Jumping Off An Incomplete Bridge

Source: Wikimedia Commons

At some point in this dream I remember being inside a multi-story building that was like a combination of a hospital, hotel, apartment, and maybe even something else.

My brother GC was with me and maybe someone we knew worked inside this building, and maybe they let us unofficially use an apartment room or hotel room that they had been using.

Maybe they had a night or two left to use it and let us use it for the rest of the time that was left, I am not sure, I just remember me and my brother GC trying to be careful because this was possibly not official so we probably tried to avoid being noticed just in case.

We spent at least one night there and the next day when we were leaving we somehow ended up meeting up with someone, a man with light-color skin who was possibly a security guard / bodyguard type who possibly worked here or somewhere else, and he was either a friend of the person who let us use the room or this person was them.

Something happened where we were approached by a group of people including the owner of this building who was possibly mafia connected and who had light-color skin with dark hair and he wore a dark suit, one of his mistresses and / or girlfriends who had light-color skin with long curly dark-brown hair or black hair, at least one male bodyguard / security guard, maybe an assistant, and possibly the person who let us use the room earlier if the man with us was not that person but I can not remember.

The owner ended up inviting the man and / or all of us to join them on an outing to eat, drink, have some fun or something, and the dream jumped in time until after this.

Me and my brother GC returned to the building to check up on the man who had also returned here, we went to one of the apartment rooms or hotel rooms after a bald male employee with dark-color skin wearing a work vest and nice outfit left it after delivering some cleaned and dried laundry, and this room belonged to one of the mistresses / girlfriends of the owner that we met earlier.

The man was with her, which we thought was dangerous, but surprisingly it seemed that they had only been talking but there was still a risk of more happening between them and to them if they got caught by the owner.

We briefly talked with them and then we left, and the next thing that I remember is me and my brother GC being outside during the day in the city of D walking down a slightly fictional version of the street by W Park that is by the shopping center.

On the left side of the street where the entrance to one house is that is further back, was a fictional raised bridge with no rails and that was not in use, and I decided to walk across it while my brother GC stayed walking on the grass by the street.

What I did was very dangerous because the bridge was up higher than I thought and the fall looked scary and dangerous for most of it, when I reached the end there was no way down but to jump because this incomplete bridge did not really connect to anything yet and was not in use, and so I jumped down toward the safest looking area instead of risking falling off trying to walk back.

To my surprise I did not die or get hurt from the fall, I told my brother GC how stupid and dangerous that was, and to remind me to never do something like that again.

But then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Adultery + Corpses + Illegal Street Vendors = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by part of a story that I heard on a Christian radio station last night that my mom was listening to that was about a woman whose husband cheated on her and did not have any interest in saving their marriage, but the woman did not divorce him and she fought to save the marriage until eventually her husband decided that he wanted to save their marriage too.

This dream involved a woman with dark-light or light-medium color skin who possibly could speak Spanish who had a husband and maybe a young daughter and son, and her husband cheated on her with another woman.

The woman did not divorce her husband and she started going to marriage counseling, I somehow knew them, and I went to help them with something.

The woman and the woman who her husband had an affair with were leaving marriage counseling which I thought was strange for them to be going to marriage counseling together, and so I was not sure if they were friends now or if the woman was going to allow the woman to still have a relationship with her husband or what was going on there.

I walked over to their automobile that was parked outside the gate by the boat port at The E House to help them with whatever they needed help with, both women were inside the automobile, and while they were looking for something they found a corpse in a compartment under the dashboard but I am not sure if it was a dead pet or a dead person.

The mistress then said something like: “So that is the cause of the funny smell that I have been smelling.”.

Not long after another corpse of either a pet or person was found maybe at their house, and so I wondered what was going on and I suggested that maybe we not touch anything and that we call for professional help so that they can decide if an investigation needs to be done or anything.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and involved mostly illegal street vendors from mostly Africa who would sell things along sidewalks in whatever place I was living in, and there were even children working as illegal street vendors.

I possibly knew and / or helped (not with the street vending, but helping them in other ways) and / or lived with or near some of them (probably a family who were possibly temporarily living at my parents house or near it), but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Adolf Hitler’s Son & Mistress?

Dream 1

This dream possibly involved my male cousin DE, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was possibly not a dream at all and is possibly me incorrectly thinking that part of my memory of reading Moment’s (Lost Truth’s) post Electromagnetic Charge In Dream Jolts Me Awake With Pain before I went to sleep was a dream of mine, but I will add it here anyway just in case I actually did have a dream about this.

This possible dream and / or memory involved Moment and maybe her girlfriend, but that is all that I can remember of this dream and / or memory.

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