Playing Strange Games With My Cousin DE And Nora Sergeant And My Brother GC And My Fictional Sister

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of four dreams from last night with three of the four dreams involving me playing strange games with people, the last dream was the only dream that did not involve me playing strange games with people, and the first dream took place during the day in an unknown fictional building in an unknown fictional city in a hotel fitness-like room maybe but I am not sure what kind of room it was exactly or what kind of building it was.

I was in the room with my cousin DE and we were playing a strange game (not a video game, we were really doing this) where we both had to get on an exercise-like bike peddling it together while having to do various challenges/follow various rules, and one of the challenges/rules was that we had to weigh each other with a scale while peddling the exercise-like bike; and we had to use a certain mathematical formula with our combined weight to answer a math problem or something strange like that.

We had other challenges/rules that we had to complete/follow, and I think that some people/men were watching us/were the people over the game who made the rules/challenges; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The second dream is confusing and it took place in a bathroom and a bathtub I think and I was in the bathtub with Nora Sergeant from the TV show Being Human (Syfy) but I do not think that we were naked at first but I could be wrong, and I think that the bathroom was similar to the bathroom at my grandfather’s house next to the kitchen but it was probably bigger; and maybe we were at a slightly fictional version of my grandfather’s house, but I am not sure where we were exactly.

We were playing a strange game (that might have been part video game-like and part real-life/whatever but I am not sure, but I do know that it was part real-life/whatever where Nora and I were really part of the game/playing the game in person) in the bathtub, but I can not remember the rules of the game exactly or what the game was called; but I do remember that we had to figure out ways to defeat various threats.

Once again it seemed that Nora and I were either married or dating because we both were super comfortable around each other again, and we acted like we were married or dating again; and it felt like we were married or dating again, and once again we were very close in a way that felt very realistic and our bond/connection was very strong.

I can not remember most of the dream but I do remember Nora coming up with a surprise plan/strategy to defeat the threats, and her strategy/plan worked; and we defeated the threats and we won the game I guess, and maybe we celebrated/made out and took a bath together since the entire dream took place in a bathtub.

I know that Nora and I had a very good time in the dream/bathtub, but that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

The third dream involved another strange game that was similar to the game in/from the second dream, and this dream was even stranger/more confusing; and it took place during the night at what seemed to be a slightly fictional version of my grandfather’s house where my family and I seemed to be staying, but once again my grandfather did not seem to be in the dream oddly.

Like in the second dream this game took place in a bathtub but the bathtub was really a pond this time oddly, and even more strange was that the pond/bathtub was in a fictional room where the breakfast room near the kitchen should be; and to make things even more strange/confusing the room was really an outdoor/indoor area similar to the area near my aunt JE’s house by the clothesline, and so there was grass around the pond/bathtub.

I was in the pond/bathtub playing a similar strange game to/from the second dream where I had to defeat various threats, once again it was probably part real-life/whatever and maybe part video game-like, and maybe it was more video game-like at first with me controlling a character who was in the pond/bathtub as I stood near the pond/bathtub but I am not sure.

I remember me and/or my character defeating various threats in the pond, at some point while I and/or my character was finishing off some threats a boss came from under the water by surprise behind me and/or my character; and the boss looked a bit like a very long alligator mixed with the cartoon dinosaur Reptar from the animated TV show Rugrats, and it defeated me and/or my character with its surprise attack and so I lost the game.

I got out of the pond/bathtub and/or I started walking off to leave, but my brother GC and my fictional sister (who was probably older than my brothers D&D but younger than my brother CC, but I can not remember what she looked like) came into the room to play the game; and our fictional sister seemed to be a replacement for my brother CC who was not in the dream, and I forgot to mention that my parent’s and my brothers D&D were sleep during this dream.

My brother GC and my fictional sister got into the pond/bathtub, and so I got in as well; and we all started playing separate games at first I think or we all played together and we each picked a certain area in the pond/bathtub to defend, and I remember us fighting various threats in our areas of the pond/bathtub.

We were having fun and doing very well, at some point we defeated all the threats, and then it was time for us to fight the boss; and so we got out of the pond/bathtub to avoid a sneak attack as the boss started to rise from under the pond/bathtub.

I only got a brief glance at the boss as he/it was rising up from under the water, it/he was a very large/strong/tall/powerful freak/scary/demonic/whatever-looking maybe glowing reddish colored humanoid-like fake devil-like creäture with horns maybe and he/it had arms but I am not sure how many it had, but it/he scared/freaked us out so much that we ran for our lives before it was even finished rising from under the water (so we did not get to see most of its body to know what it was or what it looked like clearly); but I am not sure why we got so scared/freaked out, maybe it/he had special powers to cause extreme fear in its/his opponents, who knows.

I just know that we were so scared/freaked out that we ran as fast as we could for our lives in complete fear/panic, this no longer felt partly video game-like and it felt realistic, and I asked my brother GC and my fictional sister what about our sleeping parent’s and our sleeping brothers D&D; but they said that we had no time to warn them/that we could not save them/that they would probably be okay because they were sleep.

I continued running even though I was worried about my sleeping family members, I/we were that scared/afraid, and we ran through the kitchen/through the hallway/through the living room/out the back door slamming the door behind us/through the yard/out my grandfather’s back gate slamming it behind us/through the alley/through my parent’s wooden gate slamming it behind us/past the pet cages/through my parent’s metal gate slamming it behind us/through the yard/to the back door but we had no key to get inside/and into the other side of the yard to hide.

We were terrified, we had no keys, no weapons, no armor, no phones, and so we could not even call our family to warn them or call for help; and so we stood in our parent’s yard hiding on the other side of the house trying to decide what to do next, and I once again mentioned our family who were still sleeping because I was worried about the boss getting them.

Once again my brother GC and my fictional sister said that there was nothing that we could do to help them and that they were probably okay because they were sleep, but I still wanted to at least warn them about the boss but we needed a phone; and so I started trying to figure out if we should find a way inside my parent’s house so that we could call them to warn them and/or should we find some weapons/armor and go fight the boss and/or get our sleeping family members out of the house, but I accidentally woke myself from the dream because of the fear/panic/stress/et cetera.

The fourth/last dream was the only dream that did not involve a strange game, I was at a slightly fictional version of my parent’s house during a gray day with my family, and the house was bigger with more rooms and the layout was different; and at some point from the kitchen window I saw a car park by our mailbox and my cousin DE, my dead cousin AE, and one or two other real and/or fictional female cousins of mine got out of the car and they came to our door.

They were let inside the house by me and/or someone else in the house and I greeted them and we briefly talked, and then they went around the house greeting each person in my family one-at-a-time and briefly talking with them; but I woke up as they were doing this.

It was not until after I woke up did I realize that my dead cousin AE was supposed to be dead, in the dream I forgot that she was dead in real life, and so in the dream it was like she really was still alive and happy; and so everything seemed normal in the dream, and everyone was happy.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate MW / Nora Sergeant ?

I remember part of one dream from last night but it is confusing, so I do not remember some of the important parts of the dream, and my memory of the dream is unclear.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional city at a cafeteria-like place at a college-like campus, and I met a woman who might have been my former female classmate MW but she might have changed into Nora Sergeant from the TV series Being Human (North American) as the dream went on or the woman became a combination of MW & Nora, but I am not sure since the dream is a bit confusing & unclear.

Sometimes dream characters will change in appearance / personality and/or change into another person without me noticing in the dream, rarely, but it happens sometimes; and in this dream it might have happened and/or MW & Nora blended into one person.

I think that the woman was MW-like at first and then Nora-like later and/or MW/Nora-like then or near the end of the dream.

I remember talking with the woman like we knew each other and had not seen each other in a while, maybe, and I remember wondering if she was pregnant because she looked pregnant to me; and I remember wondering if she was pregnant, who was the father, and I wondered if I was the father for some reason.

I did not want to ask her those questions too soon, and so I decided to take more time to slowly bring some of those questions to our conversation; and at some point we walked outside to talk.

My memory is unclear but I remember thinking in my mind about the situation, and I was concerned about the wellness/health/et cetera of the woman/the possible baby/the father regardless of who it was; and I felt like doing what I could to help, regardless of the what the real situation was.

At some point I remember my brother GC and maybe one other person joining us, and maybe I found out that my brother GC was dating or had dated the woman; and maybe I had dated the woman in the past, but I am not sure.

I just remember that we decided to go eat at a Chinese style restaurant, and I remember trying to encourage/coach/advise GC that he should slowly bring up the pregnancy issue with the woman; but GC was probably being quiet & was probably not going to bring it up.

I still wanted to personally bring up the issue with the woman slowly but if GC was dating her, I did not feel like I should be the one to bring it up first, and I wanted to talk with the woman alone about the issue.

I felt responsible/like I needed to help GC, the woman, the possible baby, and whoever was involved in the situation; I wanted to help all of those involved, especially the possible baby, because I just think that the possible baby deserved an overall good life if possible or at least someone who cared enough for the possible baby to help make the baby’s life better & I was willing to help regardless of who the father was.

Our current world/culture(s) is hard/rough/unbalanced/negative/et cetera enough as it is, and so I think that those being born in this world/culture(s) deserve better or at least someone trying to help them on this tough journey of life until they are able to make the journey themselves; because it is not easy, and the early years are especially important in a Human’s development & this rough world/culture(s) can leave you messed up in various ways conscious & unconscious so we need as much help/training/protection/knowledge/et cetera as we can get.

We had a nice meal and normal conversation(s) at the Chinese style restaurant, and I think that the woman seemed more Nora-like during this part of the dream but I am not sure.

At some point after we ate at the Chinese style restaurant, I decided to go walking and talking alone with the woman, hoping to slowly bring the issue up; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Nora Sergeant

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Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place in a fictional area where my cousin DE and his sister my cousin DE, were visiting me or I was visiting them during the day; but I can not remember most of the details of the dream.

I remember that DE said that it was a special day, a Halloween-like day or something like that, where they would watch scary movies and eat candy or something like that; and so we watched something or did something that I can not remember, but I remember that whatever it was caused me to have a bit of a fight or flight response & this part of the dream kept repeating until I woke up.

This part of the dream repeated so much and bothered me enough that I woke up, in the dream I think that I was able to feel my heartbeat moving oddly, and when I woke up my heartbeat was odd I think.

I remember feeling strange like I was going to die or have a supposed panic attack, I had to use some of my techniques that I learned last year (after my near death-like situation, a supposed panic attack according to the doctor, but I never had a panic attack like that before) to prevent the feelings from getting worse & so that I could go back to sleep; and eventually I was able to go back to sleep.

*Somehow the part that I typed below got deleted when I accidentally pressed a certain combination of keys on my keyboard, so I lost some of what I typed earlier, which is very annoying; and the Un-Do function in Firefox never works for me, maybe because I use Private Mode all the time?*

Dream 2

The next dream took place in D during the night at a fictional apartment in the field next to Burger King, some of the cast of the TV show Being Human (Syfy) were there, and I think that they were going their separate ways; and maybe somehow Nora Sergeant (played by the actress Kristen Hager) and I met after that, and maybe we went out for dinner or something, but I can not remember the details of what happened exactly.

I only remember that later in the dream Nora and I had dated for a while & now we were in a serious relationship and/or were married or about to get married soon & maybe Nora was pregnant but I am not sure, and I was at my parent’s house in the living room on the computer or something during the night; and Nora walked into the house without knocking or anything, like she lived there and/or like she was very comfortable/close with my family, and this seemed normal to me as well but she did surprise me a bit.

I stopped what I was doing and I got up to greet her, she was in a good mood but she seemed to be tired like either she had worked late at the hospital and/or like she was pregnant, and we started talking; but then my mom walked into the living room to greet Nora, and they both sat on the couch to talk, like they were very close, like a daughter-in-law & a mother-in-law talking (I can not recall my mom ever being this relaxed with/around someone other than my dad).

After their conversation Nora showed me a grocery store sales paper, she told me that she wanted me to go grocery shopping (I asked her if she wanted me to go to Walmart but she said no, that she wanted me to go to BB, which is where I wanted to go), and she went over the list of stuff that she wanted me to get; and I remember being concerned about the list having more expensive brands instead of generic brands, having maybe a few unnecessary things, and I worried about the cost of the long list but I listened anyway.

After listening to Nora I started looking over the grocery list and I started thinking about any questions that I had, and I started thinking about other things that I wanted to talk about in reference to the list & other things; and Nora laid back on the couch to relax like she was pregnant and/or super comfortable, and my mom was still on the couch & they both looked tired.

I remember thinking about how I still had no job & that I was still living at my parent’s house, and I felt that there was no way that I was going to be able to support a wife/girlfriend & kid for long like that or at all & I felt that it was wrong for me to have started a relationship with Nora in my current situation & I felt that I needed to seriously find a job soon & then get my own place to live in again (with Nora as well); and I felt an extra boost of inspiration, responsibility, and urgency to improve my situation for Nora, a possible future kid, and myself.

All of these thoughts & more were running through my mind that I wanted to talk to Nora about and I wanted to talk about the grocery store list with Nora & possibly ask Nora to come to the grocery store with me so that we could compare each other’s shopping habits & try to find a compromise if she was feeling good enough to go to the grocery store with me; I was so focused on this, that I did not notice that Nora & my mom were both now asleep on the couch, and it only took them a few minutes to go to sleep. 😀

I decided to not disturb them, and so I left in my automobile to go grocery shopping; and I was still trying to decide what I was going to do to save some money in reference to Nora’s grocery list or if I should just buy everything that she wanted, and I wondered how long it would be until I ran out of money at this rate since I had no job & since Nora’s grocery list was so long.

Something happened in the dream during a part in the dream (I am not sure when) where someone talked to me or warned me about something, near V Park, and while they were talking I saw flashes of scenes with Aidan Waite in them; Aidan was in a dimly lit room or bathroom, and someone was using prescience or remote viewing to try to find his location & so he was using his powers to try & block them from being able to see him.

Blocking that person’s/being’s prescience or remote viewing required so much concentration that Aidan could not move or do anything else but focus his powers, and a man entered the room where Aidan was while he was standing concentrating his powers; and I remember Aidan having no shirt on, and the man started shaving Aidan’s body hair on the upper part of his body & face with an old style straight razor like he was enjoying it in a homosexual-like way, it was freaky & disturbing.

Aidan could not stop him or say anything, since he needed all of his concentration on his powers to block the person/being from using prescience or remote viewing to see him, but the man accidentally(?) cut Aidan a few times which briefly broke Aidan’s concentration each time but Aidan quickly re-focused each time.

Aidan was in a very awkward situation and he was straining/trying very hard to stay focused, he was clearly sweating & in a bit of pain & was annoyed by the man in the room, but the flashes of scenes of this ended; and I finished my conversation with whoever was warning me about something, and they left.

I remember driving on my way to the grocery store but I stopped in the parking lot of my bank, this was during the night, to look at the grocery list & to think about what to do & maybe also to see who was at the apartment building from the beginning of the dream; but then an automobile wrecked into the back of another automobile.

A few minutes later another automobile came speeding up the road and did a sharp turn that caused it to flip & wreck.

A minute or so after that another automobile came speeding up the road and they went out of control, and wrecked as well; it was crazy, like people were driving drunk or something, and so I felt afraid to drive on the road & I wondered what was going on.

I called Nora to see if she was okay and I wanted to return home to talk to her; but I woke up.

As of 5-5-2012 I still have some feelings/connection to this dream/the dream character of Nora, which is longer than usual, usually I might dream of someone or something & I might have feelings/a connection to the dream/a character in the dream/an item in the dream for a few hours or a day or two where I want talk to that person (if the dream was about a real person) or I want to get/use an item from the dream (if the dream was about a real item) et cetera; and so I find this/that to be interesting.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂