4-15-2010 | Dream Fragment | The Undercover President And His Body Double

Official White House photo of President Bill C...

Last night I remembered part of my last dream but it is very unclear in some of the important parts, I think it was inspired by the TV show 24, and I think it started with news reporters in a hallway taking pictures of the president of the USA (which was not Obama or anyone I have ever seen before) about to enter a building/room to have a meetings with UN members from different countries or something.

The president was shaking hands, saying a few things to different people, and then gave a very short speech and went inside.

I was not in the dream yet but I could see things like a camera person, as the crowd of news reporters started to walk off to take a break and/or talk to each other and/or leave, there was an old man in the crowd that looked like an older version of Bill Clinton; he was wearing a short blue jacket with tan pants I think, he just looked like an average old man.