Thug Robs Superhero – Employee Evaluation

Today, Nathan Fisher (Nate) uploaded 5 of his old videos on his NateFlicks YouTube channel.

The video that made me laugh the most (though I am not a fan of the cursing et cetera) was called Thug Robs Superhero – Employee Evaluation:

Thug Robs Superhero – Employee Evaluation

Nathan Fisher Finds His Biological Father And A Man Who Is About To Learn That He Was Born From A Rape And That His Real Biological Father Was The Rapist?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of the end of my last dream which took place during the day inside a slightly fictional version of my parent’s house in maybe my brother GC’s room, and I think that I was watching a fictional YouTube video on a computer of Nathan (Nate) Fisher from YouTube showing and talking about his biological father; and this dream seemed to be inspired by one of his videos that I saw last year (it is strange that I would suddenly have a dream inspired by it now).

In the dream I guess that Nate found out that it was true that his dad who raised him was not his biological father, he finally found the identity of his biological father, and so in this fictional YouTube video he was talking about him; and he showed a video clip of his biological father from a distance so you could not see him very well and you could only see him from the side as he sat down in the distance, and he was very short with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair with a receding hairline and bald spot down the middle of his head and he was over-fat and from a distance he looked a bit like the actor Danny DeVito.

Nate seemed to be handling the news well, but then my watching the video got interrupted by two unknown men with whitish colored skin entering the bedroom that I was in; and one of the men was older than the other, the older man was trying to tell the younger man something important/serious, and I assumed that he was trying to slowly and cautiously tell the young man that the man who he thought was his biological father was not his real biological father and that his mom/mother had been raped by his real biological father and that is how he was born/conceived.

The older man told the younger man that he knew a man years ago who I think used to work as a circus performer and/or something like that, who had mental health problems and/or other problems (maybe drug problems, et cetera) and some bad character/personality/behavioral flaws, and who one day went crazy/lost control/whatever; and he said that the man had raped several women during this time, and that he disappeared for many years until now.

He pointed at a new single-wide mobile home that I had never seen before in the land that is for sale across the street from the field by my parent’s house, it looked like someone had put it there during the night (which annoyed me a bit, more people, more problems), and there was a small house-like shed/storage building near it; and some tree branches were going through several windows  on the mobile home and through the mobile home like the people moving the mobile home did not see the trees there during the night when they probably moved it there.

The older man said that the man had just magically appeared again after all of these years and that he was now living in that mobile home, I assumed that he was trying to prepare the younger man for the truth that the man in that mobile home was his real biological father, and that the man had raped his mom/mother years ago (it seemed that no one had told the young man of his mother’s possible rape or about the man or that his dad was possibly not his biological father).

The younger man seemed like the type of person who was easily confused and who would not want to believe something like this and who would not take the news well, so the older man slowly kept giving him hints while trying to explain things and slowly prepare him for the truth it seemed, but I woke up before I could find out if my assumptions/guesses/predictions were correct or not.

The end,

-John Jr

A Teacher With Her Own Massage Therapist And Nathan Fisher’s Prank

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I did not voice record my dreams during the night when I woke up twice to use the bathroom and so now I only remember part of my last dream which took place inside a windowless probably multi-story dimly lit apartment/dorm-like building, and I was in maybe a college class with other students.

We were in a room with maybe brownish colored walls that was between two other rooms, the other room at the front of our room had a door to our room and a wall made of mostly glass with a female massage therapist with whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair who worked for our teacher sitting at a table reading a magazine/book or something on her mobile phone, and the second room at the back of our room also had a door to our room and it was a small room with a metal ceramic gas heater.

Our teacher was a woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who was rich and her husband and her probably owned or partly owned an entertainment (professional) wrestling company, and I remember us probably watching an entertainment wrestling event that her company was having on TV.

It must have been a lazy day or a Friday or something like that because I do not remember our teacher teaching us anything, we just watched TV and talked, and our teacher had her massage therapist give her a massage and she hooked/attached a container of ice on her back after the massage as part of her special massage technique I guess.

The massage therapist had a large container of ice in our room that was so large that two people could sit inside of it like a hot tub but it was solid frozen ice, and at some point a strong male student in our class with dark brownish colored skin asked the teacher if he could have a massage as well.

Our teacher told him that he could and that she would handle/take care of the cost and she told her massage therapist to come give him a massage, but first she asked her massage therapist to make her an alcoholic snow cone.

Her massage therapist looked a bit annoyed and bored but she got up from her table in the other room and she entered our room to start cutting the ice with a special metal tool in a certain shape to fit a triangular-shaped snow cone cup, and she cut it quickly and accurately; and she used some small salt-like blocks to start heating/melting the ice quickly.

It was amazing watching her work and she was very talented, she quickly filled the snow cone cup with party melted broken up ice and added a special flavored reddish colored snow cone syrup and an alcoholic drink to it, and she gave it to our teacher; and our teacher asked if he wanted one, but he said that he would take a non-alcoholic snow cone instead.

The massage therapist quickly started melting more ice with the salt-like blocks forming a pool of water and broken ice, the man asked if they could get into the pool of water and broken ice together and drink snow cones together after his massage, and the massage therapist said yes; and she started taking off her clothes, and she had a bikini on and he noticed that she had a nice large butt even though she looked thin before she took her clothes off.

He smiled and he laid on his stomach with his eyes closed waiting for his massage, one of our classmates was Nathan Fisher (Nate) from the YouTube channel NateFlicks and he wanted to play a prank on him, and so he wore a bikini and a wig and makeup so that he could pretend to be the massage therapist and give him a massage.

Nate signaled with his hands for the massage therapist to stand back as he gives the massage instead, we tried to avoid laughing too hard as Nate gave him a massage while talking in a fake woman’s voice, and he did not notice because his eyes were closed.

At some point he wanted to give the massage therapist a massage still not knowing that it was Nate playing a prank on him, Nate laid on his stomach facing away from him so that he could not see his face, but he quickly realized that something was not right and then he looked at Nate’s face realizing who he was; and he became very angry, and he tried to attack Nate but I grabbed him locking both of his arms while trying to calm him down.

Nate kept telling him that it was just a joke while I tried to calm him down and eventually he calmed down and the real massage therapist and him got in the pool of water and broken ice with their snow cones, and at some point they got out; and the teacher turned on the metal ceramic gas heater in the second room to help them warm up, and at some point she turned it off or it went off.

Later I was asked to turn the heater back on and so I did but then it went out, and so I had investigate the cause and try to make sure that gas was not leaking; and so they gave me a blackish colored plastic digital tool with a screen with a few buttons that measured temperature and the gas levels in the air, and it probably measured a few other types of measurements as well.

I remember asking our teacher some questions about the heater as I tried to troubleshoot the problem, I saw no signs of gas leaking which was good, but I woke up before I could solve the problem.

The end,

-John Jr

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