Riding On A Self-Driving Automobile With My Brother GC

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly involved me being at a school and being in one or more classes, and one or more people got in trouble or kept getting in trouble.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place mostly inside an interesting multi-purpose building during the day and this building was part shopping mall, part office building, part apartment building, and there was possibly a tunnel that led to a trail that led to a slightly fictional version of the street near B Park in the city of D.

At some point after leaving the shopping mall area I was possibly in the office area talking with my brother GC inside a room, and his dog Cloud was with him without a collar or anything.

At some point Cloud somehow escaped the room and he ran into the tunnel-like area, and so I ran after him.

Cloud ran through the tunnel-like area outside and through the trail until he reached the end near the street by B Park, we saw two men with light-color skin walking through the trail, and a woman and man with light-color skin walking a group of dogs toward us from the direction of B Park.

Cloud ran over to the dogs so I ran over and I picked him up, I apologized to the woman and man who seemed annoyed, and I carried Cloud back to my brother GC.

I then continued walking through the building on my way back to the shopping mall area, but I noticed a woman talking to a girl with dark-color skin who was asking for directions to the Kim Kardashian store inside the shopping mall.

I was headed toward the shopping mall so I offered to help her find the Kim Kardashian store, and a very young boy (who the girl possibly knew) with light-color skin went with us as well.

We walked until we reached what looked like the apartment area, we walked through it trying to find the shopping mall area, and at some point down a hallway on the right side we found an open room and the girl and boy went inside of it.

The lights were on and it was windowless, something did not seem or feel right, and so I told them that we should leave but the girl would not listen and the boy followed her lead.

There were at least three open rooms with an entrance and a main room and a back room, and it somewhat seemed like an apartment room but it was not clear what it was or exactly.

The last room led nowhere except maybe a bedroom and so I once again told them that we should leave now, that something did not feel right and that I felt that we needed to leave quickly, and that maybe this is someone’s apartment room.

As we turned to leave the last room I noticed something moving on the ground to the left of the doorway to the last room, and it was a somewhat scary old woman with dark-color skin with medium-length white / gray hair sitting on the floor oddly.

She started ranting at us about being in her house and that maybe she was going to call the police et cetera, I apologized and I told her that we did not know and that we were just lost, but she kept ranting and she possibly called the police.

Security and police and some other people showed up, my coworker Mr. CF (who is a security guard) was a security guard in this dream, and I explained the situation to him.

He was understanding and him and some of the others told the woman that she should close and lock her door, they told her that her apartment did not look enough like a living space, and they told her to fix that and / or call the owner because her apartment needed to be adjusted to where it looked more like an apartment so that people would not get confused and because it was against their safety code or something.

The girl’s mother was called and I offered to walk the girl to her mother, her mother also had dark-color skin and black hair, and I told the mother what had happened and she thanked me but I can not remember what happened to the boy (I think that he went with them, and that the girl had been babysitting him even though she was too young to be by herself and oddly no one else but me seemed to notice this).

I then continued walking trying to find the shopping mall, I remember seeing a father and son with light-color skin walking and talking through the hallways in the same direction as me, and so I heard their conversation as we walked.

The father somewhat reminded me of several television characters with law enforcement-like jobs combined like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead mixed with someone else, at some point the topic of homosexuality came up, and they mentioned that the other son’s / brother’s sexual orientation was homosexual.

They mentioned that people would be surprised that they were not against homosexuality because people assumed that they would be against it because of how masculine they were, but having a brother / son whose sexual orientation was homosexual had changed their outlook on this and had led to them accepting him and his lifestyle even if they are heterosexual.

We reached an area in the middle of some hallways where people were gathering, they stopped, and I remember them noticing a man whose sexual orientation was homosexual and they started talking about this because they were just talking about that topic.

I possibly asked them or someone else for directions to the shopping mall, they said that I was getting close and that I needed to head in a certain direction so I thanked them, and then I did that but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream had an interesting and maybe somewhat surreal feeling and look to it, and it was possibly slightly futuristic.

The dream took place during the night and I was riding on a somewhat futuristic self-driving automobile with my brother GC along a slightly fictional version of the highway to the city of LC, and we seemed to be on our way to the city of LC.

It was very dark outside and we were on the outside of the automobile, which does not make much sense really, but I am not sure how the automobile looked because it was too dark and I can not remember.

The automobile had a somewhat futuristic screen and GPS and navigation system that was mostly orange and in 3D (three-dimensional), and it even showed the weather and time of day et cetera in real-time.

I remember us talking and I remember having a hard to describe interesting feeling as I enjoyed the interesting feeling of riding outside an automobile as it drove down a highway at night as I glanced around and at the GPS and navigation system, it was a pretty amazing and unique feeling and experience, but it was very short unfortunately.

I noticed lightning in the sky and it looked like a storm was coming, the GPS / navigation system even showed the lightning flashes, and so I told my brother GC who seemed to possibly own this automobile and / or he knew how to use it.

So he did something that caused the automobile to pull over to the right side of the highway so that we could get inside the automobile, possibly close it up to protect it and us from the coming storm, and then continue our drive inside the automobile now.

But I woke up as we did this or right after.

The end,

-John Jr


Gillian Anderson’s House Area

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that maybe a technology trade show was going on but I am not sure if I was in the dream or not, and I remember seeing a presentation that was taking place in a dark room on a stage with theater curtains with a light focused on the area where the presenter and actors were.

The presenter and the actors were all men with light-color skin, the presenter had a microphone, and the actors were lined up horizontally behind him poising.

At some point the presenter gave the microphone to the main actor so that he could say his lines, probably a slogan or something like that, but the actor completely messed up his lines and it was very embarrassing and awkward.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the night at what I will assume was a fictional version of my parent’s house, and I remember walking outside into the fictional back yard because I possibly saw and / or heard something.

The yard possibly had two fenced in areas with one area in the back and one of the right side of the house, and I saw a loose pig (probably a male pig that was probably loosely based on the pot-bellied pig that my parent’s have) walking around the yard so I went to try to tie it back up in the fenced in side part of the yard.

There was a metal cable (wire rope) above the yard that crossed the back fenced in area and the side area, and so I was going to try to tie the pig to that after tying it to another rope first so it could move up and down that cable but I would adjust the rope so that the pig could not enter the back yard.

The pig probably was avoiding me at first as it walked around enjoying its freedom while trying to find something to eat but eventually I managed to get a rope tied to it, then I lured it to the side yard, and then I tied the rope to the cable so that it could not reach the back yard.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day on an upper floor of a nice modern multi-story multi-purpose building that had offices and a college and who knows what else inside of it, and I was inside this building.

My memory of this dream is messed up and it is confusing and unclear, some things that I saw were possibly flashbacks and / or this dream took place over different periods of time, and so some parts involved the college area and some parts involved the office areas where I saw the actress Gillian Anderson at one point.

There was a hallway that went through the office areas and there was an office meeting room / house area where I saw Mrs. Anderson, and she was standing against the back wall in the small house area where there were windows that gave you a nice view of the outside.

In front of the house area were chairs for meetings with maybe a podium at the front, and Mrs. Anderson was waiting on some business-like people so that they could have a meeting about a future project and / or something.

The house area was small and simple and was at the back of the room so there was at least one couch, maybe a couch bed, at least one table, some other furniture, et cetera so it was like a small hotel or apartment room at the back of an office meeting room.

I was probably on my way to the college parts of the building, and so I walked through the hallway past and / or through Mrs. Anderson’s room.

Later in the dream in another time period I assume I think that I was walking through this floor of the building again when I saw and heard three young people with light-color skin sitting down talking about Mrs. Anderson, one of them was a young man and the other two were young women with one of them having short yellow hair, and they were possibly part of a radio program or podcast that was possibly being led by the young woman with short yellow hair but I am not sure.

At some point the young woman with short yellow hair said that she met Mrs. Anderson maybe two or three times before, she possibly interviewed her once but I am not sure, and she said that Mrs. Anderson was unpleasant each time that she met her.

The three young people were fans of The X-Files and of Mrs. Anderson as an actress, but the young woman was not a fan of Mrs. Anderson as a person after those experiences and she claimed that several other people she knows who have met Mrs. Anderson also had negative experiences with her and had negative things to say about her personality and how she treated them.

The conversation moved on to whether Mrs. Anderson was getting royalty payments (from the X-Files I assume, but I am not sure) or not and how much if she was, and the three young people argued about this.

After this argument they moved on to the topic of the house area in the office meeting-like room, and they said that it belonged to Mrs. Anderson.

They claimed that the house area was given to Mrs. Anderson to use whenever she is in this city for meetings or visits or vacation et cetera, but they said that she did not use it much and when she did it was usually just for meetings and to relax and maybe get some sleep after a long flight and when passing through the city on vacation or something.

I then started to walk to the college area and I was going to glance at Mrs. Anderson’s house area to see if she was there or not, if she was there I would tell the young people, but she was not there this time and most of her own furniture in her house area was gone except for the furniture that was already there like someone had moved it out recently.

I decided that I would tell the young people this once I finish doing whatever I was going to do in the college area, and then I walked to the college area.

As I was walking toward some stairs and / or a hallway I noticed a row of small humanoid statues that looked strange, I stopped to look at them to see if they were alive, and then I realized that they were probably children wearing statue costumes who were pretending to be statues to surprise someone and / people.

I possibly saw some adults further back who were not wearing costumes, and for some reason I assumed that they were waiting to surprise Mrs. Anderson as part of a birthday surprise party but I am not sure why I assumed this.

I smiled and I continued walking past them, and then maybe something strange happened or I daydreamed this.

I think that some of the business-like people were in the office areas like they were getting ready for possibly another meeting with Mrs. Anderson or with someone else, and then maybe poor people from the college area near or with the assumed children dressed as statues started to run and attack the office area to attack the rich I assume.

I am not sure if this really happened or if this was a daydream or if this was prank or if this was a flashback or what it was.

Then maybe the assumed children dressed as statues or small statue humanoids if they were not children in costumes like I assumed and the adults if there were any, started to move toward the office area, and I assumed that they were going to Mrs. Anderson’s house area to set up her assumed birthday surprise party.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Helping My Coworker Mrs. DT At A Tower In W Park?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I was so tired that I went to sleep on the living room couch for about two hours, and I woke up barely remembering part of this dream.

The dream took place in another city that some of my family and me traveled to, I had recently finished a semester at a college in this city it seems, and I returned to the college to get signed up for the next semester while my family did something else in the city.

I remember being inside a one-story building with various hallways, I found an area where there were people lined up in the hallway waiting for medical attention I think like there was an infirmary in this area, and I remember seeing two former male schoolmates of mine who had medium-color skin but I can not remember who they were.

They got in line and they stood against a wall, they were acting a bit like they were possibly high on drugs, and my former male schoolmate / classmate AB walked over to get in line as well.

I greeted all of them and I started talking with them, one of the possibly high on drugs former schoolmates asked my former schoolmate / classmate AB if I had ever had sex with a man before (which seemed to be his way of asking if my sexual orientation was homosexual), and my former classmate AB replied with a hand sign where he moved one of his hands side to side which I translated to mean: I am not sure, but maybe.

I was confused and annoyed by that question and how my former classmate AB answered it, he might not know me that well but I thought that he should know that my sexual orientation is heterosexual and has always been heterosexual and that I have never had sex with a man before and I probably will never have sex with a man, and so I was confused by why would he ask that and why would he answer it like that and why would they even think that was a possibility.

I possibly responded to the former schoolmate even though he did not ask me and I probably let my former classmate AB know how I felt about his response, the two possibly high former schoolmates probably responded in an annoying way showing that they probably did not believe me, and my former classmate AB did not care.

The two probably high former schoolmates got distracted by someone, and then I walked away to a corner on the left where I found some small double-doors that were raised off the ground that led into a small office so I entered the small office because this was one of the offices where you go to register for the next semester so I found it by accident.

There were several other offices like this to the left of the office, in front of these offices was a small hallway, and on the other side were other offices as well and they were all small and raised from the ground as well so you had to walk up a few steps to get to each office and all the offices had small weak double-doors that seemed somewhat Japanese-inspired.

All of the offices on my side were empty but two offices across the hallway had two employees in them, one had a short old woman with dark-color skin who somewhat reminded me of an old version of my coworker Mrs. DT, and so I asked her about signing up for the next college semester.

She told me that they were about to close soon, that tomorrow was Good Friday so they would not be open again until Monday, and that the other employee two offices down from her office was one of the employees who handles college registration so I would need to talk to her so I thanked her and I walked to the other employee’s office.

The other employee was an overweight woman with light-color skin with medium-to-dark color hair who had her children in her office, and they were maybe cooking some food.

I greeted her and I told her that I needed to register for the next semester, she told me that we would not finish the paperwork and sign-up process in time because they were going to close soon, and so she told me to come back on Monday.

I said okay and I left, I told my mom about the situation and I remember us complaining about it a bit, but I woke up.

Dream 2

After waking up on the couch I brushed my teeth and I got in bed, I went to sleep, and this was my last dream that I barely remember part of.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in the process of moving into a new place that I was sharing with several other people including a short man with light-color skin with short medium-to-dark color hair who wore glasses and dress clothes with maybe suspenders and who looked and acted like a stereotype of maybe a nerdy accountant, and my brother CC.

The building was maybe a one-story building in a fictional version of W Park in the city of D I assume, but I am not sure and it was possibly a gray day possibly late in the afternoon.

I think that I moved my stuff in and I signed some paperwork to make the move-in official, and I reminded my brother CC about signing the paperwork and he left to maybe get the rest of his stuff or something like that.

I saw our other suitemate or suitemates, and then I left outside into the park to walk to a tower.

The tower was a pretty crude mostly metal tower (like a smaller crude somewhat Eiffel Tower-like tower) with questionable stairs around the outside that eventually led to several crude living spaces that were / was on one or more levels of the tower, my coworker Mrs. DT lived in one of these small living spaces, and everything was pretty simple and crude like it was built by an amateur.

My coworker Mrs. DT needed my help with something so I entered her living small crude living space to help her, she was sitting down at a desk like she normally is at work, but I can not remember what I helped her with.

I just remember helping her and we talked briefly and I said goodbye and I left, it was possibly evening now, and when I reached the bottom of the tower I saw my former female classmate AM sitting on the ground next to another woman who was her friend as they talked while watching their children play in the park.

I greeted them and I briefly talked with them before walking back toward the building that I was living in on the left side of the park past where the playground equipment should be, I noticed that the park looked different and that there was new exercise equipment and playground equipment, and so I went to check out the new exercise equipment.

While doing that I remember seeing a man with light-color skin, possibly one of our suitemates, on a date with an attractive woman with light-color skin with long medium-to-dark color hair wearing a tight short maybe red dress so I probably greeted them.

I then looked at some of the new exercise equipment that included some chains that you could climb on, some pull-up and chin-up bars, some ropes that you could climb on, et cetera.

I then started to get a bit of exercise climbing and swinging on the chains and ropes, and I did some chin-ups and pull-ups.

I then walked back to the building where I lived, maybe the man and his date went there too, but I can not remember.

Our short suitemate from earlier approached me angrily with some paperwork saying that someone did not sign the paperwork yet, I looked at the paperwork and I had signed it, but my brother CC had not signed it yet.

Our suitemate said that meant that he was not officially living here yet until he signs it, he threatened to report my brother CC, but I told him to calm down and that my brother CC was going to return soon and that I would have him sign the paperwork like I told him to earlier.

I wondered why was our suitemate overreacting like this, it seemed that he took things like paperwork very seriously, which fit the nerdy accountant stereotype that he seemed to be.

I hoped that my brother CC would return soon so that we could get that done, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Talking To Abraham Ford

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that the dream took place inside a windowless school or college-like building where maybe I was a student along with other students, and I remember the halls and rooms in this building being pretty small and narrow.

This dream probably took place over several days because I remember walking around through the halls and through rooms, and then maybe walking down a hall past some offices to leave the building each day.

These offices were owned by Cat Grant (played by the actress Calista Flockhart) from the television series Supergirl, and the offices were part of her company (CatCo).

Somehow Cat Grant and I started dating, so I remember us walking and talking and spending some time together each day, and I would probably visit her office each day.

I got to meet her adult son (Adam Foster) and sometimes she would have a woman following her around, probably her personal assistant (maybe Kara Danvers), and maybe Cat gave me a job or was going to give me a job and/or I was not going to need a job anymore but I can not remember; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, maybe one or more major disasters (possibly worldwide) happened (natural and unnatural, maybe weather and/or social collapse and/or zombies), and I remember being with a random group of people trying to survive.

At some point after traveling and probably defending ourselves I remember us seeking shelter in a fictional building that seemed to be in the unfenced parts of the yard of our neighbor Mr. RD, and I remember part of this building having many beds.

At some point two large factions in our group started to unofficially form, I was not part of either, and eventually an argument started between the two growing factions in an indoor and outdoor area.

The argument started between a man who looked somewhat like the actor Dave Franco and an older man who was probably the leader of the other faction, the argument became intense and physical, and guns were drawn leading to a standoff.

Two women with whitish colored skin who seemed to be bodyguards or police for the other faction leader pointed their guns at the man who looked like Dave Franco, and they disarmed him and they held him at gunpoint on his knees with his hands behind his back; but members of his group pointed guns at the two women in his defense.

Slowly other people in the crowd started to choose a side and point their guns as well, so I stood there watching as people who were not part of a faction like me, started to choose a faction to side with; but I continued watching wondering which faction would win.

I wanted us all to work together as one group and I felt that this was stupid and that it would probably lead to half of our group killing each other, and this would decrease our chances of survival.

I stood there looking around at this intense standoff wondering if everyone would start killing each other soon over nothing, there was one man among the crowd who I felt would decide who would win, and this man was a larger and taller and more muscular and tougher and more dangerous version of the character Abraham Ford (played by the actor Michael Cudlitz) from the television series The Walking Dead.

Abraham Ford was possibly the most experienced and well-trained person in our group and he was a military veteran, like me he was not a member of either faction, and so he was standing there watching the standoff with a super intense facial expression that was so intense that the best way that I can describe it is by this image of his character from the comic books (which I have never read):

Source: Wikipedia

If only you could have seen how intense Abraham’s facial expression was, it was scary, and I felt that if he chose a faction then that faction would win the battle; and so I watched him intensely wondering which faction, if any, would he join.

I knew that I did not want to be opposing Abraham, I felt that he was an important asset to the group and I wanted to learn and train under him, and so I decided to walk over to talk to him to see what he was going to do.

We started to talk and I remember us walking and talking down the street, I am not sure if the standoff ended or what happened exactly, but it seemed that neither of us wanted to join a faction and we both felt that we all should work together; and so we were not going to take part in any in-group fighting.

Abraham was normally quiet and kept to himself, the strong silent type, and he even had his own area in the corner of the sleeping area where there were several empty beds near his.

As we walked up the street talking I remember telling him about how I felt that he was an important member of our group, and I asked him a question about emotions and memories and how he deals with them.

I noticed that he seemed to be hiding a lot of anger and rage and hate and violence and sadness and bad memories inside, he answered my question but I can not remember what he said exactly, but it probably was something you just try to live one day at-a-time or something like that.

I remember this being a very emotional moment as we both opened up and shared some personal things, I remember almost crying and my voice breaking up, and so I had to take a deep breath to stop myself from crying so I could share something personal about my life and about myself; but I can not remember what either of us shared, I know that it was about memories, and some of our mental and emotional problems or struggles.

As we approached a field I remember Abraham telling me that there were some empty beds near his sleeping area that were available if I wanted to use one because no one else was using them, it was a sign of friendship and trust, and I thanked him.

I asked Abraham if he would teach and train me in some of the things that he learned in the military and in life involving hand-to-hand combat, mêlée combat, ranged combat, survival, tactics, and more because I wanted to learn all that I could to help myself and others survive.

He smiled and laughed and joked that he guess that he still had some steam left or something like that, and he agreed that he would try to teach and train me; and I thanked him, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Restarting Dream With John Hancock

Source: Wikipedia

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a modern multi-story multi-purpose building that was part hospital and/or medical clinic, part offices, part college and/or school, and maybe there were a few other businesses and other areas.

I remember walking through the main parts of the building but I can not remember what I was doing, there were many other people around doing various things, and at some point I went up the stairs to another floor that was a college or school maybe but I can not remember what I was doing; and at some point a group of people armed with guns entered the building, and they started killing everyone and it was a complete massacre.

The armed people not only killed everyone they saw but they also searched around thoroughly hunting for people who were hiding and running and too scared/afraid to run so that they could kill them too, the group of armed people seemed to only be there to massacre everyone in the entire building, and they were starting on the first floor and they were going to slowly move through every floor of the building massacring everyone it seemed.

I remember running down the stairs to get to the first floor, I am not sure if I was trying to escape and/or if I was trying to see what was going on so that I could either help and/or hide, and I can not remember if I helped anyone or not; but I do know that I realized the situation was so bad that there was not much if anything that I could do because the armed people were well armed and determined and prepared and skilled and ruthless and they worked in teams like they had planned this attack pretty well and there were too many of them for me to fight because I had no weapons or armor and the design of the building gave them the advantage.

Some of the armed people probably blocked and guarded the entrances/exits to stop people from coming in or leaving so maybe most of us were trapped, I probably decided that staying on the first floor was my best option in hopes that I could hide in areas that they already had cleared, and I could watch them and maybe look for openings to ambush smaller groups when they separate to search other floors or to try to escape or to just hide until they leave.

I probably sneaked around as I saw and heard them killing and hunting down people (they even massacred doctors, nurses, and patients (some were in hospital beds) in the hospital and/or medical clinic areas), they seemed to enjoy what they were doing and no one was able to resist them and no one was trying to fight back so it was a complete massacre, and I could not do anything so that made it worse and more realistic; and as I watched and listened to the armed people trying to learn their strengths and weaknesses, things seemed even worse as I realized that they did a good job planning things, and they did a good job going about their massacre so they had things covered pretty well.

The armed people almost found me a couple of times so I had to keep moving and sneaking and sometimes stop to hide in different locations, they were pretty good at tracking people like hunters, and that made it worse because I was almost like they could sense that someone was hiding so they would search extra hard during times like this; and they were searching many good hiding spots, and so that made it harder for me to hide.

This dream felt realistic so I did not realize that I was dreaming and so I did not summon dream security or powers or anything but something did happened that I can not remember where maybe time in the dream restarted before the attack, I knew that the attack was going to happen so this time I focused on trying to find better hiding spots by remember the hiding spots that they had searched last time, and this time when the attack happened I did better at hiding and staying a head of them.

Not everything was the exact same as last time, I noticed that the armed people were a bit smarter this time and they searched some of my previous hiding spots that they had not searched the first time, and I forgot to mention that most of my hiding spots were probably in the office areas and time in the dream possibly restarted several times as I kept testing different things trying to change the outcome of the dream to survive and/or stop the group or armed people; and in one of these offices I found the actor Will Smith as a fictional version of maybe his character John Hancock from the film Hancock after he cleaned up and started wearing a uniform, and Hancock was also experiencing time restarting for him and he was also testing different things trying to change the outcome of the dream.

Unlike me Hancock had superpowers / powers / special abilities, I am not sure what superpowers he had exactly but he seemed to be stronger/faster/more durable/et cetera and his eyes would change in shape and color that reminded me of cat eyes when he would increase his use of his superpowers and/or his power level, and instead of killing the armed people he would only try to arrest them and tie them up or knock them unconscious like he was against killing.

There was a strange man or male being in the room as well who was trying to get Hancock to start killing the armed people, he kept telling Hancock that some of them would get free or wake up and continue killing people if he did not kill them, and he even gave examples of this from some of the many time restarts that Hancock had experienced so far; but Hancock was still refusing to kill them, but the evidence was building that not killing them was going to lead to them killing even more people and they would never stop unless someone kills them.

The main problem that Hancock was having was that there was so many armed people that he was not able to take them all to jail because leaving to take them all one-at-a-time would take too long and the others would still be killing people, he needed to go around the entire building stopping them and trying to tie them up and/or knock them unconscious, but he had to leave them there until he could get them all and take them to jail; but this seemed impossible because there were so many of them spread around the building, so some would untie themselves or get untied by others and wake up as he was busy dealing with others, and then they would go back to killing people.

Hancock kept trying to change this outcome but it was not working, killing them made more sense to me and the strange man or male being but Hancock was still trying to avoid that, I could understand where Hancock was coming from and I could also understand the logic of killing them; and I felt that a possible compromise could be made, but the strange man/male being seemed like he was maybe trying to corrupt Hancock or something so I was suspicious of this strange man/male being.

I told Hancock about some of my experiences so far with trying to change the outcome during the time restarts, I told him that I had also failed so far and maybe I suggested that we work together, and the next thing that I can remember is being in either the same office or in another office that was near this one; but Hancock and the strange man/male being were not there.

This time the room had an area that looked like the carport in my parents’ yard during the day like we were outside but inside at the same time oddly, behind where the automobiles should be I saw two baby/young rats playing and under one of the automobiles I saw two kittens playing, and at some point one of the kittens saw the rats and it started chasing one of the rats outside the yard through the main double gate(s) trying to kill it I guess; but they were both the same size, and so the baby rat was able to fight off the kitten and escape.

The next thing that I remember is being back in the same office room that looked normal again like when Hancock was there or another room near it, I remember seeing and hearing a story and/or video and/or scene about an old former Bond Girl back in an older time period (maybe the 1960s or 1970s) who had started doing some pornographic-like work, but I can not remember the details; and maybe at some point I saw this Bond Girl correcting/arguing with a male fan/creator of this video/story about errors/false claims/et cetera in the video/story.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr