A Man’s Conspiracy Theory | Racist Towers (Tow Truck Drivers)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream involved Abby Martin doing a news report about some facts involving some countries, and some of the negative things that they have done / are doing / et cetera.

Abby probably had a special guest who was a man with light-color skin, and the dream jumped to a man with light-color skin who was watching this news report.

This man did not think that Abby went far enough in her news report, and he had his own conspiracy theory that combined a lot of unverified and questionable assumptions / opinions with a few facts from Abby’s news report.

The man seemed a bit obsessed about this and so he went around telling his family, friends, et cetera about this.

He possibly even called Abby’s show to argue with her about his conspiracy theory, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I seemed to be at a new job that I used to have in the past, maybe it was a fictional version of The BP Library combined with something else, and part of the building was connected to an area that was like The BP School Board combined with an automobile dealership.

At some point I remember being in a room when my coworker Mr. CF walked in to tell me something, some other people walked into the room as well doing something else, and Mr. CF told me that he wanted me to help him with something so he told me to follow him and he walked off.

I had to quickly finish something else before I could follow him, and so when I went after him I did not see him so I walked around the building looking for him and maybe I asked a few people if they had seen him.

I walked into The BP School Board-like area where a man with light-color skin with gray hair wearing dress clothes was talking to a woman with light-color skin with red hair who either was or looked like my former female classmate HM, and the man turned around and greeted me.

He said something that I could not completely understand that sounded like he incorrectly assumed that I was the new architect or person who was going to move some buildings or something, and then he started telling the woman that she was to go with me so that I could train her or show her her new job or something.

After he finished talking I probably let him know that he was mistaken, and then I walked outside looking for Mr. CF.

I did not find him but my brother GC showed up like he was getting off work, and so I gave him a ride home.

When we were almost home I noticed some vehicles towing some mobile homes toward my parent’s street, and so I drove around the back route to cross the field instead where I let my brother GC walk across while I tried to reach the yard to park if I could.

To my surprise the mobile homes were already moved to their spots between the yard of our neighbor Mr. RD and The Gas Money Family at The B House, and the people who moved them were standing next to their vehicles talking.

All of the people who had driven the vehicles had light-color skin and they all looked and acted like stereotypes of rough racist lower class Southerners, and I waved at them as I drove past and I pulled into my parents yard to see The B Van flipped upside down and something else was tipped over so I had to deal with one of these before parking but I was not sure how I would deal with The B Van because it is too big and heavy to flip over.

Near the street one of the racist-looking towers was struggling to do something, and so I asked him if he needed some help and he angrily yelled No! without looking at me really like he hated me and was annoyed and was being racist.

Several other towers walked over to him including a woman, they gave me the cold shoulder too, and ignored me while talking to the man.

I was annoyed and angered by this but it was predictable behavior so I just in my mind I just said: “Beep you! Getting an attitude with me, I was just being nice and asking if you  needed help, that is no way to treat someone” and quietly out-loud I said something like: “Help yourself then, that saves me time, you saved me from wasting my time; and so thank you.” and I mumbled some more complaints about wishing they would try to attack me or something because I was ready to knock them out if they tried.

I calmed myself down and told myself to not let them ruin my day, and I continued what I was doing.

The racist towers looked like maybe they were going to either rent out the mobile homes and / or live in them, and maybe they were going to try to take over the neighborhood and push the rest of us out; but I hoped that they were just towers dropping them off for someone else, and that we would not be getting any new neighbors especially people like them.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Going To A Trailer Park

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and I went to a trailer park but I can not remember why I went there.

I remember being near a very ugly part of the trailer park, there were some better looking parts as well, and I remember seeing my former female classmate LJ and my former male classmate DH.

I remember talking with my former classmates, but I can not remember most of what else I did while I was at the trailer park.

I saw various parts of the trailer park, and I remember standing back and looking and comparing areas almost like maybe I was trying to decide if I should live there or not and/or I was trying to decide where I should move my house or mobile home and/or I was trying to visualize how to fix up/remodel a certain area.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I had this dream after going back to sleep this morning, I tried to go back to sleep several times and I never voice recorded this dream today and I did not think about it all day, and so now I can not remember this dream anymore at this time.

I may never remember this dream now, but if I do I will type what I remember here.

I do know that this dream was more interesting than the first dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Someone In The City Of D Tries To Shoot / Assassinate Hillary Clinton?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I am assuming that this is one dream or at least several connected dreams so I will type it like it is one dream because I am not sure, I did not voice record my dreams, and I can not remember most of them; but I will type what I remember.

All that I can remember of the dream is being in a fictional trailer park-like area during the day in what seemed to be a fictional version of the city of D, I remember my brother GC and I living in maybe a nice mobile home that was nicer and larger than you would think and it did not look like a mobile home really, but I can not remember if the rest of my family lived there as well or not.

Something strange happened at some point but I can not remember what it was, my guess is that strange and bad weather started causing some chaos, and my brother GC and I took shelter inside our house; and I remember other people running outside, to their houses, to drive away, and to take shelter in a town hall/restaurant/bar/recreational/et cetera multipurpose building in our trailer park.

After the chaos/storm/whatever my brother GC and I went to the multipurpose building because a town hall meeting was taking place to talk about what had just happened, we got there to find that it seemed only be people with brownish colored skin who identified themselves as being part of the so-called African-American/black race having a meeting first, and then the people with whitish colored skin who identified themselves as being part of the so-called Caucasian/white race were going to have a meeting next.

This annoyed me because I am one of the few people who does not believe in race or support race among us modern-day humans so I identify as human only and I refuse to identify as any race or races and even current science supports that the current race system is false/fake/incorrect and is just a failed social construct/creation as far as I know (but if real races are found one day among us modern humans, then I will change this belief if you can prove this scientifically, and give me a test to let me know what race or races I supposedly am so I will know without a doubt), and the community was not only divided by so-called race but as you would expect racism was a large problem as well (which can be expected when people create a fake system like race to separate, divide, identify, label, et cetera themselves and others; and it is adopted into mainstream culture, unfortunately.).

All the workers had whitish colored skin and seemed to treat everyone with brownish colored skin worse, I probably talked with some of the workers and people about this, but everyone seemed set in their race-based and racist ways; and they were focused more on that than the emergency situation that we just had/were still probably in, which made it even more annoying/confusing/illogical to me, they could not even come together to discuss our emergency situation because of their race based and racist beliefs.

This annoyed and angered me a bit but I am somewhat used to it because that is how it somewhat is in the real world unfortunately even though people try to hide it and pretend that their raced based and racist beliefs do not effect/affect them and our culture/society/et cetera consciously and subconsciously in ways that they can and cannot even realize/notice/know, and after their meeting most of the people with whitish colored skin showed up to have theirs; and I tried to talk to them as well, and they were even more aggressive/close-minded/racist/et cetera so them and the workers treated me even worse and did not listen to me and did not want me around so my brother GC and I left at some point.

Most of the next part of the dream focused on a woman with whitish colored skin with medium-length dark-colored hair from The United Kingdom (British) who was opening a business in the city, she had one or more dogs, and she wanted to help the homeless in the city by hiring people who were homeless; and she was going to start by hiring a person who was homeless to watch her dog or dogs at her business while she works, and if her business did well enough she would hire more people who were homeless for other jobs.

This part of the dream was possibly me watching a news story on the television in our fictional house/mobile home, so they were interviewing the woman and showing video of her and her business, and she seemed like a nice person who wanted to make a positive difference in the city; and it seemed that her long-term goal was to give people jobs, training, education, et cetera so that they could become independent eventually.

The last part of the dream was probably inspired by a not so funny SNL skit that I saw on YouTube last night called (Hillary Clinton Cold Open – SNL) and this part of the dream involved me possibly walking on the sidewalk in downtown D or I was watching a video clip that made it seem like I was there during the day, automobiles and people were moving around normally, and Hillary Clinton was riding in a blackish colored SUV (sport utility vehicle) in the middle passenger seat on the right side next to a window with security/bodyguards driving and in the other seats.

I was surprised to see this because I never expected to see someone like Hillary Clinton in the city of D, the windows were only lightly tinted so she was smiling and waving at some people as they rode by, and as they were driving near the restaurant before you get to the turn by the Council On Aging I saw a sudden spark hit Mrs. Clinton’s window like someone had shot it; and I saw her flinch/jump a bit and so did one of her bodyguards, but they continued driving like nothing had happened mostly.

Mrs. Clinton and one of the bodyguards did seem a bit confused like they were wondering what that was but they either tried to act calm or they assumed that it was probably nothing serious, either way someone inside and outside the automobile was recording video and caught video footage of this from both views, and some people like myself witnessed/saw this; and I assumed that someone shot the window with a gun, but I did not hear a gunshot and when it hit the window it was too quiet so even I was confused so I assumed that maybe the window was bullet resistant and that is why the impact was quiet and why the window did not take much if any damage.

The news media was showing the video clips, interviewing people, and debating and investigating the incident trying to figure out if someone had tried to shoot/assassinate Mrs. Clinton or not; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Bathroom Alert | The Local Movie

Source: Wikimedia Commons

*Warning viewer discretion is advised*

Dream 1

Last night I remember part of two dream fragments & what happened in real life after my first dream, which took place during the day at a slightly fictional version of W Park in D, and I went to the park bathroom because I had to use the bathroom very badly.

The bathroom was much bigger, cleaner, and more modern than in real life with a rectangular shape with the entrance being on the right longer side of the bathroom; and the sinks & mirrors were on this side of the bathroom as well.

The middle of the bathroom was mostly like a waiting area maybe were people could talk & wait to use the bathroom or something, the left longer side of the bathroom might have had a few showers and/or it was just a wall, the right shorter side of the bathroom had most of the stalls, and the left shorter side of the bathroom had an open toilet and maybe the storage room for the bathroom; and the bathroom was empty at first and it was comfortable at first.

I think that I sat on the open toilet at first but I could not use the bathroom even though I had to use it badly, and so I switched to one of the stalls since a few people started to come use the bathroom; but I still could not use the bathroom.

Some of my former classmates such as LT, TT (TC), MJ, and a few others came into the bathroom; and they talked with me which made it worse, and I probably was in a bit of pain since I still had to use the bathroom so badly.

There were some portable bathroom things where you could urinate or boo-boo (I don’t know a better word, sorry 😀 ) in, and so I took one of those & I tried to go to different areas of the bathroom trying to get comfortable enough to finally use the bathroom; but all the people in the bathroom seemed to be making it worse.

I remember telling my former classmates about what was going on and they laughed & they thought that it was a bit funny, and I remember them whispering to each other about me/my situation; and I started to feel that they were acting a bit strange, and I had no idea what they were whispering to each other.

I felt that something was wrong and I could not use the bathroom, and I was probably in pain; and my former classmates behavior started to alert me to the fact that I was in danger or something, and so I woke up or I woke myself up.

To my surprise I felt that I had to use the bathroom very badly when I woke up, but I thought that it was just a residual effect/affect from waking up so fast from the dream at first; but I was also in pain, and so I waited for a few seconds to see if the feeling & pain would go away.

The feeling & pain did not go away so I went to the bathroom & sat on the toilet in a bit of pain that would come & go & move a bit like gas was trapped in there somewhere & I felt like I had to use the bathroom badly, but it took me a while to get it all out; and I really had a lot to get out of my system it seemed, so much that the toilet did not flush on the first try. 😀

I almost thought that my appendix or something was messed up, but I tried to stay calm, which worked; and slowly I cleared most of it out, and I felt a lot better after using the bathroom which took me at least thirty minutes or more, it was 6:45am when I finally got off the toilet.

Dream 2

I went back to sleep and my next dream is very unclear, but I think that it took place in a fictional version of D during the day in a fictional lower class neighborhood where my former classmate WG lived; and a movie was in the process of being filmed, and most of his neighborhood was in the film.

The script had been finished & everyone had practiced their parts, and so the filming started with a group of people in the neighborhood meeting in one of the mobile homes since it was a mobile home park; and I was one of the people.

A group of mostly women gathered and I was there too, but I can not remember what the meeting was about, and then we went walking to another mobile home where some religious group that was considered Pagan by many would meet; I guess it was their temple or church or whatever.

The movie was supposed to take a supernatural or spiritual turn/twist,approach during this part, but some of the women noticed a crashed silver disk-like spaceship in the yard of the mobile home were the so-called Pagan group would meet, and so they got angry at the director because that was not in the script that they had read; but the director told them to continue with the scene and he mostly ignored them.

The women felt that the director had changed the script without their knowledge and that he was going to switch the supernatural or spiritual turn/twist/approach of the film to a alien-based theme; which they did not agree, and so they were angry.

I stopped to talk to WG briefly outside of the mobile home as people were gathering inside to get ready to film the next scene, but some of the people wanted to delay the filming until they check the changes to the script; and so I joined a group of mostly women who left in protest until the director allowed us to view the script.

Some of us walked into a trail in the wilderness that had a few small mountain-like structures to talk & explore, and it was nice area to explore; and not many people seemed to come through this area, but at some point we met George Clooney.

Who was carrying a strange device and he warned us about an attack that was about to happen, and he started to lead us to a safer area.

Mr. Clooney was a member of a mercenary group, he had a non-combat role in the group, and the mercenary group was about to ambush another group on the trail; and they were hiding on the mountain-like structures & around the trail with assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenades, missile launchers, small artillery, et cetera.

So a big battle was about to happen and we almost got caught in the middle of it, but he saved us, and he told us that he did not like when the mercenary group did violent attacks; and that he wanted to leave the group in the near future.

After leading us to a safe exit out of the trail Mr. Clooney left before the other mercenaries noticed that he was gone, and then the battle began; but I woke up as we returned to the mobile home park.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂