Picture Day

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I am not sure if this is one or two dreams, and so I will type it as one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day at a college or school that was connected to a shopping mall, and it was next to a small shopping center and maybe an outdoor cinema or family owned business that was outside in a parking lot and/or a field-like area.

I remember driving to the drive-through of a nearby fast food restaurant, a female employee with whitish-colored skin took my order, and she told me about a special that they had but it had to be ordered in a language other than English so I used German (a random combination of a few words I know, and some fake German-sounding words) so that I could get the special. 😀

The female employee did not know German so she did not know what I said so she did not realize that what I said was mostly random German words and fake German words, and so she accepted this and I was able to get the special.

Later in the dream I remember shopping inside and outside at the small shopping center near the school or college/shopping mall, and then one or more people and I went to the family owned business and/or outdoor cinema.

The family who owned it had light-brown skin with dark-colored hair, they were possibly from Mexico and/or members of a Native American tribe and/or something like that but I can not remember, and the person or people with me and/or I got into a dispute with the family about something that I can not remember so there was an argument that led to them telling us to leave and so we left to the college/school/shopping mall building.

We walked around shopping in the shopping mall part of the building and then maybe I went to my dorm which was in this same building so I guess that I was a student at the college/school and then I went to exercise, and then later in the dream after exercising I remember going to the college/school part of the building.

It was picture day at the college/school so there were lines of people waiting to get their photographs taken for the yearbook I assume, one or more of my coworkers from The B Parish Library were working and helping with this along with some other workers and volunteers, and I thought about getting my photograph taken but I was sweaty and wearing a T-shirt and maybe just underwear and/or some shorts so I wanted to take a bath and change clothes first.

After talking with some students and coworkers and maybe former classmates of mine I left trying to find my dorm room so that I could at least change clothes, and I wanted to find some paper for some reason that I can not remember exactly except that I know that I wanted to write something on the paper.

I remember hearing and seeing that Jimmy Wong and some of his friends had been occasionally working with a man who worked for a major production studio or film studio or something like that who make films/et cetera, and they would make comedy skits with some support from this man from that major studio.

Jimmy Wong and his friends were also students at this college/school, I felt that the comedy skits that they had made so far were not good and that they needed better material, and so I was considering asking Jimmy Wong if I could share some of my comedy skit ideas with them and possibly even star/act in some of those comedy skits.

I thought about this as I walked through the halls of the school/college trying to find my dorm room so that I could change my clothes for picture day and as I searched for some paper, and I noticed that I was wearing large flat mittens on my hands and maybe I had a jacket on now.

There was an open classroom in front of one hall and a male teacher with whitish-colored skin wearing glasses was teaching a class, and I remember a female student with dark-brown skin with black hair looking at me as I passed by their classroom and something strange happened where maybe the floor was slippery and I did a bit of a moonwalk-like dance move or spin and/or I did some exercises (maybe I slipped a bit, and then pretended to be exercising).

I remember the female student and some other students laughing a bit, and the female student or students sitting in the back looked at me like they thought that I was attractive or something and I remember smiling and waving at the class as I left.

Eventually I found a narrow hallway on the left side of a main hall, a class was taking place on both sides of it with the students sitting on the floor as another male teacher with whitish-colored skin taught the class from the middle of the hall, and I noticed that my former male schoolmate/classmate BR was sitting on the left side of the hall near the middle and my former male classmate SS was sitting on the left side at the very end of the hall where it connected to a wide main back hall that probably crossed most of the building so you could use that main back hallway as a shortcut to reach many different areas.

I said excuse me to the teacher as I walked by, he apologized for being in the way, and then I said hello to my former schoolmate/classmate BR.

Once I reached the end of the hall I said hello to my former classmate SS, he had some paper so I asked him if I could have a sheet of paper, and he said yes and gave me a sheet of paper and I thanked him and I said a few things to him before saying goodbye and continuing my journey.

The wide main back hall was dimly lit and the school/college part of the building seemed to be windowless, I saw no one else around this hall which was nice, and so I continued walking trying to figure out which hall would lead me to the dorm area so that I could find my dorm room and get to picture day before it was too late but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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