An Interpol Agent In A Hostel In Europe?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my dreams from last night except for part of one dream which took place in Europe but I am not sure which of these countries that the dream took place in: Denmark, Norway, Finland, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Montenegro, or another country.

It probably took place in a country in Europe that I have never dreamed of before, I was at what appeared to be a hostel or hotel, and I was in an area of the hostel or hotel that had a restaurant/bar/recreational area; and there were other people there from various countries eating, drinking, talking, et cetera but I can not remember the details of what happened before or during this part of the dream and so I have no idea how or why I was in this country in Europe.

The inside of the hostel had a warm & dimly lit look & feel to it, with darker brownish colors & probably a lot of wood used in the furniture & building, and people were relaxed; and at some point I noticed a man wearing a suit who reminded me of a James Bond-like man who I thought might be a secret agent/spy, and so I assumed that he was an Interpol agent & I started talking with him I think.

At some point I walked to the area where the rooms were, which had hallways that led to various shared rooms, and I remember seeing the possible Interpol agent looking inside different rooms like he was looking for evidence or something like that; and so I stopped to ask him what was he doing, and was it legal.

He seemed to be trying to find evidence that would lead him to a suspect that he was trying to identify and find, so that he could arrest that person, and so I stopped to help him by being his look-out; and at some point someone was coming to one of the rooms, I warned him but he tried to keep searching, and the person entered the room asking him what he was doing.

The Interpol agent lied and said that one of the people who was staying in the room asked him to come get/find something for him or something like that, he did a good job pretending/lying, and so the person believed him; and then he searched a bit more without luck and then he said something to the person, and said goodbye.

He moved on to search somewhere else and a male worker at the hostel approached us or me, we or I told him about the situation and convinced him to not saying anything about it, and I remember walking off to talk with him; and I think that the worker’s name was Michael Jordan, no relation to the former basketball player Michael Jordan he joked, and he had whitish colored skin with short blond colored hair.

Somehow I might have known Mr. Jordan and/or his boss, I remember Mr. Jordan taking me to a room to see his boss who reminded me of my former classmate MJ who like MJ had medium-dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair in a custom fade style haircut, but the boss was quieter & seemed mean/serious.

Mr. Jordan told me about a tournament that his boss was managing or was going to compete in, it seemed to combine track & field with competitive eating, and it involved several rounds of activities like: a round of a track & field sport, a hamburger meat-eating round, a throw a heavy metal ball round (I forgot the name), maybe another food eating round, and then maybe a long distance race.

Each round took place back-to-back, so it was like a marathon or whatever you call it, and so I decided to do a quick/short practice run of the tournament rounds a few times (at least the non-running rounds); and the food eating rounds were going to be the hardest for me, so I knew that I needed to practice those rounds more, but I felt that I might be able to win the other rounds.

I decided that I would sign up for the tournament, and then I put on a t-shirt & sweat-like athletic pants; and I left to practice jogging since I have not been able to jog in real life since near the end of last year after having problems with my right foot (plantar fasciitis probably).

I jogged across an area that was a bit like a fictional version of the area near the Dollar General in D mixed with somewhere else, there was a mall/business office-like building in this area, and in the parking lot I came across some thin/skinny & light weight young women who were on a high school or college cross-country (long distance running) team; and they were practicing possibly for the same tournament as me and/or a school or college cross-country tournament, and so I decided to compete against them to test/compare myself to them to see if I was good enough at long distance running still to possibly win the tournament.

I decided to follow their training route, so I had to stay close enough to where I could see them to know where to go, but instead of following them from behind I stayed in front of them running at a faster pace to push/test myself (which was not a good idea).

I looked out-of-place compared to the young women who looked like how most long distance runners look, but I was more muscular/fatter (not fat but I have more fat than the average long distance runner but my fat levels are in a normal range but my muscles make me over-weight according to my doctor but I am not over-fat) & heavier than them or most long distance runners.

We ran through the mall/business office-like building, I remember people watching us and I wondered what they thought about me running with the young women since I looked out-of-place, and I was doing pretty good but I was afraid that I would get tired soon because I was running at a faster pace than normal & it had been months since I jogged; but I woke up after we ran across the entire building & back outside.

The end,

-John Jr