Joseph Joestar’s Military Training In Italy?

I went to bed very late last night and I woke up late this morning and I did not voice record my dreams during that time, and so now I can barely remember part of my last dream from last night which was confusing and unclear.

The dream seemed to be inspired by me watching several Japanese anime (animated) television shows on Cartoon Networks’s Adult Swim Toonami lineup, and this dream involved parts of a Japanese anime television show season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that ended last week called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Season 1) (Battle Tendency).


The Republican Conservative Empire

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered the last part of my last dream, it had an interesting theme, if only I knew more the details.

What I do know is that a group of politicians, business people, soldiers, and scientists were heading/running a special project involving one man.

I am not sure if this man was a normal citizen, soldier, or special forces; all I know is that they were doing genetic experiments & stuff on him.

They were also using him for special forces operations alone, like Rambo or something, but this is where things get interesting; they were also recording all of his actions and using it as a reality television show to inspire people and make money.

Here is what I think was going on, I think the Republican party and extreme conservative groups joined together & left the union (United States).

I think they got / used a former state of the USA, maybe Texas to become its own separate country, and were training & equipping a two million person/member military.

Their business people were working together, their politicians, former United States military soldiers were helping train the new military, and former USA citizens were joining.

I think they were tired of the liberals, libertarians, moderates, and other political groups; and they thought the USA should be going in another direction, since they were no longer powerful enough to really make their plans happen they decided to start their own country; not just a country, but they had plans for an empire as well.

The man in their experiments was being put into very dangerous special forces missions alone and I do not even think he had any advanced training; I think he was just a normal soldier that was being genetically engineered and put into action to see how effective the engineering/experiments was/were.

I think this Republican/Conservative group were/was testing a new fast military training strategy that involved showing short manuals & videos to recruits, having an instructor teach them & let them practice basic skills, and then the plan was to use genetic engineering instead of normal physical fitness training because it would make the training much shorter; they needed a quickly trained military force because they wanted to invade another country to truly have their own country instead of just one state, and then they would try to conquer as many other countries as possible.

The leaders of this special project would meet in ships, plans, and bunkers to talk about their project and give new orders to their test subject, the man.

The plan of these leaders seemed smart, they did not want to be seen as a threat to their former country the USA, so they continued to have business relations with them and they wanted to have their military force in which/what ever country or countries they would conquer, that way the USA would not try to invade them because they felt threatened directly.

This group had no plans on attacking the USA and actually considered the USA still their home in a way, but they wanted to create a new USA where Republican/Conservative/Christian values are law.

There was a lot of stress since the leaders were trying to get everything ready as fast as possible, so they could invade some unknown country, they were sending the man on special super dangerous missions every night even before the scientists could decide if the genetic engineering was safe enough yet.

Some of his actions were being followed on television and was inspiring soldiers in their military, and encouraging others to join.

Also their TV show was making a lot of money, and that money was being used to help fund their research, but one night the man had a tough fight against some odd creatures on one mission & he may/might have gotten wounded; the naked creatures were humanoids with blueish skin, sharp finger nails, sharp teeth, and acted like vampires.

The man finished the mission & made it back to the plane, but the leaders were mad about something and wanted to rush the invasion ahead of schedule so they were going to send the man in ahead of the small early invasion force, the man was not feeling good & missed the meeting.

The leaders were furious and sent someone to get him, but the man looked weak and fainted, and so they got a medic to help him.

The dream jumped to another day and the man was now on his most dangerous mission ever, he was alone ahead of the small invasion force and he was going to attack a whole military alone until the early invasion forces could catch up with/reach him.

The plan was to knock out the major defenses with the man and the small early invasion force, and then send a large number of barely trained soldiers to do the full invasion; so far only the man had been genetically engineered so everyone else was normal.

The man seemed to still be weak but was still doing good on the mission, he attacked a few defensive forces that were scattered around the country, but he came under heavy attack by one; fortunately two soldiers from the small early invasion force came to help him.

One was a woman and the another was a man, they both knew who he was and were honored to help him, actually they were so confident in him that they thought that they needed his help; when actually he was in a weaken state so he needed their help.

He told them that he was just one man and that he needed help, and he told them that he was not feeling well, but suddenly some of those vampire-like creatures attacked them.

They defeated the creatures but the female soldier almost died but was saved by the man, so they continued ahead to fight, just the three of them.

They made it to a heavily fortified area and stopped to hide, but were spotted by a helicopter/plane that then dropped several of those vampire-like creatures to attack them.

The man was feeling super weak at this point and the three creäture attacked him, for a moment I was him and was on the ground trying to hold the three creatures back.

They were trying to bite me & stab me with their claws, and they were holding me so all I could do was use my grappling skills to stop them from wounding me; these creatures were scary up close and were making noises and they acted like they wanted to eat me or drink my blood.

Suddenly the woman transformed into one of them and started to kill the three creatures that were holding me, she said that she had been bitten earlier so I guess they were vampires.

After being saved I was no longer the man anymore, and the woman told the man to drink the blood of the vampires to get his strength back & heal but the made did not want to.

The man had been bitten by one on that mission before this, so that is why he felt so weak, he needed blood.

The woman then drunk the blood of one of the vampires and the man stopped to consider doing the same so that they could hopefully survive the mission, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂