Did I Really Murder A Woman & Was I The Serial Killer Or Did I Become The Serial Killer & Did The CIA Set Me Up Or Did The CIA Cover It Up?

I slept pretty well last night waking up a few times to use the bathroom and I forgot all of my dreams except for part of one somewhat long dream that is unclear and confusing, and even in the dream I was not sure what really did or did not happen near the end of the dream; and the dream was mostly positive until near the end of the dream when there was a strange/confusing/unclear negative surprise/twist to the dream.

Most of the dream involved me being at a nice school/college-like campus that was like high school combined with college combined with a variety of buildings/areas for various purposes like a cinema, cafeterias/eating areas, outdoor parks with a water park-like area, maybe a small mall-like area, et cetera; and I went around many areas during the dream, and during the dream there were news reports of people slowly being murdered around the city and/or state and/or country and/or world, and they called the assumed murder The Serial Killer.

The B Paper Mill Gets Closed Down | Halle Berry’s Beach House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of several dreams from last night with the first dream taking place along a wilderness trail with various areas to explore that probably belonged to the B Plant/Mill, it was nice & it covered a large variety of areas possibly reaching to the borders of another city and/or state and/or country in their wilderness, but that is all that I remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 2

In another dream or the same dream I am somewhere else in a fictional version of D, maybe near or on B property, and there was probably a news report playing in the air & in my mind at the same time about The B Plant / Paper Mill getting closed down for violations involving worker abuse & a secret religious society who was found to be truly running B secretly/illegally.

The news report showed some of the people who were assumed/alleged to be members of the secret religious society/high level workers of B walking away to their automobiles ignoring the media (one of them was a slightly over-fat man with dark brownish colored skin who was bald wearing a flat cap), the construction of new buildings set to start this year was canceled, and B was closed down completely it seemed; and I assumed that everyone lost their jobs as well which I hoped was not true, and that ruined my plans on applying for a job during the construction period & maybe after if I was fortunate but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I had more dreams but I only remember part of one more dream that was a bit like the MTV TV show MTV Cribs, a male host & his camera crew went to Halle Berry’s Beach House on a cloudy depressive day that looked like it might rain, and the beach area was somewhat nice looking.

There was water, sand, and mostly wooden public pier-like/whatever areas; and along this public area on the left side there were a few single story homes connected/built into the public area and the public area had hangout areas, areas to sell stuff, et cetera.

The host and his camera crew walked on the wooden walkway on the left side until they reached the last house, and Halle Berry greeted them at her door looking a bit rough wearing something on her head (maybe a bandanna) & non-matching pajama-like/hospital gown-like clothes that did not look very attractive. (She looked/dressed a bit like someone who left a mental hospital or something still wearing her hospital gown)

The inside of her house was old/dusty/moldy/ugly/bare/et cetera, there was hardly any furniture, her bed was just two dirty/nasty old mattresses with no sheets or covers, there was a large hole cut into one rotted/molded wall that had some leaky pipes that needed to be fixed, the windows were painted with dark green colored paint to stop people from looking in which made the inside of the house seem darker & the walls/ceiling/floor were made of wood so it looked a bit dark already making it even darker looking inside her house, and one window in her bedroom was missing green paint in a few spots & clear tape was in those spots oddly which allowed a small view outside the window.

I remember Mrs. Berry saying that she kept the house this way because she wanted to relive her poor/low-income/lower-class upbringing or something like that, and she wanted to have a constant reminder of who she was.

At some point they walk outside to the beach & she joked about living alone with no pets/plants/kids/husband/boyfriend/roommate/et cetera, but she mentioned sometimes visiting with some friends; and so I guess she left the house sometimes.

There seemed to be something wrong with how Mrs. Berry was acting, dressing, and living like she was suffering from some mental/emotional/social problems or something like that; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

We Will Use The Construction Set!

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of my last dream, which is very unclear, but I will type what I remember.

I remember walking with a large group of people like a small town of people during the day outside in an unknown place walking across concrete sidewalks/parking lots/roads/maybe a bit of grass, and police/military/security probably were escorting us.

We had no idea where we were going or what this was about exactly, I remember talking mostly with an elderly woman and a man who reminded me of my former classmate AM combined with another classmate, and the police/military/security seemed prepared like they were expecting a riot.

The police/military/security had barricades and the area locked down with snipers and patrols as we walked along the path that they had made, and at some point we reached an area where the government/representatives of the government were waiting with microphones/speakers to give us a message.

The police/military/security were armed and ready for us to riot at the news from the government, so they waited with their eyes on us and their weapons ready, as we listened to the government officials talk/give us the news.

I can not remember what the government officials said exactly, but I know that one thing involved some changes/limitations that were to be forced on us all, and this made the crowd very unhappy; but no one started rioting, to the surprise of the police/military/security, but the crowd came close to rioting.

It was not wise to riot when the police/military/security had the clear advantage, so maybe some people would riot later, and do stealth attacks.

I remember the old woman cursing and the man talking angrily about some of the news from the government, and then we all started to walk off since the government was not going to listen or change their mind.

I remember the man clearly saying something like: “Well we will just use the Construction Set then!” or something like that, I was not sure what he was talking about exactly, but my only thought was the Construction Set used for the The Elder Scrolls video games to make mods & make changes to the game.

But I doubt this had much or anything to do with video games 😀 , the old woman walking with us was an interesting character, I found her to be funny with her angry/old/mean personality as we walked & talked; she was cursing/ranting/talking/yelling during our walk back to wherever but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Playing Soccer During The Apocalypse

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of three dreams, with my last dream being the most interesting, but I forgot most of it unfortunately because I had to use the bathroom very badly; and I did not realize that I had several dreams until I got back into bed, but by then I had already lost the most important parts of my dreams.

Dream 1

My first dream took place in a fictional version of D, during the day, and I was with several former classmates of mine; and something happened that caused us to start running through neighborhoods, but I am not sure what happened exactly.

Dream 2

My second dream took place in a fictional version of LC, during the night, and I was with my family; and we went to several stores, several restaurants, and we stopped on the side of a bridge to explore.

The bridge was over water and it had sitting areas where you could sit & relax while looking at the water from the side of the bridge, and there was a spiral stairway with several levels/floors with sitting areas, leading down to the bottom of the bridge; and no automobiles were driving around at the time, and so we stopped to explore.

It was very dark and a bit scary in the sitting areas, because anyone could be hiding there, and I did not feel safe; and so I told my family that we should go, and so we left.

I think that we might have went to a hotel, but I am not sure exactly.

Dream 3

My third and final dream was very interesting, but unfortunately, I can not remember most of it or the important parts of it.

I remember being in what probably was a secret facility, with several other people, and I think that the person in charge of the secret facility had either put the building in lock-down mode and/or self-destruct mode and/or they had opened the secret panel that led to the secure-bunker-like level/area deep underground; but I am not sure which of these is correct, maybe all of these things are correct.

I remember there being a panic and we were trying to find the person in charge of the secret facility and/or trying to find a safe area and/or trying to escape the building; but we were having a hard time.

I do not think that there were any windows in the building and something was going on in the World outside, something Big, but I can not remember the parts of the dream before this; and at some point we found the room of the person in charge of the secret facility, but he was not in his office.

There was a machine with a blinking light in the office, the blinking light was probably a green colored light but I could be wrong, and there might have been an alarm making noise (but I can not remember); and it seemed that the person in charge of the secret facility had used that machine to put the building in lock-down mode and/or self-destruct mode and/or to open the entrance to the secure deep underground level/area.

We could not figure out how to control the machine and so we started to look for the entrance to the secure deep underground level/area, and we found an open panel on the wall in the office; and there was a long wooden spiral stairway that led to the secure deep underground level/area, and so we took the long journey to reach the bottom.

I think that there were emergency lights that allowed us to somewhat see, as we traveled down the long spiral stairway, and at some point we reached the entrance to the secure deep underground level/area; and inside was the man/scientist/whoever in charge of the secret facility, and he was alone.

He was in another office and we stopped to talk with him, he was calm & relaxed, and I remember there being a TV screen showing video clips of the news.

Something Big was going on in the World, that I think involved aliens, but I am not sure what was happening and/or what was going to happen; whatever it was, many people were panicking (but in a calmer and more manageable way than you would expect, it was not that bad) , and many/some people thought that it was The End Of The World for most of us Humans.

On the news there was talk of suicides, looting, people trying to hide, people giving up hope, people partying to enjoy the time that they had left, et cetera.

The people with me were busy watching the news and I went to talk with the man who was in charge of the secret facility, who I think was a scientist, and he explained the situation to me; but I can not remember most of what he said, unfortunately, Darn!

I think that he told me that he had talked with a certain alien from a group/species/type of alien(s), who I think had a name that started with a M but I could be wrong, and he said the name which did not sound very long but he said that the name was spelled with 40-something letters/characters even though it sounded short I think but I could be wrong.

I think that I remember him saying that the aliens or a group/type/species of alien(s) claimed that us Humans were their experiment/one of their experiments or something like that, and I guess they had finally made themselves known to the public (maybe); but I am not sure what they wanted and/or what they were about to do and/or what was about to happen.

Whatever it was, it was Big, but I can not remember most of what the man said; and maybe even he did not know what was going to happen exactly, he seemed to be ready to accept whatever was going to happen, but he was hiding in a deep secure underground location & so it is easier to be calm in a place like that. 😉

The other people with me decided to stay in the deep secure underground location I think, but I think that I decided to go back to the surface to see what was happening; and on the surface I saw that some people so shocked/surprised/depressed/et cetera, and they stood around almost like zombies and/or they stayed in their homes doing nothing.

I remember seeing one woman in her home just sitting on her couch, too depressed to get up.

I remember seeing some people getting drunk & doing other drugs, and they were having a big End Of The World party.

Some people were probably having sex and orgies, some people were doing the things that they had always wanted to do, some people probably were praying and/or at churches/temples, some people were having their last suppers, some people were trying to decide how to kill themselves, some people did not care, et cetera; it was chaos (but not that bad), but on a much calmer scale/level than you would imagine/think.

There was a lot of uncertainty, confusion, and rumors going around the World; and many people were not sure what to believe/think exactly.

At some point as I explored the surface, I reached a soccer field, and there was a soccer game going on to my surprise; and some people had decided to spend their time doing something positive instead of worrying, and they were having fun playing soccer.

I noticed some of my classmates among the people playing soccer and I stopped to watch them enjoying a game of soccer, during The Apocalypse, which I thought was interesting.

At some point I decided to join them in their game of soccer, as some people in the stands watched, and we stopped to pick teams; the few people in the stands were enjoying themselves, and they did not seem worried about The Apocalypse at all & neither was I really but I was curious & I had many questions about The Apocalypse.

But I woke up as we were picking new teams.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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