John Jr Versus The Police / Military | Natural / Paranormal / Supernatural Threats | A Human Anti-Deity Group Vs. Deities

I do not have time to type all of this better because I need to get in bed so I will just use my rough notes that I made of my dreams from bed along with a bit of my sloppy attempt to type some of these dreams, and I will have to fix this post later tomorrow after work so expect this post to be a super rough draft that will be edited maybe tomorrow so expect missing details and lots of errors et cetera until then.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in a LC-like city, my parents and I were there, and I explored a college and some parts of the city.


A Military Helicopter Crash

I had more dreams but I only recorded part of one dream.

My memory is unclear but the dream involved me, some of my family, and maybe some other people going to several places including several: stores, schools, and houses.


Flying / Floating / Jumping And Getting Chased

I had several fun/action dreams but I forgot most of them, I remember part of the end of one dream, where I could float / fly / jump high somewhat.

The dream took place late in the afternoon or early evening at a fictional version of the shopping center were JCP is located in D, it might have taken place in other parts of D at first, but I am not sure; and I can not remember most of the dream.

I just remember being able to jump high in a slow floating/flying-like way, I had to concentrate/focus to do this, and it was a somewhat slow process where I would be in the air longer than normal/defying gravity I guess.

I remember something happened and a police officer was on the ground, and I was jumping/floating/flying across the rooftops of the stores.

I stopped on the rooftop of the JCP building because I saw one of my former classmates J and a group of people on the ground, and they wanted me to show off my jumping/floating/flying abilities to prove that I could really do that; and so I slowly jumped/floated/flew from rooftop to rooftop to show them.

After my demonstration they wanted me to jump from the BO building to the WP Pool building, which was across the street & it was a long jump that I was not sure that I could make, fortunately trees were in the way; and so I told them that I could not make the jump with the trees in the way.

During my demonstration I was having a hard time jumping/floating/flying, so I was glad that the trees were in the way, because I probably would have missed the jump & hit the road if I had tried. 😀

I guess the dream ended or something, because next I remember riding in an automobile with my family, and we were being chased by police & military-like vehicles during the day.

I remember automobiles chasing us, being shot at by police/military on foot & in other types of vehicles, and there was even a military-like helicopter trying to shoot us a few times.

My dad was driving fast and wildly, and he would almost crash/flip the automobile every time he turned a corner.

We drove through a fictional city out to a highway in the country where there were fenced flat farm-like land on both sides of the road, and the police/military were trying to set up road blocks & attack points against us.

I have no idea why the police/military was trying to kill us, but it did not seem like we could surrender; and so we were running/driving for our lives like in an action movie.

Magically we were barely surviving somehow, but I did not think that we could keep this up forever; and at some point we were going to have to probably leave the automobile to fight and/or run, and we would probably die. 😀

I remember looking out of the various mirrors/windows at all the action, trying to help my dad drive/avoid threats, it was crazy; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂