Boyd’s Shadow

What is it?

The 1992 movie Boyd’s Shadow.


Boyd’s Shadow (Lonely Old Man)


Boyd’s Shadow

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:

An educational program that offers a lesson in preconceptions and acceptance.

When a boy get to know the town recluse, he finds him to be an accomplished folk musician who was a friend of the boy’s dead father.

Here is the YouTube description for it:

Boyd’s Shadow is a story about a lonely little boy who befriends his shadow and learns some good lessons about life and friendship. Story and music by James William Stevens (Bill Stevens). Script and directed by John Finley Stevens (Johnny Stevens). Boyd: Bill Stevens, Jr. Shadow: Katie Stevens. Pearl: Becca Stevens. Good family film for kids.


Fiddler On The Roof (4/10) Movie CLIP – If I Were A Rich Man (1971) HD

Fiddler On The Roof (4/10) Movie CLIP – If I Were A Rich Man (1971) HD

What is it?

The 2015 YouTube video Fiddler On The Roof (4/10) Movie CLIP – If I Were A Rich Man (1971) HD by the YouTube channel Movieclips.

Here is the description for this video:

Fiddler on the Roof movie clips:

Tevye (Topol) dreams of fabulous wealth.

Norman Jewison’s adaptation of the long-running Broadway musical is set in the Ukranian ghetto village of Anatevka (the film was actually lensed in Yugoslavia). Israeli actor Topol repeats his London stage role as Tevye the milkman, whose equilibrium is constantly being challenged by his poverty, the prejudicial attitudes of non-Jews, and the romantic entanglements of his five daughters. Whenever the weight of the world becomes too much for him, Tevye carries on lengthy conversations with God, who does not answer but is at least more willing to listen than the milkman’s remonstrative wife Golde. After arranging a marriage between his oldest daughter Tzeitel and wealthy butcher Lazar Wolf, Tevye is forced to do some quick rearranging when the girl falls in love with poor tailor Motel Kamzoil. Fancying himself more broad-minded than his gentile oppressors, Tevye cannot accept the notion that his other daughter Chava would want to marry Fyedka, a non-Jew. And after shouting the praises of “tradition,” Tevye must change his tune-and his entire life-when he and his neighbors are forced out of Anatevka by the Czar’s minions. Topol’s co-stars include Norma Crane as Golde, Yiddish theater legend Molly Picon as Yente the matchmaker, and Leonard Frey as Motel.

TM & © MGM (1971)
Cast: Topol
Director: Norman Jewison
Producers: Norman Jewison, Patrick J. Palmer, Walter Mirisch
Screenwriters: Sholom Aleichem, Joseph Stein

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Roger Federer Will Be Banned From Wimbledon?

Dream 1

I can not remember most of this dream now but it involved a dream character, probably male, being involved in various repeating dream scenes and / or themes and / or something like that.

Dream 2

This dream possibly involved me watching television and I remember seeing a parody skit involving several actresses playing various characters played by the actress Rachael Harris and Mrs. Harris was there too.


Bill O’Reilly Replaces A Goddess Character?

I went to bed late last night so I did not get enough sleep, I remembered some dreams but I kept going back to sleep without voice recording them because I wanted to get as much sleep as I could, and so now I can barely remember part of one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream now it that I remember hearing some music that sounded mostly like classical music but part of the song sounded a bit like it was combined with maybe some bossa nova, and that part of the song sounded familiar because maybe I heard a female voice singing that sounded like Pauline Croze and maybe another female voice that possibly sounded like Flavia Coelho singing backup vocals and / or several other backup singers.


A Feist Musical Production (Musical) And / Or Music Video

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately I forgot most of my dream fragments last night again due to having to wake up quickly & early in the morning to do some volunteer work I guess you could say.

I think my dream fragments last night were connected and/or similar to my dream fragments from the night before, but I could be wrong.

I remember there were three parts to my dream fragments from last night, but I have forgotten most of the details, unfortunately.

I know that all three involved the same classmates & classroom, and there was a different teacher in two or three of the dream fragments.

The dream fragments had more detail than usual for school related dream fragments.

I can not remember who the first teacher was in the first dream fragment, but the music artist Feist was the temporary teacher in the second dream fragment, and Ms. Feist had our class help make & then perform a musical production (musical) and/or music video of some kind.

I can not remember the details, but there were a lot of details as Ms. Feist taught us /l ed us through the different steps of the musical production and / or music video making process, and at the end we performed the musical production and / or music video along with Ms. Feist, probably.

I remember Ms. Feist, my classmates, and I having a good time; and we were not ready for the class to end, but Ms. Feist was only a temporary teacher there for that/the class & either the first teacher or a new teacher took over the class after Ms. Feist was finished teaching us.

I think Ms. Feist had us help make & perform a music video for a song that she had written & she had thought up most of the ideas for the music video or musical production, it was fun, but I can not remember the details.

I remember my class and I saying goodbye to Ms. Feist, though we wished that she could stay, and then we started our third class with the first teacher or a new teacher.

I can not remember the details of the third class, that is all that I can remember, unfortunately; but I do remember thinking that maybe my dreams from the night before took place in the same classroom.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂