Voice Of Russia (VOR) Versus Voice Of America (VOA)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a variety of dreams but I forgot most of them, in one or more of my dreams in the background/back-drop/whatever of my dreams was a competition/battle/rivalry/et cetera going on between the news sources Voice Of Russia (VOR) and Voice Of America (VOA), and so in each dream there would be moments in the dreams where I would read/hear/see articles from both VOR and VOA.

VOA might post a story one way and VOR might post the same story in another way, and then VOA might post a story that is negative toward VOR about how VOR covered the same story; and VOR would post a defense/attack story back at VOA, et cetera.

VOR and VOA went back & forth like this in various dreams posting similar stories and attacks/defenses toward each other and how each covered certain stories, and I was trying to decide for myself which of the two news sources posted more accurate/detailed/balanced news and/or which one posted stories that I liked more.

Sometimes I would see a news story in a dream by computer, other times by TV, other times by newspaper, and other times by radio; and these news stories would appear in the dreams in the background as a small part of the dreams, so they went with the normal flow of the dreams without being much of a distraction from the dreams.

For example: I might be walking down a street in one of the dreams and then I see a newspaper at a newspaper stand with a headline from VOA, and then later I might see a VOR headline my computer et cetera.

I never did get to decide which of the two news sources, VOR and VOA, that I preferred/liked, if any/either.

Other than that I remember only part of one dream where I was in D during the day and my mom, some of my family, and I were near/at the empty G House that my grandfather owns; and we were trying to work on fixing it up.

I think that we spent a lot of the dream cleaning, removing junk, fixing stuff, et cetera at the G House.

The G House needed electrical work on some of the electrical sockets in the house, and so my mom and/or dad called an electrician to come re-do the electrical wiring in those parts of the house since the wiring is old; and two unprofessional looking electricians who had whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair wearing t-shirts & blue jeans came, they did look like they might know enough to re-do the electrical wiring, but they were pretty unprofessional which did not really matter much if they could do the job.

We stayed near the G House but out of the house to give the electricians space to work, and at some point the electricians asked us which rooms/electrical sockets needed to be re-wired.

We had a general idea but were not completely sure, so we showed them the ones that we were sure about, and we asked them to check the others & to let us know if any other rooms/electrical sockets needed to be re-wired; but I woke up shortly after that.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂