A Military Murder Mystery

I remember part of one dream last night that became a murder mystery, I remember that my former classmate JC, maybe SS, and I either signed up for the military or we were in the military some how even though we did not really want to join really but we did for various reasons that must have been pretty serious (maybe serious economic reasons, and more), and then we arrived at basic training; this took place in the future where I was a bit older, whether it was days/weeks/months/year(s) in the future, I am not sure how far in the future but it did not seem too/that far.

All of us new recruits waited uncomfortably in our combat uniforms in a cafeteria & JC & maybe SS were sitting next to me at the same table, waiting for the drill instructors to pick which groups of us new recruits that they wanted to train, and I remember most of us trying to sit straight & quiet while trying to decide where to put our hands (I was trying to decide whether to put my hands on the table or under the table); and the first drill instructor entered the cafeteria, and most of us got nervous & even more quiet & still.

The drill instructor was a man who was only a few years older than us and he had medium-light colored brownish skin with a bald head & he looked like one of the characters from the film Drumline, and he walked in the room looking serious & he looked around to decide which table of new recruits to pick; and he chose our table/group.

He leaned in to talk to us and he told us a few things seriously, but then he quietly told us that we would mostly be playing basketball; but that he did not want us to tell anyone, and he made us each promise to not tell anyone about the basketball part & we each had to shake his hand several times while looking him in the eyes while promising to keep the secret.

I remember going through the promise ceremony, which he was serious about, if we did not do it he would not let us in his group; and everyone at our table did the promise ceremony.

I remember that we felt very hopeful once we realized that we had a cool drill instructor, who was going to teach us the basics required, but he wanted us to have fun mostly; and so we anticipated a very good basic training experience.

We walked outside to an area under trees with shade and it was a very nice day outside, and we met our other drill instructor (who might have been the real main drill instructor for our group) who looked like Charlie Sheen wearing a colorful headband and the old woodland military combat uniform; and there was an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with short-medium blond colored hair with him, who might have been a military medic assigned to our group & who seemed to be in a relationship with Mr. Sheen probably.

Mr. Sheen looked like a fake soldier or a military veteran who was now anti-war(unnecessary war)/anti-unnecessary violence/against the current policies of the military/government and/or unorthodox compared to the normal military culture and the woman seemed like that as well, which was interesting, and that made me feel more comfortable.

Mr. Sheen and the woman introduced themselves and they talked with us, and Mr. Sheen told us that we would be taught the basics so that we could pass basic training and so that they could keep their jobs as drill instructors (since they would lose their jobs if they only focused on having fun only instead of teaching us and we would not be ready and we would fail basic training); but we would spend the rest of the time having fun, except when the higher-ups came to check on our progress and/or if they felt that we were being watched.

Doing/learning the basics, exercising, playing basketball, and having fun when done properly could have us fit enough to pass basic training & be ready; and so it was not all about fun & games.

Mr. Sheen said that we would start with learning to march, then we left to practice marching, but the dream jumped in time to after marching practice; and we were walking to a special event in town.

I think that Mr. Sheen and the woman were activists & active politically trying to improve things but somehow they managed to keep their jobs in the military, the promise ceremony/their teaching style/and blending in when necessary seemed to have been what allowed them to survive so far; we learned more about them and their beliefs & activist activities, but I can not remember those parts.

The woman was gone and she had probably left to town earlier, and we walked into a town that looked like a slightly fictional D during the day and we walked through downtown; and on a quiet street we found the dead body of a woman with probably some of her clothes off, who we were guessing was the woman who was probably a military medic, but her body was damaged by what seemed to be acid or some kind of liquid/chemical so we could not exactly identify her.

Who ever killed her had left clues/messages that seemed to indicate that the killer was a military veteran who had probably killed her because of her activism & political activities that were not orthodox to military culture, this shocked and angered us; and we started trying to investigate and Mr. Sheen & the other drill instructor probably called the police, and they told us to go ahead to the special event.

We wanted to stay and help, but they wanted us to attend the special event and they did not want us to have to continue to see the dead woman in that condition & they wanted to look out for our mental/emotional health; and they told us to stay together in case the killer was trying to hunt all of us.

We left and walked near where the H Funeral Home is and where the church should be there was a courtyard and a one floor building were the event was, and some politicians/military veterans/security/Secret Service/press/et cetera were there.

The press were mostly outside in the courtyard, where some people were eating and drinking, and security let us inside the building after verifying that we were military; and the inside was crowded with tables of people eating and drinking.

I saw local business people, high level School Board members, a few military veterans who were mostly now successful civilians, a few politicians (one of which I think was Mitt Romney with Secret Service protection, security was pretty high for a city like D), high level police officers, and other local elites I guess you could say; and my group did not feel very comfortable or fit in, and we were still focused on finding the woman’s killer.

I had a strange feeling that the killer was at the event and that the killer was a man who was a member of the local élite and/or élite and who was a military veteran, and so I kept a close eye on the people around the event looking for threats and/or the killer; and I felt almost like a Secret Service agent watching everyone, and constantly on alert.

It was a bit annoying watching and listening to all the elite-types who we did not have much in common with, but they were enjoying themselves; I might have seen Mr. Romney sitting down eating & talking across the room while Secret Service agents were protecting him, and he was having a good time it seemed.

I also noticed one or two men wearing dress shirts with ties and slacks/dress pants with dress shoes, and I think the man and/or men were military veterans who now were civilians with good jobs; and the man or men gave off a vibe that made me think that one of them were the killers.

I felt that there was only one killer but one or two men at the event seemed suspicious, and one or both of them even looked at me with a smirk like they were letting me know that they were the killer; my memory is unclear, but I think that the man who I thought might have been the killer had somewhat dark-colored short hair in a business style haircut with whitish colored skin & he seemed to have a good job of some kind.

I am not sure if we talked, maybe, but I do know that I watched the man or men very closely for clues.

I remember the other soldiers with me talked about various things, one of which was why did SS’s dad not recommend the military to him earlier since he was a military veteran, and SS said that his dad was against him & his brother joining the military so they had never considered it until now; my guess was that SS’s dad did not want them to experience unnecessary wars like the ones that he had to fight in.

I gathered as much information about our murder investigation that I could while at the event, and at some point we left early; and as we were walking through the courtyard I noticed one or two suspicious people approaching, and something happened & one or both of the suspicious people got shot.

I think that security shot one or both of them when one or both of them pulled out pistols and started shooting in the courtyard; but I am not sure what happened exactly & I might have helped stop them, but I do know that they were not the killers of the woman.

The dream jumped a year in the future during the day and I was walking to the grave of the woman for the anniversary of her murder and the rest of my basic training group were supposed to arrive as well, and her grave was not far from the murder site; and it was next to a building that might have been a church.

There were some large concrete blocks around the grave that formed a partial wall-like structure that were some ruins of a structure that was knocked down in the past that you could also sit on, and my former classmate KC was there since he knew the woman even though he was not a solider; he knew her personally since she lived in his neighborhood.

KC was still angry about her murder as well and he also wanted to find out who murdered her, her murder was still unsolved, and so I told KC about what I had seen at the event a year earlier; and I shared with him all the information and evidence that I had gathered in my year of investigating the murder, and I even had the woman’s smart-phone that had a video of her pointing her phone camera at something/someone who you could barely see hiding behind something & she was saying something about him following her or something.

The video was unclear but the person that was mostly hidden behind something appeared to be a man with whitish/grayish colored hair with a long bear wearing shades & he looked like a biker gang member who was a military veteran, but I could be wrong; and so I told KC to keep an eye out for anyone who fit that description, so we could investigate them.

KC was so excited that he left instantly to find anyone who fit that description, and I hoped that KC would not attack them.

Then some of the soldiers from my basic training group started to arrive to the grave site, and so I greeted them; a year had passed, so we were no longer in basic training, but I was awakened by people being annoying in the real world again.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Ann Romney And Mitt Romney + Jesse Ventura + Video Game + My Former Classmate DH = ?

I had a few goofy and interesting dreams last night but I forgot some of them and I forgot part of them, the first dream that I somewhat remember took place at my grandfather’s house, but I only remember the end of the dream.

My family and I had spent the night or something like that at my grandfather’s house, and the next morning my dad left for work; and I went outside to check/get my grandfather’s mail and newspaper.

In the mail box was some mail from the last few days that no one had checked/gotten and there were various stacks of American dollars/bills/paper money & checkbooks inside the mailbox, and some of them were hard to reach & grab.

Some of the stacks of bills seemed to be money that people had put in there to pay my grandfather back for money they had borrowed or something but I was not sure, and I thought that it was a bad idea for money & checkbooks to be in the mailbox; and so I looked around to make sure that no one was watching, and I tried to collect all the money & checkbooks so that I could take them to my grandfather while hoping that no one else noticed since I was worried that someone might try to rob my grandfather if they knew that people had left money & checkbooks in his mailbox.

It was hard to neatly collect & stack everything but I did, and I was walking back toward the door when a car pulled up across the street; and I heard a female voice call my name, and so I put the stack of money & checkbooks on a fictional rail near the door hoping that no one would see it & I went to see what the woman wanted.

The woman was my former classmate DF and she was with an unknown man, and they walked into my grandfather’s yard to talk with me; and I greeted them.

DF wanted to know if my dad was here/there and I told her that he was at work, she seemed disappointed when she heard that, and she asked me to give a message to my dad.

She said that she was having problems and that she wanted to talk with my dad hoping that he could give her some advice & pray for her, since he is a preacher, and she really seemed like she needed some help/advice/someone to talk to; and so I felt a bit sorry for her, I gave her some words of encouragement, and I told her that I would give her message to my dad.

She thanked me, we said goodbye, and they walked off; and I made sure that no one was looking when I picked up the stack of money & checkbooks again, and I walked into my grandfather’s house to give the stack of money & checkbooks to him but the dream ended.

The next dream is unclear in some parts but at some point I was playing a video game that was a multi-player game that was a bit like Grand Theft Auto & Saints Row, and there were two groups to choose from; one group was The/CIA (The text said The/CIA but the audio said The/Stripes, which might have stood for the The United States (USA)) and the other group was maybe a gang or just a group of normal people, but I am not sure.

After playing the game I went to a maze-like house where my former male classmate DH and his family lived in a fictional city, and DH was either playing the same game or a Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six-like video game; and I remember telling him about the game that I had played earlier, and then we somehow contacted and/or came across our former classmate MT & we told him about the game & he started to play it too in an online match.

DH and MT were playing the game and I wanted to play too, but I walked off to do something or get something and I got lost; and I met Jesse Ventura at some point, and we were walking outside at night near a shopping area near the maze-like house.

I had gotten lost outside and I was at this shopping area that had walkways, stores, outdoor cafes, and alleyways; and I came across Mr. Ventura who I then asked to help me find my way back into the maze-like house, and he was going to help me.

We were walking down a dark alleyway behind the shopping area to reach a wooden gate that led to the maze-like house, but a security guard or police officer saw us and it looked like we were sneaking around trying to commit crimes in the dark; and so the security guard or police officer yelled at us, and he ran at us.

For some reason we ran and so more police or the police were called, and they chased us; but Mr. Ventura used his tactical knowledge from his United States Navy Seals days to help us escape the police, their flashbangs (stun grenades) & other weapons, and their tactics.

We escaped to a warehouse-like building next to the maze-like house, SWAT was called to come after us, and soon we were forced to run into the maze-like house; and we warned DH about the situation & he lead us through the house.

I remember that there was a TV on in the house that was showing Mitt Romney on a political talk show as a guest, but some protestors in the crowd caused some problems & they had to be stopped by security; and I remember seeing DH’s mom & god son/cousin in the room where the TV was.

DH led us to an escape point in the house and he ran one way & Mr. Ventura and I ran another way outside, the police were only after Mr. Ventura & I, and they chased us to a somewhat high area over a lake that connected to a river; and so Mr. Ventura & I jumped into the water.

Mr. Ventura had used his tactical skills to get us that far, without his help we would have gotten arrested by now, and jumping into the water was part of his plan; DH was not with us and he was not being chased, and so we started swimming as the police/SWAT called for more backup & they started trying to get to us in the water but DH came in a boat & he picked us up & we left.

This part ended like the end of a level on a video game and the next level had us on the boat going up the river trying to avoid police who/whom were on land/in boats on the river/and their traps, and we successfully completed this level at some point; and we escaped.

The next level took place at night and we were at a house that was a combination of my grandfather’s house/my parent’s house/a fictional house, I was alone in a family room near a bathroom, and I heard two female voices near the bathroom; and it seemed that I had recently took a bath & got dressed, and I guess that Mr. Ventura & DH were somewhere else in the house but I am not sure.

I went to a small bedroom to watch TV while sitting in a chair in front of the TV near a book shelf in a corner, and the two women entered the room but I did not look at them since I was watching a political talk show that had Mitt Romney as a guest; and I wondered if it was a re-run of the show that I saw earlier in the dream.

The two women walked next to me and one of them said something to me but I was not paying attention, and she started to reach for the bookshelf and so I moved my legs a bit to give her some space; and then I looked to see who the woman was, and it was Ann Romney to my surprise.

The other woman was the owner of the house and probably Mrs. Romney’s friend or something like that, and then I apologized to Mrs. Romney for not paying attention to her earlier & for not moving out of her way more so that she could reach the bookshelf.

Mrs. Romney said that it was not a problem and then I told her that her husband was on the political talk show that I was watching, Mrs. Romney then looked at the TV and then she proudly smiled and said something like: “Yes, that is him/my husband.”.

She then either partly sat on the tip of my chair or stood up watching the TV & so was the other woman, and Mr. Romney had Secret Service and riot gear wearing or SWAT-like police guards.

At some point a man in the crowd started yelling something and he rushed the stage area wearing a huge Barack Obama mask, and the security started tackling him; but he kept resisting, and I wondered why the security was having a hard time dealing with him and it seemed a bit goofy.

Mrs. Romney joked: “There goes your King.” (In reference to the Obama mask, jokingly referring to Mr. Obama as The King/an alleged King-like figure)

I made a comment about how huge that Obama mask was, it was huge!

A few more people in the crowd started protesting and rushing the stage, and so security had to tackle them too; and then the Secret Service started to be more visible, and the security started to get tense.

There was a lot of struggling in a goofy way between the protestors & the security, and then the dream got even more goofy; and then top of my blog using the Able theme with its large title & tagline & huge header image was visible in the opening of a doorway near the stage that led to another room.

I wondered what and how in the world was the top of my blog showing up on TV in front of a doorway, and the dream got even more strange & goofy; and then a group of men from maybe China (Chinese) wearing traditional Chinese style clothing appeared in the room behind the image of the top of my blog, and their leader was saying something that made it seem like his group & him were going to fight Romney’s security or something.

It was like an old goofy martial arts film or something now mixed with a video game, and I was wondering if Mr. Ventura/DH/and I were going to have to help Mr. Romney’s security or something.

Romney’s security was still dealing with protestors on one side and now they were preparing to deal with the other group from the other side, and so the situation was even more tense; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Fire In A Fish Tank And A Rabbit Cage?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only barely remember part of one of my dreams from last night, which took place in a dimly lit house-like building where my family & probably other people & I lived, and some of us were in a very long narrow living room-like room that stretched across the building & various hallways crossed it at different points.

I am guessing that it was night but there were no windows, but it seemed like night-time since I think that my family left to a hallway where our rooms were to get ready for bed at some point; and I stayed in the living room-like room to walk around & think.

My brothers had their large fish tank in the living room-like room next to one of their rabbit cages with rabbits, and one of the rabbits had baby rabbits in her cage.

At some point while I was walking around thinking, I noticed what appeared to be a fire starting in the fish tank like the pump or filter was burning, and the smoke from the pump-line was going in the water so it got so dark that I could not see the fish; and so I ran & I unplugged the pump/filter for the fish tank hoping to stop it & save the fish.

I was shocked & confused about what was going on & how it happened but then I noticed smoke & a burning glow coming from the rabbit cage near the baby rabbits, it was a small spot like when someone uses a magnifying glass to direct sunlight to burn something, and the smoke got worse & a small fire started; and I grabbed a cup of water from a bucket of water that my brother’s use to give water to the rabbits, and I threw it on the fire hoping to save the rabbits without drowning the baby rabbits.

I missed some of the fire on the back of the cage so I had to throw the entire bucket of water on the back of the cage, and I used a water hose (yes there was a water hose inside, oddly) to make sure that the fire was out.

All of the baby rabbits & rabbits appeared to have survived, and I stood there surprised & even more confused & I wondered how in the World did these two fires start at almost the same time or at the same time.

Some of my family must have heard the noise and they came to see what was going on, and so I explained to them what had happened; and at some point groups of people started to come through for an event or several events in the house-like building.

There were politicians, royalty, celebrities, workers, security, et cetera; and I remember my family and I talking with someone who gave us access to go to some of the restricted areas where the event(s) were talking place in the building & they invited us/offered something that I can not remember.

In one of the restricted areas I was standing near Mitt Romney & Ann Romney as they were greeting people at one event, they happened to move to where I was standing, but I am not sure if we said anything to each other or not; they had some of their workers, security, and other people there for maybe a fund-raiser or something, I am not sure; I was near them for a few minutes but I can not remember what happened exactly except for people talking, eating, drinking, standing, laughing, et cetera.

I saw various known celebrities and high level people during the dream, and at some point some of my family & I went into a room with who ever had invited us to the restricted areas; and we had an interview-like conversation, and he was asking us questions almost like job interview-like questions.

I remember telling him about the fires, about some of my past jobs, about some of my experience/skills, et cetera; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Trying To Murder My Dad Or A Bigger Conspiracy?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of my last dream, but the dream is unclear during some of the important parts.

I remember being in D during the day at my parent’s house but I am not sure how the dream began, but I think that people in my family would take turns going over to Pastor BW’s house (which is not really in our neighborhood in real life) near MT Church; and who ever would go over BW’s house would help Mrs. W for a few minutes or hours each day.

It seemed that Mrs. W needed help with small everyday chores due to old age and health problems, and so one of us would help her each day; but I do not remember seeing Pastor BW during the dream, but maybe he was in the parts of the dream that I can not remember, I am not sure.

I remember that one day it was my turn to go over to BW’s house to help Mrs. W, I probably did not want to go and/or I was not comfortable and/or I wondered how long would we have to keep doing this, but I went over to BW’s house to help Mrs. W regardless.

I remember that Mrs. W was sitting on a couch watching TV in the living room mostly, while I did some of her chores, and I brought her food & drink; and I talked with her a bit.

I probably helped her for about an hour or so, and then I went back to my parent’s house; but this part is very unclear and the important parts are unclear, but this is my wild guess about what might have happened:

“I think that my brother GC and I were the only people at my parent’s house at first, and I think that we talked about being tired and/or uncomfortable with going over to help Mrs. W everyday; and we talked about some other things that I can not remember, that involved things that we did not like or something, maybe.

I think that at some point we had the small .25 ACP caliber pistol for some reason and we talked about something that I can not remember, maybe a plan and/or how to use the pistol and/or something, and we might have even tested the pistol; but I am not sure.

My dad came home at some point but I think that only my dad, GC, and I were in the house now; I am not sure if GC and I talked with my dad or not, but I sense that a strange/uncertain/dark mood/or something was present during this part.

I think that it was almost like a scene from the movie The Godfather where maybe GC and I had planned to possibly murder my dad or something, I am not sure, and I remember GC and I looking at each other like we were trying to confirm if we were going to murder my dad or not, but I could be wrong.

I think that for some reason it could not be me to murder my dad and that I could not be inside the house to witness it, so GC and I exchanged looks with no words, and I went outside.”

When I walked outside for a moment it was almost like I snapped out it/like I realized that what was about to happen was wrong/like I was not in my right frame of mind at first/like I was not myself at first/like the part before this was a false memory/ or I realized that GC probably thought that I meant to go through with the plan but I actually meant to cancel it or there was no plan but GC mistakenly thought that there was a plan, and so I went back inside to stop GC; but I saw GC standing or kneeling over my dad, who was laying on the ground on his back, and he seemed to be dead.

I started to panic and variety of thoughts & feelings rushed through my mind, and I started to ask GC what had he done and I made other panic sounds while saying/asking various things; I remember telling GC that this was not supposed to happen and/or that if it did happen, why did he not shoot our dad in the head to make sure that he was dead.

I tried to see where my dad was shot or if he was shot, oddly I did not see GC with a pistol and blood was not all over the place, and GC would not say what happened like he was in a trance or shock or something; I thought that I might have seen an area on my dad’s chest where he might have been shot or injured, but I was not sure.

I wanted to call 911/emergency services but my dad seemed to be dead at first and I was not sure what happened exactly, so I paused trying to decide what to do, since GC and/or I could be suspected of murder; and I was worried about GC going to jail, and so I started trying to decide should I try to clean up the crime scene or something.

I realized that cleaning up the crime scene and lying was too risky, so I started trying to forget what happened before I went outside, and since I was outside at the time I had no idea what had happened exactly; and so I did not need to lie about what happened while I was outside, because I did not see or hear what happened.

I literally started forgetting things and trying to fill in the blanks with my guesses of what happened in a way that would not incriminate GC or me & that would seem real to me, that is probably part of the reason that I can not remember this dream well enough, but then to my surprise my dad was still alive; and he started waking up, to my surprise/relief/and horror.

Surprisingly my dad did not remember what had happened to him, and I questioned him to see if he would remember anything but he did not; and then I tried to get him to let us take him to the hospital but he refused to my surprise, and then my mom & my other brothers came home.

I was still worried that my dad was seriously injured or had a bullet in his chest or something and I was worried that he would remember what happened to him and/or that he heard me talking to GC while he was on the ground, and so I was worried that GC might have actually tried to murder him and I felt responsible for that, if that had happened.

I had a variety of conflicting feelings and thoughts & there was a feeling of doom/dread/a feeling of that it was my fault, and I felt very awkward/ashamed.

I continued questioning my dad and trying to get him to let us take him to the hospital, he still did not remember what happened and he refused to go to the hospital, but he did agree to see the doctor in a day or two thanks to my mom helping convince him; and he said that he felt pretty good, surprisingly, just a bit of pain or discomfort.

At some point in the dream my dad, GC, and I were outside of the D High School but I can not remember the parts of the dream leading to this part; but I think that we were investigating what happened to my dad, and he was leading the investigation.

Something strange happened and my dad said that he finally remembered what happened somewhat, that him and another man up/kidnapped by a group of unknown people, and they executed or tried to execute him and/or the another man; and that he was not really our dad, but he was the other man (who looked a bit like Mitt Romney, oddly).

He showed us a burned dead body partly buried at the D High School near the road, which he said was either his real body or our dad’s body, and he said that the group of people had executed them or tried to execute them & they burned & they buried their bodies or one of their bodies there; and that somehow he was now in a body that looked like our dad and/or he was now in our dad’s body or they had changed his body to look like our dad or something crazy like that.

He said that he remembered that one of them was taken away by the group of people, that they thought that he was dead but he actually survived, and that our real dad was probably the one that they took away but he was not sure; he only knew that we had to find those people to figure out what happened to our dad and/or to his real body, or something crazy like that.

All of this seemed like some crazy conspiracy or something, but the burned and dead body did look fresh, and so his story/memory seemed to be based on some facts; and I started to realize that this situation maybe was a lot bigger than I thought.

I started to wonder if someone had tried to make it seem that my brother GC and I had tried to plan to murder my dad, to trick us and my dad (the man in my dad’s body or the man who now looked like my dad), like maybe they did something to confuse our minds or something to cover up a larger conspiracy; maybe they needed us alive and confused about the situation through their mind tricks, instead of dead.

I also started to wonder if this part of the dream was just me trying to fictionalize/rationalize/lie/cover up what really happened, to avoid facing the thought that I might have made a  plan with GC to murder my dad; but I was not sure.

As I was thinking about this and exploring the evidence, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂