Fighting & Healing People

This was an interesting dream that I unfortunately can not remember parts of so many details are missing, and it was probably inspired by something that I thought of as I read some of Moment’s book Blessed: A Trip Through Belize and a super random thought / daydream that crossed my mind as I was folding towels before going to bed that was about a what-if scenario about my nephew CC going missing and me learning that I have the power to sense and partly see where he is by closing my eyes and taking a deep breath while focusing on trying to find him (I have no idea why this random thought / daydream came to me while folding towels 😀 ).

Part of the dream took place late in the afternoon outside somewhere where there was a variety of people as I walked through this area I assume, there was a man with dark-color skin who was older and bigger than me who had some fighting experience and hand-to-hand combat training, and at some point he attacked me from behind when I was not looking and when I was probably walking away.


The Recreation And Tourist Center

Last night I barely remembered any of my last dream, and I have not remembered much of any of my dreams the past few days.

This dream took place in a city, and I was traveling with my family; at least at first.

We were riding in our van and reached a building that was like a recreational center mixed with a tourist center that had a basketball court, small restaurant, arcade room, small movie theater, and more.

It appeared that my family was here to vacation and either I was too or I already lived in this city or I was going to soon move there, I am not sure.

My memory of the dream is terrible, I think my parent’s left on a tour around the city or their van got stolen, whatever happened my parent’s left me with my brothers for a while.

My brother’s split up to explore different areas of the building and at some point they either joined my parent’s again, or some of them joined me, I am not sure.

I just remember being on my own during the end of the dream while I explored part of the building looking for something or a way out, I came across several people, one was a woman with short orange hair that talked with me a few times.

At some point I came across my cousin and he told me that he had a job in the city doing something that involved stocking a warehouse or something, I briefly stopped to talk to him about jobs and maybe my plans, and then I remember having my automobile on the outside of the building; but I am not sure if I gave my cousin a ride to work and/or if I took some of my brothers to my parent’s.

Whatever happened at some point I was back at the building, if I even had left at all, and at some point I think I came across the woman with short orange hair again and a few other people.

The part of the building that I was at was darker and was like a hostel or something with a small bathroom that was the same as at my parent’s house, and every one at the hostel shared that one bathroom.

I had to go use the bathroom and as I walked to the bathroom, I noticed that the door was cracked and the woman with the short orange hair was in a nightgown or something and was either brushing her teeth or hair or something; she told me that I could come in if I wanted to and I told her that I could wait to use the bathroom when she finished, but she insisted that I could go ahead and use it.

I hesitated for a moment, especially since I would not normally use the bathroom with someone I do not know well around, but for some reason I felt just comfortable enough to go on inside the bathroom; but I turned my back toward her for some privacy.

I was somewhat surprised that I had done that and that I felt somewhat comfortable around the woman, I was curious about her and wanted to know more about her, so I stopped to talk with her instead of just leaving the bathroom.

She appeared to be at least 5 years older than me, she seemed to have a relaxed personality, but she was mysterious to me; I knew I had seen her several times in the dream and even had talked with her briefly a few times but I did not know her name or really anything about her.

I told her how I was surprised by my own actions and that I was curious about who she was, and that I normally would not stop to have a long conversation with a person I did not know like this.

She seemed to have a slight smile as I was talking but I could not tell what she was thinking or feeling, she still seemed mysterious to me, but I did not feel threatened at all; but I was very curious about her and felt that something was different about her, maybe she even seemed somewhat out-of-place compared to the other dream characters.

I also had this strange feeling toward her or about her, well it was a very weak dream-like (it is hard to describe) feeling, and I was not sure what it was.

At first I thought it was just a feeling of attraction from me to her or her to me or both, but I was not sure, and from the way she acted and looked; I still could not decide/figure it out since she was somehow unreadable to me and mysterious.

I wondered if she was setting me up for a trap at first and maybe she was one of those dream characters that was there to interrupt my dream by attacking me, like a few of my other dreams recently, but I did not feel threatened so I doubted that.

I was somewhat cautious though and curious at the same time, and I was trying to figure out what was that weak unknown feeling I felt.

But before our conversation really got started, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂