Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong | Decoded | MTV News

Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong | Decoded | MTV News

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Here is a YouTube video by MTV Decoded that I possibly saw last year called Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong | Decoded | MTV News:

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Franchesca Ramsey:
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Thanksgiving is a great holiday, but the whole story we’re taught in school about Pilgrims and Native Americans is basically, just WRONG.

Everything from the Native Americans and Pilgrims being best friends, to the outfits the Pilgrims actually wore, down to even the eating Turkey is based on loose half-truths and propaganda.

So join Franchesca as she serves up some Thruthsgiving!

Mom: Esther Friedman
Aunt: Greer Morison
Grandpa: Philip Smith
Teen: Sholntay Taylor @SholantyTaylor
Dad: Anthony Aroya

Director: Karrie Crouse
Producer: Andrew Kornhaber
Written By: Jon Gutierrez
DP: Eric Browse
Gaffer: Steven Latta
Art Director: Emmeline Wilkes
Art Assistant: Heather Yancey
Sound: Mike Snyder
HMU: Fatima Butler
PA: Emily Thielen

Wampanog & Pilgrims Were Political Allies, Not Friends

The Pilgrims Didn’t Necessarily Invite the Indians

Squanto Didn’t Learn English to Help the Pilgrims

It Wasn’t a Yearly Event

The Food was Much Different

The Pilgrims Didn’t Land on Plymouth Rock

Pilgrim Fashion Was Much More Colorful Than We Are Taught

Full History of Early Settlement:

Further Reading about Thanksgiving History:


A Man Trying To Become A Warlord

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I am not sure if these are three different dreams or not so I will assume that they are separate dreams, each of the dreams shared similar themes about: pride, power, selfishness, recklessness, greed, and more.

All that I can remember of the first dream is that I remember being outside near a ledge of maybe a mountain-like area with members of probably a Native American tribe, maybe some of my ancestors, and a man in the tribe supposedly resurrected a few of his ancestors; but I only remember seeing maybe three possible graves with maybe concrete roughly poured over them and painted several colors, and so I am not sure if they were killed and buried again or if they were still resurrected or what was going on.

Some of the tribe members seemed happy but one of the male elders was not happy, he felt that what the man did or was doing was wrong, and he told everyone this and he explained some of his reasons maybe warning them about resurrection; and I remember talking with the elder who thought that I supported the others, I was neutral because I was not sure what was going on, and so I tried to listen to both sides before forming my own opinion.

I can not remember any of the conversations unfortunately, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly took place late in the afternoon or early in the evening as I walked to a walked compound that was made to look like an ancient Chinese or Mongol compound / fortress / castle / whatever, an obese man who was now rich was trying to make himself into an ancient Chinese or Mongol noble / warlord it seemed, and he was trying to build large structures and he wanted to charge people who come to see them; and he wanted to make money, have fame, have power, and more.

I walked into the courtyards to explore and I probably briefly talked to the rich man who looked like and dressed like an obese ancient Chinese or Mongol noble, he said that I would have to pay to enter the buildings and he said a few things about his many vain/greedy/et cetera plans/goals/et cetera, and then he went inside leaving one of his male workers to talk to me about how much I had to pay to enter each building.

There was more that I learned about the rich man but I can not remember all the details, the worker and/or someone else and I probably gave warning and disagreement about certain things like the elder in the first dream, but the rich man was not going to listen to us like the man in the first dream; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved an Orc warlock who was trying to create an army of summoned creatures to take over the world I guess, I remember entering his lair (which was possibly in a portal, but I can not remember), and the Orc had another portal in his lair where summons/creatures would sometimes come from; but he could not control the portal or some of the summons, and they started attacking him so he wanted my help to close the portal to stop more summons from entering his lair and then our world.

I remember the Orc dying after one of the attacks, I closed the portal, and he thanked me and he told about how his quest for power had gotten out of control and was going to cost him his life and it could have ended up destroying the world if I had not closed the portal; and he was sorry for what he did, I talked with him and listened to him until he died, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


The Little Tribe

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream, which I am not sure how it really began.

I think it started with a woman who was wearing Native American style hide/leather clothing, she had long straight shiny black hair, and brown colored skin.

I think there was a man with her who looked like your stereotypical cowboy, it was night-time and they were at what appeared to be a very small town where travelers would stop to eat, drink, and sleep before they continue their journey.

I think they were on the balcony of a hotel and the place seemed like something from an old Western film.

Suddenly a group of humanoid creatures with armor attacked the small town, I think they were slightly bigger than your average human and they had heads that looked somewhat like Warthogs and their skin looked somewhat reptilian; they had dark leather/metal armor ,but they seemed to probably be aliens with slightly more advanced weapons than your average cowboy.

The woman and the cowboy ran off of the balcony to escape, I think the cowboy had a gun and told the woman to run.

The dream jumped to the next morning and the woman woke up in a tent, I do not think I was in this dream but during this part it was almost like I was the woman now, or I could somehow hear her thoughts; and she was thinking like/how I would be thinking in her situation.

She was about to leave the tent but a man who looked like your stereotypical Native American in a film, but without any headgear, came into the tent.

The man looked like he could not be trusted, and he told the woman to bring a blanket before she leaves the tent.

The man had a set of blankets and other things in his hands, like he was going to go sell them or something, and from the look on his face he seemed to be planning something; he probably was thinking of a way to ask the woman on a date or something.

The woman seen the look on his face and picked up the blanket, which was tan-colored with red patterns in a traditional Native American style.

She started to think things that I would have thought, she wondered if the man would try to trick her into wearing that blanket, because that could mean that they were now married in his culture; so she decided to try to bring the blanket to the man quickly and to try to avoid using it in any way.

So she left the tent to find the man, and outside of the tent was a small tribe of people with tents, and the place looked like a Native American village in the desert.

The ground was rough and there were almost no plants, there may have been a few small animals, there were a few kids playing, some women cooking/sewing/talking, and some men making tools.

There was a tiny market and the man from the tent was there selling stuff, but as the woman was about to walk over to give him the blanket, she noticed an old man with a bow and some arrows; and he was setting up a target.

The woman walked over to talk to him and the man started to tell her about the tribe, and she started to ask questions.

The woman told the man about the attack earlier, she called the humanoid creatures Specter Raiders I think, and she asked how was his tribe going to protect themselves.

She said something about wanting to help her people and she seemed to be worried about the security for the tribe, since I did not see anyone with weapons or armor, except for the bow and arrows that the old man had.

The old man seemed to be the chief of the tribe and he did not seem to be worried about a Specter Raider attack, I think he said that his tribe were tougher than they looked.

I think he was about to start training some of the younger kids how to shoot a bow.

The woman was trying to make sense of the situation and I had the feeling that this tribe was nomadic, so they were probably constantly moving and lived in quiet locations where the Specter Raiders probably would not attack.

The woman was wondering how had this tribe survived this long with no armor, guns, and with almost no weapons; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂