Sparring With An United States Marine

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I could not sleep for most of last night so I barely got any sleep last night, I did not voice record my dreams during this time, and so now I can barely remember part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and I was riding in an automobile through a fictional city with my parent’s and my mom was driving.

As we were driving I probably realized that I needed to go to work, and so I asked my mom to drop me off at work because I would not have time to return to get my automobile.

My mom told me that she needed to go to a doctor’s appointment after dropping me off, and so she was not sure if she would be able to pick me up from work later but she would call me later to let me know if she will be able to pick me up from work or not.

As we drove to where I work I remember seeing a television military recruitment commercial for probably The United States Military (Armed Forces), probably The United States Marine Corps, and the television commercial showed some soldiers (marines) in civilian clothing sometimes in their civilian lives and then it would sometimes jump to showing them in their military uniforms (combat, dress, et cetera) in their military lives and I also saw scenes of them doing mêlée combat training with rifles with bayonets et cetera.

After the television commercial I probably saw several soldiers (marines) outside as we drove by, they were probably exercising and / or training or something like that, and then we reached the parking lot of the fictional place where I worked which looked like a one-story school-like office building next to a small field and park-like area.

My parent’s dropped me off and I said goodbye, they drove off, and the dream jumped in time to where I was leaving work now.

My mom must have not been able to pick me up because I started walking home, and during my walk I saw a man with dark-color skin with short black hair playing soccer while holding a baseball bat who seemed to be a soldier (marine) so I stopped to talk to him because I wanted to tell him about some of the mêlée combat that I saw in that television commercial and I was curious about sparring to see how well I do against a trained soldier (marine) in mêlée combat.

I greeted the man and we started to talk, he was possibly from Africa (African) and possibly had immigrated to The United States but I can not remember, and I was correct about him being a soldier and he told me that he was in The United States Marines Corps.

I told him that one of the reasons (there were several reasons) that I assumed that he was a soldier was because of how he was holding the baseball bat, and I told him about the television commercial that I saw.

After that I asked him if we could have a friendly sparring match with baseball bats as our weapons in place of rifles with bayonets so that I could test my melee combat skills (untrained) against a United States marine, and he agreed.

We then had a quick friendly sparring match but I can not remember the match, it was fun though and he probably complimented my skills, and maybe we called it a draw but I can not remember.

I thanked him and we shook hands, he probably said that he hopes that we meet again for a rematch and / or to play some soccer and that he would teach me some combat skills that he learned, and I said that would be nice and that I hoped that we would meet again.

We said goodbye, and I continued walking but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Injecting Myself And Drawing My Own Blood And Getting Tested | Almost Signing Up For The Military

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D, at some point in the dream I remember hearing my dad talking to my mom about his coworkers at his job telling him that he should retire, and maybe he decided to finally retire from his job; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

At the end of the dream I remember getting on a whitish colored box-shaped transport-like truck/van that looked like a truck used to transport food, it was old and it had no logos or anything on it, and it was in or on side of the street between the D Courthouse and the downtown businesses; and maybe it continued moving/driving once I got on it.

Once inside I was shocked/disgusted by how the inside of the truck looked, it was dirty like a pin at a farm where non-human animals are kept with what looked like feces there too, and then a man and woman walked from the front of the truck (which was separated from where I was by a wall and door) wearing whitish colored biohazard/hazmat suits so I could not see their faces really.

They seemed to be scientists/doctors/whoever and I assumed that they must be working on a secret government/military/whatever project because they seemed to be trying to operate/work secretly, it seemed that they had not expected someone to try to explore the truck because it looked like an old truck that was mostly abandoned and had nothing of value, and so they were shocked when they realized that someone was inside the truck.

They told me that I was not supposed to be there and that it was dangerous to be inside the truck without a biohazard/hazmat suit on, they told me that I would need to be injected immediately for my own safety, and that I would need to be tested immediately to make sure that I was not infected with whatever it was that they were working on (they would not tell me anything, it was classified I assumed).

The woman handed me several syringes with the first being one that I needed to inject myself with now, the second to draw blood from my own wrist, and the third to take if my test results showed that I was infected; and I asked if this was really necessary and she said that it was, I asked if they could do it, but she said that I had to do it oddly.

I told her that I did not know how and that I did not think that I could do it because I do not like syringes/shots/having blood drawn/et cetera, she repeated that I had to do it and she showed me how to do it, and I stood there for several minutes trying to get the courage to do it; and eventually I injected myself with the first syringe, and then I drew blood from my own wrist.

I had to push the needle in all the way, it did not hurt much but I did get most of my real world negative reactions, and I am amazed that I did not wake up from this; and I really did not enjoy it, but I was amazed that I was able to do it without fainting or something like that.

The woman took my blood to be tested in another part of the truck, someone brought me another syringe to inject myself with one more time to be safe and so I injected myself with it, and then they wanted me to urinate in a cup and then defecate in another cup; and so I probably did that as well, and they took them to be tested as well.

I waited alone thinking about my situation, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional city, I remember being with my mom and we were in The B V, and at some point there was an accident or something and the front middle part of the bumper/whatever got broken off leaving on the left and right sides of it.

At some point in the dream I assume that we came across some military recruiters and I assume that I decided to possibly sign up for the military, and at some point we drove and parked at a parking lot and we went inside a restaurant with other families who had family members who were about to possibly sign up for the military; and my former male classmate MT was one of the people there.

We possibly had food and drink and the military recruiters did a presentation for us, after the presentation everyone who wanted to sign up were/was moved to a windowless room with no furniture, and we started working on our paperwork signing up for the military as a somewhat mean male soldier with whitish colored skin talked to us a bit angrily/meanly like a drill instructor; and a female soldier with whitish colored skin (who also did a presentation for our families earlier) was dealing with paperwork mostly.

I did not really want to sign up but my situation has not been, is not, and does not look well for the future and so after many years of trying without luck it seemed that I needed to finally consider the military option before I get even older than I already am (I was not even sure if they would take someone as old as me); and for some reason it seemed that I was late to start my paperwork, and I remember talking to my former male classmate MT who explained some things that I had missed to me.

At some point I started to feel that I should wait so I stopped my paperwork and I went to talk to my mom about it, we waited and I wondered should we talk to the military recruiters or just leave, and we decided to just leave; but as we were walking outside we saw a crowd gathering outside in the parking lot near The B V, and so we went to see what was going on.

There was a sinkhole-like hole in the parking lot with a car stuck in it like there was a wreck/accident, there was possibly someone still inside it or under it, and so people were trying to help and I tried to help as well; and some firefighters or workers from maybe India or Pakistan helped as well, and I remember wondering what had happened to cause this.

The B V seemed okay, it still was damaged from earlier in the dream, but I woke up before I could find out if anyone was still trapped in the hole or not.

In one dream I saw my former male classmate AA, and I stopped to talk to him briefly but I am not sure in which dream this happened in.

The end,

-John Jr


Killing In Self-Defense And Destroying The Evidence And Talking To Military Recruiter DJ

Source: Wikipedia

I barely remember part of the end of one dream from last night, and I forgot most of this dream and my other dreams after getting caught in a quicksand-like cycle of sleeping/dreaming/daydreaming/awaking that happened after the only dream that I remember part of from last night.

In this quicksand-like cycle at the end I kept dreaming, daydreaming, and thinking that I was on my brother GC’s computer & that I accidentally kept sending an incomplete / error-filled / spam-looking message on a contact form on someone’s website that seemed like a spam message because my message was incomplete/error-filled; and I accidentally kept sending the message with my brother GC’s email address in the from section because his email address would always automatically be shown in the from section because he was logged in with his account.

I kept trying to send another message to let the person know that my first message was a mistake & to send it with my email address in the from section, but I would mess up again making the same mistakes accidentally; and this cycle would repeat over & over, and sometimes I would wake up partly thinking that this really happened; but then I would go back to sleep, and the cycle would continue.

Before this quicksand-like cycle I remember part of the end of one dream where I was at my grandfather’s house it seemed, before this part in the dream something happened earlier in the dream somewhere else where someone tried to kill me (probably someone I knew who followed me to an isolated area  to kill me & who I tried to talk to get them to stop trying to kill me, but they would not stop trying to kill me) & I killed them in self-defense which was very unfortunate, and this bothered me but I felt that the police would not believe me so I called my parent’s telling them to come meet me & when they arrived I told them about what happened to get their opinion(s).

They agreed with me that they were afraid that the police would not believe me (the person who I killed in self-defense must have had police/government/corporate/high-level connections maybe or something because we felt that almost no one would believe that I killed them in self-defense I guess), and so we decided to get rid of the dead body (corpse); and we probably destroyed as much of the dead body as we could, cleaned up the area where the death happened the best that we could, and we probably hid/threw away what was left of the dead body if there was much left.

We then agreed not to talk about it with anyone else and not to talk about it at all to prevent anyone from learning about what happened, even though I had only defended myself, and I did not like this at all; but I/we felt that no one would believe me if we told the police, and so we did what we did because of that.

Later in the dream I went to my grandfather’s house or what looked like it but I am not sure why I went there & my memory is too unclear, I just remember coming across my former classmate DJ (who joined the military in real life before or after we graduated from high school years ago) & several other people who were at the house, and I remember asking DJ if he would talk with me about the military because in this dream he was either a military recruiter or had been one.

I was thinking about possible job/career options, and I just wanted to get some more information about the military as I consider my options; and so I made this clear to DJ, and we went into what is supposed to be my grandfather’s bedroom to talk about the military but I woke up as DJ talked with me about the military.

The end,

-John Jr