In Another Country And A Religious Pilgrimage With Pillow Beds?

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream that I think took place in another country, and I remember going to a fair with my family except for my brother CC who was still gone to military basic training.

At some point we went to a windowless multi-story building that was like an apartment/hotel that somewhat reminded me of a Japanese school like the school on the Japanese animated TV series Another, which I watched the first episode of last night before going to sleep, and it seemed like it was evening or night now but I am not sure because there were no windows.

The building was carpeted with many hallways and rooms and at some point something happened that I can not remember, and I think that the military entered the building for some reason(s) that I can not remember to search the building and/or to stop an attack and/or something like that.

Eventually I left the building carrying papers belonging to my brother CC that had a variety of personal information about him (identification records, military sign-up papers, et cetera) and a man was with me, and he knew about the country that we were in and so he seemed to be my guide.

I walked with him to the border entrance/whatever of another country that was guarded by another military because we were going to enter this other country briefly for some unknown reason(s), but we stopped to watch as a group of people on a religious pilgrimage walked by us in front of the border entrance.

They were carrying very large potato sack-like bags and then they started picking up hay and/or dry beans from the ground to fill their large potato sack-like bags, and so I asked the man with me what they were doing and he gave me a brief explanation.

Part of their religious pilgrimage required that they fill their large pillow sacks/cases with hay and/or dry beans/vegetables, and sleep on it outside in this location I guess; and I think that there was a small barn-like building near this area that had extra pillow sacks/cases and hay and dry vegetables.

We got a pillow case as well and we started to fill them because the man with me said that we might have to spend the night outside the border entrance waiting for the military to finish their background check on us before letting us enter their country, and I remember giving the soldiers the paper work that belonged to my brother CC for some unknown reason(s).

I told them that the paperwork belonged to my brother CC and not me and I probably showed them my identification, and then some of the soldiers walked off to start the background checks; and the man with me and I prepared our pillow beds along with the people on their religious pilgrimage, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Showing Some Young Men / Soldiers From Israel The Horror Of Killing People

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night, and I waited too long before trying to type them and before trying to think about them; and so many important details are missing from both dreams, and both dreams will not make much sense without those details.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in a fictional place, I was in a multi-story brick maybe apartment-like building with a group of young men/soldiers from Israel who all had whitish/light brownish/yellowish colored skin with short hair wearing olive-green colored uniforms I think with assault rifles, and I had an assault rifle as well; but I can not remember most of the dream and so I am not exactly sure what was going on.

My guess is that the building was a civilian building being attacked by a group of men from Palestine who were killing people in the building to get revenge on Israel/maybe the USA/several other countries who attacked their country/people or who were attacking their country/people at this time, so basically they were using terrorism it seemed in desperation, and I am guessing that I either lived in the apartment building or in the neighborhood; and so I was trying to save people, I probably came across the group of young men/soldiers from Israel who had come to kill the men from Palestine who were attacking the building, and so I joined them to help save people.

In the dream I just wanted the violence to stop, I was against what was being done to Palestine but I was also against the terrorism being used against civilians of the enemies of Palestine, and so I was going to defend whoever the victims were in my opinion regardless of whose side they were on.

The young men/soldiers from Israel seemed very inexperienced like this was their first time facing combat and they looked like they either just finished military basic training or had not finished basic training or had not started basic training yet, but they acted like they were looking forward to killing/combat; and they were joking about it, bragging about it, taking their shirts off trying to act macho/super masculine, et cetera.

Basically they wanted to kill people, especially people from/in Palestine, and they said that they would enjoy it & that it would be fun/et cetera; and this disgusted me/bothered me/annoyed me, and I told them so.

I seemed to be more experienced with violence/combat/war/killing/et cetera than them, I knew how horrible it was and that it was not a game/a joke/or fun, and that I would only kill other people if necessary to defend myself/someone else or as a punishment for certain crimes.

I tried to explain the horror of killing people to the young men/soldiers from Israel, but they did not seem to believe me or agree with me.

I did not want to be helping people who acted like them but I knew that the men who were killing people in the building would not stop or listen to me, and so I knew that we/I would have to kill them; and so regardless of how I felt about the young men/soldiers I was helping, I knew what needed to be done, but I still did not like the thought having to kill people.

We went up a lot of stairs in a stairway area of the building, I was also giving some combat advice to the young men/soldiers to help them survive as we went up the stairs, and at some point we finally came across some men who were in the building killing people & they tried to kill us; and we had a quick realistic shootout on the stairway, and we killed them all without any of us dying.

I felt a bit sad about killing them and I angrily turned to the young men/soldiers asking them if they still felt that killing people was fun/cool/et cetera, but they were all in shock; and they realized that I had been right/correct.

Some of them started vomiting, some of them started crying, some of them were shaking, et cetera; and none of them enjoyed it, and they all felt terrible.

I then tried to help them and talk to them to help them deal with this, but I woke up.

Dream 2

My next dream very detailed but I forgot most of it and so it is very unclear, I remember being in a somewhat dimly lit gym/auditorium-like school/college-like building with some of my former classmates & other unknown classmates, and it seemed that we were in school/college; and I remember most of us being in a sitting area, and people were talking/hanging out/et cetera.

I remember talking with several people like my former classmate J/Big J and various other people from Eastside, and then I went around to a few other areas inside the building; and one of these areas was a small Chinese style restaurant/store, and I talked with my former classmate BH in this area because he was shopping there as well & two unknown women were shopping as well.

There was a male worker behind the counter, the food was behind glass and he would put the food that you wanted on carry-out plates, and alcoholic drinks were behind the counter as well I think; and so the two women and BH ordered some food, and then they picked an alcoholic drink (he had rice based alcoholic drinks, some beer, some wines, et cetera).

At some point it was my turn and I probably picked some food items and I asked the male worker if he had some honey wine/mead (because I was curious & I have never seen a bottle in real life yet) but I can not remember if he had any or not, I remember him showing me various alcoholic drinks that he had, but I can not remember if I bought any or not.

At some point I walked back to the sitting area but a lot of my former classmates from Eastside were gathered in a circle like a fight was happening, but there were too many people in the way & I could not see what was happening; but it sounded like a fight, and so I tried to get close enough to see what was going on so that I could stop it but I can not remember what happened.

I remember talking with several people about the situation, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr