A Music System With A Smart Bracelet

The end of this dream took place during the day, I was inside a room or house-like area that was inside a larger building that had a small library or something that was outside the door of the room or house that I was in, and there were probably other places inside this multi-purpose building.

I was sitting at a computer checking out a music player system that my brother GC had, and I was doing this while talking to my brother GC who was across the room.

The music system had several hardware parts to it including some software that I was checking out on the computer.

You could store and access your music online using an online account from a web browser using any device that had a supported web browser and internet access, you could store and access your music from a hardware device (computer, tablet computer, mobile phone, MP3 player, et cetera), and there was a smart bracelet with wireless internet support built-in that you could use to access and store your music online from your account and / or from where your music is stored on your home network and / or from the smart bracelet itself.

I remember looking through and listening to music from the online account, from the computer, and through the smart bracelet after connecting it to the online account and to our wireless internet to access music from our computers over our home network.

While doing this and talking to GC, GC somehow stumbled upon some videos maybe online of a woman, and some of the videos had nudity and were probably pornographic so I assume that maybe she was a pornographic actress.

Somehow I ended up having a magazine on the computer desk that came from the library outside our door / room / house, and inside of the magazine I found some images of the same woman in the videos; and some of the images possibly had nudity and were possibly pornographic to my surprise and confusion (this was supposed to be a normal magazine, and not a pornographic magazine; and I was surprised that images like that would be in a magazine at a library), GC and I talked about this briefly, and then I took the magazine back to the library outside the door.

It is possible that the videos and images were not completely pornographic, they could have been risque modeling videos and images of the woman, and maybe some were almost pornographic.

I am not sure who the woman was or what she looked like, this is a wild guess, and maybe she had light-color skin and maybe was from a somewhat older time period between maybe the 1950s – 1990s but I can not remember.

After this I showed GC how to use the smart bracelet and the rest of his music player system to access and store his music, then I told him that I was going to go jogging, and maybe I brought the smart bracelet so that I could listen to music and test it out.

I then went jogging around a somewhat fictional version of the city of D, at some point I was jogging through a fictional neighborhood that as possibly near where the shared parking lot of The D Junior High School and The KRH Elementary School should be, and on the right side of the street I saw an old woman with light-color skin with gray / white hair and a man with light-color skin.

I probably jogged further to the left to give them more space and to avoid scaring them and I waved and I smiled at them as I jogged by but the old woman was looking down and did not see this as she struggled to walk because she was pretty old, and then when she looked up she got scared when she saw me jogging by.

She got unnecessarily scared like she had some kind of bias and / or previous experience that caused her to be extra afraid of certain people.

The old woman started to panic trying to run (which was not possible for her, and so she was moving very slowly) and she started yelling for help like she thought that I was about to attack her and / or rob her, I stopped to let the old woman know that was not the case and that I was just jogging by, and to apologize for accidentally frightening her (even though I had already taken steps to avoid scaring her earlier).

It took this and the other man to finally calm her down, I then learned that the man was the old woman’s lawyer, and that they had just finished talking about some lawyer stuff and were going their separate ways when I was jogging by.

The old woman continued leaving as I talked with her lawyer, I remember him giving me some free legal advice, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Colin Powell Visits A Church

This dream took place during the day, and I was at a fictional Christian church where The E House should be or where it was.

I had a boombox or some other kind of music player that I was using as speakers so that the sermon et cetera could be heard by the audience, and so I was able to control the volume et cetera because the microphone was connected to it et cetera.

A church service was taking place, maybe it was a church that my uncle CC was going to, and maybe he had invited me or something but I can not remember.

Colin Powell was a special guest, he was sitting in the back pew on the left side and he was not dressed up, and the church welcomed him at some point during the church service.

The preacher was a man with dark-color skin with short black hair who preached at some point.

At some point I left with several people by boat across a body of water to a ship-like structure in the middle of the water.

Something was causing some people to become unstable and some would attack, and this happened to a man in our group.

This now unstable man followed me back to the church trying to attack me, we probably did not know what was causing some people to become unstable like this, and I remember yelling for help.

I ran back inside the church to arm myself with anything that I could use as a weapon, I got some makeshift melee weapons, and when the man tried to attack me when I walked I knocked him out / unconscious.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Living At NF’s And / Or Parent’s House?

Dream 1

Before I type my dream fragment from last night, I will type the small part that I remember of my dream fragment from the night before.

I only remember at some point in the dream hovering, not in a body, but some how hovering over a city that appeared to be the city of L.

I spotted a road with a some small businesses on both sides of the road and I hovered down to a little shopping center/area, I saw a small empty business with a small second floor that looked like a one bed room apartment.

I remember thinking to myself that would be a nice little place to stay and start my computer business or something, and I think at this point I had a body or I just went inside of the empty business/apartment room; but that is all that I remember.

Dream 2

Last night I can not remember most of my dream at all either, I just remember being in a modern looking building / house that seemed to be one floor with sunken floors in some rooms and maybe even a basement or something.

Parts of the building were like a house with whitish colored carpets, walls, and ceilings I think and some other parts seemed more like a building than a house I think.

I just remember seeing my online female contact from Germany NF there and I guess we were talking and/or playing a game and/or walking around.

I guess we were in Germany but I never could see the outside since there were no windows, and I felt that I was temporary living here with her and/or her parents.

I just remember at some point NF talking about how she felt that I was distancing myself from her or something and then she started ignoring me, I tried to explain how that she was mistaken about the situation, but she would not listen and she laid on a small bed in a corner-like area of the house with her back facing me & next to the bed was a water based heater or something I think and a small music player.

It seemed that she thought I was me being distant or something and was not going to take it anymore and I guess she was going to start ignoring me or something until I changed and/or it was a punishment and/or something.

I think I started to think about the situation standing near the area where she was trying to sleep as the music player played, and I walked off for a moment I think, and I think NF’s parents came walking from another part of the house.

They asked me where NF was I think and I told them that she was asleep or trying to sleep, all in English, and then I think I thanked them for letting me temporarily stay at their house or something.

They walked off and I walked back over to where NF was sleeping to turn off the music player, I did it quietly so she would not wake up, and then I sat there for a moment thinking and wondering what NF was thinking/dreaming; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂