Poppy | My Brothers Going Fishing & Hanging Out At A VFW-Like Place

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by a cringy YouTube video by TRL that someone sent me last night that I watched before going to bed called Poppy & Titanic Sinclair Discuss Plants & Appropriation | TRL Weekdays At 4pm:

I got awakened from this dream possibly because of a loud thunderstorm and a tornado warning on my mobile phone or something, and I only made one text note of this dream on my mobile phone before going back to sleep.


Two Women Tell Me About Their Aging Fathers Or Grandfathers

Dream 1

I think that I had a dream that involved drooling in some unknown way, this probably happened because I started drooling in the real world when I started sleeping on my side while using the SnoreDoc anti-snoring device (tongue stabilizing device), but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was probably inspired by a draft post that I made last night for the movie Late Phases, which I will probably be posting either later today or soon.


Getting Infected By An Alien Biological Weapon

This dream from last night was possibly partly inspired by a DarkMatter2525 video called Always Cry Wolf that I saw on YouTube yesterday:

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was driving in an automobile with one or more of my brothers to an automobile dealership for some reason(s) that I can no longer remember, I am not sure what time of day it was, and I remember going inside the dealership to wait because I did not see the employees yet.

At some point a man with whitish-colored skin approached me, maybe an employee or the owner of the dealership but I am not sure, and he asked my brother(s) and I if any of us were willing to help some old military veterans from Boston or mostly from Boston with something that I can not remember exactly (maybe something involving documenting some of their stories from their time in the military during The Vietnam War).

It sounded like a somewhat time-consuming project, my brothers were not interested and it sounded a bit difficult, but I decided that I would try to help them so the man told me that I could meet them outside because a parade was about to begin outside and they would be in it and after the parade the fair would begin so this area was a fairground with an automobile dealership by it.

We walked outside as people arrived for the parade and fair, we saw the military veterans getting ready for the parade and I greeted them, and they probably told me that us volunteers would each be paired with a military veteran to help them with this project at some point after the parade and after the fair had begun.

The parade begun with the military veterans possibly going first, and then I remember various ethnic groups/cultures being represented in the parade.

The Mexican ethnic group was one of the ethnic groups represented in the parade, I remember a large poor family from Mexico (Mexican) all riding together on a crowded float, and some people in the crowd were making fun of them and saying offensive things about them which was sad and unacceptable.

After the parade the fair began and somehow my brother(s) and I ended up in a small building near the fair, and inside this building we met some aliens from at least three different alien species.

One of these alien species probably looked human or almost human but I think that one or more of these alien species could disguise themselves as humans somehow, a second alien species was probably humanoid, and a third species was probably the most alien-looking but I can not remember the details of how either of these species looked or what they were called.

One of these alien species had developed a biological weapon to destroy another alien species among the three alien species that we met (I assume some of them were at war with each other), this biological weapon had infected one of the aliens so he/it was dying (he/it possibly died during the dream, but I can not remember), and then we found out that my brother(s) and I were infected with the alien biological weapon after coming in contact with the infected alien.

Unlike the dying infected alien, we did not seem to be dying because the alien biological weapon was designed to kill one of those alien species, and so it did not seem deadly to humans but we were not sure what if any effects/affects it would have on us humans so we were worried.

The alien species responsible for this alien biological weapon probably sneaked away before we had found out about them releasing the alien biological weapon to kill one of the alien species there, we assumed that they would make another biological weapon to attack the other alien species if this attack was successful, and we were also worried that they would make one to destroy humans too if both of their attacks were successful.

A maybe male friendly alien from the other alien species that was not attacked talked with my brother(s) and I trying to help us and the other alien species, but this alien did something that I consider unnecessary and a bit unethical by mind controlling my brother(s) and I so that we would go tell our parent’s about the alien biological weapon and how we were infected with it and then maybe tell the military (but I am not sure about this one, maybe that is that I was going to do after I finished my mind control mission to tell my parent’s first, but I am not sure).

I wanted to warn my parent’s, the military, the government, the public, et cetera but I did not want to risk spreading the infection (we had no idea if it could be spread or how, and so I wanted to do things safely and cautiously) so I wanted to quarantine us and try to contact them without leaving the building so mind controlling us was completely unnecessary and it put others at risk because we were forced to leave the building to tell our parent’s after the alien mind controlled us to do this.

Under the alien mind control we left the building walking among the crowds of people at the fair trying to find our parent’s, we found our parent’s in an outdoor/indoor building, and we told them everything and I tried to explain things calmly and logically because it sounded crazy (I am not sure if our parent’s believed us or not).

There were other people who heard us and they thought that we were crazy, after completing this mind controlled mission to warn our parent’s we then were going to possibly warn the military (this was possibly voluntary but I am not sure, and so maybe this was also part of our mind controlled mission), and the military had maybe a small recruiting center or room in a building in or near the fair so we were going to go there.

I am not sure if we went there or not first, I can not remember, but I do remember seeing a nicely dressed (white dress shirt and dark-colored dress skirt) female journalist with whitish-colored skin with long brown hair that was partly pinned-up so I told her everything hoping that she would believe me and help get the truth out there to the public.

The female journalist took me to a small building in or near the fair to ask her boss for permission to report on our story, her boss was a large man with whitish-colored skin with a mustache wearing a navy-colored suit, and he thought that we were crazy and he refused to allow her to report on our story unless we could provide some proof.

I tried to think of some things that we could provide as proof (the aliens were possibly gone and so was the evidence because they probably took everything with them, and so my brothers and I were possibly the only evidence left if they could detect the alien biological weapon that had infected us), the female journalist apologized and she told me to return if I got some proof, and she would see what she could do to try to convince her boss to let her report on our story.

We then were going to warn the military, I am not sure if we got to do this or not before waking up, maybe they thought that we were crazy too but I can not remember what happened before I woke up other than worrying about the possible effects/affects of the alien biological weapon on us and other humans and my fear that we were possibly infecting other people by walking around like this and trying to figure out how to get people to believe our story.

The end,

-John Jr


A Hospital And A Store And A Pillow Fight

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely got any sleep last night because of anxiety about my job interview that I will be going to this morning and because of a malfunctioning air conditioner in another room that kept beeping and turning on and off randomly while I was trying to sleep.

When I finally did go to sleep I did have one short dream but that got interrupted partly because I kept waking up wondering about the time and/or to look at the time annoyingly and/or my mind (body) just kept waking up to look around on constant alert and not wanting to sleep because of all the anxiety.

Source: Imgur

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that my family and I (except for my brother CC and his family) arrived in another city during the day, we went to a hospital that was connected to a large Walmart-like store because one or more people in my family seemed to have a doctor’s appointment I assume or they needed to see a doctor, and so we waited in a waiting room with other people.

I possibly had a job interview that I needed to be going to that day so I was watching and/or worrying about the time as we waited because I did not want to be late for my job interview, at some point I walked to the window that the front desk area was behind, and a female worker with white skin with brown hair who looked and acted like she did not like or care about her job or the patients was behind the window.

Before I could ask my question she interrupted me and gave me an answer to what she was assuming was my question, she was wrong in her assumption, but because of her bad attitude I did not bother to ask my question and so I just said okay and I walked away.

Maybe my brother TD or KD was called to see the doctor so he walked further into the hospital, shortly after that I did as well because too much time was probably passing so I decided to go walking to find the store area maybe, and as I walked through the hallways of the hospital I reached an area with many old men in the hallways.

I assumed that some or most of them were military veterans who seemed to be living at the hospital and there was not enough space for them so they were living in the halls in this area it seemed, some were on gurney beds and some were in wheelchairs and some were sitting down, and it looked a bit depressing and sad.

They were mostly blocking movement to the hallways that I was trying to reach, I remember one of the men who was an old man with dark brown skin say something to me, and we briefly talked until he probably told me how to reach the other hallways and I continued my journey.

Eventually I reached the Walmart-like store, I remember walking past cash registers with lines of people, and I saw my former male classmate JS standing in one of the lines with his family.

A bit further in the store near a middle front area I saw a seating area with auditorium-style seats with many former classmates of mine sitting in them and standing around them, I stopped to talk with them, and I remember a former female classmate of mine hitting my former female classmate JH in the face with a pillow for fun.

She hit her a bit harder than expected so I remember my former classmate JH responding that it hurt, our other female classmate apologized, and then they both started laughing and people started pillow fighting for fun and smiling and laughing but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr