A School Shooting | A Missile Attack In The City Of D?

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the day, I was possibly younger like I was public school age again, and I was outside in a field of a fictional school that looked like a college combined with maybe the PW Elementary School in the city of D; and I was there with some of my former classmates like my former male classmate RB.

While we were talking RB told me that he saw a man with a gun in the distance across the street from the school by the street in front of some houses, there were many people on both sides and they were far away, and so it was difficult trying to see who he was talking about.


A Transitioning Dream With Bows & Arrows

Here are my barely edited text notes that I made of my last dream on my mobile phone that I may finish editing later:

All that I can remember of this transitioning dream is that at some point in the dream during the day outside there was a boy with light-color skin with yellow hair who would let arrows be shot at him with a bow as someone films this.


A Shootout And A Missile Strike

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the night in another city and I was with most of my family at what I assume was a hotel, we left by automobile to go get something to eat, and I wanted to eat at a buffet but the rest of my family wanted to shop and maybe watch a movie first so we did that first.

It was getting late and I feared that the buffet would close and so I kept telling my family that we should go to the buffet now, but they felt that we could make it in time so they kept shopping et cetera.

I started to consider going to the buffet without them, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly a continuation of the first dream, but I am not sure.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the night and I was at a hotel with my family again, and this time my brother CC was with us and he looked younger (maybe a teenager) and he had his old hairstyle from back then instead of his current super short possibly bald military haircut now that he is in the military but he was still in the military even though he looked younger oddly.

My brothers KDC and TDC were younger as well, and they were being annoying while some of my family were trying to sleep.

Our dad was watching television, our mom was probably sleep, our brother CC was trying to sleep, and my brother GC and me were talking.

I remember my brother GC telling me about something that happened earlier, possibly a forgotten part of the first dream, where he was riding in my brother CC’s automobile (I assume when we had went out in the first dream) as our brother CC drove.

My brother GC mentioned that our brother CC had listened to some strange music with lyrics about death and other things while singing along, that he would cry sometimes, and that he said some strange things sometimes during their drive.

I assumed that some of the strange music was probably some music from some of my brother CC’s fellow soldiers, that some of the strange things that my brother CC said was possibly repeating some lyrics from those songs and / or some negative experiences in various war zones that he has been in so far, and that some of the crying was possibly from a connection to the music and / or from some memories of some negative experiences from the war zones that he has been in so far so I worried that he was suffering from some things that he saw and experienced in those war zones.

This concerned me and I hoped that I was mistaken, and I wanted to talk to my brother CC about it.

Our brother CC heard my brother GC telling me this because he was not really sleep even though he looked like he was sleep because of our brothers KDC and TDC were making too much noise, but I can not remember what his response was when he heard our conversation.

The next thing that I remember is going outside, it was day now, and there was a parking lot on the left side and separate apartment and / or hotel-like buildings on the right side.

One or more people may have been with me but I can not remember, I just remember walking past several buildings when we or I was attacked from one of them, and we or I was attacked by people wearing old American Wild West-style clothing with old style guns and most or all of them had dark-color skin and there were some women there too with fancy old-style dresses and big hairstyles from that time period but I am not sure if they were attacking us too or not.

I remember taking cover as they shot at us or me, I had no idea why they were attacking us, and I was confused about what time period it was because everything else looked modern until this point so I was confused and I wondered why they looked like they were from the wrong time period.

I am not sure if I found the gun or if I already had it, but I remember having an old-style revolver and I used it in our shootout as I took cover and sometimes took shots at the enemy.

Eventually I had two revolvers and I started shooting up my enemies, the last one was a large strong man with dark-color skin dressed like a cowboy like the rest of the men, and it took a lot of shots to take him down and I could see the bullet wounds and blood but I am not sure if anyone really died or not.

After I finally defeated them or most of them we heard a sound in the distance that sounded like missiles being launched, somehow I knew that the government had just launched some missiles at the building where our shootout was taking place, and I wondered why they would do this without warning and when the situation was under control and there were mostly innocent people inside because this building seemed to be an apartment or hotel.

I assumed that maybe they did not care because a lot of the people seemed to have dark-color skin so I assumed that the government (maybe local but I am not sure) were just racist and did not care and were going to use the shootout as an excuse to attack, but I had no idea.

We saw a missile fly in the air like it was launched from the ground or from underground in the distance, and those of us outside ran inside the building and we all started running through the building trying to escape out the back, which made no sense because we were at the front of the building which would have been the logical path to take to get away from the building as quickly as possible, but we took the long way oddly and we ran for our lives through the building.

We were running for our lives so hard that we failed to warn the other people in the building as we ran through it, I saw families et cetera in the building who had no idea that they were in danger, and we even ran through one of the rooms and I finally made it out the back of the building just in time to run back in the direction that I came from.

I then realized that I failed to warn the people inside but it was too late and the missiles started to hit the building, many of the others who were running probably did not make it, and the missiles hit the building strategically causing the entire building to collapse with all of those innocent people inside.

I felt bad that I forgot to warn people because I was running for my life so hard that it did not cross my mind because I knew that the missiles would hit soon, and I still barely made it out alive.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Aircraft Trying To Assassinate Michael Jackson In My Parent’s Yard?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I really do not feel like typing my dream today and I feel like giving up on blogging as the team/Automattic continues to move in directions that make blogging more annoying/difficult/less enjoyable/buggy/impractical/illogical/limited/et ceterea for me, and they continue to mostly ignore our feedback/et cetera; but I am making myself type this anyway, but I can only handle so much and so at some point I will probably quit blogging if things get too bad here on

All that I can remember of this dream is being in my parent’s yard during a nice day and the dream started positive and it was probably partly inspired by Seepurple’s dream called Solid Black Fighter Jet? (which made me realize a weakness in my dream security, I do not really have any defenses against aerial/aircraft attacks in my dreams, and so my dream security and I would be mostly defenseless again such attacks), I was with my male cousin DE who acted like he used to act so things were good again and a person who I can not remember was with us, and we were near where my brother GC’s pet dog Cloud should be but my brother TD’s pet dog Jack (an American Pit Bull Terrier) was there instead.

The dog house probably looked a bit different and either connected to or near the dog house was a multi-story/floor tower that was possibly mostly made of tarp/canvas/whatever (at least on the outside, but maybe the entire thing was tarp/canvas but I can not remember), the ground in front of the dog house was sunken a bit so I walked on it, and as I stepped on it the dirt would push down deeper because the dirt was so loose/soft; and eventually I patted the dirt down with my feet until it was a hole that was probably taller/deeper than me, and so we decided that we would move the dog house and tower and Jack to a new location in the yard that did not have a deep hole.

We started moving the tarp/canvas/tower first, we took it down but it fell on the fence which poked a few holes in it and it got stuck on the fence, and so we had to carefully remove it; and then as we were moving it toward the middle of the yard the dead music artist Michael Jackson walked toward us in the yard like he had walked from the other side of my parent’s house maybe wearing maybe a mostly dark-colored outfit with fedora and an arm band/whatever like maybe a dark version of his outfit in the Smooth Criminal music video, and in the dream I did not remember that he was supposed to be dead oddly.

The tower/tarp/canvas belonged to Mr. Jackson and he helped us fold it and we each grabbed a corner to move it to another part of the yard together and then my mom walked outside to greet us and other people started to come in the yard from parts of the neighborhood and from inside my parent’s house (some of my cousins and other family members had been inside my parent’s house visiting, and some people in the neighborhood had been outside enjoying the nice day including my former male classmate DC) but then I noticed a dark-colored helicopter and at least two other aircraft slowly flying toward us in the sky from the direction of The G House, you could tell that something was not right, and that they were probably going to attack; and I assumed that they were going to try to assassinate Mr. Jackson.

I told everyone to run and I told my family and family members to run inside my parent’s house so everyone started running, the helicopter and the other aircraft flew over us and then they turned around to follow us, and I ran to the left side of the house near the back door watching the aircraft and the helicopter; and Mr. Jackson probably ran on the right side of the house, and then one of the aircraft hovered in the sky near The G House and it started shooting small missiles toward the right side of the yard and I heard explosions.

People were still running, screaming, hiding, and I could not see the missiles hitting that side of the yard because the house was blocking my view but I could feel the impact/rumbles/et cetera and I saw some of the debris/dust/dirt flying through the air; and I started crawling under the house as I became more afraid, and my family and family members were safely inside the house.

I hoped that being under the house would help protect me from the debris, I wanted to crawl back outside so that I could see if I needed to move my family from the house or not, but more missiles were being shot and we were completely defenseless against this type of attack; and this felt real and scary, and I could hear all the noises and feel the vibrations and see the debris as the missiles exploded each time that they hit things.

There was not as much space under the house like in real life so I could not fit in some areas, I started to hear explosions that sounded like maybe the house was being hit, and I heard my family trying to figure out where I was; and so I yelled to them to let them know where I was, and I told them to be ready to leave the house if necessary but do not come outside until I say so.

I started trying to crawl from under the house but my path was blocked by the areas that were too small so I needed to find another way out (maybe some of the explosions caused the house to move down a bit lower to the ground), the explosions were sounding closer and closer, and I started panicking as I tried to hurry to get from under the house fearing that I would be crushed by the house and/or that my family would get blown up if they stayed in the house much longer; but I accidentally woke up because my panic and fear levels got too high as I tried to crawl through the small areas.

This positive dream became terrible at the end, we were completely helpless being shot at from the sky by explosive missiles, and so I was right about this weakness in my dream security and that I am not prepared for this type of attack at all and I got to see/experience this in a way that was too realistic/terrifying; you would have had to experience this dream to really understand what it was like being this defenseless/helpless/unprepared/et cetera, getting caught by surprise, having no backup/help, and having almost nowhere to run/hide that is safe while having no way to attack back while your family and some of your family members and others and your property are/is in danger of getting blown up.

The end,

-John Jr


Astral Projection (Out-Of-Body Experience) And / Or A Dream With Military Fighter Aircraft Shooting Missiles At UFOs?

I had this interesting experience/dream last year, and it is probably the closest thing/experience that I ever had to astral projection or an out-of-body experience, and it is an example of how I sometimes dream about what I am hearing in the real world as I sleep. 🙂

The beginning is unclear and I am not sure if I was dreaming or if I had just woken up, I just remember laying in bed in my dark bedroom and I started feeling myself float from my body but my body seemed to probably still be in bed.