Why New Orleans’ Geography SUCKS

The YouTube Video Why New Orleans’ Geography SUCKS By The YouTube Channel RealLifeLore

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The YouTube video Why New Orleans’ Geography SUCKS by the YouTube channel RealLifeLore.

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Alien Creatures Attacking A Facility?

Source: IMDb

Dream 1

This dream took place early in the morning in a room where me, my mom, and my brothers KDC and TDC were.

My brothers KDC and TDC were trying to sleep, one of them woke up, and we listened to some music from a computer until I stopped it so that I could go to sleep.

My mom started to play a cartoon that was in my watch list, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in what seemed like New Orleans, Louisiana in The United States, but I could be wrong.

A mostly forgotten part of the dream took place in a field that had a small rough wooden shack-like house in the middle of it, me and my former male classmate JC went there, and maybe he bought the land and house.

Later in the dream JC was probably still there, but I was on a bus with some other people, and our bus driver was a woman with light-color skin.

At some point we drove past the field with the small rough wooden shack-like house as our bus driver seemed to be on her way to meet someone or something, it seemed that maybe she was going to check out something, like maybe something she found in some classified ad and maybe she was told to go to a certain location to meet whoever had what she wanted or whatever.

This stop was not part of our official bus route, this was a personal stop for her, that she did not think would take long I assume.

It felt like we were in or near downtown New Orleans, she parked along a sidewalk by some buildings, and there was a dark tunnel-like brick alley and the location was supposed to be in there somewhere so she got out to check it out and I went with her because this looked suspicious and unsafe.

I had a taser or something that I kept ready just in case, we walked down the dark brick tunnel alley and no one was around, and I asked her if she was sure that this was the correct location and she said yes and I warned her that this seemed more like trap or something and that we probably should turn around but she wanted to continue so we did because I was not going to leave her alone when it seemed so obviously dangerous.

To my surprise this area was clean and I expected to see people who were homeless living around here, but I saw no one which made me even more worried because this looked like a nice place to stay if you were homeless so I assumed that something was keeping them away.

We reach an area with a solid door, either someone told us to enter over and intercom and let us in or we walked in, and there was another dark tunnel that led to another door so we went through it.

This led into a strange experimental facility where we saw some scientist wearing maybe white lab coats running toward us with futuristic stun baton-like weapons and energy weapons that were mostly white, and the weapons and the facility and the scientists seemed like something from a Half-Life video game or something.

There was a small dirt-like hill that was somewhat mountain-like to our left that we walked up on, there were several different types of terrains and areas in this part of the building, which was interesting.

Some strange small four-legged alien-like creatures were attacking, the scientists were running from them and fighting them as they tried to evacuate the building, and we ran to help the scientists.

I am not sure if I shot anything with my taser-like weapon or not, I just know that I picked up a futuristic shock baton-like weapon and an energy weapon that could shoot maybe a blue energy beam from a distance, and I used those when I probably picked up some from some dead scientists.

I helped a balding male scientist with light-color skin with dark hair wearing glasses evacuate out of the building, the bus driver and no other scientists followed, and so we quickly gathered some more weapons and we ran inside to find them.

We were only able to save the bus driver and a female scientist, and we ran to the land and house in the field where I saw my former classmate JC and a woman working outside the house with their backs facing us.

A small rough-looking car full of some rough-looking people with light-color skin was driving by the field and stopped by us, an older woman was driving, and she told us that buying this land / house was a bad idea.

As she was driving off I heard a man in the car mentioning how big the butt of the woman next to JC was, which he thought was attractive, but they kept driving as the older woman said something to him about that.

We then saw a military-like convoy coming up the road, the two scientists said that they were probably arriving to deal with the facility situation, and one of the scientists wanted to run over to them to let them know about the situation.

I sensed danger and I told this scientist to hide instead, a somewhat older military-looking man with light-color skin with white hair seemed to be the leader of the convoy, the scientist ignored my warning and the leader ordered the convoy to kill us.

They started shooting at us and I yelled for everyone to get down, I pretended to be dead as the first scientist was shot because there was almost no cover and I was mostly exposed, and so I stood no chance.

The assumed leader smiled and told the convoy to continue to the facility, he assumed that we were dead and was not concerned about double-checking, and so they drove by.

I was pretending to be dead, but most of the others were probably dead.

I hoped that most of the others were alive, I was worried for them, and I assumed that the convoy was here to cover-up the situation by killing everything and everyone who was a witness.

I woke up before I could get up to see if anyone else was alive.

The end,

-John Jr


New Orleans + Vigilante John Jr + Christopher Nolan + Michael Langdon = ?

Source: IMDb

I woke up remembering several dreams but I went back to sleep each time without recording them, after waking up for the day I even forgot to record my last dream until maybe 2 hours later, and so now I can only remember part of that last dream.

Part 1

The dream possibly took place in maybe a fictional version of The United States in maybe the state of Louisiana in maybe the city of New Orleans, but I could be wrong.

Me and most of my family (except for my brother CC and his family) went to this city to stay at a house in a somewhat rough / somewhat average / somewhat nice downtown-like area that had a street with sidewalks on both side of it with houses and other buildings along both sidewalks with a railroad that ran over part of this area on the left side so it was above the houses / building and there was a walking bridge near and / or connected to it that was also above this neighborhood.

Most of the houses were connected buildings with separate houses and some were shared buildings, and there were even some two-story garage houses with outdoor stairways and balconies.

The house that we went to was on the right side in a connected building with separate houses along it, it was probably one-story and the door was possibly a mostly green somewhat rough but nice-looking very sturdy door with an old weak door handle and old weak door locks, and from the somewhat rough outside area you expected it to be small and not so nice-looking inside but it was actually nicely furnished and larger than expected.

The house was very horizontal in its layout, like this downtown-like neighborhood it was somewhat compact without being too small, and the furnishing and style looked great and like something that you would expect from the older days of New Orleans so this house seemed pretty old but well-kept.

I know that we spent at least one night at the house but I am not sure if that was the only night we spent there, either way, we decided to buy the house I guess because we left and came back to move in the next day or whenever.

When we returned to move in the door handle and locks were in even worse condition like someone had either intentionally messed them up and / or someone had tried to break-in, only the slide lock(?) was barely strong enough to keep the door closed now, and so we made note to change all of that and get even more door locks as soon as possible.

The front door had no windows and was solid, but there was a second door along the sidewalk that was the back door (even though it was still out front) and it had a window and / or a window next to it and it was not as solid but the door handle and locks were probably in better condition than the front door.

This is all that I can remember of the house parts of the dream.

Part 2

During my mostly forgotten parts of the dream I was possibly a vigilante / superhero trying to help people in the area, and I probably wore a special dark-color armored suit / outfit and mask or something and my physical abilities seemed to be enhanced like maybe I slightly had superpowers or something.

I was able to do parkour-like stuff along bridges / railroads / roofs / balconies / et cetera and jump farther and higher and my agility et cetera was much better, I probably would go out mostly during the evening and night to fight crime and help people in various ways, and I tried to keep a low-profile and to avoid being identified because I did not want to be famous et cetera and just wanted to help people in a more unconventional way.

I possibly got shot during this forgotten part of the dream, maybe the bullet tipped the armor on my shoulder damaging my body armor, but I was mostly okay with maybe some slight pain et cetera so I possibly had to take a break and get my body armor fixed and upgraded and rethink this hold vigilante / superhero thing and if I should keep doing it or not because it was dangerous and risky and I needed to question if it was really the best way for me to help people.

But that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 3

I was probably still taking a break from my vigilante / superhero thing, and I left across the bridge to some land across some water to go to an indoor stadium / convention center / train station-like place to probably watch a professional sports match of some kind.

Near this area the movie director Christopher Nolan (who did not look like himself at all, he was thinner and looked different, but I still knew it was him and recognized him as Mr. Nolan) and his film crew were filming a movie.

This movie was inspired by me saving Mr. Nolan when I was doing my vigilante / superhero thing one day when I saw him falling off a ledge down to some water and rocks, and I saved him from drowning et cetera.

He did not know my real identity, he thanked me and we briefly talked and I told him about how I liked his movie Inception and how I wished that there was a part 2 or that he would make another movie involving dreams that focused more on dreams et cetera than the movie Inception did, and so he probably briefly asked me about my opinions of what he did wrong in the movie Inception and what he could have done better and what would I want to see in another dream based movie and where he could get more ideas to better portray dreaming and dream worlds et cetera.

This conversation and me saving his life inspired him to make another movie equal to or even better than Inception, and so now after planning and researching and preparing he was really in to this new movie project and he was taking his time and he hoped that it would be his best movie yet.

I walked past the film set glancing at them filming et cetera before I went to the indoor stadium / conference center / train station-like building, I probably planned on returning to check it out some more after the sports game or whatever, and then I went inside the building.

I could hear the sounds from the stadium / arena / whatever as I walked through hallways to reach it, there were other people around, but on some television screens I saw breaking news that showed some very grainy low-quality video footage of me during my vigilante / superhero thing one evening or night.

You could not really tell that it was me from the bit I saw but it still worried me, it was somehow the best and maybe only video found of me so far, and they possibly referred to me as maybe The Mysterious Masked Vigilante / Superhero who has been said to be going around helping people and fighting crime and maybe they had some nicknames for me.

Public opinion of me seemed to be positive, but maybe the authorities were not so thrilled so they were probably asking for eyewitnesses et cetera to report what they knew, share evidence, and to call if I was spotted but I can not remember.

This worried me because I possibly did not have my mask on during that grainy video clip but I can not remember, and so I decided to turn around and go home just in case someone recognized me.

As I was walking through the film set that had now moved near the bridge, I saw Mr. Nolan being so focused in his work that he was about to fall over a ledge again, and so once again I had to help him when he fell but this time the water was shallow and there were no dangerous rocks so he was okay.

Mr. Nolan thanked me and he was still focused on his movie and he was jabbering about the scene that he was working on, and so he did not realize that I was the masked vigilante / superhero who had saved him before.

I was glad that he was too distracted to remember my voice, and I let him get back to directing his movie that I hoped would be his best and that I hoped could be better than even Inception and that could hopefully be the best dream based movie of all time; and I gave him some words of encouragement telling him that I am sure that his new movie will be good, and that he is clearly passionate about it and is working hard on it.

I started to walk away when my coworker Mrs. MW walked over and greeted me, she was an actress in Mr. Nolan’s new movie to my surprise, and she had seen me save him so she said some nice things to me about that and she gave me some words of encouragement and she even patted me on the shoulder and / or gave me a hug and a friendly loving grandmotherly smile.

This made me feel better, I thanked Mrs. MW and I said goodbye, but as I was walking away the character Michael Langdon from the television show American Horror Story: Apocalypse or a man like him who was also an actor in the movie walked over to Mrs. MW and greeted her and put his hand on her shoulder smiling and he greeted me so I stopped and I turned around to say hello and say one brief thing and then keep walking to get home quickly.

I did this but as I was walking away again Michael suddenly said to me: “You are him aren’t you?”.

I knew he was referring to me being the masked vigilante / superhero, which shocked me, but I turned around and I lied responding that: “I did not know what he was talking about.”.

Mrs. MW did not know what he was talking about fortunately, and then Michael continued staring intensly at me smiling and smirking with his hand still on Mrs. MW’s shoulder.

I sensed danger or I just felt that I needed to be very cautious and I was worried about Mrs. MW’s safety and my safety, I sensed that Michael probably had superpowers and was very dangerous and I was not sure if I could defeat him or not, I sensed that he somehow knew or suspected who I was, I sensed that he was trying to figure out if I had superpowers, what my superpowers were, how powerful was I, but I was not sure what he wanted or would do with that knowledge once confirmed.

Michael then responded: “I think that you do.” while still smiling and staring at me with his hand still on Mrs. MW’s shoulder like he scanning me with his eyes trying to confirm his suspicions and / or get me to confess and / or figure out what my superpowers were and how powerful I was and he was possibly signaling to me that he could hurt her depending on how I responded or if he wanted to, Mrs. MW was completely unaware of what was going on, and so she had no idea that she was possibly in danger now so she was still just standing there smiling and happy.

I did not want to put Mrs. MW in more danger and I did not want to confirm his suspicions completely, and so I just said: “I think that you are mistaken, I am sorry but I really need to get home now, but I hope that y’all have a good night and good luck with the movie.”.

I quickly went across the bridge doing some parkour, but I tried to power-down my movements et cetera so that it was not obvious that I possibly had superpowers and that I was the vigilante / superhero.

I assumed that Michael was still watching me so I took alternate routes and I moved between various roofs, balconies, yards, et cetera to hide myself from view and to hopefully prevent anyone from seeing which house I went to.

I jumped from a bridge to the balcony of a two-story garage house across the street further down to the left of our new house and I walked down their outdoor stairway to their yard where I jumped their fence, and I went to our back door where I saw my dad from the window so I knocked quietly for him to open the door and he did.

I closed and locked the door, looked around to see if I was followed, and then I closed all the curtains and made sure that all the windows and doors were secured; the front door was still in need of a new door handle and door locks so I secured it the best that I could.

I reminded my parents that we should get the stuff to secure the house better the next day, I told them to be on the look-out for anything suspicious, and then I continued checking the house to figure out how to better secure it while thinking about the news about me and the Michael situation and my vigilante / superhero thing et cetera but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr