Holding A Baby Named Catherine

I was supposed to get out of bed to voice record this dream but the room was cold and I did not feel like getting out of bed so I went back to sleep several times causing me to forget most of this detailed and interesting dream unfortunately, and so all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a fictional multi-story school where maybe I was a student; also during some part of the dream that I can not remember I remember hearing part of the song I Fink U Freeky by Die Antwoord, I saw the music video of this after watching part of a Music Video Sins YouTube video about it called Everything Wrong With Die Antwoord – “I Fink U Freeky”, I never heard or saw the music video/song/music artists before so I decided to look at the original music video of it which was crazy/weird/unique/strange/et cetera.

At some point in the dream I was in a classroom with other students including some of my former classmates like my former female classmate S or SB, I remember talking to them/her and I remember having three different coats/jackets, and of the three jackets/coats I was only wearing a/the reddish colored zip-up coat/jacket that looked almost like faux/fake alligator/snake/reptile/reptilian skin/leather that looked reddish to me at first but later in the dream it looked a bit pinkish which caused me to change jackets/coats.

During this part of the dream and several other parts of the dream (later when I am walking home) I remember doing and showing off a pivot/spin move (basically a modified basketball pivot) that I do sometimes that I probably got from when I used to play basketball and soccer/football, where I pivot/spin my body keeping one foot in place allowing me to move in various directions quickly while balancing my body to avoid falling, and I use this move for various purposes (to avoid colliding with people, to dodge, to avoid falling, to quickly do several things without moving from one spot, in basketball, in soccer/football, and more); but I remember my former classmate S or SB and several others making fun of it/me joking about how it looked like I was twirling/doing a twirl like a ballerina or ice skater.

At some point class was over and I remember finding a cute baby with whitish/light-colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair in the classroom wearing a pinkish colored long-sleeve full-body one-piece/onesie/whatever baby outfit with whitish colored trim that had built-in footpads like the baby outfits that my mom used for my brothers and I when we were babies, and on the outfit was the first and last name of the baby and of the mother and maybe a location or job title of the mother; and I remember the first name Catherine being written on the outfit so that was probably the baby’s first name or possibly the mother’s first name, but I assumed that it was the baby’s first name.

I picked up baby Catherine who was awake and I remember talking to her (she was too young to talk yet) and I remember her smiling very cutely as I carried her with one arm/shoulder and my stuff in the other arm/part of my body, I remember my former classmate S or SB and some of the others looking at baby Catherine and I thinking that she was my baby, and they were surprised/confused because they did not know that I had a baby (which I do not); but they did not ask me about it, and so I did not say anything because I thought that it was funny that they thought that baby Catherine was my daughter and I probably was going to tell them later but for now I wanted them to be confused and see if they would spread rumors about it.

I walked around the school holding baby Catherine in different positions while talking/playing with her as I looked for her mother, this was an amazing experience and I felt like a dad and baby Catherine was very cute and well-behaved for a baby and she was having fun too, and at some point I remember walking on an upper floor where I saw a woman with whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair who looked/seemed nice sitting in a hall with a male police officer or security guard with whitish colored skin who looked/seemed mean/serious; and I thought that this was probably baby Catherine’s mother, and so I asked her if this was her baby and she said yes I think.

I gave her baby Catherine probably after she gave me enough proof that she was her mother and I remember sitting down to talk to her after she let the police officer/security guard know that it was okay because at first he was trying to block my path acting like I was dangerous or something like that, and either during this part of the dream or earlier in the dream I remember seeing and talking about fictional video clips/memories of when I was a kid playing on a little league basketball team that my dad was coaching.

In the video clips/memories I was a kid on the basketball court during a game looking defiant and in a bad mood but I seemed/looked wiser than a kid oddly, my dad walked on the court to talk to me several times, and I remember listening but looking defiant like I was not going to follow his instructions; and I remember commenting on this false memory, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

At some point I left the school to walk home with my three coats/jackets, maybe it was day and then magically evening as I walked but I can not remember, and there was an unknown male student walking home as well who I talked to; and I remember noticing that the jacket/coat that I was wearing looked a bit pinkish to me, and so I changed into one of my other jackets/coats instead and something else happened during my walk home that I can not remember.

Later during the end of the dream I remember being with one or more classes of school children/kids and their teachers who seemed to be going on a field trip underground, and we went into a nice large underground room with a tall ceiling that had carpet/a carpeted floor with somewhat fancy lighting; and at the end of the room was two tall thick double-doors that were closed, and so we opened them and inside was an underground auditorium-like room with dangerous/violent men/people so I told the kids/teachers to run back above-ground while another man and I closed the doors to stay inside the auditorium-like room to stop any of the dangerous/violent people from getting to the kids/teachers before they could escape.

There seemed to be a fighting tournament where maybe people fought to the death taking place in this area, it possibly was not to the death but I can not remember, and I remember the man and I guarding the door and talking to some of the dangerous people to keep them away; but it seemed that soon we would have to fight them and probably be forced into the fighting tournament, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

An Ariana Grande Music Video And The Strain With Dirt / Soil And Worms

I went to bed very late last night after having a long conversation with my brother GC about various things including aliens and discovering non-alien sentient life already on Earth, how do you think the first species that we find/meet will look, how would you want them to look, how do you expect them to act/be, how do you want them to act/be, do you think that our contact with them will be positive or negative or neutral, et cetera; and we talked about various short film/film/story/et cetera ideas of the same topic (mostly science fiction horror-type story/film/et cetera ideas with mostly tall Grey-type aliens), and so I can not remember most of my dreams from last night.

Dream 1

All that my voice recording of this dream mentioned was something possibly symbolic possibly involving something trying to eat you/me/others and/or something like that which probably symbolically represented something, and maybe I heard the song CoCo by O.T. Genasis in the dream (someone sent the video to me last night before going to sleep, and I thought that it was a parody rap music video or something like that 😀 ) but that is all that my voice recording mentioned because the dream rapidly faded from my memory as I was using the bathroom.

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