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Yesterday The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt called Imaginary, and this is what it said:


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Sometimes when listening to music I will daydream of myself playing a musical instrument and / or singing and / or dancing to the song that I am listening to, and so I will be part of the music group or playing / singing / dancing with the music artist (musician) or playing / singing / dancing in place of the music artist and / or with my own fictional music group.

If I ever were to form my own music group (band), it would probably mostly be a cover band, and I would probably call it either The Imaginary International Cover Band or John Jr And The Imaginary International Cover Band because of how I sometimes daydream like that when listening to music and because I listen to many different styles of music in various languages. 😀

The end,

-John Jr


Large-Headed Rattlesnakes

I slept well and I had some clear and detailed dreams, but I forgot most of them and I forgot some parts of the dreams that I do remember.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in my parent’s yard near the storage buildings and The BV, and while I was walking in the yard I noticed a rattlesnake laying in the grass near The BV and the rattlesnake had a larger than normal head.

This is the most poisonous snake that I have seen in my parent’s yard so I decided to go get a shovel to kill it, and as I walked over to the storage buildings to get a shovel I saw another large-headed rattlesnake that was mostly underground by a toolbox with its head above-ground like it was coming from underground but it stopped to relax first.

This surprised me to see two rattlesnakes and for them to have such large heads, this confused and worried me, and so I looked around closely at the grass and ground looking for more snakes as I got a shovel which was a flat shovel.

I then killed the large-head rattlesnake whose head was above-ground by the toolbox by chopping its neck with the shovel and decapitating it, and then I started walking to kill the other large-head rattlesnake but I saw my brother GC and our dad so I stopped to warn them and tell them about the situation.

They were going to help me kill the other large-head rattlesnake so I gave my brother GC my shovel, our dad grabbed a metal stick or pipe, and then I found a pointed shovel and we walked over to kill the other large-head rattlesnake.

The plan was for my brother GC to chop its neck and hold it down, I would chop the middle of its body and hold it down, my brother GC would then chop again while I held it down, then I would chop it again while my brother GC held it down, and our dad would stand back to cover us from any other possible snakes and help us if necessary.

I am not sure if we got to start my plan before I woke up because I can not remember now.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day on one of my off-days from work, today is really one of those days and Sunday is the other (because the library does not open on that day), and I decided to go to The B Parish Library where I work to get one or more DVDs and/or audio books and/or books that I wanted.

When I entered The B Parish Library I saw my female coworker Ms. M and another female coworker at the front desk, I can not remember the rest of the dream other than getting my items and going to the front desk, and there I greeted my coworkers and Ms. M was the library clerk checking out my items.

We talked as Ms. M checked out my items, we talked about how it was my day off and some other things involving the item(s) that I was checking out and several other topics, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

There was possibly another dream before this or another part of this dream that I possibly remembered after getting in bed again after voice recording my dreams, but I can not remember that dream or that part of the dream now other than it possibly involved me shopping and/or looking for something and then leaving and/or walking into this part of the dream or this next dream.

This part of the dream or this dream was probably inspired by me watching Imogen Heap’s Tiny Human music video (which is probably about the experience when she gave birth to her first child) last night and her last video blog (vblog) episode #5 which talked about her pregnancy among other things (that vblog is old so she already had her baby months ago):

At the end of the dream I remember walking into a nice almost opera-like theater where a concert was taking place on stage with audience and performers being nicely dressed, and there were two women with white skin performing on stage playing music and maybe singing and maybe more.

They both wore nice dresses, at least one of them had long curly brown hair, and there was at least one large black piano and other musical instruments that they were using and that they had on stage among their props and decorations.

During their performance the two women suddenly started arguing and then fighting, it seemed fake and staged to me like professional (entertainment) wrestling so I assumed that this was part of the show, and it happened as I was walking on stage.

No one was getting hurt during their fight but then one of the women grabbed a musical instrument and she threw it at the other woman, and the musical instrument hit her in the stomach and she fell back behind the piano and/or a prop and/or part of the stage where you could not see her.

I still assumed that this was part of the show and that the other woman was okay, and so I walked over to the woman who had thrown the musical instrument and we started talking.

At some point while I was thinking about the situation as I talked with the woman I realized that the other woman who got hit in the stomach appeared to be pregnant when I thought back on that moment she got hit in the stomach, I assumed that this was faked and that she had a pillow or something under her dress to appear slightly pregnant, but then I realized that the other woman still had not gotten up to join our conversation and I still had not seen her since she fell back where we could not see her after getting hit in the stomach with the musical instrument.

I then started to wonder if that had been real and that maybe she was really pregnant, maybe they really got into an argument and fight during their performance, and so I asked the woman if she had seen the other woman since she fell and she said no so I decided that we should check on her to see where she was and if she was okay.

We found her laying on the ground holding her stomach, she said that she was pregnant and that she thinks that she was injured and could not get up, and so I told the other woman to get help so she did.

They had some emergency medical people backstage so we waited on them to run from backstage, but I woke up as I stayed their talking to and trying to help the injured pregnant woman.

The end,

-John Jr


A Library Music Class With B.B. King & A Former Job & A South Park: The Stick Of Truth Inspired Dream

I remember part of one of my dreams from last night that had at least three parts to it with the first part taking place at a public library, the second part involved a fictional job/former job that I had (probably inspired by Flynn’s comment from yesterday 😉 ), and the third part seemed to be inspired by the video game South Park: The Stick Of Truth.

The first part of the dream started during the day at a fictional nice one-story public library in a fictional place and I signed up for a probably over-priced music class at the library for learning to play musical instruments and I even bought an over-priced musical instrument for the music class, but I can not remember which/what musical instrument I bought.


11-2-2012 | Dream Journal | Giving A Woman A Small Guitar Or Ukulele As A Gift

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I remember part of about four dream fragments, with the first dream fragment taking place inside of a fictional apartment building where I lived in an apartment alone, and the dream had a gloomy/lonely/outcast-like feeling to it.

The apartment probably was one floor with long hallways with several apartments on each hallway, and the end of the hallway near where I lived was sunken (my apartment was on the normal side); and I do not remember seeing any windows, there was probably brown carpet & walls, and so the apartment had a dark look to it and all the lighting was artificial.

There was a woman who lived in one of the apartments on the sunken end of my hallway who was like Olga Kay or was Olga Kay or was my former college-mate IE (The Goddess On Fire) or was a combination of the two or was someone similar to them who was probably from Russia, I am not sure which, and she made videos & other stuff online; and so she was pretty popular, out-going, and seemed like a fun person.

I seemed to be interested in her and I wanted to talk with her some times, since she lived on my hallway, but when I would get the courage to go down to her apartment to talk with her; she would be gone, she usually left her door to her apartment wide open, even when she was gone.

I probably had never gotten the chance to talk with her, in the many times that I tried going down to her apartment (there were flashbacks of my many past failed attempts), and so this time I decided that I would wait around at her apartment for the longest time ever to see if she would show up; if she was not there this time, as usual.

In this dream my social anxiety, depression, et cetera was pretty bad which is unusual for a dream; but I got the courage/will to walk down to her apartment, but she was not there as usual.

Since the door was opened as usual, I decided to go inside and walk around and wait for a while, and her apartment was shaped like a rectangle with a large open living room/family room/dining room/kitchen area that seemed like a great place to entertain/visit with groups of people; and the other rooms were behind closed doors and/or down a small hallway, but I stayed in the open area looking around & waiting.

After waiting for the longest time ever, I decided to leave, but a woman who lived across the hallway had seen me hanging around the apartment and saw me leaving; she did not get a good look at me so she did not know what I looked like, but later she told the woman that a man was hanging around her apartment while she was gone & she told the security.

That made me feel like a stalker/creep or something and so I felt even worse than I already did, and I probably decided to isolate myself even more and probably give up on trying to talk with the woman one day unless I saw her walking down the hallway or something maybe; I went back to my lonely isolated room, and returned to my gloomy life but that is all that I can remember.

The next dream was more positive and took place during the day and I went to a doctor’s appointment in possibly a fictional version of D not far from where DQ should be, and a woman was with me who might have been NF or like NF or Madamoiselle Cerise or like Madamoiselle Cerise or a combination of both of them or someone similar to them; but I am not sure which.

Who ever the woman was I was close to her, knew her, and we either were dating or close to dating probably; but I am not sure.

The medical clinic was in a small mall-like building with the the clinic being at the front of the building on the left side where nice large glass windows were, and so the waiting room had a clear view of the outside with nice natural lighting coming into it; and I signed in at the front desk where a nurse with dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair wearing a white nurses cap with a white nurses outfit was sitting, and we sat down in the waiting room near the windows.

There was probably a TV on the wall that was probably on but the woman and I sat talking, looking at magazines, and looking outside through the windows mostly.

After waiting longer than I expected I was going to ask the nurse what was taking so long but I had to use the bathroom first, the woman offered to ask the nurse while I used the bathroom, and so I went to the bathroom while she asked the nurse; and when I came out of the bathroom, the nursed said that my records showed that I had not had an appointment in Many years, and so I asked her to call out the name & it was my dad’s name.

I told the woman that I was John Jr and that she had my records mixed up with my dad’s, I mentioned that I always put Jr but most people seem to ignore it which is annoying and that causing a lot of confusion when they confuse my dad & I, and so the nurse had to look up my records to fix the error; and she that I would have to wait a while, and so the woman and I went to walk around the small mall-like building to waste time.

The first area next to the clinic, besides the main entrance, was a room that was like a hangout/lounge area were people could eat/drink/talk/read/sit/sing/whatever; but most of the few chairs and tables were taken, and so we sat on the floor like most of the other people in the room.

I am not sure if the woman and I held hands or not but we were close to each other, to our surprise three men approached us as we sat on the floor, and one of them had a ukulele/one of them might have had another instrument/and the third man had no instrument; and they sat down around us and played & sang a song to us.

It helped to create a nice/romantic/close mood between the woman and I, and we sat & enjoyed their brief song; and then the three men got up to leave to goof around with some of their friends, we thanked them, and said goodbye.

Now that a very nice mood was created and the woman and I felt closer than ever, I decided to give her a gift that I magically knew that I had in my pocket, and it was a small guitar or ukulele still covered in plastic wrap; somehow it magically fit in my pocket and somehow I magically knew that the woman could play the guitar.

She was surprised and happy about the gift and I told her that it would be nice if she unwrapped it now and showed me how to tune the guitar and start teaching me how to play the guitar, and we could practice/play it together for fun.

She thought that was a great idea and a good chance for us to work together and for me to learn to play the guitar, but I woke up as she was unwrapping the guitar.

The third dream took place during the day in possibly a fictional version of D near where DQ should be and there was a fictional abandoned building there that was owned by some rich/business/mafia-like people, I was in a gloomy mood wearing a black suit thinking to myself about trying to find a job, and so I was probably job hunting in our terrible economy/job environment.

I heard and saw three men with whitish colored skin in the abandoned building and they were talking about stealing something from a hidden stash in the abandoned building that belonged to the rich/business/mafia-like people, they saw themselves to be like Robin Hood stealing from the rich & giving to the poor, and then they ran off with whatever they had stolen; and security and maybe police associated with the rich people came in response to the theft, I am not sure how they knew.

The men were gone but maybe some of the security or police went looking for them, but most of the security (who wore black suits and black sunglasses) were searching the abandoned building for something; and so I kept my distance, but then a woman in a dress suit arrived who seemed to be one of the rich people or a high level person within their ranks.

She went inside the abandoned building with a bodyguard, I got close enough to see the bodyguard open a metal panel on a wall that was maybe a heater vent or something like that and he pulled out two old paint buckets with two paint brushes with dried paint on them that looked like trash as the woman in the dress suit watched, and I assumed that was one of the secret stash locations that belonged to the rich people; and they were checking to see if it was stolen or not, I was afraid that if they saw me watching them that I would be killed for seeing too much, and so I started to walk off pretending to be patrolling the area as a security guard (I was wearing a black suit like the security, I only was missing the black sunglasses, so I blended in somewhat).

I walked off with my back too them so that they could not see that I did not have on sunglasses, they probably never noticed me to begin with since I was hiding behind something while I was watching them, and I managed to escape without being noticed; wondering what was that all about and still wondering about getting a job, but I woke up.

The next dream took place in the same area but the abandoned building was now a small portable business office owned by a rich/business/mafia-like family led by an old woman with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair.

I was talking with someone who worked for the rich/business/mafia-like family at the small portable business office and they were telling me about the old woman who led the family and how she was mostly grouchy/mean/negative and for me to not under-estimate or cross her family or they could be dangerous.

Her family appeared to mostly run a few legal/legitimate small and medium-sized businesses in the town, and there were probably other larger/more powerful families in the town as well but I am not sure.

In this dream I needed a job as well and as the person and I were talking, the old woman who owned the business walked in with a bodyguard (wearing a black suit with black sunglasses), and she came to check up on how things were going; and she started asking the person questions and looking around at records and stuff.

The worker and I stood near the wall, the bodyguard stood in the corner, and the old woman walked around the business checking things and complaining about various things; the business was doing fine, but she was mostly complaining about other things.

I remember her complaining about how you could not love/trust/marry anyone or that would make you weak/vulnerable to get betrayed/disappointed/et cetera; and she seemed very bitter, she had never married,  she does not date, she rejects love as weakness & dangerous, she rejects marriage, et cetera.

After listening to her complain for a while, I decided to challenge her, and I countered some of her complaints with more logical non-absolutist type statements; since she liked to talk in absolutes, like this always happens or everyone does this or you can never do this, et cetera.

She was surprised that I stood up and challenged her and she seemed to respect that, and she seemed to somewhat agree with my more logical non-absolutist statements that acknowledged that some of the complaints she had were true in some ways but not always true; and that there are people who can be married & happy overall or who can date & be happy or who can love & be strong overall, et cetera.

I told her that things are not perfect, bad things happen, neutral things happen, good things happen, some people have more bad things happen than others, but things are not always negative for everyone in reference to love/trust/marriage/dating/et cetera; and there is some hope and good things that happen.

Her approach to life had been a cold/negative/isolated one that had allowed her family to survive, but at a cost, leaving her a mostly bitter/angry/mean/complaining old woman who rejected many of the possible good parts in life and who mostly rejected the reality of positive possibilities; and she treated the world/life/people like enemies that she needed to always defend/fight against or something.

I started to add jokes to my statements which changed the mood and the old woman actually started to smile and laugh, and we started to have a good conversation; my jokes imitated some of her statements and showed the illogic & goofiness of some of her statements.

Our conversation went so well that she offered to pay me to join her and keep her company for a few hours as she continued going around the town checking on her businesses and if things went well, and if I passed their background checks, she would try to find me a job at one of her businesses.

As she was finishing her business checking, the worker told me to be careful and to think twice before I make my decision, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Several Dream Fragments Near Store

Dream 1

Last night I had several dreams that took place mostly in the same area, I guess my brain was being lazy and just recycled the same dream world 😀 ; the area was where one of the Dollar General stores are/is in my birth-town.

My memory of the dreams and what order they go in, is/are not clear, but I will try to put the pieces together. 😉

I think the first dream involved my parent’s going to get ice at my dad’s workplace, which was not in its real life place, but it was located where one of the Dollar General stores was supposed to be.

No one was in or near the shop, as usual, so my parents were alone; but some of my brothers and I were walking near the park, which is not far away, so I could see my parent’s automobile.

At some point a group of men came, I am not sure where they came from, but they came with guns to the shop where my parents were; so my brothers and I went to make sure that our parents were okay.

The group of men robbed my parent’s and then started to steal gas and other things from the shop, but then my brothers and I arrived; and the men started to shoot at us, so we took cover.

We were not going to run and leave our parent’s, so we stayed to fight, even though we had no guns or weapons; since we were not running away, the men seemed to think that we had guns, so they ran for cover outside of the shop area. 😀

My brothers and I then ran into the shop where our parent’s were and we locked the doors and windows; and so we were then under siege. 😀

We stayed locked up in the shop for at least 24 hours; we probably looked for weapons and other supplies, while we waited.

The men were still outside the shop area for most of the 24 hours I think, but at some point we could not see them from the windows anymore.

I snuck/sneaked outside to see if they were hiding and then I saw another group of men coming with guns, but I recognized some of the men as former classmates of mine.

I decided to talk with them and try to get them to help us indirectly, though I was cautious and worried that they were a threat also, if I did not handle the situation properly.

They recognized me and I told them that a group of men had attacked us, and I told them to be careful; they seemed to have also come to steal some gas and other supplies, like the other group of men, but this group of men knew me so they did not attack me.

I talked with their leader, who was one of my former classmates, and I managed to handle the situation in a way that caused him to want to stay near the shop to protect it from the other group while not harming my family or me.

They were not there to protect us, but to protect the shop area, because they wanted all the supplies for themselves and they did not want to share the stuff they stole with anyone. 😀

I managed to convince them to stay protecting the area, while I went on a mission for them, in exchange; the leader wanted me to find his cousin and give him a message, and bring him back to the shop area if I could. 😀

My family would not be harmed by them, his group would have more time to steal stuff, and his group could fight the other group of men if they came back; so everyone was getting something out of the deal. 😉

I then walked around town looking for his cousin and I found another one of his cousins, so I asked him did he know where the other cousin was that I was looking for, but I woke up as we were talking.

Dream 2

The second dream is so unclear that all I can remember is being in the same area where the Dollar General store is supposed to be, but there was another building there; and I remember being inside this building, and I remember something to do with entertainment wrestling or something like that. 😀

I remember seeing some old fictional former wrestlers and some fictional wrestlers I think, and I was not supposed to be in the building.

I think I remember a female employee and I meet in a bedroom to hide, and talk about something; but some men were coming to the room, so I hid in a closet underneath some clothes. 😀

The men looked in the closet for something but did not see me, and I remember finding a magazine that showed the old and current photos of some of the fictional wrestlers or whatever I saw in the dream; then I woke up. 😀

Dream 3

The third dream took place outside the Dollar General late in the afternoon, and Pauline Croze was having a concert with her band.

Only about ten people were there, and I was there with a woman, maybe the woman from the second dream; I can not remember what she looked like, but I think she may have looked just like Ms. Croze but I could be wrong since that would not make much sense. 😀

The woman and I were standing behind the small crowd of people, and we were leaning on a wall-like area.

The atmosphere of this dream was nice, especially compared to my last dream with a Pauline Croze concert. 😀

Ms. Croze performed several of her songs in French, and maybe two or three songs in English; she even performed some fictional remixes of a few of her songs, one of which was an English song that she did with new lyrics and with a pop and R&B singing style. 😀

I was flirting with the woman who was with me during the concert as we both enjoyed the show, it seemed that we did not know each other well, but we were pretty comfortable around each other. 🙂

In between songs Ms. Croze would talk to the crowd in French and sometimes English, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

The crowd was not interrupting her in this dream and they seemed to be enjoying her music.

Ms. Croze and her band were in a good mood, and their instruments and her microphone worked in this dream. 😀

At some point Ms. Croze and her band took a break, and she ran to the park for some exercise and maybe to find the bathroom. 😀

I continued trying to get closer to the woman who I was with at the concert, and things were going good still.

Ms. Croze came back and joked & talked with her band, and the crowd for a few minutes; but I stayed back listening and talking/flirting with the woman instead of going to talk to Ms. Croze & the crowd.

The concert started back and I remember listening & watching, and occasionally I would look at the woman next to me and slowly lean closer to her. 😀

We exchanged glances, words, and other types of body language as we both enjoyed the concert; but I woke up at some point while listening to one of Ms. Croze’s fictional English remixes of one of her songs.

Then end,

-John Jr 🙂