Going Back In Time Through False Memories?

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I had some more dreams and there was more to this dream, but I did not voice record my dreams and I went back to sleep several times so I can only barely remember part of one dream from last night.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that I think that I was thinking about old memories, except these were false/fake/fictional memories as far as I know, and while thinking about these false memories I think that I would somehow end up being taken back in time to the moment when each false memory took place.

It seemed that I would really be there again in those moments reliving them briefly before them ending, and then I would be brought back to the current time period of the dream it seemed; but I could be wrong.

I can not remember all the false memories that I thought about and got to briefly relive, one that I can not remember possibly took place at a school but I could be wrong, and one took place at The B Parish Library.

I remember looking at the books in the new books section of the library near the front desk(s), I probably was comparing how things used to look back then to how they look now, and how things were organized but that is all that I can remember of this one.

Another involved me thinking about false memories that possibly took place at a fictional college during the day, this college seemed to be located where the HD Head Start school building in the city of D should be, and I briefly relived some of these false memories at this college.

I can not remember the parts that took place inside the college, but I do remember part of the end when I was outside the college.

My former female classmate CW and some of her fictional friends and I were under a one-story building at the college, it looked like the abandoned building at the HD Head Start school, and the building was off the ground enough to have a good amount of crawl space.

We were under the building talking and hanging out possibly because it was a shaded and more private area with dark somewhat soft dirt (that would probably be good for farming if sunlight could reach this area), I remember being interested in my former classmate CW and I was trying to get to know her better by some spending time with her and her friends, but it did not seem that she was interested in me really.

As I briefly relived this false memory I noticed some small tool kits (sets) with small tools in them, the kind in plastic cases with small screwdrivers and things like that, and I noticed at least one person (maybe my former classmate CW) had a small carton of milk like you have a school.

After briefly reliving this false memory I decided to go back to that area under the college building, I am not sure if I found any of the tool kits or not, but I did find a small carton of milk (school milk) to my surprise.

It seemed to be the one from my memory, I smelled it and it did not smell spoiled or rotten to my surprise, and it only had a bit of separation where you could see some of the water separated from the rest.

I tasted the milk and it tasted like it was still possibly good enough to possibly drink to my surprise (old with some separation and slightly odd taste, but not that bad like you would expect), which made no sense (I assumed that maybe this area under the building and some good bacteria had kept it fresh enough somehow or that this was a more recent milk that someone else left), but I spit most of the milk out after the first sip realizing how stupid it was to drink a milk that has sat under a building for many years.

It then seemed that I really was going back in time to briefly relive these false memories, I wondered how this was even possibly and how and why was this happening and if I could change things and would it effect/affect the present and/or future, and then I started thinking about all of this.

I started to get closer to realizing that these were not real memories as far as I knew, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Giant And Cereal

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I was at E Manor, for some unknown reasons my aunt JE and younger versions of my female cousins ME and RE (two of her daughters) were there, and my aunt JE was watching movies in the living room; and my cousins ME and RE were in a fictional room playing with toys.

I walked to the room where my cousins ME and RE were playing with toys and they showed me some of their toys, which I think that they got from a store like Big Lots, and they wanted me to try some of their toys; and one or two of their toys looked like a blackish colored replica of a UFO / spacecraft and a hoverboard.

To my surprise this toys or these toys were advanced and they could hover/float/fly, it/they possibly seemed strong enough to almost support my weight when I leaned on them while it/they were hovering, and at some point I think that my cousins ME and RE wanted me to go to my aunt JE’s house to bring back more of their toys; and so I walked off to that.

My aunt JE was sitting on the couch in the living room watching movies and eating cereal with milk, she ran out of cereal and she asked me to go to her house and get her some more cereal and maybe some more movies and she gave me her bowl of milk to take with me to put the cereal in and she gave me the key to her house, and she told me that my male cousin DE (her son) was at her house watching movies; and then I left to get the items that they requested, but I did wonder why they did not just do it themselves.

It was day outside and near my aunt JE’s house and The R Trailer was a male giant like the giants in the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it probably did not bother me because I tried to keep my distance from it, but maybe it made warning sounds and movements; but it probably did not notice me, and so I probably sneaked by it.

I used the key to open my aunt JE’s house but I did not see my cousin DE in the house, he was probably in another room possibly trying to avoid being seen or he had already left back to The G House, and then I started looking for and collecting all the items that everyone wanted.

I remember putting the cereal in the bowl of milk that my aunt JE gave me but then I realized that was not a good idea because there was a risk of the cereal getting soggy so I tried to hurry to return to E Manor before the cereal got soggy, but I was trying to carry many things and balance the bowl of cereal so I had to move slowly; and then I remember that I needed to make sure that all the doors were closed and locked, and in the dream there was a fictional door on the right side of the house.

At some point I started walking back to E Manor but the giant saw me and it probably started warning me but I could not move fast enough so it probably became aggressive and I had to avoid the giant who was about to chase me while trying to slowly carry everything and balance the bowl of cereal, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Art And Dans Le Jardin D’Eden

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional city, I remember being in a one-story building that had jail cells on the left side of the room, a small area by the jail cells for visitors and the police, and the rest of the building was a store.

My former collegemate J was in one of the jail cells, most of the jail cells had many prisoners in each one, and I remember standing away from the bars of the jail cell where my former collegemate J was because it was against the rules to get too close; and I remember us talking about his situation and some other things, but I can not remember what we talked about.

At some point I remember seeing a somewhat older man shopping at the store behind me, he did not even look toward the jail cells, and he did not seem to find it strange that a jail was inside a store; but to me this was strange, and I did not like how they had so many prisoners in each cell and how small cell was.

I remember walking by all the jail cells trying to avoid looking or staring at any of the prisoners, I did not want them to feel like they were in a zoo, and I was doing this to see if anyone else I knew was in jail; and so I hoped that they would see me and call my name so that I could stop to talk with them, but this did not happen so I guess that there was no one else I knew in this jail.

There were a few jail cells on the left side that only had one or two people in each jail cell, a boy who was almost a teenager called me over to his cell, and I was shocked that someone so young was in jail and this confused and sadden me; and the boy started telling me amazing lies/stories about himself, it was interesting and sad at the same time, but I listened to him hoping to help him feel better by having someone to talk to.

My former collegemate J was in the jail cell next to his sitting on his bed, most of the other prisoners were trying to sleep, and my former collegemate J was looking at me with a facial expression letting me know that the boy was lying; and I nodded my head and gave him a facial expression letting him know that I knew this, and that I was just being nice.

At some point I finished listening to the boy and I gave him some words of encouragement, I then said a few more things to my former collegemate J, and then I think that my dad arrived to the store area; and I left with my dad by automobile on our way to a shopping mall to get some food, and to look for something that I can not remember.

I remember us driving to a shopping center that looked like the shopping center near W Park in the city of D near the corner area on the far left side of where Subway should be, we saw police there talking to a woman and some other people like something had happened, and so we continued driving until we reached a fictional shopping mall that was familiar to me.

This part of the dream was very nice, this shopping mall was familiar to me but I had not seen it in a long time, and so some things had changed; and it was a nice shopping mall with a tall ceiling, and maybe some upper areas.

I remember my dad and I walking around exploring the mall, at some point we reached an area that was like an art gallery / art store / library, and there were many nice paintings and other works of art around; and I probably recognized some of the art, and this is possibly when I started hearing the song Dans Le Jardin D’Eden by Isabelle Antena but I am not sure if it was playing out-loud in the mall or if I was hearing it in my mind.

I wanted to explore this art area and possibly buy a painting but we needed to eat first and maybe find whatever I was looking for, and so we continued walking around the mall until we reached an area that looked like a New York detective station combined with a restaurant; and there were people who looked like detectives, people who looked like they were in the mafia, and some other well dressed people in this area.

I was not sure if we were allowed in this area or not, I was wearing dress clothes and my dad was wearing semi-dress clothes, and so I hoped that we would blend in enough as we walked through this area; and I remember us having to walk around some huge and very wide mafia-like henchmen who were so big/wide that they almost did not look human.

We managed to walk through this area without any problems until we reached a food court area with many people sitting and eating and drinking and ordering food, and this area looked amazing and new with many different restaurants and stores with a very tall ceiling and upper areas; and I remember being amazed, and commenting about this area being a new area because it was not there the last time I was at this mall.

Past the food court area or on the outskirts of it I saw a small Mexican grocery store/restaurant with some photographs of burritos and some other things so my dad and I went inside to look for a menu, we saw no one inside at first, but then a nice tall over-weight man with light brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair wearing a whitish colored apron walked from the back to greet us.

We asked him for a menu and he gave us one and he walked us to a table to sit down, I could read the menu but I saw no prices, and my dad and I decided to both order a burrito; and so the man asked my dad what did he want on his burrito, and the last thing that my dad wanted on his burrito was some cookies with cream or something weird like that and he made an inside joke about diabetes.

It was a bit embarrassing and the man looked confused, he said that they did not have that but they could put another dessert on his burrito that was similar, and we asked how much would each burrito would cost; and the man said that it had taken us about 3 minutes to order so it would cost no more than $3 for each one, and he said that he would probably give us a discount so that it would be less than that.

He walked away without asking me what I wanted on my burrito, I hoped that they would make me a normal one instead of one like my dad had ordered, and the man told another male worker to bring us some entrées; and I noticed that magically other people were starting to arrive, and there were other workers around now.

The new worker brought us the first entrée, he had a bad attitude so he just threw them down leaving on of them about to spill, and so I had to straighten it; and my dad complained about his attitude.

The first entrée was two small cups of milk with three small circular light brown/tan cookies with vanilla cream between them in each cup, and the second entrée was two small plates of an interesting looking dish with guacamole and avocados and some other things.

I remember starting on the dessert first, I could actually somewhat taste it and the texture and everything seemed real, but then my dad commented about my cheeks puffing up like I was about to spit something up; and at first I thought that I had put too much food in my mouth, and so I tried to swallow it but then I realized that something was wrong.

I started to feel my body in bed and it felt like something was wrong in the real world, like something was coming up my throat like I was going to vomit or something, I wanted to keep enjoying the dream but I decided to wake up to see what was going on with my body; and I woke up feeling an acid reflex-like feeling like acid was coming up from my stomach to my throat like it wanted to come out.

I checked my pillow to make sure that I did not vomit, I had not fortunately, and then I got up to use the bathroom and voice record my dream; and walk around until I felt like I could go back to sleep without worrying about vomiting.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day on what looked like the street that E Manor is on near where Mrs. C’s house should be, some other people and I went inside a one-story house, and my former male classmate JF was inside of it.

A strange flying/float shark-like creäture attacked that seemed to be after my former classmate JF but it would attack things that moved and made noise, it could open its entire body like a mouth with teeth on both sides, and it would stab them into across your entire body from both sides.

More strange floating/flying sea-like creäture attacked, some looked somewhat toy-like while others looked like fictional alien-like versions of real sea creatures, and we found out that they could not really see you if you were very still and quiet; but they kept slowly searching the house for us, and just floating around instead of leaving.

We stood around quietly as these creepy floating sea-like creatures floated around slowly or hovered near us, some of them had large almost human-like and toy-like creepy eyes, and sometimes they would stare at us but they could not see us because we were still and quiet; and so we had to stay like this, which was uncomfortable, and creepy.

We wondered why were they not leaving and we were getting tired of standing around quietly, and so at some point I started trying to make an escape plan; but before I could finish my plan my former male classmate JF broke under the stress/pressure, and he started screaming and running out of the house so everyone else did as well.

The floating sea-like creatures attacked but they could not get all of us so some of us escaped outside, once outside I started looking around trying to see how man people survived, and I wanted to find my former classmate JF because they seemed to be after him.

I wanted to get some people to help me go back inside the house to help save some of the others before they get killed, I probably ran back inside to fight some of the creatures, and maybe some others joined me; and maybe we were doing pretty good, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr