An Evil Containment Business?

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This dream is unclear & confusing because I kept experiencing missing time / unconsciousness throughout the dream, and I am not sure if I was myself or not during most of the dream; I do know that this dream took place during the day.

This dream involved two adult brothers who had a business that I nicknamed as an evil containment business, part of what they did reminded me of the evil containment wave (demon sealing wave) technique from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Dragon Ball Super – Official Clip – Super Evil Containment Wave

Their business partly involved them getting paid by people to contain / trap / seal / make deals with / exorcism / et cetera demons and / or spirits and / or other kinds of entities from possessed people; and maybe even to people who wanted to be possessed (I am not sure about this), or unpossessed people who wanted to make deals with demons / entities / spirits / et cetera.


The Near Missing 411 | Part Two | Missing Time

What Is It?

The YouTube video The Near Missing 411 | Part Two | Missing Time by the YouTube channel Bedtime Stories:

The Near Missing 411 | Part Two | Missing Time

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In our previous episode, we recounted several alleged eyewitness accounts from survivors of strange occurrences, which might otherwise have ensured their disappearance and/or demise.

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This week, we recount three more strange tales of the near missing 411.


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“Long Note One”, “Ice Demon”, “Crypto” and “Undaunted” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“Black Red Tears Are Shed On Grey”, “Evidence Recovered”, “The Crawlspace” and “There is Nothing Left But Us” used by kind permission of CO.AG


Missing Time And The Dream Goes Lucid | Working For A Private Military Company And Being Able To Jump Very High

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember two detailed and long dreams that are so long and detailed that I do not feel like typing them because it would take too long (longer than it already takes to type most of my dreams), and so I might skip some parts of the dreams.

Dream 1

I remember being in a fictional city during the day with my family except for my brother CC and we were inside of an electronics store, and I remember going to the cash register to buy something and two women I know were working at the cash register.

One of the women was a slightly fictional version of the woman with light brownish colored skin with very short curly dark-colored hair who wears glasses and works behind the desk at the SW dentist office in the city of LC, and she told me that she heard that my grandfather CE had died.

She said/asked that is must have been hard/difficult for me, I started to tell her that when my grandmother DE died that it was difficult and her wake and funeral and burial were difficult for me, but I came close to crying as emotions almost over-whelmed me; and so I had to pause to stop myself from crying.

I managed to stop myself from crying and then I told her that it was the opposite for when my grandfather CE died, I only did a private viewing at the funeral home and at the graveyard instead to avoid the over-whelming effects/affects that public funerals/wakes/burials have on me, and it was a mostly positive experience instead of a negative/sad one; and I told her that my grandfather CE was fortunate to live a long, and fortunate life.

We finished our conversation, I thanked them, I said goodbye to them, and then my family and I went to a familiar place that I have dreamed of before that seems to be a combination fictionalized versions of various elements of real world places/experiences from my life involving arcades/fairs/game rooms/bowling alleys/children play areas/skating rinks/et cetera.

This place is a business that has family/kid areas on the first floor and adult areas in the basement, I remember my family and I exploring the family area, and there were arcades/pool tables/air hockey tables/playground equipment/various gaming equipment/food and drink stands/sitting areas/et cetera; and I remember looking at an old familiar fish tank/aquarium.

The fish tank was an old wooden and glass cabinet where you normally would store decorative items/awards/photographs/et cetera and it had old decaying candy (some shaped like pool balls)/prizes from old gaming machines/et cetera at the bottom of the fish tank with the sand, and I could see that the wood was decaying as well from old age.

This entire area (including the fish tank) had the feeling of being a physical fictionalized representation of memories of places/feelings/items from my childhood, so everything felt very familiar, and there were living fish inside the fish tank swimming around; but at some point I felt like I had to urinate, and so I went down stairs to the adult areas to find a bathroom.

The adult areas had bars, restaurants, music, dancing, et cetera and other adults were there with many of them looking a bit rough and dangerous like they were in biker gangs and/or just got out of prison; and eventually I reached a bar area where I saw a line of men waiting outside a door, and I asked if this was the bathroom but a man told me that it was not.

Blocking the exit of the basement were some armored men with probably submachine guns who looked a bit like police/SWAT like maybe some prisoners were in the basement area, and so I decided to go back to the family area with my family; and we drove to a shopping center to shop, and I immediately began looking for a bathroom.

I remember walking around a nice Target/general store-like store looking for a bathroom and I ended up walking through several businesses trying to find a bathroom until I got lost and I could not find my family, and I eventually walked outside where there was an outdoor Sonic-like restaurant with a female worker with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair wearing a visor hat on her head with her work uniform standing behind a podium.

I asked her where the bathroom was but I can not remember what she told me, and I walked off and I ended up inside a Catholic church-like building that was connected to the shopping center and a youth program was taking place; and a slightly over-fat young man with whitish colored skin with short medium colored hair asked me if I needed help; and I asked him where was the bathroom, and he pointed me to a rest stop-like area that was across the street from the shopping center on the other side of a field and I thanked him.

I found my family finally and my dad and my brother GC walked with me to the rest-stop-like area, we went inside a large rough bathroom that looked a bit dangerous and nasty, and so I/we looked around to make sure that it was safe first; and no one else was inside the bathroom, and I remember seeing feces in an unflushed toilet.

I remember finding a strange whitish colored ceramic thing with overflowing water that looked a bit like a soap holder to start urinating in, but I stopped urinating on it because I was not sure if it was a urinal or not and so I still felt like I needed to urinate throughout the rest of the dream; but then a man who looked and acted a bit like the actor Bryan Cranston as his character Joseph Brody from the 2014 film Godzilla (which I have not seen) entered the bathroom talking about government/alien/et cetera conspiracy theories and he sounded like he did in the Godzilla (2014) movie trailer, and I remember talking with him trying to calm him down and to learn what he was talking about.

Something strange happened where I closed my eyes briefly (maybe blinked) and then when I opened my eyes we were in a different location (maybe the inside the shopping center) but we did not remember how we got there or anything that happened after I briefly closed my eyes, and Mr. Cranston said that what we experienced was called Missing Time which is common in alien/whatever abductions.

He said that it proved that some of the conspiracy theories about the government/aliens/et cetera were probably true and that the government and/or aliens and/or someone/something probably abducted us and/or were doing an experiment on us, and one or two more times in the dream I/we experienced Missing Time with us ending up in the field by the rest-stop-like area; and I started feel that something was not right, and we started trying to figure out what was happening to us during the Missing Time.

But then I remember armored men/soldiers/whoever with assault rifles running toward us in the field like they were coming to stop us because they knew that we were close to figuring out the truth and other people in the field were running, I probably told the others to run, and I stayed because I knew that something did not seem right and I started to wonder if I was dreaming; and so I decided to do a test to see if this was a dream.

I waited for the men/soldiers/whoever to get closer and I yelled for them and the other people to stop, they all stopped and then I knew that I was dreaming at that they were all dream characters in my dream, and to my surprise the dream felt stable which is rare because usually the dream becomes unstable once I realize that I am dreaming and I usually wake up soon.

I told one of the soldiers to give me his assault rifle and he did, and I told everyone to come closer so that I could teach them some dream security skills (ranged combat, hand-to-hand combat, mêlée combat, defensive tactics, et cetera) so that they could be ready to better defend themselves/me if we get attacked by other dream characters/whoever (aliens, the government, et cetera); and I started teaching them.

I noticed a tall thin man with whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair in the crowd holding a glowing ball that almost looked like planet Earth and he was moving his hands around it like he was trying to keep it stable, and I felt that the ball represented my dream and that he was keeping my dream stable now that it was a lucid dream.

I decided that trying to control the dream took much would probably make the dream unstable and I decided to try to relax and enjoy the lucid dream and so I stopped to decide what I should do next, and I told everyone to walk closer so that we could see what abilities/powers we had/could do.

First I tested if I could float in the air and I could float in the air but not very high, I told the others to try and most of them could float in the air as well, second I tried to jump very high in the air but I could only jump slightly higher than usual, I told the others to try and most of them could do it as well, third I tried to fly but I could not, and I told the others to try and none of them could fly either.

We all were having fun and smiling and laughing and the others clapped/gave me a round of applause each time that I successfully showed them a new power/ability, at some point I went to sigh or push air out of my mouth to make a sound, but I accidentally shot fire out of my mouth like a flame thrower or dragon but not very far; and then I made a joke saying that I guess that I/we can shoot fire from our mouths, and we all laughed.

I told everyone to relax/have fun and do what they want and I remember talking with the man who I thought was keeping my dream stable for me, I thanked him for helping me keep my lucid dream stable and I asked him how that was possible and how he did it, but I woke up.

In the real world I had to urinate and so that was probably why I spent most of the dream trying to find a bathroom and even when I got to urinate a bit I got interrupted and so I still felt like I had to urinate, and so I went to the bathroom in real life and then I voice recorded my dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day in a fictional place and I was with a fictional male friend and I guess that my lucid dream before this dream effected/affected this dream because I had the ability/power to jump very high now (which I could not do in the lucid dream, but I wanted to) and maybe I had some other abilities/powers, and we filled out job applications for a private military company that my former classmate DH told us about; and then we drove to turn in our job applications.

We arrived at a modern multi-story building with a lot of tinted glass where the private military office was, I realized that I was wearing only work blue jeans and a whitish colored T-shirt and so I tried to find something else to wear but that was all I had, and so we went inside the building.

On the first floor we saw a man by the entrance probably doing an electronic job application at a computer and then we went to an upper floor to turn in our job applications, and we turned in our job applications to an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair pinned up(?) who was dressed very professionally in a grayish colored suit with business skirt with high heel shoes; and then we left.

There was a time jump in the dream and I got a call from the private military company saying that I got the job but I am not sure if my fictional friend got a job too or not, I asked them what my job would be and they said mostly security/bodyguard work around the world, and so I accepted the job and I probably went to get trained; and there were time jumps where I probably did security/bodyguard work in several countries, and at some point I was in an unknown country that at first seemed to maybe be Japan or another country maybe in Asia.

I was using my super jumping abilities for fun to jump around the city on the outskirts of this modern/nice/clean city near a highway bridge next to walking bridges and parks, and I remember doing flips/et cetera in the air; and I stopped on a walking bridge when I noticed to men with yellowish/whitish colored skin with blackish colored hair staring at me in amazement and they recognized me like I was somewhat famous because of my abilities/powers.

They were amazed and they asked me if I was really John Jr and I said yes and I shook their hands, and we started to talk; but then our talk was interrupted by a very mean high school principal bullying students from his school (who all spoke American English and some of them had whitish colored skin, brownish colored skin, yellowish colored skin, reddish colored skin, et cetera) during a grappling/wrestling demonstration in the park below us, and so I jumped down to challenge the principal.

I also told him that he should not be so mean to his students and that he should not bully them, I noticed that all the students were in bad moods and they hated the principal, but the principal was afraid of me; and he ran to their school to get weapons and armor, and the other teachers and him locked the school and prepared for war against their students.

The students were inspired by me standing up to the principal and they wanted to break back into the school and take over to make school fair/enjoyable again, and so I lead them to the school; and we fought some armored teacher guarding the locked school doors, but the fighting was not very violent and it was like fighting in a comedy movie.

We defeated the teachers guarding the doors and the students broke through the locked doors, and I helped them defeat several more armored teachers; and the students took over part of the school, and they continued school like normal with the defeated teachers teaching them normally again but free from the rules of the principal this time.

I continued trying to find the principal who kept running from me letting other teachers fight me as he ran further inside the school hiding behind more locked doors, and one of his teacher bodyguards was one of my former high school assistant principals Mr. CE who was wearing armor (I forgot to mention that all the armored teachers were wearing hockey/sports pads as armor with hockey/sports helmets 😀 and their mêlée weapons were sports equipment like hockey sticks/et cetera); but in real life Mr. CE got paralyzed from the waist down when I was in high school, and so in real life he needs a wheelchair to move around.

As I fought my way further into the school I noticed that most of the students had stopped fighting and that they were enjoying school and working together, by leading them to take back the school I helped unite them and the defeated teachers changed their ways, and so the students were enjoying themselves and learning again; and I saw a female basketball team having fun playing basketball in one gym, and male and female students having fun playing basketball together in another gym.

I decided to stop fighting my way to the principal and I stopped to watch the new positive environment/mood of the students and defeated teachers, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr