A Music System With A Smart Bracelet

The end of this dream took place during the day, I was inside a room or house-like area that was inside a larger building that had a small library or something that was outside the door of the room or house that I was in, and there were probably other places inside this multi-purpose building.

I was sitting at a computer checking out a music player system that my brother GC had, and I was doing this while talking to my brother GC who was across the room.

The music system had several hardware parts to it including some software that I was checking out on the computer.

You could store and access your music online using an online account from a web browser using any device that had a supported web browser and internet access, you could store and access your music from a hardware device (computer, tablet computer, mobile phone, MP3 player, et cetera), and there was a smart bracelet with wireless internet support built-in that you could use to access and store your music online from your account and / or from where your music is stored on your home network and / or from the smart bracelet itself.

I remember looking through and listening to music from the online account, from the computer, and through the smart bracelet after connecting it to the online account and to our wireless internet to access music from our computers over our home network.

While doing this and talking to GC, GC somehow stumbled upon some videos maybe online of a woman, and some of the videos had nudity and were probably pornographic so I assume that maybe she was a pornographic actress.

Somehow I ended up having a magazine on the computer desk that came from the library outside our door / room / house, and inside of the magazine I found some images of the same woman in the videos; and some of the images possibly had nudity and were possibly pornographic to my surprise and confusion (this was supposed to be a normal magazine, and not a pornographic magazine; and I was surprised that images like that would be in a magazine at a library), GC and I talked about this briefly, and then I took the magazine back to the library outside the door.

It is possible that the videos and images were not completely pornographic, they could have been risque modeling videos and images of the woman, and maybe some were almost pornographic.

I am not sure who the woman was or what she looked like, this is a wild guess, and maybe she had light-color skin and maybe was from a somewhat older time period between maybe the 1950s – 1990s but I can not remember.

After this I showed GC how to use the smart bracelet and the rest of his music player system to access and store his music, then I told him that I was going to go jogging, and maybe I brought the smart bracelet so that I could listen to music and test it out.

I then went jogging around a somewhat fictional version of the city of D, at some point I was jogging through a fictional neighborhood that as possibly near where the shared parking lot of The D Junior High School and The KRH Elementary School should be, and on the right side of the street I saw an old woman with light-color skin with gray / white hair and a man with light-color skin.

I probably jogged further to the left to give them more space and to avoid scaring them and I waved and I smiled at them as I jogged by but the old woman was looking down and did not see this as she struggled to walk because she was pretty old, and then when she looked up she got scared when she saw me jogging by.

She got unnecessarily scared like she had some kind of bias and / or previous experience that caused her to be extra afraid of certain people.

The old woman started to panic trying to run (which was not possible for her, and so she was moving very slowly) and she started yelling for help like she thought that I was about to attack her and / or rob her, I stopped to let the old woman know that was not the case and that I was just jogging by, and to apologize for accidentally frightening her (even though I had already taken steps to avoid scaring her earlier).

It took this and the other man to finally calm her down, I then learned that the man was the old woman’s lawyer, and that they had just finished talking about some lawyer stuff and were going their separate ways when I was jogging by.

The old woman continued leaving as I talked with her lawyer, I remember him giving me some free legal advice, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


President Donald Trump Arguing About Guns | Where Did My Clothes & Daenerys Targaryen Go?

Dream 1

This dream involved The President Of The United States Donald Trump ranting and arguing and debating online and in the news about something involving adjusting something for guns (I doubt that it was something involving gun control, but I am not sure), and this change would possibly require someone making the change from a computer by adjusting one or more settings; and so I assume that this would be something that gun manufacturers could do and / or that gun users / owners could do if they have smart guns or something like that, but I have no idea.

I remember seeing part of a news interview of a somewhat older bald or balding man with light-color skin who was an expert being interviewed about this new setting idea for guns.


LeBron James & R. Kelly Playing Basketball

Dream 1

This dream took place inside an indoor stadium, I was sitting in the stands watching a basketball game that was possibly an NBA game, but I am not sure; I do know that some NBA players were in the game.

My brother GC, my dad, the characters Martin Payne and Regina “Gina” Waters-Payne from the television show Martin, and some other people were in the stands as well.


A Lucid Dream | A College Dorm | A New Girlfriend | A Rated X Trailer | Checking The Drops

I remembered a lot of my dreams but unfortunately I did not record them each time that I woke up, I thought about them, but then I would daydream and / or dream and / or have a false awakening dream of me recording them when in reality I did not record my dreams; and so now some of those dreams are forgotten, and some parts of the dreams that I do remember are forgotten.

I can not remember the correct order of all these dreams, and so some of them may be out of order.

Dream 1

The forgotten parts of this dream possibly involved something related to the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Part 1) (Season 1).

The end of the dream took place inside a one-story college dorm / college-like building, I remember being in a dorm / classroom-like room that was along a hallway with many rooms and maybe lockers on both sides of the hallway, and I was there with other people (possibly mostly college students) including my brother GC.

The room had at least two beds, I was sitting on the bed on the left side along with a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair who was from somewhere in Europe and she spoke English with a European accent of some kind and maybe my brother GC and at least one other man, and there were some tables and chairs and maybe desks in the room as well.

A panel of guest speakers were there to take turns talking to us, they were sitting at a long table with chairs on the right side of the room, and maybe we had just finished class and / or the opening ceremony so it was almost time for the event to start.

As we waited and talked I noticed that the door to the room was not closed all the way, then I heard a strange sound in the hallway, then the slightly busy hallway became quiet, and I remember closing the door all the way and I started to feel that something might be wrong in the hallway.

The woman sitting near me decided to open the door and check the hallway, I told her that was probably not a good idea but she did not listen, and the hallway was empty now oddly and quiet.

The woman then only partly closed the door again even when I told her to close it all the way, before I could close the door I heard and maybe even saw a creature at the end of the hallway (maybe it was something that got summoned during the forgotten Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina part of the dream, but I have no idea), and so I told the others near me to run and hide whatever.

I am not sure what happened to most people in the room (I am not even sure where my brother GC went), I only remember seeing the woman and a man who were sitting on the bed that I was sitting on at this point, I wanted to escape the room but there was no time so I hid under the bed on the right side of the room closer to the wall.

The creature entered the room, I only saw part of its hairy maybe gray fury feet, and it stood on two legs so I assumed that it was maybe a werewolf because it quickly tore the man in half and it grabbed the woman and it ran away out the room with her after attacking her after it checked the room but it did not see me hiding under the bed.

That was a bit scary during those seconds of hiding, after it left I closed and I locked the door, and then I escaped to the outside through something along the back wall and / or vent and / or ceiling.

I am not sure when I first realized that I was dreaming, but I definitely realized that I was dreaming at some point when I was outside at the back of the building standing on concrete while I was trying to figure out what to do now; and so the dream was a lucid dream at this point.

Instead of going back inside the building to find the creature or werewolf so that I could fight it, I decided to continue my escape, and so I decided to try to fly.

I decided to use the run and jump and flap my arms to gain some height and a flying start, and then I maybe used my mind to help boost my speed and help me fly from there.

This worked and I flew through a forest that was behind the building, I remember smiling and laughing and being happy that this worked and that I was finally lucid dreaming again, and as I flew through the forest I saw some non-human animals or entities but I can remember the details and I kept flying without interacting with them.

At some point I saw my male cousin ME and I probably flew to the ground to talk with him, he mentioned a fictional video game that I remember him mentioning to me before in a past dream and / or in a false memory, and this video game was similar to the video game Twisted Metal according to ME; I can not remember the name but it sounded somewhat like Festival Of Carnal or Festive Of Carnal or something strange like that.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream possibly took place inside a small college dorm on maybe an upper floor with a window, I was in this assumed dorm room during the day, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The end of this dream took place during the day, in the forgotten parts of the dream or in false memories my brother GC had introduced me to a woman from an unknown country with light-brown skin with medium-dark-to-dark color maybe curly hair who could also speak an unknown language who possibly slightly reminded me of the actress Elisabeth Moss (she looked different from her, but possibly partly similar to her in a way), and I guess my brother GC had set us up on a date or something and the woman and I ended up dating.

The end of the dream took place outside where my aunt JE’s house should be, my new fictional girlfriend lived there, and she was introducing me to her mother and / or aunt and another female family member of hers.

We had just started dating so there was still much that I did not know about my girlfriend and I was not completely comfortable yet, this was my first time meeting some of her family, and so I was not comfortable and I was a bit nervous and I felt awkward.

My girlfriend’s family members greeted her in whatever unknown language they spoke, even in the dream I was not sure what the language was, and her mother or aunt greeted me in the unknown language before switching to heavily accented English with a few words in the unknown language mixed in.

I was not completely sure what she said to me, I understood some of it, and I know that she asked me about how I was licking my lips but I was not exactly sure what the question was but I responded anyway; and I let her know that my lips were dry, and that I had a bad habit of licking them sometimes when they feel dry so I let her know that I was not signaling anything by doing that and that was just me trying to deal with dry lips.

My girlfriend and her family members continued talking while I stood there trying to understand what they were saying, trying to figure out what that other language was, even trying to figure out what country they were from, while wondering why I did not know this information yet, while trying to survive and recover from my discomfort and awkwardness et cetera, but I woke up as we went inside the house maybe.

Dream 4

This dream involved me seeing a short trailer for an unknown fictional movie with the actress Elisabeth Moss in it, the trailer showed Elisabeth Moss and a man with light-color skin standing up naked in maybe a room where the entire background was one color and so the focus was on them with high-quality lightning and colors, and they were starting to have sex starting with oral sex that they were both performing oral sex on each other separately and then at the same time.

I was shocked and confused by this, what kind of movie was this supposed to be and what was it about other than sex and how was this even allowed on YouTube or wherever I was watching it, basically it looked like it was going to be some kind of Rated X art film and the trailer had no narration and no text and maybe even no music; and the trailer ended, and I woke up.

Dream 5

The dream took place at The BP Library, I was working there and my female coworkers DT and CR were not there, and my female coworker DC was at the front desk.

In the dream the library was allowing me to at least help The Shelving Department again now by checking the drops when one or both of my coworkers in The Shelving Department were not there, even though I was still working in The IT Department and The Tech Services Department, and so I went to do this at the front drops.

My female coworker JB was possibly in the dream but she had walked into the back employee areas or she was just mentioned and thought about in the dream, I am not sure if I got to talk to her or not if she was in the dream, I just remember getting items out of the front drop and going to put them in The Shelving Room.

DC started talking to me about something that I can not remember, I talked to her while still working, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Dating Adele

Dream 1

Unfortunately I did not record this dream properly or in a timely enough manner, and so most of it is forgotten now and unclear unfortunately.

I remember being inside a shopping mall-like building with some upper areas, at some point I saw a woman who I identified as the musician Adele even though she probably looked and acted slightly different (she probably looked and acted more like Adele at first combined with maybe another woman, later combined with maybe Rebel Wilson, and then a more noticeable change) and her appearance changed several times during the dream with me only noticing one of these changes during the dream, and maybe a bald man with light-color skin was possibly giving her a tour because they were probably about to film a music video and / or movie and / or something but I can not remember.

I think that they were walking on an upper area with no rails that looked like it was still under construction and like they were going to look over the edge, Adele was about to fall, and I saved her from falling; and she thanked me, and maybe they did their music video or movie shoot or whatever and / or finished their tour or we talked briefly before that.

Either way at some point I left the building after maybe getting to see most of the film shoot, as I walked across the parking lot I passed a large group of maybe college students, and I remember imagining what would happen if I was a celebrity with bodyguards walking through here and how they would probably react differently to me; and I imagined how they would react to Adele if she walked by them.

I said something to some of the students as I walked by, at some point after I had passed them I heard a woman calling me, and to my surprise it was Adele; and we walked and talked outside together.

Adele and I ended up having a great conversation and she invited me to lunch and / or something for saving her and to continue our great conversation so I accepted her offer, and after this we ended up dating.

The dream probably had a montage of us spending time together, me helping and watcher her during film shoots and appearances et cetera, and us having sex et cetera.

At some point the montage stopped and we were laying next to each other on a bed or mattress on the floor on the upper area in the shopping mall-like place where we had first met, a room was there now that she owned I guess, and Adele was naked on her back and her appearance had changed with me noticing this time.

Her skin was tighter and almost perfect and was a nice shiny light brown like honey roasted chicken or something, her body was almost perfect with nice thickness and curves and it seemed to have some firmer than you would think muscles underneath the fat, and I told her how nice she looked and how she looked different now and I asked how did her skin color change.

She hinted that maybe it was from sun tanning but she did not answer the question and she did not answer my question of whether this was temporary or permanent, she just said that the method that she used was supposed to be safe or something like that, and that she was glad that I noticed and that I liked it.

She then summoned a floating control panel like in a video game or something, she started pressing buttons et cetera and changing her appearance with it, and so that is at least one of the ways she could adjust her appearance.

I remember asking her about this and about how was this even possible, I possibly came close to questioning whether I was dreaming or not, but I probably got distracted as she showed me some of the changes that she could make to herself like adjusting the thickness of her body parts and their shape.

After this when we went back to laying down we had a great moment and I remember looking at her and looking around and just enjoying the moment, which is rare in dreams where I can just stop for a moment and enjoy it in a more conscious way, and I went to tell her how great this moment was and felt et cetera and how lucky I was.

We talked briefly while enjoying this moment together until she kissed me and she got on top of me, and we started having sex which I possibly got to briefly experience longer than usual before maybe a time jump until afterward or we were still having sex but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in the city of D in the parking lot of Burger King, I was driving my automobile to leave the parking lot, and there was a blue and white sports car in front of me.

As we waited to turn into the road I noticed that the parking lot was up in the air somewhat high about the road oddly, and to my surprise the person driving the sports car decided to drive off the edge in front of oncoming traffic and it landed successfully and it continued driving.

Behind me was an older man with white / gray hair and light-color skin in a large truck, neither of us was going to try that, and so the older man got out to walk near the parking lot to our right to see if it was even with the road so that we could use that route instead.

From where I was standing it looked normal, the older man got into his truck and I waited for him to start backing up, and then I started to back up so that I could drive to the other parking lot to leave but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream took place in the morning at about the same time that I was having this dream after 8:00 AM, I was in the city of D, and I walked inside a fictional small restaurant on the right side of the road maybe near where Pizza Hut used to be.

At the left end of the restaurant was the front counter and a little girl whose family was probably from somewhere in Asia was working behind the cash register, and oddly she was the only person I saw.

Two boys with medium-to-dark color skin entered the restaurant, one was a little bit older than the other, and the younger boy needed to use the bathroom so the older boy walked over across from the counter and he somehow knew where the keys to the bathroom were hidden so he took them.

The girl saw this and she stopped him to warn him and ask how did he know where the keys were, the older boy argued with her and even said a curse word so I shook my head no and I probably said something to him about this, and so he was about to leave to maybe tell his parents like I had done something wrong.

The younger boy spilled some hot sauce on himself without realizing it while this was going so I let the younger boy know, and this probably distracted the older boy stopping him from going to tell him parents.

I am not sure if the boys left or what happened to them, I just remember seeing my female coworker JB walking toward the door from outside to my surprise and I felt one or more stronger than normal feelings (like surprise et cetera) briefly from this surprise (sometimes emotions are heightened in dreams more than in real life) but she stopped and turned around because our coworker and Branch Manager Mrs. MB walked over behind her to talk to her.

JB was wearing a long tan skirt, a long sleeve green shirt, her hair was straight and red, and this look really worked for her and she looked professional and she somewhat looked like the actress Kate Winslet.

I could not hear what they were saying because of the window, I watched waiting for them to see me, and while doing this I tried to guess what they were saying one time; and Mrs. MB appeared to be saying: “That you should have called.” and JB started responding.

I wondered what were they doing here, should they not be about to go to work now or should they not be at work already?

Then I saw our female coworker CR walking across the parking lot toward them like she was arriving to go to the restaurant as well, I wondered what was going on, why were my coworkers showing up here and how many more would show up?

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr