Noah | My Dead Grandmother DE | Dangerous Classmates | My Former Classmate KM | Desserts And Karl Urban

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it was probably inspired by the film Noah (2014) that I watched last night, a disappointing/un-diverse/boring/longer than it should have been/waste of time/should not have been made film in my opinion (but I did like parts of the middle of the film, and a few other things), and I think that one or more cats (possibly one or more cats from my parent’s house) was/were in the dream; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that it took place inside either E Manor or my parent’s house or a fictional house during the day (probably E Manor), some of my family and I were possibly living there it seemed, and somehow my dead grandmother DE was alive and she was there; but I can not remember if I remembered that she was supposed to be dead or not, and I am not sure if she talked or not but I think that she did because I did say some things to her and I asked her some questions probably.

It was a positive dream where we prepared a meal together and we set up a table together in the living room, we sat down to eat/drink and talk together as a family, and I possibly learned a few things when asking my grandmother DE some questions/for some advice/and more; but this is all that I can remember of this nice dream unfortunately.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the third dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional location in a field where there was an outdoor classroom with tables, I was there in a class with some of my former classmates/unknown classmates/and maybe one of my brothers, and our teacher was talking as we listened sitting down at the tables.

I think that there had been some murders recently, I remember there were some dangerous-looking students who probably had racist beliefs who were probably family members who were all overweight with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair sitting at one table together, and they kept staring at me and some other students like they wanted to murder us.

I felt that they were probably behind the murders and so I kept glancing at them sometimes as I listened to the teacher as they continued to stare at me and some of the other students, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of the fourth dream is that it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, I was driving around with some of my brothers, and at some point we bought maybe some food; and I remember going to a field next to the BB Grocery Store on Eastside, and our male cousin ME showed up in a car and he joined us.

Eventually my former female classmate KM drove up in a car like my cousin ME had invited her, we talked and maybe ate/drank and we tried to decide where to go next, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

All that I can remember of the fifth/last dream is that my brother GC and I were inside a fictional house during the day, we both made a dessert with my brother GC making a marshmallow dessert that was a pan of small maybe circular treats, and I made a pan of maybe cupcake-like treats.

I remember us trying to come up with ideas of how to make money and/or make our own job, we were trying to decide if we should sell the desserts or not, and we started thinking about various ideas.

One idea was to start selling our desserts at an outdoor stand, one idea was to start our own store, one idea was to create simple books that I would write based on my dreams/daydreams/thoughts and my brother GC would do the drawings for each page, one idea was to start trying to sell my dreams/daydreams/thoughts for people needing ideas for films/television/books/and more, and the last idea was for us to create our own films/television shows/and more from our dreams/daydreams/and more.

We started talking about that last idea by coming up with an idea for a film involving our desserts, as we talked about it I saw it like a dream/daydream within a dream, and it involved several people (including some non-humans) on a fictional planet trying to do something involving the desserts.

The actor Karl Urban was one of the characters, I remember them running up stairs on this somewhat dark planet with lava or something in the background, and every time my brother GC and I adjusted an idea or came up with a new one this would restart with our new ideas being added; and so it became comedic as the actors/actresses and the scene had to keep restarting and being re-adjusted, but I woke up as the actors/actresses started to give some of their suggestions so we let them use their ideas as well.

The end,

-John Jr


Magic Murder

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I barely remember part of an unclear dream from last night, where an unknown man and I sneaked into an unknown building in an unknown location for some reason that I can not remember, during the day I think.

There were people and probably non-Humans in the building, and I think that were supposed to try to sneak past them to reach another area and/or to steal something, but maybe someone saw us.

We were going to try to escape but we decided to get rid of any witnesses I guess, I remember that we probably used magic (I am not sure what kind of magic, I just remember the word magic being used, and we used what we called magic) and/or hand-to-hand combat and/or mêlée combat to kill the person/non-Human who saw us, and one or more people saw us trying to get rid of the body and/or killing that person, and so we killed them; and eventually we started killing everyone in the building, I remember not wanting to but it was too late, and I remember running around using magic/a mêlée weapon/hand-to-hand combat to kill everyone.

The dream jumped into the future, after most of the police had given up on the case of the murders we committed, which was still open; and we went back into the building to make sure that we destroyed any evidence that the police might have missed so that no smart detectives would find that evidence.

I/we felt somewhat bad about the murders, I did not want that/them to happen, but it happened as a precaution to protect ourselves from being found/caught/stopped/whatever.

To our surprise one smart detective was in the building looking for any evidence that the other police officers might have missed, he felt that they had missed something and he was determined to solve the case, and so we tried to figure out how to avoid him seeing us and how to destroy/find any evidence and how to escape.

I forgot to mention that there was a sewer-like exit in the building that we had probably used to escape the building after the murders, and we probably sneaked to it again to avoid the smart detective; and the building looked a bit like an art gallery or museum.

The smart detective was an older man with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair & mustache.

We knew he was a problem, and we wondered what we could do to deal with him; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Semi-Lucid Dream With A Topless Cousin CE

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Dream 1

I had several dreams last night but I only remember part of one dream or two dreams (I can not remember if it was a second dream or if it was the beginning of my last dream, either way they were both connected), I think that the first part of the dream or the first dream involved a group of people including my former classmates DH / SS / MS (SS’s brother)/a few other people, and we had a situation/conflict with some people and/or non-Humans who were part of a group / gang / whatever; and some members of our group probably got captured, and the rest of us were forced to escape.

The group of people and/or non-Humans were in their own section of a fictional city that had small roads where no automobiles were allowed, there were buildings, businesses, et cetera; I know that part of the dream took place in one of the multi-floor(ed) buildings but I can not remember the details, I just know that some of us escaped this special section of the fictional city that they controlled.

Dream 2

Next, I remember either another part of the dream or a new dream, where I was in my parent’s yard during the day; and I still remembered that part of my team had been captured earlier, and I wanted to go save them with the rest of our team.

But the rest of my team wanted to wait/get more people/or something like that, so I think that they left to do that, and we would meet later to go save the people in our team who got captured; so I had a short time to take a break outside & think.

I might have went to my grandfather’s house briefly and some of my indirect family members were there, and at some point I went into the alleyway by my parent’s house where the rabbit cages are & I laid on top of one of the cages to rest for some strange reason; but at some point I noticed an obese fake female cousin of mine with whitish/light-brownish colored skin with long black hair who I probably met at my grandfather’s house earlier along with my cousin CE.

She was standing not far from my grandfather’s fig tree and she appeared to be mostly naked oddly, and laying on her back not far from her on top of something was my cousin CE who was topless oddly like she was sun-tanning or something which does not make much sense because she has light-medium brownish colored skin already.

I was shocked/surprised that they were outside in the open half-naked like that, I looked away a few times and I tried to close my eyes pretending to be sleep, but they saw me & they called my name; but I kept pretending to be sleep, so CE put her shirt back on but I am not sure if my fake cousin put her clothes back on or not, and they walked over to where I was laying.

I tried to keep my eyes closed but I might have had my eyes opened when they came over to me or my eyes were closed but I could still see them, this oddity of being able to see them with my eyes closed probably caused me to wonder if this was a dream, since I kept pretending to be sleep they walked off; and then I predicted that this was probably a dream and the dream went semi-lucid (became a semi-lucid dream).

I got up and I ran to see if I could find them to see if this really was a dream or not, oddly there were a lot of people coming & going from a fictional building where the G House should be, and I saw them walk in there & they turned a corner in the building; and I ran into the building & around the corner to catch them, but they were no-where to be found to my surprise, and so I looked around the groups of people coming & going asking them if they had seen my cousin CE & my fake cousin.

While I was looking around for them I wanted to test some of the dream characters, I thought about asking them if this was a dream and / or asking them what was 1+1 to test their responses, but I decided not to risk making the dream unstable and I felt that they would answer 1+1 correctly which would not prove anything.

When I failed to find my cousin CE & my fake cousin, I got distracted by my team returning ready for our mission to save our captured team members, and so I forgot that I was dreaming & the dream was no longer semi-lucid at this point.

We traveled to the special area of the fictional city and we were greeted by a large/strong/tall man or non-Human security guard who looked like a gang member/thug or someone like that, and he warned us that he knew who we were & that we had some courage coming back; and that if we caused any problems that they would deal with us again, and so they were watching us.

We asked for our team members back but he refused and we asked where they were but he refused to answer that, and he probably did not directly say that they had our team members or not; but we knew that they had them.

He made it clear that the rest of the security would be watching us and that they had the advantage, and so we decided to go around their special area of the city pretending to not be looking for our team mates while scouting the area; and some of us would distract the security while the rest of us would sneak around.

There were businesses around their special area that they owned and people around the city were there shopping/eating/drinking/et cetera, and so we walked among them; and a few members of our team sneaked off to sneak around, while the rest of us walked around distracting the security.

At some point we went to a crowded semi-buffet that was part indoors & part outdoors, and I got split from my team at some point & I waked around scouting while pretending to be shopping; and then I returned to the semi-buffet.

I remember that a few workers were at the semi-buffet areas where you get your food & drinks, they were there to help you & limit how much food & drinks you got, I remember talking with one of the workers who was a woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with long black colored hair; and I asked her various questions trying to learn as much as I could in hopes that it would help our team find our captured team members, but I had to ask questions that would not be suspicious.

There were security guards patrolling/watching us and I had no idea who I could trust, and so I asked generic questions like I was a curious tourist or something; and then I left with my food & drink to find the table(s) where my team was sitting.

The place was crowded and my team were sitting at several tables that did not have much room yet and so I walked over trying to find a spot to sit, but I had an accidental run-in with another customer & I apologized to him; and instead of an argument or fight, he gave me a strawberry-soda looking drink that he did not want that was in a glass cup, and I thanked him for it & he left.

The rest of my team were joking around like they had forgotten about the mission or maybe they were just acting to distract the guards, I could not tell, they did not even offer me a seat; and so I had to keep trying to find a spot at one of their tables to sit, and I finally made a spot at the table where my former classmate DH was sitting.

I remember SS and the others joking about how that strawberry-soda-looking drink that was given to me was probably poisoned, and they did demonstrations on how I might die; and they were goofing around a lot, laughing, smiling, joking, being annoying.

I agreed that was possible but I did not think that it was likely to be poisoned, and I decided to start drinking it to my surprise & to their surprise; and they watched closely to see if I would die. 😀

I could actually taste the drink, it tasted a bit like a strawberry or cherry limeade / lime-aid, it was pretty good; and then we waited to see if I would die, but I did not die. 😀

My team seemed disappointed that I did not die 😀 , which was a bit odd, and then they started goofing around again mostly ignoring me as I tried to join their conversation; and I really wondered how the others were doing on their mission to sneak around while the rest of us were distractions mostly I guess.

I wanted to get back to actively searching for our captured team members and I wanted to make contact with the members of our team who were sneaking around to make sure that they were okay, but we had no way to contact them; and I wanted to get the rest of my team to stop goofing around, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr