What I Eat In A Day 🍲 PLANT BASED Meals | VLOG

What I eat in a day 🍲 PLANT BASED meals | VLOG

What is it?

The 2019 YouTube video What I Eat In A Day 🍲 PLANT BASED Meals | VLOG by the YouTube channel Amarna Miller.

What is it about?

This is how Amarna Miller describes this video:

Many of you asked me about what I usually eat and if I could make a video about it… So here it is!
I also wanted to make clear that nowadays I don’t consider myself a vegetarian or vegan, but I try to have a plant based diet and conscious shopping 🙂
Hope you enjoy the video, let me know what’s your favorite meal in the comments!

💖 WHO AM I 💖
Welcome to my Channel 🙂 My name is Amarna Miller, and I’m a Spanish 28-year-old girl constantly travelling around. I’m a Fine Arts graduate obsessed with ecology and sustainability. I consider myself a modern hippie, and I’m addicted to adrenaline and being out of my comfort zone. Every penny I save, I use it to travel around the world.

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Losing 100 Lbs.

Losing 100 lbs.

What Is It?

The YouTube video Losing 100 Lbs by the YouTube channel BennettTheSage, which is a video about his weight loss journey.

Here is the description for this video:

I got better, because I had to.

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