Englishman In New York Audition & Strange Aircraft

All that I can remember of this dream is that one part of the dream involved an audition involving the song Englishman In New York by Sting, which I had planned to make a post about tomorrow in the real world, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Sting – Englishman In New York

The last part of the dream took place outside in the yard of The E House near the laundry building late in the afternoon, I was possibly walking out of the laundry building when I noticed something strange in the sky, and I saw an unknown white thin mostly quiet (not completely quiet) aircraft flying overhead.


Shoulder Pain & Repeating Cycles

This dream is very unclear, it was impacted by me having shoulder pain in the real world that was possibly also happening in the dream.

So it impacted the dream and my sleep, which possibly had me jumping between the two as I changed sleeping positions from the shoulder pain.

Part of this dream possibly took place outside during the day, there was a man with light-color skin caught in some kind of strange repeating cycle.

He would try to make changes, and there would be minor differences after each repeat due to these changes he made.

There was possibly something paranormal and / or supernatural involved with this.

I remember a man or male entity with light-color skin wearing a suit and possibly floating, maybe the mafia was somehow involved, but I can not remember.

I was possibly walking by, and I possibly stopped and watched this strange repeating cycle take place.

The man was possibly trying to escape from this repeating pattern and maybe avoid the mafia and / or the male possibly paranormal and / or supernatural entity.

Another part of this dream took place at The BP Library, and I was working there at the newly organized DVD section.

I was shelving, some of my coworkers were there, like my female coworker CR and two or three other coworkers of mine.

CR and one or two other coworkers were worried about not having enough space for me to finish shelving the DVDs.

I felt that there would be enough space if we shifted the DVDs a bit, and at least one or two other coworkers agreed with me, like maybe my female coworker JB.

CR was very focused on this, I remember her shifting some DVDs, and eventually I was able to fit all the DVDs on the shelves.

The character Roberta Warren from the television show Z Nation showed up during this and got involved.

The dream jumped to the last part of the dream that returned to a repeating cycle that took place outside in a similar location as the beginning of the dream during the day.

Me, Roberta Warren, and maybe one or two other characters from Z Nation were outside.

Roberta and the others were caught in a repeating cycle like the man at the beginning of the dream, they would make changes, and after each repeat there would be changes.

Things started more grounded but got stranger over time, things went from the ground with normal vehicles, to the air with normal aircraft, and to space shuttles / launch vehicles / rockets / missiles / spacecraft.

I am not sure what Roberta and the others were trying to change or deal with, or if they were trying to escape or to stop something.

I can not remember the details, I just know that at some point Roberta and a thin young man with light-color skin (maybe 10K) had an accident in the air involving an aircraft or spacecraft or missile / rocket that sent them falling from the sky.

Suddenly a very large possibly Russian possibly white and orange spacecraft / rocket / missile / launch vehicle / whatever-like thing appeared, we were in The United States I think, and it used some kind of technology to caught them in the air.

Instead of taking them to the ground like expected, it started to fly away with them.

For some reason, I wondered if this spacecraft was from the future and had time traveled to the past to try to stop a certain event.

I wondered if it was going to destroy some nuclear weapons belonging to The United States to prevent some kind of future disaster and / or if it was saving Roberta and the young man and was going to help them stop / change something to prevent a disaster; but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

Using A Bed To Survive A Small Nuclear Missile Strike?

I had more dreams but I did not record them, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

I was inside a house in a windowless bedroom with my former female coworker C from The BP Library and several children and / or family members.


A Flood And George W. Bush And Hydroplaning?

This dream is unclear, but I know that it took place during the day in the city of D.

Something strange happened outside that I can not remember except for something involving maybe one or more military / government aircraft and / or something like that where something like a missile or something shot or fell out and flew to the ground and another thing that I remember falling is the body of a man with light-color skin whose body was in a position like a corpse at a funeral with his arms crossed over his chest while laying on his back and some lit candles were on his chest.

There was more that happened before this that I can not remember, I just know that things were normal, and then they became strange.

I am not sure if the man was dead or alive but he fell in a body of water that was in my parents yard where the basketball goals used to be, and his body sank still in the same funeral-like position with lit candles on his chest.

In the water to about chest height (it was deeper than this) was George W. Bush, he saw the body of the man fall in the water and sink, and so he swam down in the water to pull his body back to the surface.

Mr. Bush pulled the man’s body to the surface where it floated still on his back and still with candles on his chest but I can not remember if they were still lit or not, there was possibly symbolic about this part of the dream but I am not sure what it means, and I remember Mr. Bush saying something but I am not sure what he said other than one thing where he possibly assumed that this and the other strange things had something to do with the military / government.

The water in the yard was possibly caused by the strange things that were going on, there seemed to be a strange weather phenomenon or storm or something going on, and so a flood / storm or something was starting it seemed.

The next thing that I remember is driving back from somewhere trying to get home before the water level gets too high, maybe I was driving back from work at The BP Library or something, and the water level on the right side of the street that I was driving on (which was the street that The E House is on) took up about half the lane.

When I was reaching my right turn I saw my aunt RE’s car at the stop sign, and she was looking down at her mobile phone or something like she was texting or something so she did not see me.

When I went to turn I hydroplaned on the water so my automobile spun around to where I was in the right lane still but I was facing the wrong direction, my aunt RE was still looking down and did not notice this, and then I carefully make a left turn and continued past her and then I made a right turn on my parents street.

The water level on my parents street was so bad now that I decided to park on the hill near The G House, and then I stopped to call my parents to tell them about this but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Running With A Pistol | Dragon Ball Z And A Fashion Show And A Missile (Bomb) Attack?

The end of my last dream was so sudden and surprising and confusing that I woke up by accident, I immediately tried to organize my memory of the end of the dream so that I could voice record it, but this and some other things caused me to forget most of my other dreams and even most of my last dream including some of the parts that I had remembered when I first woke up but forget right before I could voice record them.

Dream 1

I did not remember part of this dream until later this morning, unfortunately all that I can remember of this dream is the end of the dream out of context, and so it does not make much sense because I forgot most of the dream.

It was evening or night because it was dark, I was now on foot at a college campus where I lived because I lived in one of the college dorms or apartments, I had a silver and maybe black pistol in my pocket that I had possibly recently shot but I am not sure who or what I shot or shot at or why, and now I was on the run trying to get back to my dorm or apartment to hide hoping that the police would not find me or figure out who I was or find the gun or have their dogs smell the gun powder on me.

I wish that I could remember what happened but I can not so this does not make sense to me, I just know that I needed to escape and hide and hopefully that would work, and I remember running through a back alley that was a combination of the alley behind The E House and my aunt JE’s house and The C Dorm and the MS University apartments and some fictional college dorms and apartments and their parking lots.

I reached the area behind the college apartments and dorms where I lived but I heard and saw the police driving up in police cars with their lights and sirens on to block the front and they were probably slowly surrounding the neighborhood, and I assumed that they would stop to question and search each person they saw outside so I stopped to try to figure out what to do.

I saw some students walking to the front of the buildings but I waited to see if they would be stopped and questioned and searched and to see if the police had any dogs or not, the situation seemed bad and I was not sure what to do, and I thought about my options but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream was probably inspired by this video called Used & Betrayed – 100 Years of US Troops as Lab Rats by Empire Files that I watched yesterday:

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started outside during the day and I remember a battle going on between some characters from the Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z like Goku and Vegeta et cetera versus some unknown threats, and I was there and maybe helping or just watching as they flew around fighting and using their powers.

Goku was using a special power that made him bigger and more dense and heavy so that he could take more damage and be harder to knock around, this was working, but he ended up getting too tired and needed to rest so someone else and I had to help him leave the battle to rest.

We took him to a parking lot full of people who seemed to be from Japan, they recognized Goku and they were excited and wanted to approach him, but they respected him and gave him space and time to rest on the sidewalk in the shade.

While Goku was resting I walked inside one of the buildings and a fashion show was going to take place soon, I knew some of the fashion élite and where their reserved seats were, but I decided to not approach them because they would probably be embarrassed to be seen with me.

I walked to the public seating area and I saw a man who looked like Swoozie (Adande Thorne) from YouTube sitting on a row alone one seat away from the right entrance to this row, and so I was going to sit on this row because it was mostly empty but Swoozie started acting like a jerk.

Before I could sit down he was looking forward angrily without looking at me like he was better than me and he said that this was taken, he seemed to be waiting on his girlfriend to sit in one of the seats next to him, and so I asked which seat was taken but he continued looking forward and once again said that this was taken without explaining.

Every time I tried to talk he would interrupt me without looking at me and say the same thing, the row in front of him was mostly full of some people who I recognized as people from Eastside who I knew and they knew me, and they all seemed to be family and more people were arriving so I did not think that they would have enough room left for me.

One of them was a man with dark-brown skin with black hair who reminded me of a former schoolmate of mine and/or B a male cousin of my male cousin ME, he was looking forward as well and he also looked angry, and he seemed to be angry at how Swoozie was treating me and how I was putting up with it.

He seemed to be looking forward trying to control himself from punching Swoozie out of his chair, I continued to stand in the aisle trying to get Swoozie to answer my question so I could sit down, and eventually the man in the row in front of him angrily told me that I could sit in the only empty seat left on his row which was next to him.

I asked him if he was sure and I told him that I did not want to take up that seat from one of his family members, he angrily repeated himself, and so I thanked him and I sat down next to him.

He probably angrily told me that I should have stood up for myself against Swoozie and just sat where I wanted to, I then talked with him and his wife who was wearing a nice dress and some of his family members as we waited for the fashion show to start, but then something strange happened where the man and his wife were sitting on a couch instead of the seats and I told them that I needed to use this couch to launch it somewhere and somehow I hoped that this would save the world; which makes no sense but it was probably connected with the Dragon Ball Z battle that was still going on outside. 😀

I told them that I would buy them another couch and that I would buy the wife a new dress, they agreed to let me launch the couch, and so I sat on the couch alone and somehow set it up to launch; and I launched myself and the couch in the sky or something but I can not remember this part.

Oddly what I do remember is seeing part of an episode of a television show that was like the television series Girlfriends, and I remember seeing a woman with light-brown skin with long curly dark-brown hair with blue eyes who looked like a better-looking version of the actress Tracee Ellis Ross on this episode.

The dream then jumped to me landing or crashing the couch in the field outside my parent’s yard, the man and his wife and some of his family ran over to greet me and see if my plan to save the world worked and to see if I was okay, and we briefly talked about the television episode that I saw.

As we were talking we saw at least three objects fly over us, maybe two helicopters and maybe a white object, and they flew in the direction toward the street where my uncle IC lives.

To make things even more strange we then saw a small maybe white and red maybe single engine airplane fly over us but then it started to spin out of control like it was going to crash near us so we started to run toward my parent’s yard, the airplane crashed in the field to the right of us and maybe somewhat exploded sending the propeller flying over us toward my parent’s yard so we stopped to see where it would land so that it would not hit us, but then we saw a short fat missile fly toward it that looked like a small version of the fat man atomic bomb and it was shot by an old maybe World War II airplane that then flew over us in the direction where the missile and other aircraft had went and I imagined or saw in my mind that this airplane being flown by an old man with white skin with gray and white hair who looked like he was probably a World War II military veteran.

We thought that the missile (bomb) would hit the propeller but it passed it without hitting it and it headed toward the direction where the other aircraft had flown and the propeller fell in my parent’s yard, and soon there was an explosion in the distance in the direction where the missile had went and we feared that the missile (bomb) was possibly a nuclear bomb or chemical bomb or biological bomb so we started running to my parent’s yard to run inside one of the houses and I was running toward a fictional house where the no-longer-abandoned house should be so maybe that was my fictional house.

The explosion probably caused a slight flash and burst of wind so I thought that a shock wave would kill us and that radiation or something would hit us but it did not but I did see some almost atom bomb-like smoke (clouds) maybe or something from the explosion, before I could reach the house there was a secondary explosion or attack from the first one that sent incendiary (flare-like) things on the ground blocking my path to the other house and blocking the back and sides of my parent’s house.

Maybe an incendiary-like fire-like substance started to spread through the yard and/or a third stage explosion or attack possibly released an unknown liquid substance that made the fire (whatever) worse and/or started another type of attack (risk), we were confused and had no idea if this was a government (military) experiment or an invasion or an advanced terrorist attack, and this seemed to be planned and like our paths were being blocked intentionally.

I was confused and we were blocked on all sides except for one, I was not sure if we were exposed to radiation and/or chemicals and/or some other forms of attack, and I was not sure where we could go to be safe so we stood there trying to decide what to do as things got worse around us.

This caused me to accidentally wake up like maybe I subconsciously tested to see if I could wake myself up to see if this was a dream or not, sometimes in dreams I accidentally wake myself up if I get too panicked and/or scared and/or excited, because long ago I learned out to wake myself from dreams and this got easier and easier the more I did it until now I accidentally do it.

The end,

-John Jr