Astrid And Jimmy Snuka

Dream 1

There was more to this dream but I can only barely remember part of the end of this dream where I sat down and I saw/heard a story about a young woman with whitish colored skin who went to maybe Sweden or Switzerland or maybe Germany or somewhere like that during the day, and she had a large old thick book.

She walked to an area that looked a bit like W Park in the city of D and she went to a cafe-like sitting area where the swimming pool should be, and a woman who looked and acted like the character Astrid (played by the actress Nina Hoss) from the television series Homeland was sitting at one of the tables reading and maybe eating/drinking during maybe her lunch break.

The young woman greeted Astrid and maybe she sat down at the table with her and maybe they talked briefly, the young woman did not know the language that was spoken in this country yet so the conversation was probably short, and Astrid left at some point; and then the young woman began a mission that involved the old book that she had, and she started learning the language that was spoken in the country.

The young woman seemed like a nice quiet young woman who had left everything behind on a single desperate mission involving the book, the book had loose pages and maybe missing pages and maybe there were things in the book that the woman did not understand, and so she was trying to deal with all of those things and more; but I am not sure what the book was about, why was it so important to her, or anything like that but I do know that it was so important to her that her life was now dedicated to it.

The dream jumped around as time passed as she studied the book, did research, followed leads, maybe searched for missing pages, probably asked around for help, probably tried to restore/fix the book, continued learning the language that was spoken in the country, and more; and at some point in the dream the young woman finally learned the language that was spoken in the country, and she went back to the cafe-like sitting area to find Astrid during the day during her lunch break.

It seemed that Astrid was possibly the main reason that the young woman had come to this country and that Astrid was possibly her last and/or best hope to complete her mission involving the book, Astrid worked for the government of this country so she had access to a variety of resources/et cetera, and now that the young woman knew the language of this country she could finally talk to Astrid and explain her mission involving the book in detail.

The young woman had spent pretty much all of her time and money and resources on her mission involving the book, she probably had used up all of her options/sources/connections/et cetera, and so she probably would not be able to stay in the country much longer; and so Astrid was her best and maybe last and main hope, and all of her plans had led up to and now rested on this moment.

Astrid was sitting at a table reading and maybe eating/drinking during her lunch break again, she usually took her lunch breaks from her government job here each work day, but Astrid did not seem to be in a good mood this day; and the young woman walked over to her and greeted her in whatever language was spoken in this country, and she explained how they had met before when she first arrived in the country and she explained that she had learned the language of this country so that she could ask for her help with the book.

Astrid remembered the young woman and the young woman explained her situation and how she felt that Astrid could help, she explained how desperate her situation was now, but Astrid was still in a bad mood and she acted like she did not care and she acted like the young woman was crazy; and the young woman desperately begged for help explaining how she could help, and how important it was but Astrid refused.

The young woman kept begging and explaining reminding Astrid that her government job gave her access to resources that could probably help her complete her mission involving the book and she explained some of the resources that could help, it was sad knowing how much this meant to her and now her best and possibly last hope to finish her mission involving the book was refusing to help her and was treating her like she was crazy, but Astrid angrily refused and told the young woman to not bother her again; and Astrid left angrily.

The young woman was devastated and instantly became depressed like she had given up on life, she started crying and she slowly walked over to a tall corner area to sit down to think, and it seemed that she was possibly going to kill herself if she could not think up another option; but while she was sitting there crying and thinking, there was an interruption where a male voice started to tell me his story like a ghost who wanted the truth of what led up to and caused his death to be known so that the public could know the truth, and while he was explaining his story the young woman’s story was still in the background.

The male voice belonged to a man who either was the professional wrestler Jimmy Snuka or a fictional wrestler based on him, he explained and showed me a wrestling match that he had where he got slammed to the ground and injured, and his eyes were rolling to the back of his head and he could not get up; but the match probably continued, and after the match the doctors gave him some aspirin and told him to get some sleep and they said that he would be okay.

He actually had a broken back/serious spinal cord injury but did not know it, the doctors either lied or did not check him thoroughly, and so he went home to his family; and the next day his back was still bothering him and he knew something was wrong, but he did not know what.

Someone had a birthday party and he went to the birthday party with his family, and later he went to wrestle in another wrestling match; and he ended up dying either after the match or during it, probably after the match when he got home, and this would not have happened if the doctors had told him that he had a broken back.

The WWE/WWF or whatever company he worked for somewhat covered up what had happened and what had led up to his death so that they would not have to pay his family, his family always suspected that something was wrong and that there had been a cover up or that the company did not explain all the details, but they did not know for sure and the public did not know.

The male voice told me that all that he explained and told me was proof and that I only needed to tell his family and the public and let them look over the evidence, and his family and the world would know the truth and the company would have to admit the truth and at least pay his family; and hopefully something like that would never happen again, and then the young woman’s story faded back in from the background.

I was curious about what the young woman had done or was going to do but her story faded out like a film ending before I could find out or before her story could finish, I was not sure if she had killed herself or not or what had happened, and then I was sitting down and I could see that I had been watching a film; and it had just ended, and my brother GC was there and we complained about the film suddenly ending.

I went to the television and I re-winded the video to see if I had missed anything but I had not, the film just ended suddenly without closure leaving the audience not sure what would happen or what had happened, and this annoyed me but I woke up.

Dream 2

I did not voice record this dream or think about it much today so I can not remember most of it now, all that I can remember is that the end of this dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D, and I remember my dad and I going to a fictional mobile home that was probably on or near the street that E Manor is on.

This mobile home was separated into two or more parts that were each rented out to a different person/family, so it was a rental mobile home that a landlord was renting out to people to live in, and my dad and I seemed to be there to maybe help someone; but maybe that person was not there, but I can not remember.

We noticed that the mobile home was in bad condition like the landlord had not been maintaining it, the end part of the mobile home on the right side was the worst, and it was so bad that it did not look livable; and there were holes/openings in the floor and walls et cetera, and this part possibly had no one living in it but I am not sure.

It was so bad that we wanted to talk to the landlord about this and I remember us talking to some male contractors about the situation who happened to be looking around the mobile home like they were hoping to get the contract/job to fix it, they seemed afraid of the landlord and they told us not to talk to him about it, and they acted like he was the head of a mafia or something like that.

The landlord arrived at some point and he was a somewhat over-fat older man with whitish colored skin with maybe hair that was starting to go gray/white, we possibly talked to him but I can not remember, and he said that he was about to let people bid on a contract to fix the mobile home; and so we followed him to the bidding location.

And the bidding location was on the front porch of what seemed to be a fictional version of The G House that is sometimes in my dreams, my dad wanted to put in a bid as well, and so we waited for the bidding to start; and I guess the landlord would pick who ever he felt had the best bid, and that person would be given the contract/job to fix the mobile home but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


April 13, 2015 | Dream Journal | Two Knights Get Executed | Sleep Paralysis In A Dream? | Imperial Stormtroopers?

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

My sleep and dreams got interrupted and effected/affected by an insect bite that started burning and itching badly, this disturbed me enough that I woke up eventually and so I forgot most of my dreams and most of the details of the dreams that I do remember, but eventually I was able to go back to sleep.

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it was probably somewhat inspired by the television show Game Of Thrones, which I watched last night, and it involved a woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish hair who probably somewhat reminded me of Cersei Lannister in appearance/personality/how she dressed; and this dream seemed to take place in an older time period like on the television show.

This woman sent two armored and armed male knights with whitish colored skin with medium-length yellowish colored hair on a secret mission in another kingdom or kingdoms, both knights left to the other kingdom or kingdoms; and they successfully completed their mission, and they returned to the woman.

They were both executed/killed for no clear reason even though they did everything that they were told to do, it seemed that the woman had them killed which made no sense to me, and so I remember trying to figure out who had them killed and why because it made no sense; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is possibly being sent by a woman on a mission to retrieve something from a fictional school that I once went to when I was younger, I remember walking down a hall in the school until I reached a dimly lit locker room, and I went inside the locker room to see people changing clothes/using the bathroom/taking showers/sitting/standing/et cetera; and some of them were former classmates of mine like my former male classmate SS and a short former female classmate of mine whose name I can not remember who had whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair and she wore glasses.

The people were mostly quiet and looked a bit depressive/gloomy/neutral which was a bit strange, I possibly stopped to use the bathroom or something like that, and maybe I said a few things to some of my former classmates; and then I found a door near where a woman had changed clothes, and I went through it to another hall with several rooms along the hall.

There was maybe a nurse’s office that I assumed had the object/whatever that I was sent to retrieve, so I was going to sneak into it but a female nurse walked out pushing a cart, and so I went to hide in the locker room until she passed by; and so I sat on a bench or couch in the locker room across from a man from India or Pakistan who was laying on another bench or couch, but there seemed to be something wrong with him.

I noticed that his body was moving and changing oddly, I asked him if he was okay but he did not respond, and at some point it seemed that his body was only part of an upper body with a very thin/small partial arm like his body was slowly disappearing and warping like it was being controlled and consumed/warped/mutated/whatever by something; and it looked like he was choking on a flashlight that was in his mouth, and the flashlight was on.

I asked him if he was okay again and his partially deformed upper body (head, neck, chest, small partial small arm) floated in the air with the flashlight still stuck in his mouth above me, I was paralyzed and it felt like I was having sleep paralysis in the dream and/or in real life, and I started to get freaked out a bit and I continued trying to talk to the floating partial body of the man who was moving oddly in the air above me with the flashlight stuck in his mouth (the front of the flashlight was inside his mouth so the light was lighting up part of his insides probably) slowly moving toward my face.

This was very freaky and the look on the man’s face was disturbing and creepy like with his eyes bulging like someone choking/dying/unstable and his body moving in jerking motions as it floated toward me like someone controlling a puppet in a creepy way, I could not move and I started to get afraid like during sleep paralysis, and the man’s body continued to warp until you could see inside his body and you could see his eye balls because the top of his body was gone and it was warped so badly that he no longer looked human.

All I could do was try to talk to him as he got closer to my face, no one else seemed to notice or care and they still looked gloomy/neutral as they continued what they were doing in a creepy/odd way, and I accidentally woke up from the fear/creepiness/panic.

Dream 3

This was a confusing dream that I can only remember part of the end of the dream unfortunately, at the end of the dream I remember going to the yard of a family with one of the children (a young adult or adult male) of the owner’s of the house, and his family (mom and dad) greeted us outside in their nice yard; and there was an above-ground swimming pool, and various other things.

They probably offered us some food, drink, et cetera and we talked and they treated me very well and some other people were there as well and/or arrived; but things got a bit confusing and weird as time went on, and at some point I remember Imperial Stormtrooper-looking people arriving in the yard.

One of them had a short energy or projectile carbine-sized rifle/weapon/gun that looked like it was made of the same material as their armor and it was the same whitish color with blackish colored trim, the mother made them line up one at a time to be given a battle rifle (which was longer and bigger and it looked semi-automatic) and declared loyal to the empire after having to give an oath, and their previous weapons were taken and maybe they were given a few other things by a machine like they were on an assembly line.

The family seemed to be building an army loyal to an empire by converting and arming people/soldiers to it through this process, I wondered what this was all about and what was going on, and if they were going to try to do this to me or not.

There was a lot more that happened in this dream before this point and some things that happened after this point but I can not remember the details, and so none of this makes sense; and even in the dream I was confused.

The end,

-John Jr


Sleep Paralysis And Hallucinations | Light (Good) Versus Dark (Evil)

Sleep Paralysis And/Or Dream 1

The first dream/experience took place about thirty minutes after I went to sleep or was almost sleep last night, I am not sure if I was dreaming or awake or if it was both, either way I remember laying in bed in a dark room; and my brother GC was on the left side of the room sleeping on his bed.

I was laying in bed about to go to sleep, then maybe I went to sleep but woke up a few minutes later still in bed, and I was experiencing sleep paralysis where I could not move and I could not talk; and I realized that this was sleep paralysis so I was pretty calm, and then I saw a hallucination of a mostly orangish colored cat with maybe a bit of small whitish colored stripes/patterns/whatever that was on the edge of my brother GC’s bed.

I thought that this was funny and cute and I felt positive, I reminded myself that this was probably a hallucination because I was having sleep paralysis, and so I decided to enjoy watching this hallucination as the cat moved around on the edge of my brother GC’s bed; and I thought that this was interesting/cool, but then things became scary/freaky and negative.

The cat changed into a freaky/scary/strange bald small naked (it was possibly shedding skin after transforming so it did not look naked in the normal sense, and it probably did not have a penis or vagina) humanoid creäture with pale maybe grayish colored skin with a wrinkled neck like it was covered in foreskin or like its skin was still shedding from transforming; and its body was shaped strangely almost like the shape of the cat combined with a humanoid, no tail or paws or fur or anything like that but a strange body shape, and it was walking/crawling on all fours.

Things were no longer positive and I became afraid like during normal sleep paralysis, I tried to move and yell to warn my brother GC but I could not move and I could only barely mumble, and the humanoid was looking at me smiling with an evil grin like it was trying to scare me; and it slowly crawled/walked/climbed on all fours next to my face staring at me smiling with an evil grin as I struggled to try to move or yell.

My brother GC was still sleep in his bed, I was panicking and I reminded myself that this was probably sleep paralysis and a hallucination that was not real, and so I closed my eyes telling myself this and I took a deep breath to relax; and then in a few seconds when I relaxed a bit I quickly opened my eyes and I tried to jump up in bed, hoping to be able to move and grab the humanoid, but when I opened my eyes my body only shook like I was scared awake.

I was still in my bed and I could move now, the humanoid was gone, and my brother GC was still sleep in his bed; and so I was not sure if I had a dream of having sleep paralysis and hallucinations or if this happened in the real world or if this happened in the real world and in a dream.

Dream 2

I think that the second dream was maybe inspired by the films The Hunger Games and Divergent and/or something like that, I think that the dream possibly involved being poor and oppressed by a government maybe, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of my third/last dream is that it took place at a probably windowless fictional elementary school that possibly was supposed to be P Elementary School or at least inspired by it, I was possibly a student there but I am not sure if I was younger or not, and some of my former classmates were there like my former male classmate WT.

I think that our teacher was a woman and that the school was a large one-story building with large open halls/areas, our classroom was on the left side near the center of the building near a large open area at the center of the building, and the dream was normal at first with us having class; and me talking with my former classmates, and maybe we talked about old memories.

I can not remember most of the dream but at some point in the dream things got strange and something strange was happening that I think involved light/good/et cetera versus dark/evil/et cetera, and maybe we were going to have to pick a side; but first we were going to experience each side, starting with light/good, and so we went on a mission for light/good.

A few of my classmates wanted to join dark/evil, some wanted to join light/good, and some of the others and I wanted to see what both sides were like/about/believed/behaved/et cetera; and even then some of us possibly would not want to choose a side.

Our test mission for light/good is unclear but it involved something about Santa Claus, I guess we were playing the role of Santa Claus who had to go to the side where the dark/evil was to retrieve something (maybe gifts) and then maybe deliver them to people, but I can not remember what the mission was about exactly.

This mission would allow us to see the dark/evil side while also having an idea of something that the light/good side normally does, we walked across the school either to the right side of the school or another building connected to the school, and there was a dark/evil entity who controlled this area.

The walls of this area had a strange substance on the walls with maybe egg-like things like the lair of an insect-like alien, some people were probably trapped in one of the rooms where the main dark/evil entity lived, and we probably got attacked by various creatures as we tried to collect objects (maybe gifts) and maybe help save people who were trapped/imprisoned; and the main dark/evil entity attacked us as well but I can not remember what he looked like exactly, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A New Baby Brother? | An Assassination / Rescue / Bounty Hunting Mission In A Port City / Country?

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Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams, with the first dream involving me taking care of/playing with a baby boy who I think was my new baby brother, but I can not remember most of the dream; the baby boy had a little white colored knit/skull-cap/baby cap/whatever you call them on his head & he was wearing a one piece blueish colored baby suit/outfit with built-in foot pads/foot covering(s) like my brothers & I used to wear when we were babies.

I remember making the baby laugh and smile and we were inside an unknown house that I guess belonged to my family, and the baby would grab/scratch/pull my face if I got too close & he would laugh about it; it was pretty funny & fun, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream is very unclear now but I know that a lot more happened, I remember thinking about my new baby brother from the first dream and he might have been in this dream too but I am not sure, but I can only remember part of the end of the dream.

This dream somewhat reminded me of a video game combined with the Japanese animated (anime) TV shows Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop, where I was with a small team of men & women, and we were sent on a mission that was like a rescue, bounty hunting, assassination, et cetera mission.

We were part of a small independent team that did various things to make money & help people I guess, we had a special ship/vehicle that could go on water & maybe land & maybe fly in the air, and we used that special vehicle to reach a fictional port city/country for our mission; but I can not remember the details, but I do remember worrying about whether my new baby brother was in the special vehicle or not.

I remember having a scoped rifle/sniper rifle and most of my team went into the city to do parts of the multi-purposed mission, my wild guess is that a group over-threw the government of this port city/country, and so maybe we were their to rescue several people/over-throw the rebel government by assassinating some members of the rebel government/capture a few of rebel government members for bounties/kill some of their mercenaries to free the people of the city/country/and escape.

I remember being by our special vehicle with my sniper rifle and I saw several men in turbans wearing Taliban-like outfits, and one of them ran at me with a suicide vest on & I shot his head of but it took me a while to take the shot because he was running around toward me; it was like a video game with no blood and his head disappeared.

Another Taliban-like man shot at me but I shot his head off too, a third Taliban-like man was trying to protect a female member of the rebel government (this makes it obvious that is was not the Taliban, just some people dressed in similar outfits), but I shot him too; and I either shot the woman or one of my team mates captured her since she might have been on the bounty list, but I am not sure which.

In the end I sniped at least six people (probably more) killing everyone on the assassination list, my teammates rescued the people on our list, my teammates captured the people on our bounty list, we killed a lot of the mercenaries, and we started to prepare to escape in our special vehicle as I made sure that everyone was safe/that every thing was accomplished/and I found out where my new baby brother was (probably in the special vehicle being protected/taken care of by a female member of our team); but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Semi-Lucid Dream With A Topless Cousin CE

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I had several dreams last night but I only remember part of one dream or two dreams (I can not remember if it was a second dream or if it was the beginning of my last dream, either way they were both connected), I think that the first part of the dream or the first dream involved a group of people including my former classmates DH / SS / MS (SS’s brother)/a few other people, and we had a situation/conflict with some people and/or non-Humans who were part of a group / gang / whatever; and some members of our group probably got captured, and the rest of us were forced to escape.

The group of people and/or non-Humans were in their own section of a fictional city that had small roads where no automobiles were allowed, there were buildings, businesses, et cetera; I know that part of the dream took place in one of the multi-floor(ed) buildings but I can not remember the details, I just know that some of us escaped this special section of the fictional city that they controlled.

Dream 2

Next, I remember either another part of the dream or a new dream, where I was in my parent’s yard during the day; and I still remembered that part of my team had been captured earlier, and I wanted to go save them with the rest of our team.

But the rest of my team wanted to wait/get more people/or something like that, so I think that they left to do that, and we would meet later to go save the people in our team who got captured; so I had a short time to take a break outside & think.

I might have went to my grandfather’s house briefly and some of my indirect family members were there, and at some point I went into the alleyway by my parent’s house where the rabbit cages are & I laid on top of one of the cages to rest for some strange reason; but at some point I noticed an obese fake female cousin of mine with whitish/light-brownish colored skin with long black hair who I probably met at my grandfather’s house earlier along with my cousin CE.

She was standing not far from my grandfather’s fig tree and she appeared to be mostly naked oddly, and laying on her back not far from her on top of something was my cousin CE who was topless oddly like she was sun-tanning or something which does not make much sense because she has light-medium brownish colored skin already.

I was shocked/surprised that they were outside in the open half-naked like that, I looked away a few times and I tried to close my eyes pretending to be sleep, but they saw me & they called my name; but I kept pretending to be sleep, so CE put her shirt back on but I am not sure if my fake cousin put her clothes back on or not, and they walked over to where I was laying.

I tried to keep my eyes closed but I might have had my eyes opened when they came over to me or my eyes were closed but I could still see them, this oddity of being able to see them with my eyes closed probably caused me to wonder if this was a dream, since I kept pretending to be sleep they walked off; and then I predicted that this was probably a dream and the dream went semi-lucid (became a semi-lucid dream).

I got up and I ran to see if I could find them to see if this really was a dream or not, oddly there were a lot of people coming & going from a fictional building where the G House should be, and I saw them walk in there & they turned a corner in the building; and I ran into the building & around the corner to catch them, but they were no-where to be found to my surprise, and so I looked around the groups of people coming & going asking them if they had seen my cousin CE & my fake cousin.

While I was looking around for them I wanted to test some of the dream characters, I thought about asking them if this was a dream and / or asking them what was 1+1 to test their responses, but I decided not to risk making the dream unstable and I felt that they would answer 1+1 correctly which would not prove anything.

When I failed to find my cousin CE & my fake cousin, I got distracted by my team returning ready for our mission to save our captured team members, and so I forgot that I was dreaming & the dream was no longer semi-lucid at this point.

We traveled to the special area of the fictional city and we were greeted by a large/strong/tall man or non-Human security guard who looked like a gang member/thug or someone like that, and he warned us that he knew who we were & that we had some courage coming back; and that if we caused any problems that they would deal with us again, and so they were watching us.

We asked for our team members back but he refused and we asked where they were but he refused to answer that, and he probably did not directly say that they had our team members or not; but we knew that they had them.

He made it clear that the rest of the security would be watching us and that they had the advantage, and so we decided to go around their special area of the city pretending to not be looking for our team mates while scouting the area; and some of us would distract the security while the rest of us would sneak around.

There were businesses around their special area that they owned and people around the city were there shopping/eating/drinking/et cetera, and so we walked among them; and a few members of our team sneaked off to sneak around, while the rest of us walked around distracting the security.

At some point we went to a crowded semi-buffet that was part indoors & part outdoors, and I got split from my team at some point & I waked around scouting while pretending to be shopping; and then I returned to the semi-buffet.

I remember that a few workers were at the semi-buffet areas where you get your food & drinks, they were there to help you & limit how much food & drinks you got, I remember talking with one of the workers who was a woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with long black colored hair; and I asked her various questions trying to learn as much as I could in hopes that it would help our team find our captured team members, but I had to ask questions that would not be suspicious.

There were security guards patrolling/watching us and I had no idea who I could trust, and so I asked generic questions like I was a curious tourist or something; and then I left with my food & drink to find the table(s) where my team was sitting.

The place was crowded and my team were sitting at several tables that did not have much room yet and so I walked over trying to find a spot to sit, but I had an accidental run-in with another customer & I apologized to him; and instead of an argument or fight, he gave me a strawberry-soda looking drink that he did not want that was in a glass cup, and I thanked him for it & he left.

The rest of my team were joking around like they had forgotten about the mission or maybe they were just acting to distract the guards, I could not tell, they did not even offer me a seat; and so I had to keep trying to find a spot at one of their tables to sit, and I finally made a spot at the table where my former classmate DH was sitting.

I remember SS and the others joking about how that strawberry-soda-looking drink that was given to me was probably poisoned, and they did demonstrations on how I might die; and they were goofing around a lot, laughing, smiling, joking, being annoying.

I agreed that was possible but I did not think that it was likely to be poisoned, and I decided to start drinking it to my surprise & to their surprise; and they watched closely to see if I would die. 😀

I could actually taste the drink, it tasted a bit like a strawberry or cherry limeade / lime-aid, it was pretty good; and then we waited to see if I would die, but I did not die. 😀

My team seemed disappointed that I did not die 😀 , which was a bit odd, and then they started goofing around again mostly ignoring me as I tried to join their conversation; and I really wondered how the others were doing on their mission to sneak around while the rest of us were distractions mostly I guess.

I wanted to get back to actively searching for our captured team members and I wanted to make contact with the members of our team who were sneaking around to make sure that they were okay, but we had no way to contact them; and I wanted to get the rest of my team to stop goofing around, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr