King Arthur Pendragon Dies And My Former Classmate RB’s Soccer (Football) Team

Dream 1

I had at least four dreams or two dreams with the first dream having three disconnected parts, unfortunately I forgot the main dream which involved my family and maybe some indirect family members, and it might have involved vampirism/vampires/zombies/magic/or something like that; but I can not remember this dream at all, except that I remember my brother GC told my mom that he had cleared almost everything off the from porch & cleaned it & sprayed it with apple cider vinegar to get rid of a nasty smell, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I remember the end of a dream that involved King Arthur Pendragon from the BBC TV show Merlin, King Arthur and some of his knights were having their last battle with the forces of probably Morgana Pendragon & probably Morgana herself, and they had been led into a trap by Morgana.

They were led into the woods (forest) into a cave and they fought probably vampires/zombies/magic-related things and many of them died and/or were turned into zombies/vampires in the woods & in the cave, I was in the dream at some point but I can not remember when or what happened, but somehow they barely won the battle & Morgana probably was killed; but only King Arthur, maybe a few knights or no knights, and I were still alive.

King Arthur stumbled out of the cave and I was with him, reinforcements from Camelot were arriving by horseback with a strange-looking thin man with a bald head who did not look like a knight (he looked like an assistant/servant/magic-user & so maybe it was Merlin in disguise or something), and they started cheering King Arthur’s victory; but King Arthur did not look well, he started coughing/gagging/or something, he looked like he would lose consciousness or die, he fell to the ground having almost seizure-like symptoms, and he died like he had been poisoned during the battle or something.

The reinforcements stopped their cheering in shock and the strange-looking man ran over to help King Arthur but he was dead, the strange-looking man announced that the king is dead, and he took King Arthur’s ring off his finger; and some knights loaded his body on a horse or carriage.

I did not hear any mention of there being a Queen and so I wondered who would become the new King or Queen, it seemed like there would have to be a meeting & ceremony to decide the new leader, and the ring would be given to the new leader.

They left with King Arthur’s body in silence, and I woke up or I walked back through the cave; and out the other end of the cave or another cave was a soccer/football match taking place in a narrow field, and my former classmate RB was coaching/leading a soccer team of some of our former classmates & a few other people.

RB had formed the soccer team, coached/trained the team, and probably played on the team as the team captain as well; and she was respected by her team, and I decided to join the team.

RB’s personality was stronger/more leadership-like and her voice louder than normal, but she still was her usual angelic/angel-like/beyond Human self; and so she managed to still have my attraction/respect/loyalty/and I still looked up to her, and so it was easy to follow her leadership & for her team to follow/respect her.

I can not remember if RB played in this match or not, I only remember her being on the sidelines coaching during the match from the parts of the dream that I remember, and I was talking with her & helping her; and I asked her to let me play defense/sweeper, which is what I was good at, and she decided to let me play even though it has been many years since I played or practiced.

Our team was losing but I managed to stop the other team from scoring, which allowed our team to score enough to take the lead, and then RB put me back on the sidelines to rest I guess; and she realized that I was her new secret weapon on defense.

Something happened that I can not remember, either the game ended or zombies/vampires/something attacked us, and everyone ran; and us survivors met up at the D High School parking lot near the bus stop area.

There I saw & talked to some of my former classmates from the team like AH, some of their parent’s like AH’s mom, and it was a nice sunny day outside.

RB probably survived and we all met to talk about what had happened, the future of our team, et cetera; but I woke up.

Dream 3

The last dream is very short and involved me walking through my grandfather’s yard toward the gate by the bus stop, but my brother GC’s dog C followed me; and he ran at something under my grandfather’s truck, and I heard him scratching the gravel but I could not see where he was.

At some point C came from under the truck as I was looking under the truck and then I saw the feet of someone entering the yard from the fence by me, it looked like my cousin ME with his MD’s work uniform, and then I heard/saw C running toward him; and so I stood up to stop C, but I did not see either of them.

I heard scratching under the truck again and so I looked under the truck trying to find them, but I could not, and then the scratching stopped; and I was worried that one or both of them were hurt/dead.

I saw ME’s feet walking out of the gate and so I got up & ran to him, grabbed him by the arm saying his name, and I asked him what happened; and he said that C ran at him like he was going to attack him.

I asked him if C attacked him, is he hurt, and is C hurt or dead; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr