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*Warning, the video below contains spoilers for the 1964 film Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb*

The end,

-John Jr


A Nuclear Explosion? | My Coworker Mrs. M Says Goodbye

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This morning I found a small green basket of berries (maybe blackberries) outside our front door with a small note from Amenhotep and Khaled, I am not sure who Amenhotep and Khaled are, but whoever you are thank you for the berries.

This surprise gift this morning seemed even more strange and oddly timed because of the dreams that I had last night.

Last night I had some interesting and intense dreams, but unfortunately I can only remember part of two of those dreams because of all the intensity and because I did not voice record my dreams until later.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the evening or night, I was with my parent’s and maybe my brother GC, and we seemed to be going to an outdoor college stadium to probably see my brothers KD and TD play college football.

We probably arrived early before the teams were even at the stadium yet but I am not sure, and so people were still arriving but at some point as we were probably going to our seats there was probably a flash and a large explosion in the distance with a mushroom cloud.

My assumption was that it was a nuclear explosion but that was just my first assumption (it could have been a huge conventional bomb like the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB or Mother Of All Bombs), and then everyone started panicking and taking cover to brace for the shock wave(s) and hope that we survive.

I assumed that we were going to probably die but I took cover anyway, and to my surprise we survived the shock wave(s).

Next there was the fear of possible nuclear radiation (fallout), and so everyone started panicking and running to get to their automobiles to leave to a safer location and / or to find a safer location to avoid  possibly nuclear fallout (radiation).

As we were starting to run we heard the military arriving around the area like they were surrounding it, there were soldiers on foot and in military vehicles who had camouflaged fatigues and body armor and helmets with probably assault rifles who were possibly American soldiers but I am not sure which country if any the soldiers were with, and maybe some special forces-like soldiers wearing black clothing with their faces covered or partly covered carrying maybe assault rifles with little to no body armor were possibly dropped off by helicopter but I can not remember.

Many people were happy to see the military arriving and were expecting them to help us, tell us what to do, and that they would take us to a safe location but the soldiers started shooting and killing everyone as the first group of people approached them to our surprise.

My family and I had kept a distance waiting to see what would happen so we were further back than the people who had approached the soldiers, we are more cautious so that helped save our lives this time, and chaos broke out as the soldiers started shooting and killing everyone who was not a solider.

People were shocked, screaming, running, hiding, too scared to move, et cetera after just surviving a possible nuclear explosion to then be surprisingly attacked by the assumed military.

This all seemed real to me and I did not realize that I was dreaming, this situation was intense, and my focus was on trying to help my family and I survive this terrible situation.

I had my family take cover and my first plan was to kill some soldiers one-at-a-time to take their clothing and armor and guns and equipment and IDs so that we could pretend to be soldiers, and then escape in our automobile.

I was not sure why the military / soldiers were killing everyone but it seemed that maybe this was part of a cover-up to cover-up the possible nuclear explosion, we all had been witnesses to this, and so I assumed that for whatever reason they wanted to kill all the witnesses that they could.

Maybe this was a surprise attack from another country but who knows, I just know that I was trying to help my family and I survive, and so I immediately started my plan by killing a special forces-like soldier who was alone and who was distracted as he was shooting people in the back.

I took his equipment and I put it on, so part of my face was now covered and I had a gun, and then I moved around cautiously with my family ambushing other soldiers and killing them until all of my family were also disguised as soldiers.

We then moved in formation pretending to be soldiers, the other soldiers were too busy killing people to notice that we were not really soldiers, and we did not kill any more soldiers as we made our way to our automobile.

Many of these soldiers were just young men doing their jobs following orders it seemed, most did not seem like they enjoyed doing this and there was some panic among them too as they had to run around trying to kill all of these people running around for their lives, and so it was chaos which allowed my plan to work.

We reached our automobile, we got in, and I drove us to the military checkpoint that was set up to block anyone from escaping.

We tried to act normal and pretend to be soldiers, my face was partly covered and the helmets and body armor helped my family hide themselves a bit, and when we reached the checkpoint I showed them the military ID that I stole and I tried to sound and act like a soldier.

My plan worked and they let us pass without searching the automobile, and we drove away and probably through wilderness areas and back roads to avoid the military or whoever they were.

We probably drove through some somewhat familiar areas from past dreams and / or earlier in the forgotten parts of the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this intense dream before I woke up.

I probably woke up with my heart beating a bit fast because the dream was so intense and realistic, I was in survival mode, and having to survive a possible nuclear explosion and then survive getting attacked by the assumed military and having to kill some soldiers is some pretty serious and intense stuff.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place in an area that somewhat reminded me of the college stadium from the first dream, but there was one or two small buildings.

I remember moving from either another building and / or from outside toward another building, and I was with my coworkers from The BP Library and some of their family members.

My coworker Mrs. M was standing outside the building with some of her family members, including some of her grandchildren who had light-color skin, and Mrs. M was saying goodbye to each person entering the building because she was resigning (quitting) her job at The BP Library.

Mrs. M was giving people hugs, smiles, and was briefly talking with people before they enter the building as she said her final goodbyes to each of us as she stood there with her family who were supporting her.

It was not said but I assumed that maybe Mrs. M was dying and that she was resigning from her job so that she could spend time with her family before she dies, but that was my assumption and it was never said.

This made the situation even more emotional, my coworker Mrs. M is a nice older woman who greets you every day with a smile and I did not want to see her leave or die, and things would not be the same without her at work.

I stood back waiting before going to say my final goodbyes to my coworker Mrs. M, I thought that I would be okay, but as I watched people saying their goodbyes I became emotional and I wanted to cry.

I tried to stop myself from crying which was very difficult to my surprise but I probably started crying when the emotions overwhelmed me but I can not remember if I cried or not, but if I did cry I made sure that no one could see or hear me.

At this point I kept trying to stop myself from crying and / or I was trying to finish crying until I felt that I could finally say my final goodbyes to my coworker Mrs. M without crying.

But to my surprise this was more difficult and was taking longer than expected because the emotions had broken through my defenses to my surprise, watching my coworker Mrs. M standing with her family saying her final goodbyes to everyone was like watching someone saying goodbye for the last time before they die, like Alexander The Great’s alleged last farewell to his soldiers.

I probably became more emotional than expected because this probably reminded me of my deceased grandmother DE, and that is one of the few things that can make me cry when something reminds me of her and of the last time that I saw her alive and of her funeral.

But I woke up before I could walk over to say my final goodbyes.

The end,

-John Jr


Andrew Garfield And A Bright Flash (Explosion)?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a real-time strategy games and an annual event involving a certain real-time strategy game, my voice recording is unclear but it sounded like I said that somehow this real-time strategy game was choking me at some point in the dream, which makes no sense but maybe I misunderstood what I said in the voice recording.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the evening or night outside, I remember there being many people outside in various areas, and I walked around different areas talking to people and more; and at some point a group of armed and dangerous people started threatening me, and I remember walking away from them.

I had pepper spray in my pocket and as I was walking to another area to get away from them I was approached suspiciously by my male cousin ME and two large muscular men, I did not trust them, and my cousin ME wanted me to come with them; but I felt threatened so I did not move to follow them, and they started trying to surround me like they were going to force me to come with them.

I mentioned how I felt and I had my pepper spray hidden in my hand ready to use it if necessary, my cousin ME told me that they were not going to harm me, and they got closer to me; and I came close to pepper spraying them and running away, but I decided to follow them.

The two large muscular men walked on both sides of me to make sure that I did not run, I remember joking about how big and muscular they were, and I even held on to their shoulders holding myself in the air as they continued walking; and a woman who saw this and heard my joke started laughing, and then I started walking on my own again after finishing my joke.

I still did not trust them but I was curious about what my cousin ME wanted, but I woke up.

Dream 3

I did not voice record this dream so all that I can remember of it is that the dream took place during the day and an event was taking place in a city, at first I was in or near a college, and I remember sitting in a car that was parked along the sidewalk; and some college women with whitish colored skin got in the car as well to hang out, but I did not know them and they paid no attention to me.

At some point the actor Andrew Garfield was outside the car and the college women asked him to get inside the car, they were excited to see him and they were attracted to him, and I remember them goofing around having fun; and Mr. Garfield talked to me a bit, and at some point I left to another area.

I went to an area with a lot of people in a field where an event was taking place during the day, something happened that I can not remember, and I remember everyone being moved to another area like maybe there was a threat; but as we were moving there was a bright blinding whitish colored flash that briefly blinded us like maybe a nuclear bomb or something like that exploded not that far away, but it was quiet oddly.

There was even more panic and people got separated after the blinding flash so we did not know where some people were, some people were closer to where the flash was so we were not sure if they were alive or not, and so the rest of us were moved to a building where we waited for the others and waited to find out what was going on.

We were not sure if we would live or die from radiation or something like that or if there would be more explosions or whatever that was, people were talking and trying to figure out what was going on, and most of us expected the worst; but most of us stayed calm waiting for the city (local government) to handle the situation, and tell us what to do next but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Military (War) History (Nuclear) Retaliation Against The United States (USA)?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of a long dream that covered several eras/time periods of military/war history, this dream was somewhat like a rare type of dream that I have sometimes where I am a soldier & I get to experience/learn about past military/war events usually with narration, and these dreams are usually part real & part fictional.

I do not remember this dream having narration but I could be wrong, but it did somehow keep me somewhat informed about what was going on in each part of the dream.

I am not sure how this dream began exactly or which time period it began in, I just remember waking up during the night to use the bathroom or something, and I was in a semi-outdoor camp/fort probably with mostly kids, young people, women, and a few men/soldiers in a time period & place that seemed to be the United States (USA) during the time period of people settling in new areas of the country.

I am guessing that I was a soldier helping protect the people and we seemed to be at war with an army/group of men who was/were probably outside of our camp/fort, but it was night & we were trying to get some sleep to be prepared for another battle probably.

I walked out of the sleeping quarters through a metal gate that led to a hallway-like metal gate on my left & one on my right, this area was outside but it was very dark so you could not see anything beyond the gates, and I guess the left side had a bathroom hole for men & the right had a bathroom hole for women.

There was a partly private area to use the bathroom, but this gate area was our only line of defense, besides the way our camp/fort was built into the land/environment; and so the enemy only needed to get past the gates to enter the sleeping quarters.

We only had maybe one man & a boy on patrol/guard duty, since almost everyone needed sleep from a previous battle probably, and so things were quiet & mostly unprotected; which I felt was too dangerous.

I decided to check around for any threats myself, but then I noticed three men sneaking through one of the gates; and the men & I started to fight in hand-to-hand & mêlée combat.

The man & boy on patrol came to help me, and we defeated the men & several other men who were trying to sneak through the gates; and a few gun shots were fired during our battle.

The battle was pretty realistic with the drama/roughness/tension/et cetera of real-life hand-to-hand, mêlée, and ranged combat.

We wondered if the enemy was planning a major surprise attack if they could get the gates opened or if they were just trying to make us all wake up & stay up all night to stop us from getting sleep, so that we could be weak & tired for the next battle; and so we came up with a plan.

We decided that we should wake everyone up for a little while & have them prepare for a possible attack, if no major attack happened, we would have mostly everyone go back to sleep but prepared to wake up to fight if necessary; and we would just put more people on patrol, but that is all that I can remember for this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream that I can remember took place in the same area but in a different time period & during the day, once again it seemed that we were in the USA and the camp/fort was now a military base or training facility or something, during a time period like the Cold War between the Soviet Union / Russia & the USA maybe but it could have been a future time period but I am not sure.

I might have been a drafted soldier but I am not sure, I just remember there was training & preparations taking place for an attack against the Soviet Union/Russia I guess, and our base/facility was part underground & part above ground.

There was a lot to this dream that I can not remember involving military training/preparations/military officers/equipment/mobilization/new technology/weapons/et cetera, I just remember watching the attack from a screen at the base/facility with some generals watching, and the USA I guess shot a nuclear missile or some kind of missile at the Soviet Union/Russia I guess.

From the video on the screen the missile looked small but fast, I am not sure if it was shot from a jet or not, and when it hit land in the Soviet Union/Russia I guess; it probably caused a loud noise & the ground started to bend & shift & move around like a mountain having a seizure underground & above ground where the land was moving up & down & around like a super earthquake or something was happening, it was strange & devastating.

I think that the missile was set for more targeted attacks, so the damage was not too wide spread, and I guess it was supposed to scare the Soviet Union/Russia into giving up or something; and it seemed to have worked at first probably, I remember a vacation/peace period afterward.

Time moved forward again without me noticing and I was visiting another former soldier from that conflict, my former classmate AM, and he was in Italy where he had been stationed during the war but he stayed after the war.

AM’s parents & grandmother were also visiting him in Italy, which is where AM’s ancestors were from, and I remember AM being in a very good mood.

We talked about his/our time(s) during the war, about his girlfriend or wife who was from Italy, about him learning Italian, and more.

I was happy for AM and at some point I returned to the USA I guess and/or I was drafted or called back to the military for another war.

I got dressed in a Marine-like dress uniform at a hotel-like place not far from the military base/facility from the first two parts of the dream, and then I walked to the base/facility.

This part of them dream seemed more like a replay of the dream before this, and even in the dream I thought that the dream was repeating at first; because I was so familiar with everything.

This time I was like a military veteran & maybe an officer, because I already had my knowledge from the other part of the dream, and the new soldiers were quickly being trained/prepared; but I already knew the routine.

A mass mobilization was taking place in the USA I guess, so maybe a military drafty happened again, because a lot of the new soldiers did not seem/act like they volunteered; and it seemed that many civilians were being moved to hotel-like buildings/buildings to house many people, like the one I got dressed in.

As I was watching the new soldiers and giving advice I heard a sound like when the USA I guess had launched the missile against the Soviet Union/Russia I guess, and so I looked outside; but to my shock/horror, it was not the USA shooting the missile this time, it seemed that the Soviet Union/Russia had made the missile now as well.

The missile was shot near our base/facility, it exploded with the same loud sound, and I started running to avoid the coming waves of land; I ran for my life, and I barely climbed & avoided the land in time to escape.

It was something that you would have to hear & see for yourself to understand, it seemed realistic, the sound & movement of the missile & explosion/the rumbling & seizures of the land/the fear/et cetera.

I ran to the hotel-like place as more civilians were arriving, I remember a Boy Scout-like group wearing military-like dress-like uniforms arriving, and they asked me if I was a soldier; and I said yes, and they were amazed/impressed, but I was still trying to calm down after almost dying from the nuclear-like missile attack.

I walked to a lobby to sit down to relax and warn some people about the attack, and I saw some former soldiers who were also military veterans in real life: my former classmates SW, ME, and someone else.

I told them about what had happened and they did not seem too surprised, they were no longer in the military after having already served in the last war like me but I was back/still in the military for some reason, and I noticed that ME had a hole-like spot on his head that looked a bit red/fresh like an old injury from the last war where he got shot in the head by metal from an explosion or something that sometimes opens up a bit when scratched or something.

I started thinking that this part of the dream might not be a replay of the second part but that is was either slightly later in the future where the Soviet Union/Russia was retaliating against the USA or that this was a replay but this time the Soviet Union/Russia had made the missile first, but those were just thoughts as I was trying to figure out what was happening & what to do & what time period was I in.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Nuclear Explosions In France

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I remembered part of three dreams, with the first dream starting with my mom, brothers, and I going fishing or something in the country on a nice day.

We arrived by van to a field with a lake/river and a nice abandoned small two-story/floor house, and I remember either having or finding some odd flying/gliding device; that looked like a white bed sheet or something and the wind would blow it open somewhat like a parachute, and I could fly/glide with it when I jumped & moved the device a certain way. 😀

I remember flying/gliding around the field and over the lake/river a few times, and I saw some alligators on a bank near the lake/river, so I had to avoid landing there a few times. 😀

At some point some of my cousins came and we all went inside the nice abandoned small two-story/floor house to talk, and I remember my mom mentioning that she might be interested in buying the house; and she mentioned something about a rumor of some criminals that would sleep/hide in the house at night or something like that.

My cousins mentioned that they liked old Atari games and so I got an idea to one day buy them some hand-held game systems that had old Atari games on them. 😀

We then left in the van and stopped at two gas stations that were right next to each other, both gas stations were not opened yet, and there was a crowd of stereotypical rough country people who appeared to probably have racist beliefs to me & some of them seemed drunk & dangerous; so I told my mom that I did not think it was a good idea to stop there, but she wanted to anyway.

Both gas stations opened and my mom went inside, maybe my brothers went to, I just remember not wanting her to go inside alone; but I was a bit afraid that if I went in, then it would make my mom/us a target (since she could blend in better than me), so I decided to stay in the van for the moment.

I either tried to get some of my brothers to go inside and/or I kept trying to get myself to go inside, I was being very cautious, and I noticed that I was wearing pajama pants for some odd reason; which I found embarrassing, so I found a jacket & put it on, which made me feel a bit more comfortable.

I then pumped up myself/inspired myself enough to go leave the van to go check on my mom, but then my dad drove up and I told him about the situation and so we walked to the gas stations but my mom came outside before went could go inside. 😀

I think stopped to ask her about the situation as she stopped at a food stand or something outside the gas stations, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream involved me going to a fictional version of a real city to a college-like campus in the day time, and I remember walking around the outside of the campus and at some point I came across a former classmate & friend of mine.

He showed me several parts of the campus and told me stories about them, and he told me about a part of the campus that had these reddish colored brick buildings that appeared to have a basement, and he said that people with serious mental problems or something like that, used to live there.

He said that usually they were members of rich families and they would send them there, and they would be locked in their own rooms, and taken care of indirectly I guess you could say; and you use to need permission to even visit someone there, and even then most people visited the person indirectly, separated by a clear window-like thing.

The window-like thing also had a small door-like thing that would allow the people to give them food, gifts, etc indirectly; so it was somewhat like an indirect insane asylum or something.

He then took me to see the buildings but they looked upgraded and somewhat futuristic, and I did not see anyone around, to our surprise the doors automatically opened for us to enter on one of the small buildings.

We walked inside a small hallway with a few rooms on the left side covered with a clear window-like thing, that would allow people to see the person in the inside if they stepped out of their room, but you could not see inside their rooms; you could only see their door and there was a space where they could come out of the room and stand and indirectly talk with you, separated by the clear window-like thing that had a small door-like thing that allowed you to indirectly give them things.

On our right side were windows that allowed you to see outside of the building and the inside of this small place was clean & somewhat futuristic, and all the doors on the rooms were closed, so we did not see any one at first.

We were surprised to see no workers or security around the small building, and we wondered if the place was automatically ran by the building itself (a smart building of sorts); we also were surprised that it appeared that anyone could enter the buildings without ID or a code, and we saw no cameras.

We noticed that one of the rooms, on the left side and in the middle of the building, had one or more doors with windows on them instead of a clear window-like thing, and so we stopped to look at it.

Then a woman with long reddish colored hair with whitish colored skin wearing a dress came out of one of the rooms, and walked up to the doors with windows on them; I can not remember what happened at first or if she talked or not at first, I just remember us either trying to talk to her or talking to her.

We were separated by the doors with windows on them of course, the beginning is too unclear, but I remember her repeatedly hitting the doors and maybe screaming, and we wondered if the doors with windows would break; also we wondered if someone was going to come help her or see what was wrong with her, because we did not know what was wrong.

We kept trying to ask her what was wrong but I think she kept screaming and hitting the doors with windows, with both of her fists wildly; she was making the doors move like they might burst open, but it seemed that the doors were thicker & stronger than they appeared.

We were a bit disturbed by her behavior and worried that us being there was negatively effecting/affecting her, so we decided to leave, hoping that would help calm her down; I may have had the feeling that she was trying to tell us something and/or she just really wanted to leave and/or to come outside again, since they appeared to never be allowed to go outside & they seemed to be forever trapped in their probably nice looking rooms.

We walked out surprised by that experience and by the changes made to the buildings, and we talked about how we thought that there should be workers & security there to help, and that the people should be allowed to go outside sometimes.

We walked up some steps or an escalator to a building that looked like Walmart inside, and I think my former classmate & I went our separate ways; then I noticed a few groups of former classmates of mine walking among the shoppers in the store.

But they appeared to be separated into gangs or something, one gang of my former classmates were all wearing blue jean jackets with blue jeans, and they appeared to be about to fight another group of my former classmates; so I said hello and kept walking to avoid the soon to be fight.

I then made it to a hallway of one of the college buildings with students walking around and there were a few lockers along the walls; there I came across my dad, and walked & talked with him up the hall.

At some point I noticed an older man being confronted by a woman & some men, that appeared to be his daughter & sons, in the hall; so I stopped to see what was going on.

The woman did all the talking, while the men stood back looking angry & like they were almost ready to use violence.

The woman called the man father and said that they had found out that he had an affair with a woman who was at the indirect insane asylum-like buildings or something like that, and she was asking how could he do that to their mother/his wife and his children like that.

She was making a huge scene and being loud, and her father appeared to be ashamed of himself; so he stood there in the hall in front of everyone, while his daughter yelled at him.

I decided to keep walking once I felt that no violence would be used, and I wanted to give them some privacy; my dad and I talked about the indirect insane asylum-like buildings as we walked, and I was going to take him to see how they looked now.

I think my dad had to go do something, so he was going to meet me there later, and so I continued walking; and I think a came across a group of men that appeared to be dressed like Mormon missionaries that usually ride bicycles or something.

This part of the dream is slightly blurry, but I think that a secret doorway hidden in a wall with either a Masonic symbol or a religious/secret society symbol on it, opened on the left side of us; and a woman yelled for us to come help her.

The group of men appeared to know her and they all appeared to be part of some religious and/or secret society; the woman looked like a member of one of the Pentecostal Protestant Christian denominations and she had whitish colored skin with blonde hair that was rolled up in a bun or whatever you call it on her head, she wore no make up, and she wore a long blue jean skirt.

I followed the group of men to help the woman into this secret doorway in the wall and it led to a dark stairway, and I think we ran down it until we reached a small room.

The small room appeared to have a small kitchen, bathroom, bed room, living room, and an exit to the outside of the building.

The woman opened the door and outside I saw an abandoned part of the building with no one around except one car that drove up, we were somewhat above the ground and so a small ladder was needed to reach the ground.

The woman seemed to be in a rush and seemed to want to hurry up to avoid anyone else seeing what was going on, and an old woman got out of the car carrying what appeared to be a small old woman; the room that I was in was pretty dark and the outside light was bright, so I could not see well at first.

The woman told me to reach down the ladder and pick up what the woman handed me, which I thought was a small old woman, and the woman told me to put it in the bathroom & close the door; which I thought was odd, but I started to do it anyway.

The bathroom had a small window and so I had enough light to finally see that what I thought was a small old woman, was actually not even a human at all, it was this ugly/old/scary looking blue witch-like looking humanoid creäture wearing some odd witch-like outfit or something that was maybe a brownish & reddish & greenish color(s).

I then immediately went to close the door but the blue humanoid creäture started trying to get out of a crack in the door by making itself smaller, and the woman yelled to not let it escape or something, so I tried to push the door to cover the crack; oddly the creature’s outfit got smaller too, as it shrank in size.

I accidentally crushed/mashed the creäture with the door when it tried to get through a small crack, so it appeared to have died; I can not remember what happened next exactly except that I was outside in an area that looked like the outside of my grandfather’s house, but it was supposed to be near that secret room oddly.

My mom pulled up in a van and told me that my dad was on the campus, so I told her that I already knew and had talked with him, and then I noticed a man who may have been with that religious and/or secret society walking near us, so I went to tell him about the blue creäture that I had accidentally killed.

We walked to the ladder that led to the secret room & climbed it, and we went into the secret room, and I showed him the spot where the blue creäture died; all we saw was its clothing and a small pile of blue clay-looking stuff, which was not what I had seen when it first died.

The man hypothesized that the creäture was probably summoned or created by a person with some kind of magic, and so the creäture was not exactly independent but was probably someone’s creation that was made for a certain purpose; which seemed to make sense to me.

I felt that the woman who had brought the creäture to the secret room either had summoned or made it or captured it or she knew who did, and that she seemed to probably be a member of this religious and/or secret society; and that they probably had something to do with this, but I woke up.

Dream 3

My next dream was even weirder and even felt & looked weird compared to my normal dreams, I just remember being on this ledge-like area of a brick building, in an area of France that had buildings built into a lake or sea or something; so the water was near my feet and so the ledges around each building were like small ledges/sidewalks/docks.

You had to either swim or use boats to get to each building and the place appeared to be from an older time period or something maybe, and a big old style battleship passed by me that had a British flag on it; either a narrator spoke or somehow knowledge of the situation was somehow passed to me.

Britain and France were at war, and this new battleship was on a mission to attack the castle in France, and they hoped that their weapons on this new ship would be enough to destroy it or take it or something.

I saw no one else around and no other ships, and I think the sky was a grayish color & cloudy; the dream world looked & felt different, I can not describe it exactly, it was weird.

As the ship was sneaking past the buildings to reach the castle, which I could not see yet, a primitive looking submarine came from under the water and it shot a primitive missile-like weapon at the ship & sunk it.

Since Britain’s secret attack had failed, an old bomber-like plane with an America flag on it flew in the air over me on my right side, and it dropped what appeared to be a nuclear bomb into the water; so I jumped into the water and swam for my life toward land to escape the blast.

It appeared that America was supporting Britain in this war again France with air support, but the technology of the British ship was from an older era than the American bomber, which was also from an older era than our present era which was weird.

I swam faster than an Olympic swimmer to reach the land, I swam Fast! 😀

As I swam, I think the sky was getting darker like the bomb was going to detonate or something, maybe, but I did not hear it explode as I reached land.

On the land I saw some people running in a panic past me speaking French, but I do not know what they said, I was worried about getting as far away from the bomb as I could. 😀

I noticed a dock areas with nice small yachts, so I ran to go steal one to escape the blast, as I ran either I saw someone running with a newspaper or a narrator talked or somehow knowledge was passed to me that said that America was going to attack/bomb 3 or 4 French cities; it was almost like this was a past historic event that my dream was replaying or something, it was weird.

Oddly when I reached the dock, all the small yachts were gone and only a small white circular raft was left, so I got on it and started to row for my life out into the sea; I rowed/paddled like I had a motor attached to my boat! 😀

At some point I saw another old bomber-like plane with an American flag on it drop another bomb on a French city in the distance on the other side of the sea in front of me, which made me panic even worse and I started rowing/paddling back toward the dock as the shock wave came toward me. 😀

I think I was yelling out: “No, no, no, no, no, no, this can’t be happening, I have to get out of here!”, as I rowed/paddled back to the dock. 😀

To my surprise the shock wave did not reach me, but some fallout or chemical-like stuff started moving in the water toward me & the French city that I was rowing/paddling back to. 😀

I reached the dock before the fallout or whatever could reach us and ran back to the land as people were running around screaming and yelling in French, and then I saw another old bomber-like plane with an American flag drop another bomb in the distance from the direction that the first plane had dropped its bomb that appeared to have failed to blow up earlier, except this time a French city in the distance was bombed, and I saw the bomb explode in the distance.

I stopped panicking and felt that it was almost hopeless now, and I think I even laughed, since there was a nuclear explosion that went off already to the South of me and now the North of me; and probably soon to the West & East which would mean that I would be trapped in the middle of 2-4 nuclear explosions, which would make it about 3 or 4 bombed French cities like what was somehow said/shown/known to me/? earlier when I was running to the docks.

A narrator started talking, it was a male voice speaking in English, saying something like: “After the tragedy/war/conflict/rivalries between warring powers or something like that, a new beginning or new hope of friendship or peace or coöperation may be formed or something like that”, that is a wild guess, but the male voice was saying something like that or about the future after this conflict I think.

I looked around watching and listening to the people screaming and yelling in French, wondering what should I do to help and/or what should I do, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂