Rome Inspired Dreams With Julius Caesar In A Store

Dream 1

I had several dreams last night that were inspired by the TV show Rome, with the first dream starting with me in a small modern-day semi-general store which was probably in time period of Julius Caesar oddly, and most of the people were probably dressed for that time period (maybe even me); and Gaius Julius Caesar (Caesar) from the TV show Rome and a lot of bodyguards entered the store like something serious was about to happen, the outside of the store was probably surrounded as well, and some of the bodyguards might have been dressed in black suits like the United States Secret Service while others were dressed in normal Roman armor but I could be wrong.

The bodyguards spread around the entire store and everyone stopped in fear & respect, Caesar and some of his bodyguards stood not far from me, Caesar had come to get some serious/important information from a young woman who was probably his niece Octavia Of The Julii who was wearing a light purple dress, and Octavia happened to be standing not for from me.