal day living/dreaming life in a falling/collapsing empire watching parts of your life & the environment/world around you crumble as well, the pattern continues, but hoping that it will end already (the empire, the pattern, future empires, the negative things that we know we can do better than/change, maybe my life, et cetera) or that things would change for the better instead of waiting until after the collapse/fall even though that is not likely.

That is all that I can remember, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr