Playing Basketball | My Aunt ME’s House / Apartment

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream involved me playing probably professional basketball inside an indoor basketball gym, and I was possibly playing on a National Basketball Association (NBA) team (maybe the Cleveland Cavaliers).

I am not sure who we were playing against or if we won or not, I just remember playing basketball, and talking with my team and our coach.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in a fictional city, and me and my brother GC were driving around in my automobile.

I remember us seeing a recreation (rec) center or something (at least partly for children) and we planned to go there, but then we noticed a playground so we decided to go to the playground briefly for fun even though it would be weird for two adults to be at a playground.

We briefly got on some playground equipment, which was fun and funny and weird, and we even said this but then our mom called me on my mobile phone and told us to stop by a house or apartment that was nearby so we drove to the house or apartment and we went inside.

We assumed that our parents were renting it or something, I told my brother GC that we should secure the house first, and so we split up to search it for any threats and lock the windows et cetera.

I walked into a small room, no one was in it and so I locked the window, but then I heard someone entering the house so me and my brother GC went to see who it was.

To our surprise it was our aunt ME, our male cousin JE, and a fictional boy (maybe a fictional cousin or someone) with maybe light-color skin with maybe medium-to-dark color hair.

We greeted them and we told them that our mom had told us to stop by here, and we told them that we were just securing the house and locking the windows et cetera.

We found out that this was our aunt ME’s house or apartment, we told her that our mom did not mention this, and that we had assumed that our parents were renting it or something so we apologized.

I told our aunt ME that we were about to go to the rec center or whatever and I asked her if it was okay for our cousin JE and maybe the other boy to go with us, but she said that they could not go because they were going to be busy (maybe doing chores and maybe homework).

I then asked her if there was anything that we could do to help them before we leave, I wanted to help them and briefly talk to them before leaving, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Basketball And Spaghetti And An Abandoned Amusement Park Of The Dying And Getting Poisoned And Trapped With Celebrities?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was playing in a professional basketball game inside a gym in front of a crowd and probably cameras and announcers, maybe the NBA (National Basketball Association), and at some point I noticed some spaghetti on the basketball goal post so I tried to wipe it up with a wet dishcloth (dish rag).

I then noticed more spaghetti in several other places and it seemed to be negatively effecting / affecting my team, I told my coach who was a balding man with light-color skin, but we lost the game before we could properly complain about it to the referees or after we did but there was not enough time for anything to be done about it.

Our coach was angry and he was looking at video footage of our basketball match (game) on his mobile phone trying to look for signs of the spaghetti and of it negatively effecting / affecting our team so that he could complain to the NBA or whoever about it, and the next thing that I remember is the dream showing a video of a news report about an abandoned amusement park in The United Kingdom (the name of the city was said, but I can no remember it now; it possibly started with an R, but I can not remember) that used to be owned by an Eastern European country.

The abandoned amusement park still had a few amusement rides and buildings left (it was not that big), and people who were dying and people who planned on killing themselves were starting to live at the abandoned amusement park oddly so the news report was about how people were starting to live there and sort of have a community of people who were going to die soon.

After the video I was with my coach and a group of celebrities and a news crew who were arriving at this amusement park in The United Kingdom to visit it as the film crew interviewed people and recorded video and continued their news report about this place and the people there.

We flew there by airplane I guess, loaded up in several automobiles, and we drove and parked in a parking lot that somewhat reminded me of the shared parking lot of The D Junior High School and The KRH Elementary School in the city of D and we walked to the amusement park.

The group I rode with included my coach, the actress Carrie-Anne Moss, the actor Michael Keaton who seemed to be acting more like his character Bruce Wayne so maybe he was Bruce Wayne in this dream, and maybe the actor Edward Norton and / or someone else; and I remember us talking and mostly walking together as we toured the amusement park with the film crew and the other celebrities (I was a professional basketball player so I guess I was considered a celebrity too).

There were tents and things set up that some of the people were living in, and some people there were homeless.

There are various things that happened that I can not remember during our tour, someone there was giving us a tour, and as the film crew did their thing.

At some point our tour was about over or it was over so we went inside the largest building in the amusement park that was maybe 1 1/2 stories tall, I am not sure what we did, but I remember people smiling and having a good time as we were starting to leave but the doors closed and we got trapped inside.

The actor Edward Norton or another actor was smiling but then started to cough and react like he had been poisoned, and then he fell to the ground shaking and he lost consciousness.

The doors would not open and a distorted male voice started talking over a speaker system to us almost like something from a Saw movie, and the male voice told us that we were trapped inside the building and that maybe we had all been poisoned (something we ate and / or drunk at some point in the dream) and we had to play a game and maybe we could get the antidote for the poison if we played his game; and he said some other things that I can not remember, he was going to give us a break before the game starts, and then he stopped talking during our break.

Michael Keaton as maybe Bruce Wayne started trying to find a way to stop the poison and / or complete the game and / or escape before it even starts, and I remember him having me hold a microwave oven with the back facing me as he did something to it and maybe turned it on.

Carrie-Anne Moss and the rest of my group was near us not sure what to do, many of us started to feel a bit sit and cough a bit, and so we assumed that we did not have long before we ended up like Mr. Norton or whoever.

It seemed that the male voice wanted to punish us or something, only us celebrities were trapped in the building, and so he was targeting just us it seemed.

We were all at risk of dying it seemed, which is interesting, because this abandoned amusement park was now being used by people who were dying.

I probably said something to Mrs. Moss (who I probably talked to the most in the dream, except at this point when I was talking to Mr. Keaton / Mr. Wayne) about our plan to try to get out of this situation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr