Dreaming About Mobile Phones

I stayed up very late last night/this morning trying to narrow down which budget smart phones ($100 max) to look at the next morning because we were possibly going to finally change mobile phone providers (from Sprint to T-Mobile) and get a family data plan and smart phones for the first time, and I had to wake up early so I did not get much sleep again; I was sleeping good until I was awakened to get ready to leave, and so hopefully I will finally get some sleep tonight and get back to remembering more of my dreams again.

So once again I forgot most of my dreams after not having enough time to sleep and getting awakened to do something and all that I can remember of my dreams is that I dreamed about mobile phones, but that is all that I can remember of my dreams from last night.

We spent four hours at T-Mobile getting every thing set up moving from Sprint to T-Mobile, the phone selection/choice in the budget range was very limited with most of the better mobile phones in our price range that I saw online on their website sold out and discontinued and they only had two of the Nokia Lumia 635 mobile phones left (this was the best phone in our price range available, but I wish that it had 1 GB of RAM; and I wish that the Nokia Lumia 640 would have been available/out because I probably would have gotten it because it will be the replacement for the Nokia Lumia 635 and it will have better hardware) so only my brother GC and I were each able to get one (they said that they just discontinued them and that none are in stock at T-Mobile), but the rest of my family had to get the not so good Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2 (but hopefully they/we will find something better online in our price range, and return the current ones within 14 days).

The end,

-John Jr