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Family Members Not Helping + Raw Chicken + Rats / Mice + Feces + Killing Several Men + My Cousin ME Needs A Ride + The Pot-Bellied Pig Gets Loose + The Pet Cat Summer Eating A Pork Chop = ?

I had several somewhat connected or similar dreams last night, oddly I woke up with a slight headache which is still somewhat bothering me, and even stranger was that the song Mother by Moloko was playing in my mind:

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in the city of D and my mom had me walk with her to E Manor, when we got into the yard my uncle JE was there, and we went inside the house to start preparing for a family gathering.

My mom had me carry some thawed raw chicken in my arms/hands and none of it was in a bag so it was touching my skin, I was to take it to the kitchen to rinse and season it and probably start cooking it in the oven, but first I walked around parts of the house carrying the chicken.

The house was larger and looked a bit different inside and it looked pretty rough and terrible in some areas with rats/rice, feces from pests, dirt, et cetera; and there were several small whitish colored ceramic sinks instead of the larger sinks that are there in real life, and I did not think that the house was clean enough for me to rinse and prepare the raw chicken but I started anyway.

I started rinsing the chicken as my cousin ME and a group of his friends and his fictional girlfriend and a group of her friends, and maybe several family members arrived; but instead of helping clean the house which obviously needed cleaning, they just stood/sat around talking, and not helping which was annoying.

I continued preparing the chicken and at some point I probably got a broom and a dust pan and I started trying to clean the house myself, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream is unclear now because I woke up from this dream because of shock/fear because I did not realize that it was a dream at first and I thought that it was real, and it took place in the city of D during the day.

I was driving on or near a slightly fictional version of N Street and maybe one of my brothers and/or someone else was with me, and something happened that I can not remember where we stopped to help someone and/or talk to someone who I think was our male cousin ME but I can not remember.

A group of men in one or more cars stopped and they approached us either thinking that we were someone else and/or they wanted to rob and/or kill us, something happened that I can not remember, and we ended up killing them in probably self-defense; but it still bothered me a lot and it felt so real that I started to panic.

Something about the situation made me question what happened, I was not sure if anyone would believe us, I did not feel like dealing with the police and having to go to court, it felt terrible knowing that you killed several people even if it was self-defense, I probably thought about their families/et cetera, and so many thoughts came to my mind during this panic/confusion that I got over-whelmed and I hoped that this was a dream; and so I probably tried to wake up hoping that it was a dream, and I woke up.

Dream 3

The third/last dream took place in the city of D during the day again and this time I came across my male cousin ME on or near N Street, he needed a ride so I gave him one, and I drove him to my parents street to a fictional house next to our aunt JE’s house; and he went into the house, which was abandoned, which I thought was odd.

I drove to my parents house and I told my mom about this as I rode with her in her automobile somewhere, in a fictional  part of our neighborhood we saw the pet pot-bellied pig had gotten loose, and he was in someone’s yard eating something; and the pet cat Summer ran near the pig and took what looked like part of a cooked pork chop, and she ran to another yard to eat it.

I woke up before we could call someone to tell them that the pig was loose.

The end,

-John Jr

Helping The Old Version Of My Aunt JE Move To The New / Current Version Of My Aunt JE’s House?

Last night I got in bed too late (after 3 AM) and so I only got about 4 hours of sleep which is not good/healthy and to make it worse I got awakened several times by having to use the bathroom, by people making noise, and by people waking me up; but my dream recall is currently very strong and so I somehow managed to remember part of two dreams, but I forgot the first dream after going back to sleep again but I do barely remember part of the second dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day/morning/evening in the city of D at a fictional house in the field next to my parent’s yard where a neighbor’s mobile home should be, and my aunt JE lived in this fictional house; but my aunt JE acted/seemed somewhat like her old self before her situation got as bad as it is today.

My mom and one or two of our family members from my mom’s side of the family and I were at my aunt JE’s fictional house, we were helping her pack up and move her stuff because she was moving to where her house is in real life further down the street in the P House that my grandfather owns, and at some point we had mostly everything packed; and so I remember walking back and forth to move the stuff into the new house.

Strangely I do not remember seeing my aunt JE who we were helping move to the new house after this point but at the new house was what seemed to be the new/current/real life version of my aunt JE and not the older version of my aunt JE who(m) we were helping pack up and move her stuff, even in the dream I noticed this and I wondered if there was/were somehow two versions of my aunt JE and this confused me, and so I was going to investigate this once I finished moving all of her stuff.

I remember moving a square or rectangle-shaped piece of raw pork from a refrigerator that I rolled up with some food/meat/whatever paper and a plastic zip-lock bag and I brought it to the new version of my aunt JE asking her where she wanted me to put it but she did not want it, she seemed to be a bit depressed and mentally/emotionally/socially unstable, and so she seemed to only care about sitting on her couch smoking cigarettes and doing nothing but staring in front of her blankly and watching TV; and so I was not sure what to do, I decided to wait to ask someone else like the old version of my aunt JE if she showed up again, but then maybe my aunt ME and my cousin JE and my cousin ME came to help.

I asked them what to do with the raw pork and they probably told me to put it in the refrigerator regardless of what the new version of my aunt JE said, so I probably put it in the refrigerator, and then I remember my cousin ME trying to decide how to organize the stuff in the house and what things in the house should he fix and/or build (he is good with electronics and building things probably).

The rest of us waited as my cousin ME looked around the house creating a plan in his mind before we start unpacking things and organizing them, I was still wanting to investigate whether there were two versions of my aunt JE or not, but I got awakened from my dream by someone.

I remember having the song Take My Hand by Moloko on my mind after waking up for some unknown reason(s):

The end,

-John Jr

I Want You

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

Unfortunately I forgot most of my dream fragments, due to various circumstances, but I remember part of two dream fragments; with the first dream fragment taking place during the day in a fictional city, and I was with my family.

Something that I can not remember, happened in a parking lot with my family, it seemed that we were on vacation; and something serious happened in a store parking lot, something that would soon involve law enforcement.

For some reason even though we were not at fault, we felt that we had to try to clean up evidence that we were at the crime scene the best that we could, and then flee the area; I guess whatever happened involved some people who either had connection with law enforcement and/or one or more intelligence agencies & they could blame us for their crime and/or they were part of a serious criminal organization who had many connections or something.

I think that they had connections with law enforcement and intelligence agencies, I think that a group of rogue/bad intelligence agents had carried out an attack in the parking lot & maybe we killed one or more of them in self-defense, and then we found out their connections & we panicked or something; I can not remember, I just remember us trying to clean up the crime scene a bit as the police, FBI, CIA, and who ever else were on their way to the crime scene.

We did not have enough time to clean up the crime scene good enough, and we had to drive away because we heard sirens nearby; but that is all that I remember of that dream fragment.

Dream 2

The next dream fragment is very blurry and I have no idea where I was, maybe this was a semi-dream that was part dream & part daydream, I am not sure; several things happened that I can not remember, but then I remember hearing a woman’s voice singing the beginning lyrics of the Moloko song I Want You.

The voice sounded like Róisín Murphy‘s voice, there was probably no music, and then I saw Ms. Murphy walking toward me; and she was the one singing.

She walked up to me looking me straight in the eyes in an almost hypnotizing seductive way, she then probably touched me softly on my arms in a way that I could feel along my nerves and she whispered something to me seductively with almost the power of The Bene Gesserit Voice as she continued to stare into my eyes, and somehow we were on a bed at this point.

Then there was a longer than usual scene of touching, kissing, massaging, whispering, talking, laughing, smiling, partly undressing, relaxing, et cetera; which was very nice. 😉

We were taking it very slow and enjoying the moment, but I woke up.

Dream 3

I remember part of another dream where I was in LC and I went to the Dollar Tree store, and I saw my former male coworker S, who was an employee there like in real life.

I accidentally called him C, the name of his boyfriend, as I was leaving the store; and I remember realizing that I had mistakenly called him C as I was leaving the store.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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