Election Results & Cloth Face Mask Color Options

I got awakened from my last dream by an alarm that I forgot to disable on my mobile phone, which caused me to forget all of my dreams except for barely part of the end of my last dream.

Part of this dream involved me watching the news during an election as they continued counting the votes and guessing who was winning which areas and who would win et cetera.


Brushing Teeth | Jason Bateman

Dream 1

At the end of this dream I was on an upper floor of a building with some other people including a man with light-color skin and a woman, and at some point the man and I were brushing our teeth.

The man predicted that the woman would brush her teeth at 10, and then his prediction ended up being true because the woman started brushing her teeth at 10.


A Text-Based Adventure Format Dream

File:Zork I screenshot video game Gargoyle interpreter on Ubuntu Linux.png
Source: Wikipedia

I fell asleep on the living room couch until after 3 AM and I got in bed, I had a variety of dreams during this time that I remembered but I did not record, and eventually I forgot them all except for barely part of one dream.

This dream took place at a fictional version of The BP Library, and I was there working at my IT Assistant job.

A variety of clear scenes happened during this time, almost like a movie or skits happening in the dream itself, and each one was different but flowed smoothly to the next but I can not remember most of them.

One of them involved a man who spoke English with a Spanish accent like he was from Spain, he was a cool and relaxed rogue swordsman-like man, and he talked with various people.

At some point a group of knights showed up and they were led by a female knight, the rogue started talking to them/flirting with the female knight, and the female knight did not like the rogue at all and was being mean to him; but slowly the flirting began to work.

At some point the rogue offered a bit of oil to the female knight that he put on her hand, she smelled it and maybe tasted it, and then she started to smile for the first time and it seemed that she finally felt positive about the rogue; but then she fell to the ground.

Her knights under her thought that she was dead, that the rogue had poisoned her, and so they killed him immediately; but the female knight woke up eventually, and they learned that she had fainted.

I assume that she had started to like the rogue and I guess she got too excited and fainted, and so the knights had killed the rogue by mistake.

The female knight was sad about this and the other knights felt bad.

The next thing that I remember is working with my coworker Mr. JM and the dream was using a text-based adventure/RPG video game style to it for almost everything, and at some point a male patron with light-color skin wearing a cowboy hat was standing near us needing help so we started to help him.

The patron also used the text-based adventure format, and so how we talked and acted all had to follow this format which made everything take a long time.

About thirty minutes later the patron was still being helped, but he seemed to be having fun; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

I should have recorded my other dreams that I remembered, but they are forgotten now.

The end,

-John Jr


My Dad Taking Us To A Supposedly Abandoned House

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The daylight saving time change still has me messed up, I remembered several dreams but I went back to sleep without voice recording them, and so now I can barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

This dream from last night possibly involved someone going around different places in the world searching for something or someone, I assume that they were searching for someone to fight and / or train, but I am not sure and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during either early in the evening or late in the afternoon, and I was walking through my parent’s neighborhood with my parent’s and my brother GC and maybe my brothers KD and TD.

My dad was taking us to a supposedly abandoned house that belonged to a man he knew because he wanted to show us something, and we turned right at our stop sign and we walked down the street through a fictional version of this street that is often in my dreams of this street and the streets along it.

We reached the house which was on the left side of the street, we started walking toward it and I asked my dad if he was sure that it was okay for us to go inside the house and my dad said that he was sure that it was okay and that he had talked to the owner and that he knew the owner of the house and that no one was living in the house at this time when he last talked to the owner.

As we were going to enter the house I saw a man who looked like he was returning from work walking from the back of the house to enter the house from a side door, and so I tried to warn my dad but he kept talking and he did not hear me.

I followed my family inside the house still trying to warn my dad who was still talking loudly and not hearing me, and my dad said that we were free to look around and take what we want or something like that as I continued trying to warn him about the man.

I knew that the man could hear us and that an embarrassing situation was about to happen, but it was too late to stop it as my dad continued talking loudly without hearing my warnings.

In the darkness I saw a large tall muscular man with dark-color skin holding a blunt mêlée weapon walking into the living room where we were, he had taken off part of his work outfit that I saw him wearing before, and he entered the room to face us as intruders.

After entering the room armed to confront us the man then recognized my dad and the man started joking about how my dad had said that we could take what we want, I was embarrassed, but I started joking too to help improve the mood.

The man was living in the house now, my dad and him had talked before but something things had changed since they last spoke, and so that is how this misunderstanding happened.

I think that the man’s mom had owned the house but she died so he became the new owner, he was thinking about selling it and no one was living in it when he last talked with my dad, but he changed his mind and he started living in it.

After joking about my dad and this misunderstanding, I started joking about how someone would have a hard time trying to grapple a man as large and tall and muscular as him, and I started showing him an example of what I would have done if he had attacked us earlier but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Large Fight / Brawl Over A Misunderstanding And Race

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I went to bed very late again last night and so I barely remember part of my last dream, which took place during the day, and I remember being inside a windowless one-story multi-purpose building.

This building had a mostly empty store-like area with a counter/cash register-like area, maybe a mostly empty school-like area, maybe a mostly empty recreational center-like area, maybe a house-like area that was a bit like E Manor, and several other areas; and the building was in maybe a large parking lot-like area.

I remember walking around and meeting several different people, one of them was a man who was looking for his girlfriend, and he walked away looking for her; and I remember walking around looking for her, and I think that I found her outside.

It was a nice day outside and I remember talking with the woman who probably was not ready to be found by her boyfriend yet, we walked into the mostly empty store-like area, and a woman with brownish colored skin with long blackish colored hair approached us (I remember thinking Brazil, and so maybe she was from Brazil).

The woman who approached us knew the girlfriend of the man, the girlfriend seemed a bit uncomfortable seeing the other woman, and the woman had been searching for the girlfriend as well; and it seemed that she wanted the girlfriend to start a romantic relationship with her.

The girlfriend told her that she was dating someone now and that whatever happened between them in the past was just an experiment/for fun/a mistake/and/or something like that, something happened between both women in the past, and so I assumed that they either had sex and/or dated each other once before.

The other woman did not want to take no for an answer it seemed, so she started talking about how they had sex once in the past, and she described it and how good it was; and she dared the girlfriend to deny it, and I saw a flashback of when they had sex.

The other woman had two real penises and the girlfriend and her had intercourse and anal sex at the same time because she had two penises, and they both had a very good time; and even now the girlfriend could not deny that, but she still refused the other woman’s offer to start date and/or have sex.

The other woman acted like she was going to force her to have sex (rape) and/or force her into dating her, I was not going to let that happen but I waited quietly to see if this would be resolved peacefully, but then maybe the boyfriend showed up or another interruption happened.

After this I remember my former male classmate/schoolmate K running into the building/area where we were like he was running away after committing a crime and people were chasing him, and six or more men with whitish colored skin ran in after him; and some of them were former schoolmates of ours like our male former schoolmates MB and DJD, and some of their friends.

They were very angry and they said that my former schoolmate/classmate K had either stolen something from them and/or did something else, he probably did not deny it, and they seemed ready to attack him; and so I started trying to keep everyone calm, but then two men with dark-brownish colored skin who were friends of my former schoolmate K arrived to help him.

A few more men with whitish colored skin arrived to help the other side and the larger group started surrounding the smaller group, I continued trying to talk everyone down but it was not working, and then a large crowd of people with mostly brownish colored skin arrived suddenly like they had come to hang out and my male cousin ME and maybe my former classmate DS were with them.

They saw a large group of men with whitish colored skin surrounding a smaller group of men with brownish colored skin, they assumed that this was a race based fight about to happen, and so many of them became angry; and many of them started surrounding the group of men with whitish colored skin, and some of the women in the crowd and others were saying various negative things.

I tried to calm everyone down and explain the situation but there were too many people, they were too loud, and no one was listening so a big fight started with the group attacking the men with whitish colored skin; and I was going to try to stop the fighting, but there were too many people and it was all over the room and it seemed that no one would get seriously injured unless they continued attacking them once they were defeated.

The crowd was angry, wild, hate-filled, yelling racist slurs/et cetera, but fortunately most of the hits were missing and not causing that much damage; and I tried to get my cousin ME, my former classmate DS, and some of the others to stop but they would not listen either.

There were so many people that I could not even see the people who they were attacking most of the time and I could not reach them to stop it through the crowd, fortunately they were moving around a lot to avoid getting stomped and punched on the ground for long, but it was still terrible watching this.

It was sad watching them fight wildly and angrily over a misunderstanding and race (which does not even exist in modern humans as far as I know scientifically) and this fight probably somewhat symbolizes how I feel toward so-called race and how it has and is holding back our species, the smaller group was losing obviously, but the sounds of police sirens or something caused the crowd to stop attacking them; and I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr