My Former Classmate LM And A School Robbery And My Former Classmate JC And A Trip With A Nazi Takeover?

Port Charles (fictional city)
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I had a long detailed dream and/or dreams last night but I forgot most of it/them after spending most of the day so far with my family & one of my dying teeth is hurting me badly (which was supposed to be pulled a few months ago but it costs too much (about $700 just to have two teeth pulled without being put to sleep) & so I have to find someone who can pull it/them for less money so I can actually afford to have my two dying teeth removed FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), the dream or the first dream started during the day I think in a fictional city that might have been a fictional version of D, but I am not sure.

I can not remember most of the dream, I just remember going to a school that was in a neighborhood, and some of the students were some of my former classmates who were there to have a sleepover at the school; and so it was probably a Friday after school.

I think that there was a swimming pool at the school or at least an indoor/outdoor area that reminded me of a swimming pool, I remember most us of hanging out there, but I can not remember most of the things that we did.

I do remember talking with my former classmate LM, she and I had a very detailed & realistic conversation that was unusual for a dream conversation, but I can not remember what we talked about; but I do know that she told me one or more personal stories that her dad told her and/or that her dad taught her, whatever it was that she told me in that/those personal stories, it/they was/were interesting/profound(?).

LM seemed to be the person in charge of the sleep-over and she was doing a good job of organizing everything, but I think that we all went to sleep at the school once it became night, and we woke up the next morning.

Something happened where a group of unknown men robbed the school during the night and they left, and so the next morning we/LM/I had to try to deal with the situation; and we probably called the police, I remember waiting outside for the police to arrive, but that is all that I can remember.

The next dream or the next part of the dream was long but I forgot most of it, it involved my former classmate JC who was in one of my classes in high school but I did not know him that well, and the dream started in D during the day at the field near PW Elementary.

I guess I came across JC there and he was going on a trip and he invited me to go I guess, and so I decided to join him on his trip; and I remember us being by a fictional radio-like tower in the field I think, but we walked off to pack for the trip.

We probably came across a few people along the way and maybe my family left to take a trip too, eventually I rode with JC in his automobile, and we stopped at a few fictional cities during our trip but I only remember part of one of those stops or two stops.

One of those stops was a small town where we stopped to eat at a country/roadhouse-like restaurant/bar that probably had no windows, a place that probably had country music playing & people speaking with country accents & people with racist beliefs & rough/outdoor types, and I remember us eating while probably being started at & talked about; and a rough outdoors-man/hunter/whatever approached us to complain/insult us about something.

While he annoyed us, we got gas probably, and we managed to end our conversation with him without a fight; and we left, glad to be out of this town.

I can not remember why the man or some of the people bothered us, I think they called us outsiders/city-folk/whatever & maybe some racist terms as well, and so they did not want us around.

At some point we finally reached our destination or we stopped in another city to spend the night at a hotel since it was getting late or something, I just remember walking near a train/bus station-like place where I saw some young men wearing unknown military camouflage uniforms with helmets like they were new recruits/new soldiers, and they spoke English normally & so I assumed they were American soldiers wearing some old camouflage from another country for some unknown reason.

At some point we entered a hotel/school-like building and I remember that my mom & dad & maybe the rest of my family was there along with some of my former classmates & other people, but some Nazi-like soldiers had control over the building/I guess the city/and who knows what else; they had Nazi style uniforms & helmets but the colors were wrong & they did not have the swastika symbol, so maybe they were not Nazi soldiers, but similar.

My mom and some others were in a hallway on the school-like part of the building, they warned us to not let the soldiers see us, and they warned us that the soldiers had taken over; but a few others, a rebel-like group, was hiding in a hidden classroom on this hallway & they told us how to reach it.

JC and I went into another classroom & we opened a hidden door that led to the hidden classroom where the rebel group was hiding, the rebel group was just a group of young men who wanted to help stop the Nazi-like takeover, and so we decided to help them.

I remember JC and I sneaking away to find the men’s bathroom on another hallway, I had to use the bathroom, but some Nazi-like soldiers were in there bothering some people; and so we quickly sneaked into the women’s bathroom to hide, but a soldier saw us and he yelled for backup.

The women’s bathroom was dark, so we hid in the shadows, I somehow felt that I could somewhat control the dream or at least make myself powerful (maybe the dream went semi-lucid); either way I decided to wait until being spotted before using my powers, and at some point a soldier saw me.

He yelled to the other soldiers that he found me and he had a gun, but I shot him with a fireball or energy from my hands killing him; and I started to prepare to fight the other soldiers, as I heard many soldiers running & yelling to come kill us.

I was no longer that afraid and I remember blasting a few more soldiers with fireballs/energy, but I heard a lot of soldiers coming; and so the situation looked bad, but suddenly to my surprise, the rebel group & most of the citizens started fighting the soldiers too.

I guess I inspired them to fight back and so a large battle was taking place around the building, with people grabbing soldiers/shooting/mêlée combat/hand-to-hand combat/et cetera, and it was an inspiring sight/experience seeing all these people fighting for their freedom; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr