My Dad Taking Us To A Supposedly Abandoned House

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The daylight saving time change still has me messed up, I remembered several dreams but I went back to sleep without voice recording them, and so now I can barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

This dream from last night possibly involved someone going around different places in the world searching for something or someone, I assume that they were searching for someone to fight and / or train, but I am not sure and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during either early in the evening or late in the afternoon, and I was walking through my parent’s neighborhood with my parent’s and my brother GC and maybe my brothers KD and TD.

My dad was taking us to a supposedly abandoned house that belonged to a man he knew because he wanted to show us something, and we turned right at our stop sign and we walked down the street through a fictional version of this street that is often in my dreams of this street and the streets along it.

We reached the house which was on the left side of the street, we started walking toward it and I asked my dad if he was sure that it was okay for us to go inside the house and my dad said that he was sure that it was okay and that he had talked to the owner and that he knew the owner of the house and that no one was living in the house at this time when he last talked to the owner.

As we were going to enter the house I saw a man who looked like he was returning from work walking from the back of the house to enter the house from a side door, and so I tried to warn my dad but he kept talking and he did not hear me.

I followed my family inside the house still trying to warn my dad who was still talking loudly and not hearing me, and my dad said that we were free to look around and take what we want or something like that as I continued trying to warn him about the man.

I knew that the man could hear us and that an embarrassing situation was about to happen, but it was too late to stop it as my dad continued talking loudly without hearing my warnings.

In the darkness I saw a large tall muscular man with dark-color skin holding a blunt mêlée weapon walking into the living room where we were, he had taken off part of his work outfit that I saw him wearing before, and he entered the room to face us as intruders.

After entering the room armed to confront us the man then recognized my dad and the man started joking about how my dad had said that we could take what we want, I was embarrassed, but I started joking too to help improve the mood.

The man was living in the house now, my dad and him had talked before but something things had changed since they last spoke, and so that is how this misunderstanding happened.

I think that the man’s mom had owned the house but she died so he became the new owner, he was thinking about selling it and no one was living in it when he last talked with my dad, but he changed his mind and he started living in it.

After joking about my dad and this misunderstanding, I started joking about how someone would have a hard time trying to grapple a man as large and tall and muscular as him, and I started showing him an example of what I would have done if he had attacked us earlier but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Brother CC Needs To Lose Some Muscle Mass Because Of A Military Rule

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it involved some of my family, some of my family members, and I going to the doctor’s office of a doctor we knew so that we could hopefully get a free medical checkup because we knew the doctor.

I remember us waiting to see the doctor we knew and at some point we saw him talking with some people in the waiting room with us and some of his female nurses, and he stopped to talk with us and at first I think that the doctor was the professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal but eventually he probably changed into my male cousin EE without me noticing the change.

We told him why we were there, there were other people around so at first he did not want them to know that he was going to give us medical checkups for free, but then he changed his mind saying that we were family (because he was my cousin EE now) so he told his nurses to mark in the system that our full medical checkups would be free.

He then went to do our full free medical checkups one-at-a-time, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day inside a barber shop and/or hair salon, Kim Kardashian and some of her family and maybe a film crew were there as a male barber and/or hairdresser was shaving Kim’s face and giving her a haircut and/or styling her hair et cetera as Kim sat in his chair as her family watched and the film crew filmed it as they talked; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during a nice sunny day, I remember walking near The G House between the house and where the garden used to be, and to my surprise I saw my brother CC and my sister-in-law JC and my new baby nephew CC and several young women who were probably family members of my sister-in-law JC sitting and talking (not my nephew CC because he is just a baby) in front of the gate that leads to the boat port (garage) at The E House.

At first I thought that I was imagining things or hallucinating or something because no one had mentioned that they were going to visit and it made no sense because they live so far away, also they did not seem to see me, and so at first I stood there thinking to myself thinking that they were not real.

I even waved at them but none of them were looking at me except my baby nephew CC seemed to be looking in my direction almost but I was not sure if he was looking at me or not, and his eyes seemed very dark oddly but I assumed that it was just a baby thing as their bodies are still developing and the distance and a trick of the outdoor light and shade making his eyes looks so dark and maybe completely dark which I imagined would scare some people but I did not feel anything negative or evil really but I thought that maybe some other people might if this was not a trick of light and shade and distance or a baby thing.

After standing there thinking that they were not real I eventually started to realize that they were really there so I walked over to talk with them and see my new baby nephew CC in person for the first time (I can not remember if my nephew CC’s eyes looked normal or not once I got closer, but I do remember him smiling and looking happy and cute and somewhat like me when I was a baby), and then the others left almost immediately after I approached while I talked with my brother CC alone.

My brother CC and I do not keep in touch much really oddly and sadly so I did not really know what to talk about, and so I felt awkward at first.

My brother CC told me that he was trying to lose a certain amount of muscle mass and weight because the military said that he was too muscular now (he was already in the military, but was even more muscular now after at least two years of training and active duty) they were going to be doing military exercises with another allied country’s military, and they had a rule where you could not be too muscular and heavy to help avoid embarrassing ally soldiers who are less muscular and lighter or something odd like that (I guess they did not want some ally soldiers being embarrassed that they are not as muscular or something silly like that).

My brother CC had gotten even more muscular from working out in the military so now the soldiers over him had him on a special workout and diet plan involving more cardio and less weight lifting and a special diet, and he was telling me about this and about the soldiers training him to lose muscle mass.

One of the soldiers training him was a man with white skin who had him doing a lot of endurance exercises, he told me about him and the exercises which involved a lot of running, and he told me how much muscle mass and weight he has lost so far and what his end goal was.

I thought that this entire situation was a bit strange and ridiculous, he was taking it seriously and you could see that he was losing muscle mass and weight probably too quickly, and I worried about his health and I told him so.

I wondered if this military rule was part of some of the new overly sensitive and sheltering cultural movements going on, but I woke up as I thought about this and as I enjoyed finally getting to talk with my brother CC and that I got to see my new nephew CC in person for the first time.

The end,

-John Jr


My Brothers TD And KD Have A Fake Lower Leg And Talking With Nicolas Cage? | Kwisatz Haderach John Jr?

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I remember part of two or three dreams, with the first dream bothering me so much and confusing me so much as to whether it was a dream or real, that I woke up; and when I woke up I still was not sure if something that was shown in the dream was real or not, it felt that real & I was that confused, and I felt that emotional about it.

Dream 1

I remember the first dream starting with me walking to my grandfather’s house, my mom walked over shortly after me, and my cousin DE walked over shortly after my mom; and we talked with each other, my grandfather, and any other indirect family members who were there.

The bees that are outside of my grandfather’s house in real life were there, the white poison powder that my uncle CE put on the house was still there as well, and the bees were still a bit aggressive/on alert as well but not as bad as in real life; and I noticed the container for the white poison powder sitting in the yard, and so I brought it inside the house to see where my grandfather wanted me to put it.

My uncle CE walked into the house and I showed him the poison powder container that he left in the yard, and he said that I could put it in my grandfather’s laundry/storage building; and then we all talked a bit, and I remember that the weather outside looked like it would rain soon.

I decided to go outside to put the poison up but it started raining when I was going outside and I think that the rain was cold, so I probably felt the temperature which is probably somewhat rare, and it was raining hard.

Oddly my grandfather’s laundry building seemed to have openings in the roof or something, because rain was getting inside, and so I had to find a place to put the poison where it was less likely to get wet; and so I set it on a table with some other stuff, and then I went back inside.

At some point my mom, my family, and I drove to a VA (United States Department Of Veterans Affairs)-like place/clinic; and I remember going with my dad to the VA hospital-like area and my mom & my brothers went to the clinic area.

At some point my dad and I had to go to the bathroom and we went down the hallway to a large bathroom with many stalls instead of urinals, and oddly the toilets were very tiny & up so high that it would be hard to urinate or sit on them.

Even more odd there was a dirty whitish plastic vacuüm thing where you were supposed to put your penis in so that you could urinate & it would vacuüm your urine, and next to it was another dirty white plastic thing where you were supposed to put your penis to urinate but there was no vacuüm & so the urine went down into a drain I guess; but I was not going to use those two dirty whitish things and get a STD (sexually transmitted disease) or something, and so I tried to figure out how to urinate in the tiny toilet that was too high in the air.

My dad was in the stall next to me and so I spoke to him from my stall asking him if he had figured out how to use the tiny toilets that were up too high, and I recommended that he not use the dirty whitish plastic things.

I guess we finally managed to barely use the tiny toilets that were up too high probably, we then went to wash our hands as other people were coming into the bathroom, and then I walked to the clinic area to see the rest of my family.

This is where the realism of this dream got to me/confused me, except for the bathroom part in some ways, when I saw the rest of my family sitting in the clinic waiting room; even as I type this now I feel some of the emotions that I felt, so this is a bit hard to type, and my words will not properly show how I felt or thought but I will try. *Sigh, Getting Emotional, Holding It Back Somewhat As Usual*

What I felt and thought went pretty deep and far back in my mind/brain/memories/(sub)consciousness/et cetera, when I went into the waiting room, I noticed my brothers TD & KD sitting next to my mom; and TD & KD were the ones who were there to get a check up on their lower legs, and to my surprise/shock/horror/confusion/et cetera they both had a fake lower leg (lower ankle and foot I think).

I think that one of them had a fake lower left leg and maybe the other had a fake lower right leg, but maybe it was the same lower leg but I am not sure; either way they both had fake lower legs, one real and one fake.

One of them had a realistic looking fake lower leg but the other one had a metal slightly curved peg-like lower fake leg like some runners with fake legs have but this was short since it was only the lower leg, and my brothers TD & KD were there to have their fake lower legs checked.

I had a lot of emotions/thoughts at this point and it felt so real & I was so confused, I had no memories of them having fake lower legs but it seemed so real, and so I asked my mom if those were fake lower legs & when did they get them since I had no memory of this; and my mom said that they were fake lower legs, but she seemed a bit emotional & she did not answer my question about when did they get the fake lower legs.

I sat there with many thoughts and emotions trying to make sense of this: how could I as their oldest brother who helped my parent’s raise them from birth until now & who still lives in the same house with them not remember them ever losing their real lower legs(?), where were my memories of this happening and how could I forget something so important like this(?), how were they still playing American football(?), how could I as their oldest brother fail them this horribly & not be there for them(?), and I thought many other things & I felt many emotions.

I kept digging/searching as far as I could in my mind/brain/memories trying to figure out when & how they lost their real lower legs, and I searched so far & deep into my mind that I was seeing flashbacks of old memories from when I used to help my parent’s raise them when they were babies; but they still had their real lower legs in my memories, and so I kept wondering why I had no memories of them losing their lower legs.

Searching through these many old memories was emotional, good & bad & neutral emotions, and it was a bit over-whelming; and I was so bothered/confused/emotional that I had to go walking outside.

I kept trying to figure out if this was real or a dream but I could not figure it out, it was so real & I was so confused/felt so emotional, and outside it was a very nice day with a nice area outside the VA hospital-like place/clinic; and I saw a beautiful circular white colored water fountain where you could sit next to the water, and I sat there & there were a few other people sitting around as well.

A man who looked like or was the actor Nicolas Cage came and sat not far from me at the fountain and we had a conversation, and I told him about how I just found out that my two youngest brothers had fake lower legs & I had not known somehow; and Mr. Cage started to talk about how the for profit big pharmaceutical/medical industry did not really care about people & that they cared more about profits/money/et cetera, and that they probably recommended that my brothers lower legs be removed even when it was probably not necessary.

That made some sense but I still could not see my mom allowing that unless she really felt or was convinced that it was necessary, and so I was still confused; and I still felt so many emotions and had so many thoughts, and the worst was probably feeling that I had failed as the oldest brother to protect/be there for my younger brothers.

Mr. Cage try to give me some words of comfort telling me that I could not blame myself and that I could not change what had already happened, but I still did blame myself/felt like I had failed them/et cetera; and I was so over-whelmed emotionally & I was so confused as to whether this was real or a dream, that I woke up still feeling the same emotions & having the same thoughts, and I still was not sure if it was true or not even though I knew that I was awake.

The dream was that real, that even realizing that I was awake now, that I wanted to get out of bed & make sure that my brothers TD & KD still had their real lower legs; but I did not want to disturb them while they were sleeping, it was 6:Something AM, and so I laid in bed still trying to figure out if it was true or not even though I was awake (it was that real/confusing/emotionally over-whelming and that much of the dream stayed with me even after waking up, I even had to do the finger counting reality check to make sure that I was really awake & that reality check proved that I was awake).

I got up to use the voice recorder on my MP3 player to save an overview of this dream and eventually I managed to go back to sleep, and I am glad that I did that because I almost forgot that dream this morning until I listened to my voice recording; because the dream or dreams after this were pretty deep too, and so I had forgotten about the first dream 😀

Dream 2

The next dream might have been two dreams, I am not sure, but I think that it was one dream; and it was pretty deep, but I forgot most of it & the important details, unfortunately.

I will try to keep this short since I had a hard time typing the first dream, and so I do not feel like typing much.

I am not sure if the dream started in D or not, I just remember that it took place during the day, and I went to a nice fictional two-story restaurant in a house-like building that was located in a field near a road by itself; and it seemed to be a restaurant where mostly middle class and upper class people went to, but there were some lower class people there too I think (like me).

I might have not been myself in this dream or I was different, unfortunately I can not remember most of the dream or the important parts & so this will not make sense, but I think that I was special/messiah-like/a keeper/guardian of knowledge/the past/a Kwisatz Haderach-like person/a super-hero-like person/whatever; and I was very introverted/did a lot of deep inner thinking even when in public, which is a bit true about me, but this was stronger/more/deeper than I am in real life usually (especially in public).

There was a heaviness to me, like I carried a heavy burden, like my mind/I had a huge/lonely responsibility; and I do not think that most other people could really understand me and so they were mostly in awe/a bit afraid to approach me or talk to me, so they would look/stare at me & talk about me when I would walk by.

There was more to me/my powers/abilities/et cetera in this dream, that I can not remember or understand or know, but I am guessing that I was somewhat like a semi-Kwisatz Haderach able to look in the past/present/some possible futures along with other abilities.

The inside of the restaurant was dimly lit but was comfortable & secure & had some nice decorations like fish tanks/plants/et cetera, like maybe my undercover dream security were the workers (who were mostly or only women, as usual), and the workers were the only people comfortable enough to talk with me/approach me at first.

The restaurant had some outdoor porch/patio areas on the first floor and maybe some balcony areas on the second floor, and I remember my waitress walking me through the restaurant to help me find a seat while people stared & whispered/said things about me when I walked by.

I think that the waitress eventually took me to the second floor where I wanted a window seat in a less crowded area and there was a bar area up there, which I did not care about, I just wanted a window seat & I wanted to look around thinking & examining the people in the dream & my surroundings; and this dream had a slower pace to it & I spent most of my time quietly thinking to myself & looking around, it was a very internal type dream if that made sense.

I remember having memories of very old things, memories of things that happened before I was even born in the real world, and I knew things that probably no other Human knew; as far as I could tell.

I deeply examined people & things in the dream, guessing/reading people’s thoughts/emotions/facial expressions/body language/et cetera and guessing/predicting information about objects, and no one bothered me at first; and so I had plenty of time to focus/concentrate.

At some point two women approached me, I am not sure if any of the workers slowed their approach to me or not but I am guessing that the woman at the bar & the waitress probably were watching them, since they probably were my undercover dream security; and the two women were friends, and they decided to talk with me since I was alone & they were fascinated by what they had heard about me & they wanted to ask me a lot of questions & to find out if what they heard about me was true.

They were a bit in awe/afraid/whatever of me but not as much as most people, the type of fear/awe one might have of something/someone unknown/alien/supernatural/divine/of a high social standing/very wise/et cetera.

We talked, it was actually nice to talk with someone, but I forgot what we talked about; and at some point they had to leave I think, and something happened at the restaurant that I can not remember exactly.

I think that maybe some men with guns attacked/entered the restaurant to rob it and/or look for someone (probably me), but I guess the workers (who probably were my undercover dream security) dealt with them before they could even get to the second floor to even come close to finding me; and so I was never in danger really and I was never worried to begin with because my dream security had the situation under control, but I just did not want anyone else to get hurt.

After the situation was dealt with, maybe the waitress (probably part of my dream security) told me that the situation was clear, and so I went to the first floor to leave the restaurant still doing a lot of deep thinking; and I wondered if the men with guns could have even harmed me if they tried, probably not, since I seemed to be super hero-like/messiah-like/Kwisatz Haderach-like/whatever.

I am not sure if this next part is another dream or not, probably, I just remember being in the field near the Jail in D during the day, and my mom & my brothers & my cousin ME’s girlfriend drove up in my parent’s automobile & they picked me up; and we started driving up the road.

We saw jail trustees working on side of the road and we saw my cousin ME working with them, so he was in jail again, and so we stopped so that we/his girlfriend could talk to him from the window of our automobile; and as usual the sheriff/police officer who was supposed to be watching them had walked off to do something else or something, and so no one was watching them.

As we talked to ME suddenly a few jail trustees started trying to escape, but the police officer who was supposed to be watching them was coming back, and he saw them escaping; and he called for backup and he pulled out his gun and/or taser & he started chasing them.

The some of the jail trustees started to get excited, maybe including ME, and they thought that we were helping them escape; and some of them tried running to our automobile thinking that we were going to drive them away, but I made sure the doors were locked & I told them we had no part in this & for them to stay back before they end up in jail longer and/or that I would stop them from entering our automobile.

I wanted my mom to drive off but other police officers & some SWAT members were running over yelling and pointing guns at everyone, and so I did not want to risk us getting shot.

I woke up as we waited as the police & SWAT members were trying to get control of the situation.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂



Getting Shocked / Tased At A Store

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember part of my last dream, which took place in a fictional version of D, and I drove back into town to reach a store before they closed.

The store was where the BB on the West-side should be, and the store was a small business ran by a family that included: a wife, husband, son, daughter, and maybe one or more family members.

I got there near closing time and an American Football team was there ordering something and so I waited with them in line, and I talked with some of them; and they were wearing their football uniforms & some of their football pads.

For some strange reason I was wearing a cheap life jacket, the kind you use when on a boat, that made it look like I had some football pads on; and so I made a joke about being on the football team, and I asked if I could be the kicker. 🙂

We started to laugh and we made a few more jokes about me playing on their football team, but then it was time for the football team to leave, and they said good-bye.

The owners were starting to clean up the store but I think that they were going to let me shop, but I think that I went to use the bathroom first; but this part of the dream is unclear, and I just remember walking in the store, not far from where the owners were cleaning.

Then the owners son, who looked like my former classmate JC, walked toward me grinning/smiling with a sinister/negative facial expression, and he pulled out a taser or a strange device; and then he started to shock me with it.

It hurt and I started to scream in pain as I fell to the floor, because my muscles were starting to tense/tightened & I got weaker, and he kept shocking me off & on as I was on the floor screaming in pain; and I could not get up to defend myself, since my muscles were being shocked, and strangely the owners did not seem to notice this since they were busy cleaning & some shelves were blocking their view.

I had no idea why the owner’s son was shocking me, he seemed to enjoy it as he grinned/smiled in a sinister/negative way, and I might have even begged him to stop & I might have even asked him why he was shocking me; but he did not respond, and he kept shocking me as I was on the ground screaming in pain.

Since he would not respond or stop, I decided to try to resist the shocks, and I started to scream louder trying to power-up/build the strength to get up; and I started to resist the shocks a bit, and my muscles started to un-tense/un-tighten a bit, but I still could not get up.

Then the husband/father came walking over, so the son stopped shocking me & he pretended that everything was normal, and he asked if everything was okay; and the son lied and said yes that everything easy was okay, and I lied and said that everything was okay & that I had slipped & fell or something like that. (Probably because I was afraid)

My body was in pain as I still was on the floor, since my muscles still were not ready to work properly, and so I started trying to gain the strength to get up; and eventually I got up, but my muscles were sore & weak still.

I then had to use the bathroom again and the son & father & another man who looked like MT’s brother CT followed me, and I walked into the bathroom nervously has they followed me for some strange reason.

They stayed near me talking, as I used the urinal & they used the urinals next to me, which was strange & a bit uncomfortable; and I was wondering if one or more of them would attack me again, and so I nervously listened to them & I talked with them.

But then I woke up as we were leaving the bathroom.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Water On The Tennis Court

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a gray day, and it looked like it had rained earlier that day.

I decided to walk toward the tennis court and I noticed that the tennis court was completely covered in water, but the water was not deep, and so I could still walk on to the tennis court.