The Assassination Of Medgar Evers – A Hero Silenced – Extra History

The Assassination of Medgar Evers – A Hero Silenced – Extra History

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Medgar Evers was, like many who came after him, a civil rights leader who was murdered for speaking up. But while he might not be as well known as Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X, he’s no less vital to the history of the civil rights movement and is especially noted for his work with the NAACP and tearing down segregation within schools. And his tragic death would expose how deep the corrupted root of racism went in the system, when his killer would not be brought to justice until 30 years later.


Pauline Croze In Mississippi | A Meeting Of Various People From Around The World ?

Last night I had several dreams, but I can only remember part of two dreams; with the first dream taking place in Mississippi?

Somehow I was seeing/watching a scene that showed the musician Pauline Croze in Mississippi, and she was taking part in a program that built free houses for people (maybe something like Habitat For Humanity or something like that) and she was probably touring in the USA for the first time & she was probably promoting her new album that was to be released or that was already released; and I was seeing various scenes with her in them.