Trying To Get Into “Heaven”? | Michelle Forbes?

Dream 1

I had a variety of dreams after falling asleep a few hours on the couch that are mostly forgotten now because in some of the dreams I recorded my dreams and / or thought that they were being recorded, some of these were probably false awakening dreams, and some involved movies that were being filmed like one or more Fast & Furious movies.

These dreams moved in and out of normal dreams, dreams of movies being filmed, probably false awakening dreams, and one of these dreams involved a multi-purpose building.

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The X-Files Movie Poster | A Serial Killer? | Mr. BB’s Note

Dream 1

I saw a partial small poster or image for the 1998 The X-Files movie (The X-Files: Fight The Future) on a wall, I stopped to look at it, and I started talking to someone else about it and how I had seen the first movie in a movie theater years ago with one of my uncles and some of my cousins.

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Matt Miller

The end of this dream took place inside a classroom, I was sitting at a desk, and Aaron Chiz was sitting at one of the desks next to me.

Aaron gave a challenge that involved you having to try to use a book to touch another book that was on his desk without him noticing, and I managed to do this somehow.

Aaron did not believe me, I told him to check the video footage himself, and so he did and he confirmed me doing this without him noticing.

During the class I noticed a man with light-color skin with dark-color hair in the class who looked familiar like a former schoolmate of mine, and somehow I put a note on his desk without him noticing.

After class was over the man who looked familiar stopped at Aaron’s desk to thank him for possibly making a new friend, this was in response to the note, and then he said something to me.

I then remembered that the reason that he looked familiar, he was a former slightly older former schoolmate of mine who was also a former soccer teammate of mine when we played little league soccer, and then I told him this.

He then remembered me too, I could not remember his name though, and he told me that his name was Matt Miller.

We shook hands and we continued talking, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

My Former Classmate WG Working As A Janitor

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the day at maybe a college or a school that was very similar to the C Elementary School in the city of D.

There was a main covered sidewalk with some buildings to the left of it, and some sidewalks to the right of it with some small indoor / outdoor bathrooms at the start of some of those sidewalks.

I am not sure if I needed to use the bathroom or not, I just remember going inside one of the small indoor / outdoor bathrooms which were like tiny shacks that were partly open (no door) so you only had a bit of privacy, and at some point I started taking a bath or a shower.

After I finished my bath or shower people (probably college students) started to show up as I was naked and drying off with a towel, and so I tried to hurry up and dry off and get dressed.

There was no door so I had to try to hide in the corners to avoid being seen, I had to switch sides depending on which direction the people were walking from, but eventually I dried off and I got dressed.

As I was leaving the bathroom I walked on a sidewalk, and I saw my former male classmate WG cleaning up along a sidewalk near where I was and he was working here as a janitor.

I stopped to greet my former classmate WG and we started talking, either someone handed him a note or he found a note, and the note was from his wife who also worked here.

The note was probably a reminder to my former classmate WG about something, and maybe he left to go do that and / or to meet up with his wife but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Patient Zero Niels Sørensen (Niels Sorensen) Begs For His Life

Dream 1

There was more to this dream that I forgot, all that I can remember of this dream is part of the end of the dream, and I remember being in a room watching maybe live security/surveillance camera footage of something happening outside in an alley-like area between two small parking lot-like areas in a neighborhood.

Patient Zero Niels Sørensen (Niels Sorensen) from the television show The Last Ship and two other men were in this area, I think that there were some beds outside oddly, and I think that part of this dream had something to do with something medical maybe; and Niels and the two men with him met a woman and two other men.

Something happened that I can not remember, Niels ran to hide behind the beds, and the woman and the two men with her pulled out handguns (maybe revolvers) and they shot and killed the two men who had been with Niels; and then they went to find Niels who was hiding behind the beds.

I remember Niels begging for his life but I can not remember if they shot him or not, I remember thinking that someone should probably stop this, and maybe I was going to go outside to stop this; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I think that I was with some of my family on vacation where we met some slightly fictional family members who were probably a combination of real family members from T combined with other people, and one of them was a fictionalized version of one or more of my male cousins.

At some point the dream jumped in time to the future where we were back home, I was inside my parent’s house during the day playing some video games in a fictional room where my brother GC’s room should be, and this room was sunken lower than the rest of the house like a garage or basement.

I remember a man with whitish colored skin playing video games (either with me or online) and someone left him an object that looked like it had two small flower bouquets on the left and right sides in maybe a basket with something else in the basket along with a note and recorded message, and he said that this was a special reward/gift or something like that which gamers get sometimes or something like that.

My fictionalized male cousin from earlier in the dream and several men stopped by in a surprise visit, my fictionalized cousin now looked a bit like the actor Will Smith with a strangely designed light beard combined with several other people, and I greeted them and invited them inside to play video games and talk et cetera.

I remember us talking, playing videos, and having a good time and I remember talking to the man who got the interesting gift/award; and I remember him reading the note and the recorded message, I can not remember what it said, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr